46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-20-21

  1. Good morning. The weather lady said we are in for more rain in the afternoons. It’s gotten quite soggy.

    I saw on tv the evacuation of preschoolers from their center. It looked like the parking lot was a lake. The children will never forget it.

    I still remember when we were staying in a cottage near the Navy base in Charleston in the summer to be near our dad whose ship was stationed there. We had such a flash flood rain that it looked like we were surrounded by a lake. We saw ducks floating in the water. It was very exciting and never got to the scary point. We so much wanted to get out in that ‘fun’ but our wise Mama would not let us.


  2. I heard of someone whose husband died of Covid. She did not want to stay alone in their home. She is staying out in a small camper on her daughter’s property, behind the daughter’s home, because she has to be quarantined. That is very sad to me.


  3. Morning fellow wanderers! They eyes of that bird are piercing! Kind of throws me off 😳
    There is an autumn crispness to the forest air this. Morning and the sky is a tad bit more blue than what we have been seeing. Thankful for the break in the smoke!
    Biden cannot do anything….he…or his handlers…have messed up so much and even the liberal propagandized media has become disgruntled with it all. Pelosi is singing his praises but that was to be expected. I weep for those left behind with seemingly no way out…but our Lord knows and in Him we continue to trust….

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  4. This is rediculous. There should be no female journalists in Afghanistan. There should be no females in Afghanistan if they can help it.
    This is not just a different philosophy. This is a different world.

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  5. Putin and I agree on something.
    Both of us don’t think US forces should be in central Asi
    It’s a different world. Leave it alone. Stay out of it.a.


  6. Of course, we gave them twenty years of hope and then gave them to the Taliban.

    Then there are the Uyghurs.

    So much ugly in the world and we are focused on CRT and masks.

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  7. Twenty year old daughter is not happy with husband. Her birthday party did not come up to her expectations. He took her to lunch at her favorite restaurant, let her have her cake there, along with various other family members, and gave her a present. Not good enough.

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  8. We had some hard rain the other day that had some areas flooded. And this weekend (Sunday, I think) we are expecting Hurricane Henri to strike us, at least on the southern part of the state. But since Connecticut it such a small state (the third smallest), we in the northern area of the state will be effected as well, with lots of rain and wind.


  9. Cool photo.

    The world’s in a mess but has been a lot worse, historically speaking. Not that it’s much consolation in light of the images we’re seeing.


    Busy Friday, two port stories coming by the end of the day, hopefully. Well, 1 at least, other one depends on connecting to a source in CT where the time difference is clearly a problem, especially on a Friday, but he’s always really good to get back to me.

    I spent the morning on the ‘docks,’ amid the behemoth ships and cranes and tall stacks of shipping containers. That world dwarfs everything else in view.

    It’s overcast, cool and foggy here, which is fine by me. Barely breaking 70 degrees.


  10. DJ, when has it been worse?

    I see according to June Cheng in World, that the Chinese have 900,000 children in orphanages where they are not allowed to exercise their religion or culture as Uyghurs but must be as the Han. Sound familiar?


  11. I’ve only been through a hurricane once, in 1985.

    We went to our friend’s house in Ledyard.

    Tomorrow I’m suppose to give her eulogy here in CT.

    We expect to shelter in her Ledyard home again, from a hurricane.

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  12. The Black plague, WWI, China under Mao, the Holocaust, 1918 flu (with little medical relief, let along vaccines, available); primitive, years-long, bloody wars involving widespread torture, death (and no shortage of beheadings which shock us now but were once not all that uncommon). The list is probably endless.

    It’s always hard to have perspective in our own era — and sin is and will be forever with us, wreaking havoc and evil. But I’d have to say I’m grateful to be living in this day and age as opposed to those before us.

    (And yes, technological advances don’t always equate to “progress” — but mainly because human beings will always find ways to use such things for evil as well as good.)

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  13. I left out slavery (ended, btw, by the Christian origins of the Underground Railroad and abolition movement)

    I’d say much, if not all, of the cultural and humanity-driven progress we’ve seen is the direct or indirect result of the gospel as it has spread across the world.

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  14. I’ve discovered a handy tool on my new phone’s recording app — the ability to “slow down” the playback. So helpful in filling in missing or partial quotes from news conferences. Although everyone sounds a tad drunk at that speed (including me when I asked my question — I thought, what’s wrong with me, why am I talking like that!? before I remembered I had it on slow-mo).

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  15. That app does sound helpful, dj. Many are the helps, but no so many know how to use them. It can take hours trying to discover how techy things work. No ones provides manuals anymore since everything is online that you need to know. That just means people need to know what to ask for when they want to learn how to do something. It is another Catch-22. You can’t get a job if you don’t have experience and how are you going to get experience if you can’t get a job?

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  16. Yes, DJ, I agree on those horrors and would not want to trade places with any of them. But, was it worse? We hear of the widespread evils and the days of Noah were pretty awful. I am thinking, with all of our progress, we still have wars and rumors of wars and hate and pandemics and killings and torturings and ugly ugly ugly.

    But at the same time, there have always been those who could walk safely in their little area, as we can now. The very thing I was talking to God about on my walk to the mailbox today. Praying for those suffering, as I go about life of ease. Gratefully. Knowing that there are others living such a life. And still others living in fear in South and Central Americas that their children will be forced into gangs. And so it goes.

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  17. On a lighter note: I walked one of my students up the stairs at the beginning of the day yesterday. She went to her hook to take off her shoes and I stayed between her and the door. Then she started putting her shoes back on as she wanted Mom. I said no, you have a job to do and ushered her into the room. Then I closed the door so if she decided to flee it would slow her down. Mom had posted a story months ago on facebook about this little girl taking off. I was not going to allow that.

    This is the spoiled five year old that Mumsee was talking about.

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  18. Jo – Years ago, a friend’s daughter started kindergarten, but wanted her mommy, so she tried to climb out a window. 😀

    What my friend did to help her daughter was to give her one of her necklaces to wear, so she could hold the pendant in her hand when she missed her mom. That helped.

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  19. I ran away from school once. Decided it just wasn’t “for me.” Surely I had a choice in the matter.

    I quietly took my lunchpail off the hallway shelf, ducked low in the hallway so they couldn’t see me through the glass window on top, and walked home, which was just a block away.

    I was quickly marched back to school where the teacher said “Yes, we wondered what happened to her.”

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  20. If I thought this girl just wanted mommy I would have consoled her. However she is spoiled and just wants to do what she wants. Standing firm in spite of her fussing. She is the youngest and no one has made her do what she doesn’t want to do so far.

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  21. Janice (7:19), right?

    So was my mom. And a bit furious besides … I still remember how tightly she gripped my hand as she marched me back to school. Kinda hurt. But I think that’s what she intended.

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  22. Janice (9:49)

    At the start of this pandemic a much loved former colleague (in production/printing) and his wife both tested positive shortly after they’d done a stint helping passengers on and off ships at our port cruise terminal. It’s a part-time gig that’s been popular with a lot of folks who are retired but not really ready to be “retired.”

    He became very ill and his condition declined very fast, despite his being trim and in very fit condition, active, well known in the local high school boosters for which he raised money, he still went to all the football games.

    Because this was so early on, they were advised by the medical authorities to stay at home — but he died rather quickly and his wife was beside herself since they couldn’t even remove the body from the bedroom for many hours, perhaps the next day? And after that she was forced to quarantine inside the house for a very long time, her daughter brought meals to leave on the front porch. It was emotionally quite a traumatic and a couple from our church who knew her helped minister to her throughout that long and hard period.

    Covid is no joke.

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  23. mumsee (5:34), it’s just easy to see the present-day cultural spirals around us — but that doesn’t really equate to “it’s worse now than it’s ever been”

    With some perspective, I think we’d quickly see that — yes, as bad as sin continues to be — there have been more horrific periods in the world’s history than the one we are in currently.


  24. DJ, glad I am here now.

    And when I ran away from school (about eight blocks), I simply went home at lunch time with the plan of never returning. My mom, of course, had me eat my lunch and told me to go back to school and hurry or I would be late and that had better not happen. I did. Nobody knew I had run away and school continued.

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  25. Safe travels for you and the girls Aj….fun times indeed!
    While there have been horrific times faced in history, I do believe this is a first for our nation to be headed by a cowardice, socialist government push. Liberal ideology financed by the citizens of this nation, unlawful control over us, and ignoring our laws concerning immigration. Our citizens are first in line to finance this ideology yet last in line for consideration and provision.


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