6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-14-21

  1. 😀 Bottled water on the shelves at Publix

    😀 Did not have a bad reaction to the first shot

    😀 Wesley is getting settled in and seems to like it

    😀 Christian fridndships

    😀 I found some of the plants I transplanted are alive and thriving when I thought I had lost them

    😟 Afghanistan

    😟 Pressues parents and their school children are dealing with

    😟 Crime in the cities, out in the country, and everywhere

    😀 God is sovereign

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  2. 😦 I still don’t know – and probably will never know – why Hubby had to die so (relatively) young. Our most fervent prayer was for salvation for our daughters and grandson, but our second most fervent prayer was that Hubby would live during Boy’s growing up (at least most of it) to be the godly man that Boy needs in his life. He so wanted to gradually teach him about God and about being a Christian man of integrity. And of course, there were some fun things that he wanted to do with him.

    🙂 Even so, I am choosing to have faith, and to trust that God has a plan and a purpose in all of this. May He be glorified in Boy’s life, and in Nightingale’s and Chickadee’s lives. And may He be glorified in X’s life, and in the lives of all of Boy’s grandparents, including little ole me.

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  3. 🙂 Delightful visit with my grand babies. They are awfully sweet and they’ve started blowing raspberries – so cute.

    🙂 All the things my son and DIL had to bring just to function with the two boys. Glad they had room in their van.

    😦 Sad to see them leave, but know they are in God’s hands.

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