38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-10-21

  1. Odd. The other day we found a bag of tomatoes on a cabinet in our carport. We don’t know who left it. The odd thing was yesterday when I left for work there was a tomato on the trunk of my car.

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  2. Good night Jo..
    Good morning everyone else.
    Interesting goof this mornin FoxNews, two women were wearing the same red dress.
    Both were beautiful. No harm done. Just interesting.

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  3. Great shot of…a goose? What is that long winged bird up there? And how in the world did you get such a shot…it appears you were flying above it over the water! Amazing! 😊
    Found not much sleep last night…pollens and smoke stuffing up this old head…husband says I was snoring and that the bird even snored last night! 😂
    Chas I once heard that if one wears red they will be remembered. Something about that color. Helen Thomas a UPI reporter always wore red to news conferences and she would be called upon first. Ronald Reagan always noticed red so reporters tended to wear that color. And I have read statistics that cops will notice a red car driving faster than other colors of cars…they will be the first to receive a ticket!

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  4. I have a red car.
    The picture: my guess is he was standing on a bridge and the bird came out from under just below him. Or he is much taller than we thought.

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  5. I had all sorts of red tomatoes on my plants outside when I returned from our trip. I had the Adorables pick them all on Sunday and made them into marinara sauce.

    I also planned to serve tostadas for dinner Monday night and even browned the meat. I danced out the door yesterday as I began dinner to pick my sun-ripened tomatoes to discover, oh, all the tomatoes went into the sauce the day before. 😦

    I actually stood in front of the reddening but not really red tomato plants, flummoxed.

    So, it was burritos. Tostadas will be served when the tomatoes are bright red again. LOL The woes of a gardener.

    Meanwhile, the beets need to come out of the ground, I should pick pole beans, is that a squash, and the carrots are looking good. Ooh, lots of red apples falling off the trees . . . yikes, I can’t even keep up with my small backyard garden, how would I manage on Mumsee’s farm?

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  6. Boys cutting hair reminds me of a story: My oldest brother cut my hair when I had it up in one of those pink sponge rollers. He just cut the one in the front. That left me with almost no bangs and looking ridiculous in my six year old mind. I did not want to go to Kindergarten, but my mom made me go. I do not remember my brother being punished whatsoever. That is the cause of every wrong thing I have ever done. Therefore, I am really perfect, just a victim of my mean brother. 😉 I am sure I have told this story before, so forgive me doing so again. 😀

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  7. So, Michelle, how to deal with mumsee’s garden….
    I went out to water the carrots and beets and winter squash, which were all carefully covered with that orange plastic fencing material to keep the loose chickens from tearing up the plants. There on top of the fencing perched a rabbit. You recall we let the rabbits loose when the heat wave started. He was happily munching the tops of the carrots. He got sprayed with the hose but did not go far.
    Meanwhile, a big wind storm came through and blew over a young apple tree that had been gnawed on behind the protector sleeve, by earwigs. Totally weakened the trunk.
    Then there are the gophers..

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  8. It’s a grey heron. I was standing at the top of the reservoir banking, the bird was at the bottom near the water, 30 ft. below me. That’s how I got the above him shot. I snuck up on it using the banking as a blind. He couldn’t see me until I popped up right above him. Got a few shots of him standing, then a bunch in flight.

    I’d say that wingspan was at least 7 ft.

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  9. Nice shot!

    Anyone remember Arlo Guthrie’s Garden Song?

    nch by inch, row by row
    Gonna make this garden grow
    Gonna mulch it deep and low
    Gonna make it fertile ground

    Inch by inch, row by row
    Please bless these seeds I sow
    Please keep them safe below
    ‘Til the rain comes tumbling down

    Pullin’ weeds and pickin’ stones
    We are made of dreams and bones
    Need a place to call my own
    ‘Cause the time is close at hand

    Grain for grain, sun and rain
    Find my way in nature’s chain
    Till my body and my brain
    Tell the music of the land

    Inch by inch, row by row
    Gonna make this garden grow
    Gonna mulch it deep and low
    Gonna make it fertile ground

    Plant your rows straight and long
    Season with a prayer and song
    Mother Earth will make you strong
    If you give her loving care

    Inch by inch, row by row
    Gonna make this garden grow
    Gonna mulch it deep and low
    Gonna make it fertile ground

    Slug by slug, weed by weed
    Boy this garden’s got me t’d
    All the insects come to feed
    On my tomato plants

    Sunburt face, skined up knees
    The kitchen’s chocked with zucchinis
    I’m shopping at the A&P’s
    Next time I get the chance

    Old crow watching from a tree
    He’s got his hungry eye on me
    In my garden I’m as free
    As that feathered thief up there

    Inch by inch, row by row
    Gonna make this garden grow
    Gonna mulch it deep and low
    Gonna make it fertile ground

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  10. I was waiting for my first dose of the Covid vaccine to thaw this morning at Publix. It was a very small needle, hardly felt, which was not what I expected. I had really wanted to wait fof the Novavax to become available but it seemed like it would not be by the time I am scheduled to go to a fall conference. Wesley feels relief, and I am sure Art does, too, that I am going this route to join the vaccinated.

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  11. I had to re-read Janice’s 2:31 post, lol. Praying there aren’t any reactions for you — I had a sore arm and, after the 2nd shot, some fatigue and a slight headache that was gone within 24 hours.

    I spoke with my church friend today who tested positive (after she received the Moderna vaccine early this year). She was only tested following some contact tracing when 2 women who were in the church-related group activity many were part of, said she wouldn’t have thought she was sick at all but did have some sniffles. She’s now quarantined at home for 10 days, but that will end on Saturday.

    Apparently our church session revisited the idea of an outdoor service but it was quickly dismissed as not feasible in our location (which is in a business park — with another church already meeting outdoors just a few doors down). We have way too many people to do any social distancing in an outdoor setting.

    But our meeting room now is very packed so some of us are going back to livestream church. For now. We hope it won’t last that long?

    Is this where we’re supposed to pray for patience?

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  12. (Clarifying, the 2 women in the group came down with covid prompting the group testing which turned up several other cases, I’m not sure how many.)

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  13. Yeah, DJ, I have to keep rereading it myself.

    My friend K texted, “I am proud of you.” And I read that as, “I am no longer ashamed of you.”

    Now I am in line with my church and this highly medical oriented community. Now I have bullying rights over the unvaccinated (not really, but sometimes it has felt that way).

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  14. AJ, has anything changed so that I can not follow this blog? I have not been able to get it in reader mode yesterday and today. When I liked the blog today that seemed like it may have reset it, but I do not know why it stopped letting me see it on reader yesterday. My eyes need to read the darker print and higher contrast of Reader mode.


  15. Oh yes now I notice his “fingers”….and then I looked at his toes…they are perfectly pointed!
    Janice I pray the Lord has given to you His peace and rest in your decision. I was set on not getting the shot but one morning sensed I was to do so…for me it was the right decision as prompted by the Lord.
    I went to my favorite antique mall this morning and found a couple small things. No one was there except for the two older ladies working the cash register. I then stopped at the grocery for some fruit and spinach…that’s how I garden 😂 While in the grocery I noticed many more people wearing masks again…

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  16. Janice,

    Ann emailed me that she had a similar issue. She just stopped getting notifications for new posts. I told her to “follow” the blog again and it should correct it.

    Their last update did some weird stuff.

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  17. I sliced one of the tomatoes for my lunch today and put it in the sandwich. That tomato was good.

    Michelle – I never lock the car, so maybe there are veggies in the back seat I haven’t noticed.

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  18. Just got off the phone after 2 hours with a local who likes to call and talk a lot. 🙂 Former reporter before my era so he loves talking about all the big crime stories he studied, the big tank that blew up on the port (he shot it flying in the air across the street).

    I confess I avoid calling him back because the conversations are so long — and mostly he likes to dish the dirt about all the shenanigans going on behind the scenes politically and at the port, wondering why we aren’t printing all of that (we need documents, not hearsay — and some of it wouldn’t even ‘exist’ in documents, frankly).

    But I’m off the phone at last, I’m not gifted in “getting rid” of people who tend to talk way too long. 🙂


  19. crime stories he covered, not studied. I’m tired. It’s been a long day with a long county board meeting to listen to and a story to file and then “the conversation” that’s usually more gossip or wild speculation than plausible info.


  20. Free from the phone at last, I watered out back, had that salmon for dinner, walked Tess, took some recycles out early, talked to poor Real Estate Guy who had 4 teeth pulled today, then pulled the Jeep out to the curb as my neighbors have early dr. appts tomorrow.

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