40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-21-21

  1. Morning all, getting late here. Had a meeting with the principal and several teachers today to discuss some new curriculum. Very helpful, except the curriculum is still in Australia. So we need wisdom on what to teach until it arrives. One teacher was very stressed and tearful. I was also a little overwhelmed. Then later I realized that I have a fulltime aide and we only have ten students. Only eight the first week. So we can be creative and meet their needs individually.

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  2. Good morning. I saw a large crop of mushrooms along the way home from Publix. All the rain dump made those pop up out of the earth. The weather report said today would be our best chance to not get swamped. I do not like keeping all this water to ourselves. There must be a way to share like with those oil pipelines, we need something similar, maybe pipelines made of recycled plastic water bottles?

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  3. Morning. It is a beautiful start to the day and I plan to be out and about as brother in law spends his last day here and husband’s friend gets in town this morning for a weeks stay. This will indeed be a challenging week ….


  4. Wow, Nancyjill! Hospitality Hilton♡
    Blessings on you as you utilize your gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. Yesterday in Bible study one lady said we are Fruit Baskets, and I added Cornucopias to bless others.


  5. Well, after seeing few people for more than a year, let the visits roll!

    My daughter and I are taking Adorables 2 and 10 to the park today, with either a picnic or visit to Taco Bell afterward.

    Daughter also wants to visit the car wash . . .

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  6. Good Morning Everyone.
    Please say a prayer for my ex-husband and his wife. They already have custody of her 10 year old grandson, now they have temporary custody of his 3 half siblings. Two little girls, 2 and 3 and a newborn little boy. It is a very sad situation and you can guess that drugs are at the root of it. K only had 30 minutes in the hospital last week to make the decision and G told her there really wasn’t a decision to be made, bring them home. I am really proud of him or that because I know that inside his OCD is about to drive him up a wall and this wasn’t planned and he is.a planner. He doesn’t “shift change” well.

    One of the saddest parts of this story is about the 10 yr old who has lived with his grandmother since he was 4. On the way home they stopped at Wal-Mart to get things the girls would need, diapers, clothes, etc and 10yr old looked at his grandmother and said, “I remember when we did this for me”. When BG was telling me that Monday night, I couldn’t help cut tear up. He has always played on my heart.

    Monday night I told BG if she wanted to come to our house for a little while she could. Mr. P spoke up and told her she was welcome. She spent last night with us and I fixed her breakfast this morning. The child I had to beat out of bed every morning got up at 5:45, ate breakfast, got dressed and was at work by 7. She has changed a lot in the past 5 years.

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  7. Sunday at church on the lawn, a young man joined us late.

    Since I was standing in the back, I welcomed him, and indicated a folding chair.

    He just wanted to stand, leaning against the fence—no problem— then said, “I’m Lucas,” and hugged me.

    Do you know how long it has been since a stranger hugged me?

    I don’t either,

    Surprised, and laughing, I hugged him back.

    Then I remembered to tell him MY name.

    Living dangerously out here! Lol

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  8. I admit my “hospitality” is waning! First brother in law talked incessantly and we understood because he just lost his wife of over 50 years in March. Second brother in law is an absolute delight…neat, clean, courteous, thoughtful, steady…and he is a great conversationalist….and knows when to be quiet. Husband’s friend makes me crazy. He talks non stop, is very sloppy and is a taker who has never quite grown up….he is Buddhist and this will be the challenging part for me. I tend to be OCD, and my tolerance for immaturity in 60 something year old men is low. His wife divorced him because he had a girlfriend in Thailand and he wanted to bring her to the states and have a girlfriend and wife to live with…in the same house! Oy!

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  9. At my Bible study yesterday I got two hugs. The second one did not turn her face enough so I noticed even though I had on a loose mask, I ended up breathing in her expelled breath. She and her husband had just returned from a trip. I came home and took extra vitamin D. Hugs are good, but we must be cautious.


  10. Oh, Kim, I am so grieved to hear about another family torn apart like that by drugs. We all know someone in that scenario. And to think how more drug dealers/cartels are gaining access by the border fiasco is sickening.

    That is great news about BG. That part of what you wrote warms this mama’s heart!

    Prayers for G and newly expanded family.

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  11. I don’t understand it either Chas! He was a coworker , running and bike riding buddy of husband. Daughter dog sat for him on occasion while he was out of town and that is how I know of his sloppy uncleanliness. I have only been around him as he and husband returned from a run or bike ride…I have never had to live in the same house with him!

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  12. I just went out and got some photos of the mushrooms. I wanted to go back to some sunflowers by the street in the neighborhood that I saw when Wesley was in town. He did not feel comfortable stopping so I could get out and take a photo of a flower by the street in an unknown person’s yard. Just wondering if it is a bad or rude thing to do? I think it should not bother anyone. I am not taking photos of their home, only a flower. The sunflowers were no longer pretty after all the rain. I stood on the sidewalk to get photos of the mushrooms.


  13. Good morning.

    I spent most of the day and evening at my friend’s in the San Fernando Valley (where it was 16 degrees hotter than it is where I live — “the Valley” is literally a bowl surrounded by mountain ranges). It was 81 when I left the port at the southern end of LA City, 97 degrees there near the more northern end of the city (which is huge). It was still 82 degrees there when I left at sometime after 9 p.m.

    But it was so good to see each other in person — last time we were physically together was in December 2019, before the world stopped.

    She’s been helping to plan her 50th high school class reunion (Catholic school) for months now and learned the day before our visit that they were going to have to cancel it due to the new Covid uptick in our county. The restaurant where we had dinner was pretty loose about the new mask-indoors countywide rule; we had our masks on as did the servers but soon noticed other guests weren’t wearing them so we eventually slid ours below our chins. It’s awkward in restaurants anyway, slipping them up and down since you are having to eat and drink, after all. We would have eaten somewhere outdoors but it was way too hot, even at dinner time.

    This morning my neighbors had a 9 a.m. doctor’s appointment so we juggled the lineup of the cars in the driveway last night so they’d be at the bottom and able to get out. But I woke up about an hour ago to notice that the whole street now is covered with a tarry goo, so I’m guessing they weren’t able to leave and go to the doctor. Maybe they can make it work with a phone or virtual appointment, or hopefully they can get them in tomorrow instead. Looks like no one is going anywhere until workers are done with this part of the street project.

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  14. Janice, I sometimes feel awkward taking photos of things in people’s yards, so I try to do it quickly and move on. I feel more comfortable doing it within our condo development, because technically we don’t have “yards.” All but the space immediately next to our home (which is a patio and an area for a small garden) is considered community space. For instance, you are allowed to walk your dog in that space beside other people’s units; you just have to clean up after it, and you have to clean up after your dog on your own “space” too, and you can’t let your dog off leash even on your own space.

    But yes, it does sometimes feel awkward when it’s someone else’s yard. I figure that if anything they’ll see it as compliment, but one can’t always be sure how strangers will see it.

    BTW, re hugs from strangers: I haven’t been touched by a human being other than my husband since March 1, 2020, assuming I got a hug or touch when I was at church that day. So a hug from a stranger would definitely feel weird at this point!

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  15. My power is off.
    But, as you can tell, I have
    It power.
    It was expensive (circa 1
    B3,000)because of Elvera.
    But I’m glad I have it now.


  16. Wesley and I did a slight side hug when he left. We did not hug when he arrived since he’d just been on a flight. The only other hug I have had was when visiting at a critique partner’s home.

    Well eff y learned long ago how to do a slight hug when my mother was very frail with osteoporosis. Deja vu but for other reasons.


  17. It was sweet hugging my girlfriend after so long yesterday. I’m not a big hugger personally, but there’s a time we all need that — this pandemic reminded us of that and so many other things. We’re hopeful this delta version won’t take off any more than it has, but we’ll have to wait and see. A friend thinks we’re “still in the thick of it” all, but I still believe we’ve turned a major corner. These variants kicking up, while disheartening, was somewhat to be expected, I think, and probably with come and go through much of the rest of this year.

    I’ve occasionally taken a photo of a yard or particular bush or flowers I’ve liked, just so I can keep it for reference to maybe plant sometime in my own yard, but I also feel awkward doing that. I see some people on NextDoor who get very upset when they see someone taking a photo of their house, it feels suspicious to them, which I can somewhat understand. But there are house appraisers, for example, who do that kind of thing all the time.

    Still, with the porch “pirates” stealing packages these days and other security concerns, people are wary. With the pandemic, we’re also home so much more.

    The street work is causing some real vibrations, but I am hoping this will be the main event today after that we’ll be clear to go back to parking where it’s convenient. My neighbors apparently made it out to their doctor appt as I noticed their car was gone from my driveway. Maybe one of the workers gave them special dispensation, but the street was awfully hot and gooey from the looks of it this morning.

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  18. I participated in it because my branch of the Defense mapping Agency, provided the maps for the Lunar landing.
    However, while quite an accomplishment, I’m not sure it was worth the effort.
    We do not need to go back to the Moon, nor any other place in space.
    We have enough to do here.

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  19. getting ready for school to begin next Tuesday. This morning I am opening the computer lab one last time. Perhaps no one will come.
    Fellowship time last night went well. I was the hostess. However it is getting hard to hear the others, especially when they pray. They seem to lower their voice and mumble. Okay, it is probably time for hearing aides, but that is not possible here.

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  20. I am starting to read Where the Light Fell, a memoir by Phillip Yancy. I have an advance copy for review. I expect it will be interesting. The book is scheduled to be out in October.


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