27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-20-21

  1. Chas, you are right about that! Art did not bother to turn the news on this morning. We already know the weather report. Rain. We already know the crime report. Bad and getting worse. And only the stars care about a clown going into space.

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  2. Morning! That photo is stunning!! Is it a hawk…golden eagle?
    The guys just left for a hike in Palmer Lake…I should have the house to myself for the next few hours… 😊

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  3. Chas- I like your typo “Bozos”. I’m sure Mr. Bezos would not like to be associated with the clown Bozo, but it is a funny change in his name.

    ANd I agree that his going into space for 5 minutes is noting but a publicity stunt. Expensive, but a stunt none-the-less.

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  4. “publicity stunt” in part, yes.

    But it also is expected to usher in a new era for potential space travel

    From The Atlantic:

    Richard Branson may have beaten Bezos to space, but Blue Origin is working on an even bigger rocket that could fly people and payloads well beyond the edge of space, into orbit around Earth. It’s also developing, with the help of a couple of longtime NASA contractors, technology to return American astronauts to the surface of the moon, by the 2024 deadline that Donald Trump set and that Joe Biden has so far kept. NASA originally chose Elon Musk’s SpaceX for this job, but while Musk joked about the situation—tweeting that Blue Origin “can’t get it up (to orbit) lol”—Bezos directed his staff to formally contest the space agency’s decision. SpaceX’s contract is now on hold.

    For Bezos, today’s flight wasn’t just a joyride. The space billionaire still has more to prove. As a businessman, he already has a comfortable hold on the American way of life. As a spaceman, he wants a hold on its way of life among the stars.

    … Bezos spent the summers of his childhood and early teenage years on his grandfather’s ranch in South Texas, fixing windmills, helping castrate cattle, and working his way through the science-fiction collection of the local library, as the journalist Christian Davenport recounts in The Space Barons, a book about Bezos and the other space billionaires. In college, Bezos was the president of a spaceflight club and attended lectures by Gerard O’Neill, the physicist who dreamed of space stations kept in perpetual motion to produce artificial gravity. “It’s always the science-fiction guys,” Bezos later said, according to Davenport. “They think of everything first, and then the builders come along and make it happen.”

    …For Bezos in particular, selling the value of such a journey is a different challenge from any other he has attempted. People might not like how he runs Amazon, but they need toilet paper, or scissors, or a book, or some other mundane item that the company can provide, faster and with greater customer ease than anyone else. …

    … When the hardware was hauled onto the ship, Bezos was on deck, wiping the salty mud off the wreck like it was treasure. He has made himself a significant character in the story of American spaceflight, intertwining his achievements with those of spacefarers past. Bezos did today what someone else accomplished 60 years ago, but what Bezos can do next, now that he’s back on Earth, sets his achievement apart. Given an opening for business, Bezos will exploit it to its most ambitious, sprawling end. There, at the edge of space, what possibilities did he see?


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  5. My 91 year old eyes couldn’t read all that. But
    Question: Space travel
    Where are we going???
    What do we expect to find when we get there?
    If we discovered pure gold on the moon, the expense of retrieving it would not paay for it’s minin.

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  6. The sky’s the limit — what do we expect to find? We don’t know yet. But we won’t rest until we find out. The pursuit of what’s on the other side is the story of man (and woman).

    Mankind is hard-wired (by God, I would suggest) to go further, to see what’s beyond our boundaries. The pilgrims came to a new land, the pioneers after them headed west.

    It’s how God made us, to push forward, to explore, to learn. The urge won’t — and can’t — be stopped.

    We’ll see what we will see. And probably not anything that we expected.


    Unrelated — This is a good piece:

    Delivered by Affliction
    How Trials Awaken Us to God



  7. I think I told this before.
    When I worked for the Defense Maping Agency, I was chief ot the branch that mapped the moon for the Apollo landings.
    I used to give briefings on the subject.
    At the end, I would show a picture of an astronaut dressed, head to toe, in his Lunar garb.
    I would say “Here’s (forgot his name), dressed in his Lunar Bikini, . He needs everything he’s wearing for survival.
    Man cannot live in these conditions.
    Reminds me of a time when I was aBoy Scout. We went camping one winter. Not 90% but 100% of the time is spent in survival.

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  8. And my project for today has been to find a sweet affectionate cat for re-homing with my 91 y/o friend. I think I have
    found just the one. If it works out I will be very happy.

    Now to post our prayer requests from Bible study. It was great to be back in person with my friends this a.m.

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  9. Nope, just been busy. Apparently my boots are too big to fill so I am not allowed to be sick. Works for me!
    The butcher was down here today, He took a ram and two ramlings and one doe goat. He also taught Nineteen fresh ways to butcher so he butchered a ramling for us. I had some very tasty liver and onions with beriberi but nobody else was brave enough. So I got it all.
    I asked the butcher if America is a land of systemic racism. He did not even pause before saying absolutely not. He said, in America, you do your thing, you succeed. You don’t, you don’t.
    He went on about his old country (Niger) is not like this.
    I suggested many Americans are trying to make America like other countries because they have not seen or understood other countries. He said that was exactly it. This place is unlike any other. People want to come here because it is freedom.


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