45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-16-21

  1. RK. I’m eating Cheerios for breakfast; like I always do.
    For other meals? I eat whatever the ladies fix and put in the refrigerator.
    Rose, the lady who comes, fixes some meals and puts them in the rifrigerator. I eat that, mostly. Otherwise I scrounge around the canned goods or something in the refrigerator..
    I don’t mess with the freezer It’s too complicated for me.

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  2. “The Ladies” makes it sound like several come by. Actually, Rose is the one in charge of me. She fixes stuff for me. Then leaves and comes back when needed.
    She always shows up in time.

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  3. Nice to know that you are being cared for. They make some sandwiches at our meat counter in the store. I got one today and then got one for my friend who was returning from several weeks teaching a course out in the islands. They landed after lunch and she was glad to find something in her frig all ready to eat. We had a great visit this afternoon.

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  4. What a beautiful photo up there! Especially the one “in flight”!! Is he showing off?!! 😊
    Husband and brother will most likely return tonight…then it’s back to cooking and cleaning for people!! It’s been nice while it lasted for the past couple days….

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  5. Good morning! I made fried eggs for Art, and then later I made banana buckwheat pancakes for Wesley’s last morning here for a bit. I passed on the eggs and had three small pancakes with maple syrup. I will now have to readjust to no sugar in my diet.


  6. I don’t see the use of Abba meaning Daddy as disrespectful or a lowering of our view of God. I think we do do that in a whole lot of ways such as our sanctuaries no longer being a ‘sacred’ space. The design of building themselves can relay the message of casualness towards God. The music used the same thing.

    When I think of the use, I think of the psalm that speaks of us being like a weaned child with its mother. Yes, it is a father we are talking about, but it is that feeling. A child is not being disrespectful when addressing a father as daddy or something similar. I use the term Heavenly Father quite often. I have never used daddy, but it wouldn’t horribly upset me. I never used daddy for my own father, however. He was dad and my mom was mom. My husband’s mom was always ma and I also addressed her as that, as well, because it felt right. The term for father would differ culturally.

    The most important thing is to read the bible and study it to get to know who God really is. We will grow and mature as we read and walk by the Spirit. That should give us the picture of how awesome, mighty and yet, loving our God is.

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  7. Ten years ago today I was staying with my future in-laws and my suitor was going to take me out to a fancy restaurant for supper. He hadn’t told me he was going to propose that night, but I knew he was. (We were only waiting for me to have met the girls, and he already had the ring.) The girls were going to have supper with their grandparents while he and I went out to eat.

    I dressed in a long black dress and I knew I looked elegant in it, and I wished he’d be at the bottom of the stairs to see me coming down, and so I could see him as I came down. I came out of my room at the top of the stairs and started down, and there he was. I got to the bottom and he dropped to one knee. I’d expected the proposal at the restaurant, but immediately knew this was it. Because his parents and daughters were in the next room, he whispered several things he believed me to be, and that he wanted me to be his wife. I said yes. He put the ring on my finger, and we had our first kiss, and then our second and third. And then he asked was I ready to tell the family? We went in, shared the news, received congratulatory hugs from all four, and then went out to eat. On the way home I called each of my siblings and talked to those who were home.

    A week later his first wife’s family had their at-that-time-annual family reunion. She had four siblings and her parents were still alive, so the reunion had quite a few people with her parents, all the siblings, spouses, children, and grandchildren. It was a lot of people to meet all at one time, and it felt a little awkward, too, to be there as the “replacement” for their dead daughter/sister/aunt. They welcomed me very warmly, and over the next few years I did get to know several of them fairly well. But it was quite a “welcome to the family!”

    Those ten years have gone by so quickly!

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  8. I never proposed to Elvera. We were dating and I took her to Charleston one weekend when I went to supply (preach) for a friend.
    My parents an sister liked er immediately and started plannibng for us. Actually, before we were ready.
    But it worked out.

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  9. Sometimes daily publications, which churn out copy sometimes at a breakneck pace, have to make corrections on the corrections. Humiliating, but it happens. Lol

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  10. I don’t even know what yougert is. The othr things, I do.
    You write as if you think you’r talking to someone who knos all that stuff.
    The person who knows that has left and gone.
    I hope to meet her soon.
    I know there is no marriage in Heaven. I hope we know each other.

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  11. Yogurt has been around a while. Since the 1960s (in terms of being sold in mainstream markets).

    I had plain Green yogurt w/a drizzle of honey on top for breakfast this morning.

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  12. Happened to see this verse this morning, it’s always been one of my favorites:

    ~ Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor have good news preached to them. And blessed is the one who is not offended by me. (Luke 7:22–23) ~

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  13. Chas saying the freezer is too complicated sounds like something my husband would say. Our dermatologist’s office recently moved and when she was explaining the new location to him, she said, “do you know where the Walmart is?” to which he replied, “don’t do that to me.”

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  14. Well, this countywide change-up in mask protocols (again) has all our event-planners in a dither. Return events were all being planned for end of summer but now … indoor mask-rules are back which feels like we’re going backward. People had just gotten used to shopping and going around without the masks, then this.

    Granted, we were all watching the numbers start to creep up once again, but we have a fairly high vaccination rate here (60%?) and the numbers, especially for hospitalizations, remained low in comparison to what they’ve been for all this pandemic period.

    But we remained hopeful and feeling somewhat relieved that the worst was behind us (which it still is, I believe).

    Planning the big re-launch, post-pandemic events, however, just got a whole lot trickier. Again.

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  15. AJ, did you get to see the swallows doing in-flight feeding of their young? I got to see that for the first time this year, though I didn’t get any photos of the process. (I’m not very good at having my camera in the right place and the right focus for flight shots.) It was very cool to watch it, though.

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  16. My vision wasn’t good enough to spot it. But you guys talking about it made me curious.
    Real good picture. It seems to me tha there are three birds fighting over the same space.


  17. I’ve been wearing my mask into stores just to watch reactions. It’s surprising how the eyes narrow at me.

    I removed my mask to blow my nose yesterday in the grocery store and got what the Hawai’ians call “stink eye” from several people.

    It’s important to remember what we’re doing to each other.

    I stare right back, refusing to say, “why no, I don’t need to wear a mask. What’s it to you?”

    An attitude that probably needs to be confessed.

    My kids laugh.

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  18. I actually think Hunter is a rather cool name, though I wouldn’t use it. But it seems to have become a name for girls, and to me that doesn’t really work.


  19. And I was quizzed by someone at church about how I’d actually chosen to “get the vaccine.” Gasp. She said her husband has said no vaccine for them. “Didn’t you have a reaction to it?” Not really, I said, just a headache and fatigue after the 2nd shot which is to be expected, didn’t last any longer than a day. “But wasn’t your arm sore??” Well, yes, but that happens with most any shot or vaccine. It goes away. I told her I was grateful we had a vaccine.

    So the suspicions and criticism, unspoken though they may be, fly both ways. We have quite a number of folks in our church who have resisted the vaccine. There also have been a good number of Covid cases spreading throughout the congregation.

    Again, God is surely doing something in all of this — learning to walk in each others’ shoes and accept our differences may be one of them. I have no idea — and it’s none of my business — why someone is or isn’t wearing a mask. I trust if they’re not wearing one, they have been fully vaccinated, but I realize that’s not always the case.

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  20. I was in the grocery store yesterday and realized I was one of very few folks without a mask. Maybe some people were looking askance at me, I’m not sure.

    But maybe it’s just important to realize we don’t know anyone else’s personal or medical situation. They may have serious co-morbidities to worry about (cancer, heart problems, diabetes, other health issues). The unmasked may (we would hope and I usually assume these days) be fully vaccinated so the mask is no longer that necessary. The vaccines continue to be proven quite effective against even the variants.

    I remember scripture’s warnings about the ‘haughty spirit” and how easily it is for us to fall into that when looking at other people.

    I took Cowboy to the vet this afternoon for another back treatment and masks are still required on their property, even in the parking lot (though in your car waiting — clients still can’t go inside the building — I pull mine down). But like most medical facilities they are erring on the side of caution (even though I know my vet was fully vaccinated early on and I suspect the staff is as well). Still, it’s their facility, their rules. I always make sure I have masks on me and I’m fine with going along with the rules of a particular business or requests from others that masks be worn.

    Am I disappointed that our county seems to be sliding backward again? Oh yeah — and I was looking forward to going out to lunch with my cousin and friend in the Valley this next week when I’ll be off work. We’re all vaccinated. But I guess we’ll be eating outdoors, which is fine.

    Just a little while longer, I keep saying to myself … Pandemics don’t last forever. (It only feels like they do.)

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  21. We live on a one mile dirt road. Today we noticed a whole lot of sheriff vehicles going by. Once a day or so is usual, this was very unusual. It was another chase of a fugitive. The third one in the last few years! This started when the guy drove into the ditch; hit a culvert and flipped his truck. That was on a road our road runs into. The people who lived there were 20 feet from him and he was bleeding. They asked if he was okay and assured him they had called 911. At that point he swore that he needed to get out of there and grabbed up a whole arm load of stuff. Then he ran behind these people’s home and into the woods. There was quite a manhunt before all the sheriff’s left. We had to leave so made sure everything was locked up tight.

    We got home and heard the rest of the story. The neighbor across the road, who was 65 miles away when the sheriffs were all over his property looking for this guy, said his BIL (who lives down a side road from us) saw a guy come out of the neighbor’s property on the side road. He asked what he was doing and he said he was just walking. So he surreptitiously watched the guy. The guy walked into a neighbor’s driveway and came out a few minutes later wearing a different shirt. The BIL had called our neighbor to see if they had gotten this guy and alert them. They called 911. Meanwhile the guy walked on down the road (which dead ends). So more neighbors were called and warned. He didn’t get far when the sheriffs came speeding by and the neighbor showed them where he was. He was hand cuffed and taken into custody, which was a relief for us.

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  22. It seems the mask is the latest divider. When I see a sign the says “Wear a mask if not vaccinated” it makes me think we’re stigmatizing people. It seems to be the precursor of a yellow star patch.

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  23. This entire pandemic has caused division as people move into their respective “camps” and then hold fast.


  24. Is it Saturday yet?
    Doesn’t matter, it willnever be “the same” again.

    It doesn’t matter to me. I will be 91 next month. And “This World Is Not My Home” (the song) keeps coming to mind.


  25. It is Saturday and we are home again. We camped next to the south fork of the Clearwater so of course the water was very clear. Lots of fish. And just across the river (maybe sixty feet wide at the widest) was a family of bald eagles. The parents and two or three young ones. The young were about the size of the adults. When they flew upriver, the kingfishers and dippers were in abundance. They seemed to disappear when the big birds returned. I don’t know why but I might guess. Fun to watch them all.

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