27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-14-21

  1. Morning all. Those look like the small birds we have fluttering all around our school grounds. You have to be careful as they tend to just fly in the door.

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  2. I;ll admit that I haven;t been keeping up with it enough to know what’s going on. But I notice on TV where some lawyers have fled Texas to keep from voting on a bill.Q
    Will the bill not be there when they return???

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  3. Cute photo. Looks like an eastern phoebe, though flycatchers have so many similar species I hesitate to ID most of them confidently.


  4. Good morning. I am missing a WMU meeting this a.m. to spend time with Wesley, and I missed two Bible studies yesterday. I will have a lot of those type things to catch up on after Wesley leaves. Everyone seemed to enjoy the spaghetti I made with Beyond Meat. We also had a rotisserie chicken and my brother brought some home grown (he grew) corn on the cob and Kentucky Wonder green beans. It was a simple meal, and I would have preferred going to Outback or somewhere but with Delta Covid ramping up that could not be in our plans.


  5. Now that I’m recovered, my daughter-in-law is not feeling well and I’ve been the swimming lessons driver the last two days.

    I should note I’m so far behind after not sitting at my desk but a few times in the last month, that I’m slightly crazy. I didn’t get to my email until 4 yesterday and thought I would cry.

    Anyway, the excitement on Monday was the van didn’t have a lot of gas in it while we drove home, so I stopped to fill up as a surprise (It costs $60 to fill up a van in California this week).

    While doing the pay, I pushed the wrong button and also ordered a car wash.

    I had thought to keep this a surprise for the parents and ask the kids not to say anything, but realized there was no way they wouldn’t mention the car wash.

    So, there went the surprise.

    But, a 10 and a 7.75 set of sisters who had NEVER been in a cash wash before was WAY too much fun to keep secret.

    We had to wait, so they watched the process, out of their car seat/ seat belt and staring out the window, screaming in glee and SO EXCITED!

    It was so much fun listening to them debate how the machinery worked, if the cars were moving, was that seaweed slapping the side of the car, what is rolling over the windshield, did Grammy roll up her window, and OH HOW MANY soap suds!

    Go get your car wash and relive the excitement. I laughed all the way home.

    My daughter-in-law sent a text. “Wow. We hard ALL ABOUT the carwash! How were the swim lessons?”


    Yesterday’s drive included the precocious Ellie. While the girls swam (private lessons at a home), she and I visited the chicken coop where she, too, screamed with excitement.

    There are pockets of normality and simplicity, joy, and simple fun in the world. We just have to look at them from time to time. 🙂

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  6. Happy belated birthday, Nancyjill.

    Chas, the lawmaker are hoping to be gone long enough for the session to be over. Frankly, I would be furious. How many of their constituents are able to fly off and have such a vacation in the nation;s capitol? Imagine the cost! Wouldn’t we all love that? Talk about ‘let them eat cake moments’ we have lately seen so often in the news! God grant us some lawmakers with some real wisdom and sense of service!

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  7. Now I want to go to the car wash. I need ‘something’ to perk me up.

    I woke up early this morning to pull the jeep down so the neighbors will be able to load everything up for another dr./rehab appointment today. I should have done it last night but I procrastinated.

    Cowboy was having a stiffer-than-usual morning, we haven’t been in for those “wave” back treatments in about 2 weeks now but I may take him back in Friday. I gave him his daily pain med early this morning and now he’s asleep on the dog bed in the bedroom again. He’s usually much better in the afternoons and evenings. He was running through the house a couple days ago, following Tess out to the back to bark at the neighbor dog through the fence.

    Happy Birthday Nancyjill! What did you do to celebrate? Oh right, you got a new water pump. Lol. The joys of home ownership.

    Yes, the quorum battles — as I mentioned yesterday, however, the GOP also has considered that same tactic if the Democratic push for a filibuster change in the evenly-divided Senate looks like it could pass.

    Both parties are willing to go to the mat right now, so nothing should particularly surprise us. Politically we’re in desperate and divided times.

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  8. Hi, just dropped by from camping and headed back. Saw son and grandsons off. They had a great time and hope to repeat next year. Carry on.

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  9. Hello Strangers. It’s been a week already. I made an offer on a house in Pensacola. I had the home inspector there yesterday and he scared Mr. P but I am still hoping. If the house were fixed up it would sell for at least $229,000. It needs about $50,000 of work and upgrades and I can buy it for $110,000. WE don’t have to live there but I would like to flip it if there is a chance.
    I wouldn’t mind living there either. It wouldn’t be my forever home but I would be fun for a while to live in the up and coming desirable area with all the other “bougie” people.

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  10. Feeling a bit down. This is a long break with nowhere to go. Then this morning my church sent out a prayer request, I get the email prayer chain. And it was for my family, sorta. It was for my daughter’s inlaws whom they live with. So the ones caring for them would be my daughter who is trying to keep their business going. Her husband, their son, can’t walk very well and his hands are not doing well either. My grandson is probably helping. She , the mother in law, fell and had two spinal fractures and the father in law had an embolic stroke. I do not know what that means.

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  11. Jo, an embolic stroke just means a clot or plaque traveled from elsewhere in the body and lodged in the brain, blocking blood supply. It doesn’t really tell you anything about how severe it is. Sounds like your daughter has a lot on her shoulders, so we’ll pray for the family.

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  12. Prayers, Jo, hard also, I’m sure, as you’re far away right now.

    Long day, not quite over but everything I was doing is turned in and edited and posted.

    Two days left before I’ll have a week off. I’m seeing my friend in the SF Valley for the first time since December 2019, so strange but good. Also squeezing Cowboy in for a vet treatment late Friday and on Monday afternoon.

    I’ll have to do some serious picking up around here while I’m off and I hope to get some bags for shredding out of here and taken to Office Depot or wherever they can shred it. It’s a downside of working from home, for sure.

    And my almost-10-year-old mac pro laptop is struggling, I’ve consulted with my mac expert/ex photo editor who suggests it’s time to replace it with a mac air that has the M1 processor. Or something.

    My cousin and I plan to get together to do something, maybe a visit to a nursery to plant-shop, and a lunch out.

    I was going to take off the last week in July but editor said next week is better as it’s the last week before one of our other reporters covering our particular area is leaving. So next week it is.

    Good timing in a way, too, as my annual vacation time is about to cap out (meaning I have to take some hours now or lose them).

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  13. DJ, so glad your time off will be here after you get two winks of sleep. Some days my head swims hearing about all the writings you create.

    Jo, I am sad to hear about all your family is going through. That’s a truly rough spell for all including you. I hope your spirits can pick back up so you can somehow be an encouragement to your daughter. Prayers!🙏

    I just made a small chicken and pineapple pizza for Wesley. I made those for him when he was young. Miss Bosley is overjoyed with getting some bits of chicken to snack on.

    Art and I may have leftover spaghetti when he gets home. I have a little more chocolate cake batter to cook so we can finish off the quart of chocolate mint ice cream with that. This is probably the only ice cream I have bought this year.


  14. We have an ongoing crisis with a nesting colony of something like 4,000 Elegant Terns, the cutest seabirds. They decided to inhabit two anchored barges in the harbor but now that their babies are getting a bit older and more adventuresome, they’re all walking around and tumbling off the sides of the too-crowded barges.

    So the bird rescue center in town has come to the rescue, along with state Fish & Wildlife and other volunteers to help scoop them up, gently shake them upside down to get the water out (they’re not old enough to be waterproof yet) and make sure they have towels for warmth and sand for their little feet. The chicks in rehab are doing well (almost 300 of them now being treated).

    But the tumbling into the harbor continues. So biologists are trying to figure out how to construct a temporary raft that can connect to the barges and provide a physical aid for the little birds to use to get back up onto the barges if they fall into the water — or maybe prevent them from going into the drink at all.

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  15. I just wrote a long ol’ post and it wouldn’t let me log in…I’ll shorten what I said…thanks ya’ll 😊
    It’s raining
    We have a working well, fixed tire, dog is feeling well and the smoke alarm is quiet
    Today is a better day 😊

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