3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-10-21

  1. 🙂 Praising God for the good test results that show my husband is still cancer free!

    😦 Sad for the woman whose son was hit by a vehicle and killed.

    😦 A jerwelry shop where I took a couple of rings, from my mother, had a fire yesterday. I will have to see how to get ahold of them and see what is what. It did not burn down. The fire was next to them, but spread to buildings on both sides. It was right downtown on the main street.

    😦 The video of cars speeding on city streets, shooting into the air and everywhere, in Minneapolis is horrible. To think we have come to this is just beyond belief. How quickly things deterioate!

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  2. And yet, come Lord Jesus. That was my prayer initially as a believer. But as I grew in the Lord, I changed a bit and realized there would be many who were not yet ready and it would be awful for them if He returned and they were still dead. But now I have returned to the original prayer, in part thanks to that book on fasting that DJ recommended. He talks about that very thing and how we are taught in the Word to pray that those who have gone before were praying Come Lord Jesus. And in part due to the ugliness in our world. And so it is.

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