43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-2-21

  1. I see we are leaving Afghanistan.
    And leaving the country to the mercy of the merciless.
    Best we should have never gone there. All we did was endanger a few hundred people

    No. I am not opposed to helping our friends. I am opposed to creating problems for them to deal with when we leave..

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  2. That looks like the Grand Canyon, but not from an angle I’ve seen it. I’ve never had the opportunity to go more than a few hundred feet below the rim on a trail.

    As for what Chas said: I agree. Vizzini in The Princess Bride said it best – “Never get into a land war in Asia.”

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  3. What an awesome and I do mean AWE sight. I have flown over them multiple times but have never really seen them from the ground. Looking down on that–How did the people who settled the West not get lost? How did they get through? So many questions

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  4. Warning- Too Much Information
    You all know how I feel about my little boy dog Amos. He will be 13 years old on the 17th. He is on 4 different medications and still sleeps with me. He tried to wake me up last night and I tried to convince him that 3 am or so was NOT time to get up. He pooped in the bed. When I got him to the back door he pooped again, then stayed out for a while. It really wasn’t his fault–it was mine. It still breaks my heart that he is getting older and is becoming my Little Old Man Dog. I’m not ready and I am scared he is getting closer to ready. I held him this morning and told him I loved him and it wasn’t his fault. I promised him I would take care of him until the very end.

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  5. Good morning. The coffee I made is a bit weak, but since it is French Roast, it still has good flavor. I am not use to making a really full pot. If I make less then I have to do a second pot.

    We’ve had a lot of rain, but not nearly so much as NYC. So strange to see it with so much water that they had to shut down some subway stations. Nature’s God is surely making it known that He is over more than we are. I can’t even control what humidity does to my hair for starters.

    Wesley has been arranging for a Pod (thanks Michelle). We have never had to make a long haul move before. Learning vicariously through our son. I have only moved around in the same county within a ten mile or less range, and probably ten is an exaggeration. More like five to seven.


  6. That it an amazing photo! I have never been but husband has run the rim to rim to rim several times…one year after their run the park had to be closed due to a huge blizzard…in May! (He just wanted a hot shower after that run…)
    Second round of company coming today…another brother in law…I’m headed to Sam’s to bring in supplies! 😂

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  7. This photo was taken by the Adorable Boy Scout, 13 3/4, while hiking down and that IS the Colorado River in the distance. He did not get all the way down, he said it was “like 140 degrees–off the thermometer which only went to 120,” and they stopped for two nights about a mile away.

    His thoughts, “I’m glad I went but I never want to do it again.” It was simply too hot, as I had noted in the prayer requests two weeks ago.

    Thanks for praying for them all–two people did die while they were there from the heat–but, boys will be boys. 🙂

    This was one of a lot of photos he took–I got to see them all since I gave him my old Iphone to use as a camera. I’ve always wanted to hike down (after reading Brighty of the Grand Canyon, of course), but at this point in my life doubt it will happen.

    He said there were a lot of people on the trail, but his sense of a lot is limited to a town in northern California! LOL

    Thanks for praying.

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  8. Amazing photo. I’ve never been to the grand canyon but once thought it would be fun to take one of those mule trains down to the bottom. Yeah, that’s not happening lol

    I suspect a lot of folks did get lost on the trek west — this territory for those pioneers was like outer space is for us now. We are hard-wired as human beings to push the limits of discovery. It’s who we are.

    Friday came fast. I have two main stories to write today plus a smaller ‘copy block’ that’ll just go with some photos taken late yesterday but not running until Saturday.

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  9. I have never been to Yellowstone. I have been to Yosemite and Sequoia and Zion and Joshua or something and the Grand Canyon and some others. But not Hell’s Canyon.

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  10. Yosemite and Sequoia.

    Kim, I empathize, going I’m through a similar period here though it’s more the arthritis issues with my dogs right now. But they’re coming up on 15 years old, so it’s been a long ride for dogs their size. I spotted Cowboy actually trotting and jumping off the raised garden ledge in the backyard yesterday afternoon. And they both still look forward to their much-shortened walks at dusk, they love sniffing everything so we go slow. But that’s fine, it’s that time of life.

    I had a terrier mix, maybe 25-30 pounds so not tiny, who made it to (almost) 17 years; he was mostly blind and plagued by occasional seizures. He was one of the dogs I ‘inherited’ from my mom back in the day.

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  11. We went to the Grand Canyon on our honeymoon–where we discovered we needed to seal the seams of the tent we gave each other as a wedding gift. It was October. We decamped to a hotel in Flagstaff.

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve been there–my dad loved the Grand Canyon– but the last visit was in June 1993 and we got out of the car, glanced down, and then ran for ice cream on a very hot day.

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  12. I’ve never been to Yellowstone but have been to the Grand Canyon several times. The last time I went was on my photo trip through the state. For half the trip, I stayed with a friend in Northern Arizona (Kingman) and did day trips out from her, some with her and some by myself (she was in her 80s) and for half the trip I stayed with my mom in Phoenix and did the same thing, day trips out and she could go with me or not.

    For the Grand Canyon, I got a hotel so I could get an early start. But alas, it was not to be. In preparation for the trip, I had looked up the prices of all the state and national parks I would be visiting, and I took that money in cash plus a bit extra for souvenirs, and I put rental car and gas and so forth on the credit card. (Such places only took cash in those days.) Unfortunately all the prices doubled that year, so even though I ended up getting souvenirs with credit card to save my cash, I was still a few dollars short by the time I got to the Grand Canyon. No problem, I thought, I’d go to an ATM (for the first time ever). I’d even gotten a debit card with PIN in advance of the trip in case of such a happening. But it didn’t work. I had to wait for the bank to open (hanging around in town instead of being at the canyon) and then get a cash advance on my credit card, another thing I’ve never done. After all my careful planning it was frustrating not to get there till mid-morning.

    And I’d made plans to have supper with my friend or I would have simply stayed and gotten the evening light instead. I probably could have called her and cancelled, but when a person is in her eighties, time with her is precious and I chose relationship over photos.

    Of course, I also thought I’d have been back by now. That was in the nineties, a long time ago. I wanted to go to Arizona this year–most or all of my siblings have been back since I was last there, way back in 2003 (my mom’s funeral), and I’m arguably the one who loves it the most. But it isn’t happening this year.

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  13. Beautiful photo.

    I have been to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone twice, Grand Teton and I think some others, but can’t think of right now.

    I bought the senior citizen pass a few years ago and used it for me and my daughter in Alaska. That paid for the pass. My husband bought one, too, but has never used his. He does not like to travel much anymore. I’d like to visit it all, but am not an adventurous person myself. What an amazing world we live in!

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  14. I have been to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Staircase Escalante, Saguaro Nat. Park and a whole bunch of other cool places in the canyon lands. Some of my favourite country.

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  15. Mumsee, Yellowstone is only a day’s drive from you. Get on over there.
    I have been to lots of those places, all over the west. I did not like waking up my first morning in Yellowstone to find out about no see ums. I was covered in bites and had to leave the park to find a good repellant. Otherwise it was wonderful and I went back another time.

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  16. Mumsee, my guess is that our health would have declined more without our change in diet. Art continues to drink several colas each day. If he cut that out, he would see a big change. As for my own health, I feel inflammation is better in general, and I am keeping diabetes at bay and blood pressure down. Last time I checked BP this week it was 123 over 77. I was very happy with that reading.


  17. I made roasted chick peas this afternoon. It is something Wesley has made a few times. It was nice for something different. I only used one can of them so there aren’t any left for Art to try. I may make them again to see if Art will enjoy them. It is a challenge trying to cook for us three.


  18. Janice, excellent! Sounds like you have the same challenge with Art as I have with Mike. He wants to eat healthy but the draw is there. Of course, one could say Mike has the same challenge with me. But we are getting there.


  19. We found all the mud pots and geysers were interesting. When we visited New Zealand, where they also have geysers, the guide told us geysers are only seen in three parts of the world–Yellowstone, NZ, and, I think Iceland (but I may have that wrong).


  20. Yellowstone is the heart of the great volcanic supereruption that is supposed to take out the entire northwest.


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