47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-1-21

  1. This is starting the July 4 holiday, and I am the only one left around here.
    Which is fine. I don’t want to go anywhere.
    Our church isn’t even having “Church” this Sunday. They ar holding a multi-language rallly on the lawn.
    Not for me. I will remain holed up in my din.

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  2. The lady who comes in the mornings to check on me and mes around in the kitchen has left.
    It’s just you and me for the rest of the day.
    sorry for you, I’m pretty boring as a companion.
    But you get all I have. And it isn’t much. But it’s something.t

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  3. And a good real morning to ya’ll! It is a sun shiny morning around here but the monsoonal rains will be moving in this afternoon. Next week the temps are supposed to get back up into the 80’s…I suppose we will be turning off the furnace and switching it back over to AC…. 😊

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  4. Really good morning to all of you. When we went to bed, it was still ninety in the house but only eighty eight outside. All the windows were open. No sign of the box fan. We could see almost constant sheet lighting to the south, miles away. Husband said, “No way, it is not coming here” and promptly went to sleep. I, on the other hand, do not go out in lightning storms if it can be helped. But the house was hot and outside was a breeze and the stars were shining. So I dozed and watched. The lightning was beautiful. and the wind was lovely. Maybe twenty miles per hour gusts and fifteen steady, blowing from the west. After a couple of hours, I noticed the stars were still mostly visible but the clouds were all around us. As was lighting. Finally decided to send daughter into the house but she did not wake up. Figured they were fine and went and opened some windows in the garage that had not been opened. When I got back, I made daughter get up and go in but left husband out there because I knew he would say I was overreacting. Really thick heavy clouds. A bit later, I heard husband cough so knew he had woken a bit and asked if he was coming in. “What?” he says, “no way, it is beautiful out here!” A couple of minutes later I heard thump thump of feet on the deck as he scurried in, “It is right on top of us!” Yep. And then the rain hit. Gully washers, indeed. I won’t be watering today. Seventy two outside but seventy eight inside. Supposed to be mid nineties today.

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  5. This is one of two quail we saw on one of our river walks. I thanked him for posing for me.

    Yep, it’s July. I go back to work at the cave today, noon to 8. I’ll be at the ticket counter, where it will be busy and loud all day. I may regret waiting to come back for the busiest weekend of the year.

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  6. Good morning and good July! It was anothe trip to Publix early this a.m, and I found the cereal Wesley likes BOGO, Honey Bunches of Oats, and the big brand rather than Publix brand I usually get. They did not have unsweetened Bakers chocolate, but did have white and semisweet instead so I got semisweet since Wesley said he would like some of that chocolate cake I made recently. I did not buy any junky snack food. I was tempted to buy the Planter’s cashews on BOGO but put the cans back. I did buy walnuts which we can snack on or use for baking.

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  7. Yes, that is why I am content to not drive. But, like Janice said, good to keep the skills up and running. If I go, I will pull over as needed.

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  8. I have a 9 a.m. assignment today and really wish I could just go back to bed instead. It’s an event I’ve covered before — a U.S. Citizenship swearing in ceremony on the USS Iowa. I covered it in 2017 when there were about 50 new citizens, all ages, from more than a dozen countries. Kamala Harris was the speaker. Today it’s US Sen. Alex Padilla.

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  9. I was up till almost four o’clock this morning, but I got a lot of work done between midnight when my husband went to bed and 3:30 or so. Now to do the last big push and hopefully finish this project today–noon tomorrow is my goal, but today would be even better, and then take tomorrow off! (Not sure I can manage that but I really don’t know.)

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  10. Good old Spurgeon, commenting on Isaiah 6:
    We extend the right hand of fellowship to all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth; but we cannot exchange our Christian greetings with those who deny him to be ‘very God of very God.’

    And the reason is sometimes asked; for say our opponents, ‘We are ready to give the right hand of fellowship to you, why don’t you do so to us?’

    Our reply shall be given thus briefly: ‘You have no right to complain of us, seeing that in this matter we stand on the defensive. When you declare yourselves to believe that Christ is not the Son of God, you may not be conscious of it, but you have charged us with one of the blackest sins in the entire catalogue of crime.’

    The Unitarians must, to be existent, charge the whole of us, who worship Christ, with being idolaters.

    Now idolatry is a sin of the most heinous character; it is not an offense against men it is true, but it is an intolerable offense against the majesty of God.” (Spurgeon)

    Currently on hold for the follow-up scan. I may finish the entire chapter . . .

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  11. Calvin could say of his day, more than 300 years ago:

    “How many are the distresses with which Europe has been afflicted for thirty or forty years? How many are the chastisements by which she has been called to repentance?

    And yet it does not appear that those numerous chastisements have done any good. On the contrary, luxury increases every day, lawless passions are inflamed, and men go on in crimes and profligacy more shamelessly than ever.

    In short, those very calamities appear to have been so many excitements to luxury and splendour. What then should we expect but to be bruised with heavier blows?”

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  12. I’ve said it before, will likely say it again.
    I was thinking about how difficult some of the things are.
    Then, I remember, most (almost) 91 year old men don’t get far enough to have this problem.
    The Lord has been good to me, beyond measure.

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  13. Chas – I find that since Hubby died, I am somehow even more aware of God’s blessings to me. Before his death, I was a grateful person and recognized my blessings, but I am even more so now. Sometimes in my prayer time, I spend much or most of the time simply thanking Him for so many things He has done for me and in my life.

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  14. As usual, a very moving new citizenship ceremony. Three active-duty U.S. military were among the new citizens. Ran into a former colleague, photographer now with the LA Times, we lamented about the state of the industry.

    Finished up the story but I had to really slap myself (literally) on the side of my head when I heard that horrible mosquito again, right near my left ear. It stopped the sound (unless I slapped myself so hard that I lost my hearing momentarily, who knows).

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  15. Mumsee, yes driving is interesting. I was amazed that I could drive to Portland in one day and be awake and aware the whole time. I had snacks to hand and kept munching which helped. I stopped and jogged around rest areas. I never thought that I could drive that far, but it was a lovely drive, about 12 hours. I got up early to do the entire drive in daylight, I knew that headlights would do me in.

    Foggy and drizzling here today. We have a family and a teacher arriving today. One dad who went home to be with his father for a while got turned back. Now restrictions have changed. Please pray that this father of six will be able to return. I believe he leaves today.

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  16. Sounds like tomorrow’s program might be more directly related to some of the issues you’ve been interested in of late — you can probably use the same link and it’ll be updated tomorrow with that show

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  17. Trash and recyclables are all out at the curb, my Thursday evening chore done early this week.

    I have two port-related stories to get done tomorrow, factoring in also another vet visit at 4 for Cowboy, so I’ll have to get started early.

    But then it’s 3 days off, yay. I’m getting a much-needed, long-overdue (again) haircut Saturday morning but no specific plans yet beyond that. Church will be interesting, the first time all of us will gather at one time — just when LA County again, of course, is saying masks should be worn indoors due to the “Delta” variant now spreading.

    But there will always be some kind of variant until we’re completely on the other side of this, and the vaccines are supposed to still be good for Delta, so all should be well. I do feel for those who have cancer and are battling other ailments who can’t get the vaccines, though, they still need to really be careful. Someday we’ll be out from under this thing.

    Meanwhile, new and improved treatments also are continuing to be developed, though basically covid is a “bug” you’d want to avoid getting, if you can.


  18. Wesley made it home! We now have Baylor face masks😀

    I did the chop chop on my hair and cut off about 5 inches. No one noticed. That would be that Art made no mention of my hair being shorter. And my brother said nothing. And of course, Wesley had not seen me in so long that he should not have noticed. I must say I was impressed that after our dinner he went to the kitchen and washed up the dishes rather quietly to give me a nice surprise. He learned to work as a team in scouts, in college community at Covenant, and at L’abri.

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  19. My last haircut was in November 2020, so 7 months ago.

    Before that, it was sometime before the pandemic, maybe February 2020.


  20. I snuck in the “extra” pandemic one in November when I was mailing something across the street and noticed my salon was open (though I knew it wasn’t supposed to be, we were in a surge — but they’re family-owned and were doing what they had to do). I made an appointment and dashed in on Saturday, figuring if I came down with Covid I’d know where I got it — the place was packed and they had no barriers or other protective protocols in place (other than requiring masks).

    Anyway, it felt so good, it was almost worth the risk 🙂

    I spotted the fog blob parked over out south coastline today on the way home from the vet appt with Cowboy late this afternoon. It got up to 85 today, too warm for my tastes but it certainly could be worse. And it is summer.

    My digital speedometer — which gives you the digital speed in the center screen (but you still have the analog round speedometer next to it) went haywire on the freeway going to the vet’s today, when I spotted a cop with lights flashing entering the fwy to the side of me I checked my speed and it said — 95 !!! Yikes, What!? Everyone else was going faster than I was, how could that be??

    It eventually self-corrected on the way home, but it was bizarre, it got as high as 105 at one point, very odd (when I was going 65 mph in reality).


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