31 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-30-21

  1. Just dumb.



  2. Total BS.



  3. Trump says he knows how you feel.

    “NYC Dem Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Raises Concerns After “100,000-plus” Votes Allegedly Suddenly Appear”

    Adams took a commanding lead last Tuesday, but his lead dwindled to only 2% as third-place candidate Kathryn Garcia jumped to second place after ranked voting counted.




  4. I think the black educator is addressing learning styles and what may have been past down generationally in families. But, at least here in Atlanta, we have a lot of successful blacks who came through the school system and it worked for and not against them. She is a Racist in putting a whole race into a category like that. An educator should be smarter than that. Which flavor of Koolaid is she drinking? She wants to share her Koolaid with all.


  5. Janice is right, the lady was talking about learning styles — the kitchen table, fire, etc of telling stories to pass on knowledge, morals, etc but that’s not unique to the African American experience. Its a universal human trait. Modern schooling is the exception here and requires self discipline, deliberate training, etc. By emphasizing so called African American epistemology she’s avoiding the real problems facing African Americans in the school system — discrimination, bias, etc. Some of the bias is more class based than race — schools will listen more often to middle class well educated parents than working class parents ie they know how the game is played. Instead of advocating parallel ways of learning, she need to hold the system accountable.


  6. Corporations including Broadway need to save some of their profits for a rainy day. There’s very little reserve funds in most corporations — it only takes a month of slow business or closures and they can’t meet payroll. Modern corporatism is about shareholder value and the next quarter report — hence no long term planning. Instead of supporting the corporations, just give the money directly to the employees — they’d probably save money. Similarly, San Francisco spends 60 000 per tent per year in 6 different encampment (water, security, sewage, etc) Why not just give the occupants $5000 a month? Or $4000 if you want to save money.


  7. Typical leftist.

    Throw money at it, reward sloth and laziness, as well as fund further drug abuse by those your supposedly “helping”.

    No thanks.


  8. This is why I don’t take climate change seriously.

    These are unserious people pushing it. Ridiculous even….

    “Dem Rep. Peter DeFazio Compares Climate Change To Military Invasion And Nuclear War…”


  9. Thank Biden.

    This drug more than most others led to our nations horrible opioid problem a few years back. And again I’ll note Trump had this stuff, the border, and the illegal invasion under control a year ago. Now look at it.

    But hey, no more mean tweets.

    “Fentanyl seizures at U.S. southern border rise dramatically

    Federal agents say the powerful synthetic opioid is becoming a drug of choice for the cartels because it’s highly profitable and easier to smuggle.”


    “Federal agents in this section of the southern border say they’ve seen a staggering 4,000 percent increase in fentanyl seizures over the last three years.

    Those busts are not at ports of entry, where most smuggled drugs are typically found. The Border Patrol says the rising amount of fentanyl is being found in the desert – transported by increasingly brazen smugglers who are exploiting stretched federal resources.

    In 2018, the Border Patrol in the El Paso sector found just one pound of fentanyl outside ports of entry. In 2019, two pounds. In 2020, nine.

    During the 2021 fiscal year, agents have found 41 pounds so far – a dramatic rise that experts attribute to the increasing role in drug cartels producing the illicit drug themselves with raw materials from China. The sharp rise from 2018 to 2020 suggests the coronavirus pandemic did not artificially inflate the 2021 numbers.”


  10. Once again our two tiered justice system demonstrates it’s issues. The rich and connected with good lawyers will always fare better than some poor %$#@$^%$ with a public defender.

    The perv walks……


    “It was only last month when we looked at comedian Bill Cosby’s failure to be released from prison on parole amid allegations that he was an uncooperative prisoner. Today, Cosby’s fortunes took a turn for the better when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction. He will now be released without having to report to a parole officer constantly. Looking into the details of the decision, however, it doesn’t sound as if the court was convinced that Cosby was innocent or didn’t rape anyone. He appears to be getting off on a technicality. Some of the testimony he had provided in an earlier court hearing was described as being key to his eventual conviction, but the court ruled that it should have been inadmissible. (NBC News)

    Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, citing prosecutorial mistakes, overturned the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby on Wednesday, paving the way for one of America’s best-known comedians to walk free from prison.

    The court said that a prosecutor’s decision not to charge Cosby, 83, opened the door for him to speak freely in a lawsuit against him — and that testimony was key in his conviction years later by another prosecutor.

    Cosby was convicted in 2018 of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004, and was serving a three- to 10-year sentence. The Supreme Court said Cosby cannot be retried on the same charges.

    The double jeopardy aspects of this ruling can be a bit confusing, but one thing the court appears to make clear is that Cosby can not be tried yet again on the same charges. So unless there’s another accuser out there somewhere with a claim that isn’t past that statute of limitations, Cosby should be scot-free. He’s expected to be released in short order.”


  11. Giving $50 million to the production of Hamilton is to reward sloth, laziness and an economic model that is broken. If the gov’t insists on handing out money, giving it directly to the people is far more efficient. I’m not sure why you state this would further drug abuse — is there any evidence to suggest the employees on Broadway are drug addicts? As for the homeless in San Francicso study after study suggests its better to just give the poor, unemployed, homeless etc the money instead of controlling the money and where its spent. About half the homeless in the US (and Canada) work FT or PT jobs, give them enough money for a year to afford rent seems like a no brainer to me. Better yet hike minimum wage so people who work aren’t homeless.

    We all knew once the cartels and the Chinese got together fentanyl importation rates would quickly escalate. Blaming who is in the white house is too easy, you could have Trump or Clinton or McConnell or Obama it wouldn’t make a difference.


  12. “As for the homeless in San Francicso study after study suggests its better to just give the poor, unemployed, homeless etc the money instead of controlling the money and where its spent. ”

    Now you’re just making stuff up.


  13. “Blaming who is in the white house is too easy, you could have Trump or Clinton or McConnell or Obama it wouldn’t make a difference.”

    Again. Just total BS. We just had 4 years of record low illegal immigration, and a locked down border. Now it’s a free for all with all bodies babysitting young squatters instead of looking for drugs. Everyone knows this, including the cartels and human traffickers, All are enabled by Biden and his non-enforcement of our laws.

    Stop being obtuse.


  14. Commie fanboy Hernandez doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



  15. I, too, have read about the studies HRW refers to, so he’s not just making it up. Apparently, giving people the money directly instead of through a government program is more cost-efficient and effective. It would also cut down on administrative costs, which are high in government programs.


  16. Reality is a %$#@%.

    “A Century of Misery for the Chinese Communist Party”


    “Today marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP will ensure that the occasion is met with pomp and circumstance in order to maintain a thin veneer of legitimacy. But nobody should forget the long history of the CCP’s atrocities and the persistent dark side of its heavy-handed rule.

    The evil nature dates back to the party’s origins. The CCP rose to power just as it has remained there: through deception. In 1924, it entered an alliance with China’s then-reigning Nationalist Party government, whom it quickly betrayed before dragging the nation into a 15-year civil war.

    Starting in the 1930s, the CCP conspired with Japanese invaders to take down China’s government. It pretended to join the nationalist government in a “United Front” against the Japanese, a feint it then exploited to sell critical intelligence to Tokyo. This is the same CCP that gives incessant lip service to Chinese nationalism today.

    The CCP rose to power through indiscriminate acts of violence and cruelty. After the Second World War, the CCP again betrayed the Nationalist government and launched a nationwide campaign of destruction. In 1948, the CCP prevented civilians from leaving the besieged city of Changchun, which resulted in 160,000 starving to death.”

    The CCP will say or do anything to expand its power. Nothing is off limits, and nothing is sacred. This has been clear from the very beginning, and yet all these years later, the world still struggles to grasp its implications.

    Once the CCP successfully took charge, it attacked virtually anyone with ties to the former Nationalist government. At least 5 million civilians met an early grave during the CCP’s first tyrannical decade.”


    The fanboy Democrats always ignore the millions of dead.


  17. Just a reminder, it was China who unleashed Covid on the world as well. Add those deaths to their total as well.

    “GOP China Task Force leader says Chinese military may have taken over Wuhan lab in 2019”


    “The Republican head of the House’s China Task Force revealed new testimony that the Chinese military may have taken over the Wuhan Institute of Virology earlier than previously reported, which he said added evidence indicating COVID-19 originated in the lab.

    Rep. Michael McCaul, ranking GOP member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, made the revelation during a Tuesday panel presentation organized by House Republicans on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis.

    “New testimony now received by my committee reveals the Chinese military potentially took over this lab, not in January 2020 as was reported, but earlier in 2019,” McCaul said. “The Chinese military were actually in the facility at the time of 2017. That signals the CCP was worried about something at the lab before the world even knew what COVID-19 was. Why else would they put the Chinese military in charge?”

    A State Department fact sheet released in January contended Wuhan lab researchers “conducted experiments involving the bat coronavirus identified by Wuhan virologists in January 2020 as its closest sample to COVID-19,” and the lab “has a published record of conducting ‘gain-of-function’ research to engineer chimeric viruses.” The fact sheet also asserted lab workers became sick with coronavirus-like symptoms in autumn 2019.

    The declassified fact sheet discussed “secret military activity” at the Wuhan lab noting, “Despite the WIV presenting itself as a civilian institution, the United States has determined that the WIV has collaborated on publications and secret projects with China’s military. The WIV has engaged in classified research, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017.””


  18. Using TikTok?

    China says thank you.

    “All of TikTok’s data is available to its Chinese parent company (and thus to the CCP)”


    “CNBC published this piece about TikTok last Friday. They spoke to a number of US-based former employees who say there is really no clear dividing line between the company’s US organization and ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns it. That means that any and all personal data on the sites 92 million US users is searchable by the Chinese company.

    The former employees who spoke to CNBC said the boundaries between TikTok and ByteDance were so blurry as to be almost non-existent.

    Most notably, one employee said that ByteDance employees are able to access U.S. user data.This was highlighted in a situation where an American employee working on TikTok needed to get a list of global users, including Americans, who searched for or interacted with a specific type of content — that means users who searched for a specific term or hashtag or liked a particular category of videos. This employee had to reach out to a data team in China in order to access that information. The data the employee received included users’ specific IDs, and they could pull up whatever information TikTok had about those users. This type of situation was confirmed as a common occurrence by a second employee.

    This isn’t the only time we’ve seen this kind of arrangement between China and major companies. Last month the NY Times published an investigation into Apple’s arrangements in the country. It turns out that all of the data on Apple’s customers is stored in servers that are run by a Chinese company called Guizhou-Cloud Big Data. Even the encryption keys meant to protect that data are stored locally in China, meaning that the Chinese government could potentially demand access to everything Apple’s Chinese users keep on their phones. This isn’t a supposition, it’s actually written into Chinese law:

    “ByteDance is a Chinese company, and they’re subject to Chinese national law, which says that whenever the government asks for the data a company is holding for whatever reason, the company must turn it over. They have no right to appeal,” said Jim Lewis, senior vice president and director, strategic technologies program at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, a foreign affairs think tank. Lewis previously worked for various agencies in the U.S. government, including on Chinese espionage.

    “If the Chinese government wants to look at the data that ByteDance is collecting, they can do so, and no one can say anything about it,” Lewis said.”


  19. Kizzie,

    I call BS.

    Show me a study from a reputable source, not some leftist think tank.

    Go ahead, I’ll wait.


  20. A quick Google search shows numerous studies, from questionable sources, far left academics, poverty “activists” and the like.

    You’ll have to do better than that.


  21. These are the adults in the room?

    Question their perversions and this is how they act.

    “Democrats In Ohio Statehouse Erupt In Screaming, Desk Pounding And Stomping Feet During Introduce Of Anti-Transgender Bill…”


  22. ———


  23. ———-



  24. Well, AJ, you can disagree with the results and sources of the studies, but you can’t say that HRW is making it up that the studies exist.


  25. It’s BS.

    You can pretend those bogus studies hold value, I won’t.

    They’re garbage designed to convince people to enable bad behavior, make taxpayers fund it, and results in a further degradation of societal standards. They crap and do drugs openly in the streets in SF and you want to pretend giving them money will in any way change that?

    Wake up.


  26. I was only making the point that the studies do exist and that HRW was not making stuff up. Whether the studies are accurate or not is another matter.


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