11 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-23-21

  1. The 2 beta males in their sister’s skinny jeans get shut down by the truth.



  2. Can’t handle the heat from parents on CRT….

    Shut down debate.

    Fire them all, especially the so-called Sheriff.


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  3. Good.


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  4. Warms me heart, it does….



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  5. You might want to check your phones…


    “A number of Android phone users over the past weekend reported that a COVID-19 notifications system was automatically installed on their phones without warning or consent.

    Google, in a statement to several news outlets, did not confirm or deny whether the “automatically distributed” system was installed without users’ consent, while noting that “COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are enabled only if a user proactively turns it on.”

    “We have been working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to allow users to activate the Exposure Notifications System directly from their Android phone settings,” the tech giant said in a statement. “This functionality is built into the device settings and is automatically distributed by the Google Play Store, so users don’t have to download a separate app. COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are enabled only if a user proactively turns it on. Users decide whether to enable this functionality and whether to share information through the system to help warn others of possible exposure.”

    It came after numerous users in Massachusetts claimed on Reddit, Hacker News, and in Google’s app reviews that the service was installed without them knowing.

    In a 1-star review, one user wrote on Google Play that they “absolutely did not install this on my phone” and said it was “silently installed without any notification.”

    Exposure Notifications “doesn’t have an app icon … you have to go through settings and view all apps,” according to the user. “This is a huge privacy and security overstep by [Gov. Charlie Baker] & Google.””


  6. It’s always nice to see the hack known as Talcum X get called out. 🙂



  7. Hacks.


    Some of the lawyers who investigated were also LP donors. Seems totally legit… 🙄


  8. And it begins…..

    “More than 150 Houston hospital workers fired or quit after refusing COVID-19 vaccine”


    “At least 153 employees of a Houston hospital — including nurses and other medical staff — were fired or resigned Tuesday after refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, one of the first mass terminations since vaccinations started in the U.S. this year, reinvigorating a national anti-vaccine movement.

    In April, Houston Methodist Hospital began requiring vaccination for its more than 25,000 employees across Texas, claiming to be the first hospital in the nation with a COVID vaccine mandate. Those who did not provide proof of vaccination by June 7 — or who had not applied for an exemption based on “medical condition (including pregnancy deferment) or sincerely held religious belief” — faced suspension without pay for two weeks. The hospital fired two managers for refusing the vaccine in April, and suspended 178 more staff members on June 7.

    The employees were given until midnight Tuesday to get vaccinated, and “very few” resigned or retired early to avoid vaccination, said Gale Smith, a hospital spokeswoman.

    “Employees who did not meet the deadline were terminated effective today,” Smith said in a statement Tuesday. “The employees who became compliant during the suspension period returned to work the day after they became compliant.””

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  9. Anti-American clown.


    “A dispute over the Pledge of Allegiance erupted in Silverton this week. Mayor Shane Fuhrman suspended the practice of saying the pledge during board meetings — but Town Trustee Molly Barela questioned his power to make that change.

    “Due to direct and indirect threats, inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings, and the general divisiveness this is creating in our community, we will not be doing the Pledge of Allegiance during town of Silverton board of trustee meetings,” Fuhrman stated. The mayor did not provide any specific information about the alleged threats and comments.”

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  10. Nice.



    I removed some of the spicier exerts, but the link has them, and it’s bad….

    Just imagine the 24/7 coverage had this been Trump and his kid…..

    “It Looks Like Joe Biden Might Have Paid for Hunter’s Wild Night Of Crack Cocaine and Hookers”


    “Did Joe Biden pay the bill for Hunter’s crazy night of crack cocaine and hookers? From text messages and photos, it sure looks like he did.

    In May 2018, Hunter checked in at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. He got some hookers. Smoked some crack. Had some sex. They took photos. I will not go into detail on that. I’ll let the NY Post go into the sordid details on that one. Remember, the publication has a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has finally been recognized as real by the slower members of the liberal press. Well, at least more of them.

    The laptop is not a Russian misinformation tactic. It’s a hard drive of debauchery not seen since the Borgia popes.

    At some point, Hunter couldn’t pay his prostitute. His cards didn’t work. But there’s one that did. And it allegedly caught the attention of the Secret Service because it was linked to “Celtic’s” account. Celtic was Joe Biden’s Secret Service codename. Miranda Devine has more (via NY Post):

    “Russian, Green Eyes, Thin Brunette, an elite courtesan,” is Yanna’s pitch, along with a menu of sex acts.

    “Hi, My name is Rob. I’m staying at Chateau Marmont. Are you available now?”

    Yanna goes to the cottage. He smokes crack, they drink vodka, have sex, make porn.”

    “All of these messages, all of these pictures, are saved on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he treats like a diary, storing every e-mail and text conversion, his financial records, and his copious selfies. A year later, Hunter will forget the laptop at a Delaware repair shop, and it will end up in the hands of the FBI — and The Post.

    Hunter’s escapades with Yanna are a glimpse into the president’s son debauched lifestyle, but it also raises questions about how much his finances were mingled with Joe Biden. As detailed in Hunter’s own text messages, two mysterious men would show up soon after Yanna left, asking curious questions.

    Yanna stays for a couple days and wants to be paid. The problem is Hunter’s debit cards aren’t working and she’s not leaving without the $8,000 he owes her for the extended callout. On the morning of May 24, hung over and out of sorts, Hunter adds a new recipient on the cash transfer app Zelle, a woman named Gulnora, the registered agent for Emerald Fantasy Girls and Yanna’s employer.

    He transfers $8,000. It doesn’t work. A few minutes later, Wells Fargo sends him a fraud detection alert. He reaches into his wallet and pulls out a card. Yanna attempts to transfer the $8,000 but it apparently doesn’t go through. He rifles through his wallet again. No luck. He pulls out another card. Bingo.

    Yet, the publication adds that as he passes out after his wild night, the transactions on his card that he thought didn’t go through were indeed processed. He’s out thousands of dollars. The text messages between him and Yanna at this point are him demanding she transfers the excess cash. The Post adds that the escort service is no longer operational, Hunter’s lawyers are obviously not commenting, and Yanna’s number no longer works.

    More texts show former Secret Service agent Robert Savage III, the special agent in charge of the LA office, reached out to Hunter about Celtic’s account, though Savage’s lawyers said he retired before this night of depravity and that the Secret Service did not provide protective details to any member of the Biden family. So, who was this Savage guy who contacted Hunter?”


    There you have it folks. He used the VP’s card to pay for hookers. The Secret Service knew right away, and so did Joe Biden.

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