4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-19-21

  1. I got to visit with twelfth grandchild yesterday. He has changed a lot in the nine months since I saw him last (when he arrived). Doing well.

    Somebody mentioned that grandchild thirteen has arrived and is a boy. Not likely to meet him any time soon but I can still pray for him.

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  2. 🙂 Thankful for a God who wants our prayers! Who sees, listens and does what is best for us!

    🙂 So grateful we can be out and about; meeting with friends and relatives. I was surprised at the meorial gathering for our friend by my nephew. It turns out he is dating the granddaughter. Actually, she is moving in with him next week, which seems to be how ‘they’ do it nowadays. This is the first memorial gathering I have been to where there was no service whatsoever. Surprised us.

    😦 We still have nothing settled for my mom’s service. What a mess humans make of things. Again, so grateful for the gift of prayer.

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  3. 😀 Echo Kathaleena’s thankfulness for prayer

    😀 Grocery shopping in the early morning without the crowds

    😀 Nice drizzling rain today makes for a lazy Saturday

    😀 People in their 60s can totally revise their diet

    😀 My blanket flowers are blooming

    😥 Indecision about when to return to church because of mask requirements

    😥 Crime in Atlanta and other places in our nation

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  4. Janice, unless it’s a serious health concern, I wouldn’t let a different opinion on the matter keep you out of church. Christians will always have different opinions on things.

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