44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-18-21

  1. Mumsee- He’s probably in bed, where I would be now if home.

    ow I know what the California members feel like when I see tomorrow’s thread before 10 PM.

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  2. Not quite 4 in the afternoon here. I think I will walk down to school and spend a little time in my classroom.
    Our new plans are all confirmed now. We will leave Wednesday and overnight at a missionary guest house before returning the next day. Plans here can get complex. But this will be nice to be away for two days. That will be it for this summer/winter vacation.

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  3. Chas is here wondering what you people are doing up so early.
    Then it occurs to me that it isn’t early. It’s late for you.
    Good evening Jol
    Good morning everyone else.
    Off to the Cheerios now.

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  4. Kizzie, 3:29pm yesterday on the Daily Thread: haha! 🙂

    Good morning, all. Nothing is happening here, either, Chas. There certainly was plenty going on last night, though, and I’m thankful for God’s protection in the midst of it.

    Hubby hit a deer again on his way home from work last night. Husband is fine; deer and car grill, not so much. Another car that needs repair — he’s frustrated and tired of it.

    An hour or two after that, we had heavy thundershowers, with hail for a brief time, that lasted a good hour or more. It was after 11pm and 3rd Arrow was still not home from work. (Her work-leaving time varies, but she’s usually home between 10:00 and 10:30.) She’s got a fair distance she has to travel on foot from the work building to her parked car, and has close to a 30-minute drive from work to home. I had no idea whether she’d actually left work yet. I thought about calling or texting her, but thought if she was driving home at that moment, she wouldn’t need the distraction of a ringing or beeping phone while needing full attention devoted to navigating through the storm.

    So I prayed for her safety, and was just about to post that same prayer request here, when, lo and behold, she walked in the front door. I never heard a car drive up, the storm was so loud.

    Turns out she only drove partway home, and then stopped at her fiance’s (about halfway between work and home), and he drove her home from there in his car. Then she burst into tears.

    She and I both were relieved when her fiance messaged her after his safe arrival back at his place. They had been on the road during the height of the storm. Very thankful for God’s hand of protection on them.

    As fast as it began, the storm ended abruptly about 15 minutes after J got back to his place. This morning it is sunny and calm.

    God is ever in control. May you all know His peace today.

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  5. Good morning again. Chickens are caught and loaded. Seems husband, the gregarious one, happened to strike up a conversation with a couple in a store in Boise and offered them hens once they got their coop built. They kept in touch and are ready for the chickens. He is taking folks down to tear down the fence so it can be replaced.

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  6. My husband stood outside for a very long time with a young man who came to pick up our lawn mower. I was wondering what the two (who had never met before) had to talk about for so long. I was thinking it was music. Turns out the young man is going to a Christian College and they were discussing theology and the mixed up, wrong things so many believe. My husband was very impressed with how this young man knew the scriptures. He went to our local school and then home schooled his four last years.

    I am off to have lunch with whatever cousins can meet up for it. We have a cousin visiting from AZ. Since I have around 70 on that side of the family, I have no idea how many or who will be there. Then we have a memorial service type thing to stop in at on our way home. This is for an elderly woman who had dementia at the end of her life and then, finally, Covid. Last time I saw her I was shocked to see her at an assisted living place my husband’s group was playing music at. We had a nice visit then, which was before Covid hit. Life gets busy in the summer and there is a lot of catching up going on, too.

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  7. Morning! Plants are watered, cushions on the lawn furniture hosed down and I have four mosquito bites on my ankle! We aren’t quite used to having those pesky biters around here but they sure are plentiful right now! 🦟 I think I’ll attend to indoors chores today!


  8. Not much happening here today. I went to Publix and bought four items for just under twenty dollars: A dozen eggs, one large container of yogurt, one loaf of rye bread, and a large container of spinach. All were organic except for the bread. And I had a dollar off coupon for the eggs.


  9. I got the car moved out of the driveway so my neighbors will have the space to pull up and get into their car for the stroke rehab appt Shirley has; the tree removal crew is due to arrive between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. so I took the little birdhouse off, patted the trunk and said my goodbyes.

    It was one of the fun things about this house when I first moved here, a little Christmas tree growing in the backyard! It grew a lot over the years, it’s about 20 feet tall now. Sad to see it go but there’s not a single green needle on it anymore.

    I’m so glad I was able to get the day off, it would have all really been districting, trying to work with all that going on.

    Those “ankle-biter” new mosquitoes are vicious. They love ankles, toes and hands and fingers. And they’re tiny black things so you rarely see them coming. But as soon as they bite the itchy bite flares up.

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  10. Oops, I guess 3rd Arrow’s car is at her dad’s workplace, not at her fiance’s residence. She was 2/3 of the way home and stopped at hubby’s workplace when driving conditions got to be more than she could bear, but he wasn’t there. He was home and asleep after that tousle with the deer on his commute home. So 3rd called her fiance to pick her up and drive her the rest of the way here.

    Her emotions are still on edge today. She was trying to explain to her dad what happened and where her car is, and he was confused and getting loud, asking “What?!,” which only rattled her more.

    Things are straightened out now, and she’s off to work again, in a different car. And Hubby’s at work now, also in a different car than the newly-smashed one.

    I’m hoping today is a little less eventful than yesterday!

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  11. My brother and SIL got quite a bit of hail damage on their farm last night. At least 4 broken windows — with both the house and one or more farm buildings — holes punched in all their silage bags, damage to their siding on the house, and to flowers and the corn crop. A town a few miles from them had baseball-sized hail, and some of the hailstones they had were only slightly smaller than that. Yikes. Our driveway gravel is a little washed out in a couple of places from the heavy rain, but other than that and some leaves and small branches down, we didn’t get much damage.

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  12. 6, I’m glad all the people are OK! I’ve never hit a deer, but I’ve had a buck run alongside my car and I tried to speed up just enough to outpace it (and succeeded). And when my husband and I were dating, I once was out and about doing errands. I called him and chatted for a while, and then went to do one more errand–and hail started coming down, and I did the first U-turn I could do. Some of the hailstones were an inch in diameter, enough not to want to mess with them. I think I measured one at an inch and a half, and some people from my church did have damage. I just wanted to get my car under shelter (I only had a carport) and to get inside myself ASAP. I can’t even imagine dealing with the really big stuff.

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  13. You all have deers, we have the gunshots on the freeways.

    The oatmeal is finishing up and trash trucks are rolling. I’m texting with my friend in Ariz. who has gotten hooked on a British baking reality show that streams on netflix.

    There has been some scattered rain overnight and this morning in LA, but nothing here yet. Someone tweeted that everyone has forgotten what thunder sounds like as they thought it surely must be fireworks or maybe a sonic boom? It’s been a long mostly dry spell out here.

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  14. Interesting.


    U.S. Catholic bishops passed a controversial proposal on communion, advancing a push to deny President Biden the sacrament for his stance on abortion.

    The proposal, which was approved despite a Vatican warning against it, was a rebuke of the nation’s second Catholic president and exposed bitter divisions in American Catholicism.

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  15. The tree take-down is underway. Surprisingly, they said it would only take them (a 6-man crew) about 20 minutes because it’s a “small” tree. At 20 feet tall it’s not tall in my view, but I suppose they’ve dealt with some monster trees in their usual travels.

    Of course, the neighbors arrived in my driveway back from rehab right at the same time the huge trucks pulled up for the tree job. My driveway was a busy place. But we figured it all out.


  16. It’s loud. Annie’s flipping out. The dogs seem to be oblivious, strange since they bark so much at the regular gardeners. Now, with a tree gaining machine going full blast — oh, good, Tess is awake now and barking. Good dog.

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  17. DJ, my friend, Karen, loves that Brittish baking show. We were just in discussion of it this week. She told me how they weigh ingredients, but they are not given directions as to how to complete a task, only the ingredients.

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  18. My brother recently had another encounter with a deer. It did not do major damage like the one several years ago did. It is a hazard of living in more rural areas, but here, only thirty miles or so out from Atlanta puts one in likely places to encounter deer.


  19. I am making my lentil soup this afternoon. Only a few showed up on the prayer call, and everyone except for me had to leave early. If I feel sad that everyone else was busy with family in town, etc., I imagine God feels sad, too, when He is not priority.


  20. A nonfiction book, Money Mysteries From the Master, by Gary Keesee, is free for Kindle at Amazon. It was on Bookbub. I do not know anything about the book except it looks like it has a lot of good reviews.


  21. Janice (4:45), yes, my friend loves that baking show. I’ll have to check it out though I’m not big on reality shows usually.

    So the tree is down and the guys are gone. They left a nice little pile of pine cones on my patio.

    But apparently it’s a different crew now that will come (have no idea when) to take out the stump and dig the 12-inch hold to prepare for a new tree.

    I haven’t seen the cat since they arrived and she ran back and forth several times through the house in a panic before disappearing.

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  22. About the pinecones, I’d asked them if they could set a couple aside (they were too tall for me to get down). They stared at me, looked at each other. “Cones?” “Cones.”

    They smiled and told me to go back in the house and not come out until they were done.

    So there I was, pegged as one of their crazy-lady customers.

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  23. It. Just. Gets. Worse.

    Told ya this was doing funny stuff with the brain, the vivid dreams/hallucinations…


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  24. Interesting about the Catholic Bishops finally growing a spine–but then I realized they haven’t had a Catholic president since Kennedy, right?

    Just a bunch of senators and congressmen.

    But the Vatican doesn’t support the US Bishops, right?



  25. BTW, now we get to buy a new stove/oven. At some point it has to end, or I guess we just start over again: washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, car, computer, phone, vacuum cleaner, standing mixer . . . do I have any more appliances? Sigh.


  26. Tess now has sawdust in her coat — also sprigs of plumbago which was one of the warnings I read about planting that (it’s sticky and your pets will track it in)


  27. My cousin’s electric range went out but she hasn’t replaced it yet, she’s getting by on the toaster oven (easier when you’re single).

    My top burners on my pretty ancient gas range are acting up, rogue flames going too high (which I think just means I need to take them apart and clean under there again)


  28. A misty rain falling here. I think that I have a haus meri coming to clean on Monday so am trying to declutter. I enjoy getting organized and throwing away all of those little scraps of paper. There goes the resident lizard slinking by and I can hear the neighbor having another group of kids over to go down his homemade water slide. Lots of fun.


  29. Oh, I finally got my last payment from insurance. So all of my immunizations were covered in full. I did get another flu shot here, but probably won’t bother turning it in.
    I am having some work down on my house at home. The big job is replacing the air conditioning unit. I realized that the back deck, which is 10 or 12 feet by 50 feet, has not been stained or painted since I bought the place in 04. I imagine it is going to be hard to find someone to have the time to do it.


  30. Anyone know how to get rid of pantry moths? I’ve read that we should thoroughly clean out the shelves and such, and that they dislike peppermint oil. Any other tips on how to get rid of them?


  31. Kizzie, I don’t know, but we had drugstore beetles periodically in the previous house, and I now freeze all pasta before putting it away. We’d have to clean everything off the shelves and start over, and freezing does seem to kill the little critters (for next time).

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