75 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-29-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I don’t have the sound on, so I don’t know what’s happening.
    But the screen mentions canceling Memorial Day.
    Too late for that.
    I’m just glad nothing is happening. To make news.

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  2. I see where they are holding China accountable for Covid 19 (whatever that is).
    I surely am glad I am not China. I would hate to be held accountable.
    I know the Chinese are sweating this out.

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  3. Good humor to begin the day, Chas. Thanks for a chuckle.

    Art was home early enough to hear all the dogs next door. I counted four running around inside the fenced backyard. They had visitors which added to their usual two. The three big dogs ran happily about without barking, but the little dog did all the barking, like a drill sergeant giving orders.

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  4. I see on TV where Biden has a Six Trillion dollar budget proposal.
    That is six thousand billion dollars.
    QoD. Does that much money exist?

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  5. I am going to venture into doing a review of some new music by a Christian recording artist. I hope I can do it justice. I am use to doing book reviews and have a lot to say when I write those. Not sure what to say about music other than general thumbs up or thumbs down. I have something new to learn today! These old ears can learn new tricks.๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ™‰


  6. Chas $6T divided by 350 million people = $17,142.86. Biden and the Dems just don’t realize how ridiculous they are proposing such huge amounts of money. But then, the GOP isn’t much better lately.

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  7. Janice- Listen to the lyrics. The music is not as important as the words and the way they are sung. I find a lot of modern Christian music lacking quality lyrics. The words might be good, but the repetition drives me crazy. Sing the chorus once or twice then end the song.

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  8. Janice, I critique unpublished authors. Although I like poetry, I don’t consider myself qualified to edit it or critique it. (I also do not edit any material that would be R-rated if put on a screen.) I’d be the same way for music; I’m simply not qualified to review it, and so I’ll leave that task for those who are.

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  9. This is serious: People on TV are talking as if there was something real in the budget. But there is no such thing as $6,000,000’000 000.

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  10. I am committed to review it, and am making progress. It will not be a technical kind of review, but will be helpful for those wanting general information about the EP which I had to look up and find that EP means expended play record. When I first listened to it, I thought it was short for an album, but now I understand that EPs are used for promo materials, like a sampler, from a new artist or in this case, an older artist going solo on a debut offering. Learning through experience.๐Ÿ˜€

    This is a Christian company so I do not expect any R or even PG materials from them.


  11. Janice sounds like she is critiquing not about the technical aspect of the music but more about how it is equipping the saints, or encouraging worship, or otherwise encouraging people in the Lord. A worthy endeavor. There are plenty who critique style and technique, I want to hear from a fellow believer how the music inspired them to get more into the Word or into prayer or into serving the Lord through serving their fellow man.

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  12. Oh, Cheryl, are you doing critiques of the unpublished writers who seek you out as an editor and pay for their own personal benefit of a critique from an expert rather than a public critique/review? That would make sense.

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  13. But hey, no more mean tweets, right?



  14. remember Trump?
    Trump was a good manager and had USA headed in the right direction. But people didn’t like the “person” Trump was so they elected an affable, idiot to run the country.
    That is where we are now.

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  15. I am fine. A little sore but not much pain. I wonโ€™t be taking anymore of them. Iโ€™ve had 3. I told them not to give me Loratab. It knocks me out and I come out of it itching and scratching. They prescribed something similar enough that o twitched and itched last night.
    Mr P has switched me to Tylenol

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  16. As Peter said, it’s the lyrics. Are they theologically sound?

    We sing both older and more contemporary songs in our services, but all need to be vetted by the elders first. I always respected Michael Card for that reason, I’d read where he had his elder board review all of his songs before recording them.

    It’s overcast here, I have plenty I need to do around here, both inside and out. We’ll see how much of it I get to. Would like to get the front porch back to looking as nice as it did before — it’s getting there, but I need to plant a couple more potted “things” — bought some flowering plants a week ago and the pots are ready …

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  17. Michelle, are we practicing literary criticism now? I came across mentions of the ‘Hound of Heaven’ in old Christian novels before reading it. We got many old books given to us over the years, and in one school poetry anthology was Francis Thompson’s poem. I appreciated the fact that there could be Christian content in high literature, but never related to the poem personally. It has good imagery, and the first stanza and last lines are brilliant. But it always strikes me as overlong, losing the impetus that first stanza gives of the sensation of pursuit. Francis Thompson was an English Catholic, and was an inspiration to two other great English Catholic writers, G. K. Chesterton and J. R. R. Tolkien. Chesterton is much more concise in his poetry, and thus presents clearer imagery. Tolkien’s poetry is of course fantasy, but his writings in general have one fault of Thompson’s, they are overlong.

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  18. My cousin visited the mobile Vietnam Wall yesterday which has been set up in our local cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend. She found a former elementary school classmate with the help of the volunteers there.

    I’ve seen the wall before, I’ve covered it a couple of times in its previous visits. My cousin is a few years older than I am so personally knew folks who were sent over; by the time I graduated high school, we were starting to cut back and prepare for a pullout (which still didn’t happen for another few years). But the fear of being caught up in the draft had largely dissipated by then.

    Anyway … we were talking last night about how powerful it is just seeing all those names of so many very, very young people whose lives were cut short. She said (as she usually does) something about how we need to figure out better ways to resolve our differences. I said (as I usually do) something about human nature — but I didn’t add, as I have before on at least one occasion that I recall, that some things are worse than war.

    She said, well, we need to find a way to change human nature. In the way she meant it, I said that won’t happen (in other words, sin is always with us — and in us — in this world).

    I believe it was CS Lewis who said something like “war is sin writ large.”

    She, a runaway Catholic, always sounds as if she’s searching for something she can’t quite grasp — but is steeped in a liberal mindset and education that tells her if we all just try harder to be better, it’ll all change.


  19. Janice, yes, my critiques are working with individuals who pay me to look at their work. It’s kind of like an edit, only one difference is that most of these writers aren’t about to get published. I said critique rather than edit simply because I’ve never been asked to edit poetry; I have been asked to critique it, and declined. My point of the R-rated material is simply that that’s the only other category of writing I don’t edit or critique.

    I do think that reviewing music has to review more than the lyrics, however. Does the music fit the lyrics? Is the music well done? Is it pleasant? Can you actually hear the words, or does the music overwhelm it? There’s a lot more to music than the words, and it’s outside my expertise.

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  20. I do not expect anyone to read my review unless you are curious or know of someone looking for something new in the way of what you might find on Christian radio music stations. This is my attempt to share my honest feelings after listening to the music.

    “Review Title: Songs of Relationship With God (review of Gary LeVox’s One on One)
    Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
    ***** 5 Stars
    Gary LeVox, former lead singer with Rascal Flatts, has a debut EP, extended play record, which wholistically gives a portrait of a believer’s life in Christ. I appreciate the authenticity of the songs which end with “The Distance.” That song is such an appropriate ending with encouragement for believers to stick with God through thick and thin because He will see you through whatever a person faces in life.

    My personal ‘word for the year’ 2021 is LOVE and that is the theme of the first song on this EP, One on One. “A Little Love,” performed by Gary LeVox, accompanied by Mercy Me, motivates believers to act in loving and kind ways, to be intentional to give a smile or to help someone, because one never knows how much the act might mean to someone in need. The song has a catchy rhythm and words to remind listeners of 1 Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter of the Bible. God is love, and a song to remind believers to think of others and their needs will help Christians to show God’s love to others more frequently.

    “While I Wait” is beautifully sung by LeVox and his daughter, Brittany. Christians often find themselves in times of waiting on God’s best answers to prayers for help for themselves or for loved ones. This song addresses the agony sometimes experienced in waiting yet reminds that there is still plenty of reason to praise God while waiting.

    All the songs are excellent. My review highlights my favorites on the EP. For personal use, this music meets my high standards of what I choose to listen to while I do chores around the home. It starts out with a very upbeat song to motivate and energize me to move toward doing something I’d perhaps rather not do. The messages on the songs are clearly meant to be in line with messages in the Bible. Singing along while working will be fun and keep my mind occupied as Philippians 4:8 exhorts Christians to dwell on good and praiseworthy thoughts.

    All the music in One on One will be useful and well received in church settings or events with praise bands. Some praise music is overly repetitive in lyrics, but I did not find the songs on this album to be so.

    I chose to review this product through Momentum Influencers Network by listening and giving my honest opinion in exchange for a free sample of the music. I also chose to subscribe to Amazon Music so I can get more music like this on my phone instead of listening solely to CDs as I have in the past. This recording has great sound quality on my phone.


  21. On The Hound of Heaven, I agree with Roscuro that it is too lengthy. I like the theme very much, but from my point of view, it needs whittling down toward the essence. Just wondering if the Hound of Heaven relates more specifically the Holy Spirit sniffing out all the predestined dwelling places on earth?

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  22. ๐Ÿ™‚ Same reaction as Roscuro–surprised it was in a textbook I read in high school.

    DJ–the article reads to me like he’s staying at his home church–I’ve known several pastors who have earned their PhD, or DMin (which we always think is funny) while still serving in their congregations.

    You’ll notice he’s asking for the congregation’s help. I’m impressed his course work is being overseen by the biographer of the newly released Eugene Peterson biography. I’ve had appreciation for Peterson in the past, don’t always agree with him, but his insight has often been interesting.

    Peterson, of course, is the author? Translator? Person responsible for The Message Bible?

    (A friend calls it the Dude Bible. I have one, but rarely use it).

    And in other news, a fascinating article about the Ark of the Covenant–why it looks the way it looks.


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  23. Good morning Fellow Wanderers. Here are a few thoughts for your Lord’s Day:

    Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!
    For praise from the upright is beautiful. Psalm 33:1

    Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; Let such as love Your salvation say continually, โ€œThe Lord be magnified!โ€ Psalm 40:16

    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6

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  24. I have a friend from church who sends out a verse early on Sundays.
    Here is the verse fof today:
    “But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; And may You shelter them, That those who love Your name may exult in You.” (Psalms 5:11) Lord bless.

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  25. Thank you, Mumsee. As a shopper that info would be what I would want to know. I really did not think I would have that much to say until I started writing and then I had to stop before it got too long.


  26. It is interesting to me to reflect that Francis Thompson was a medical school dropout, an opium addict, and homeless for a time. Although he managed to get his life back on track, his years of rough living weakened him and he died relatively young of TB. I often work with the addicted and the homeless – it is a good reminder that there may be another Thompson among them.

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  27. Roscuro’s story reminds me a bit of my Aunt Kathleen (by marriage to my mother’s brother). She had seemed like a hopeless alcoholic. Uncle Artie was also an alcoholic. During their marriage, he got sober for a while, but she didn’t, and they divorced. But eventually, Aunt Kathleen finally got sober for good, with help from AA.

    She not only got sober, but she became heavily involved in AA for a few years, including being a speaker. Sadly, though, the years of hard drinking had taken a hard toll on her heart, and she died of a heart attack in her 40s. I don’t know if she was saved or not, but I hope that she was.

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  28. Church day!

    I didn’t wake up as early as I should have so had to make a dash for it (skipped the daily shower), but I actually made it a little early.

    We’re still in the first few verses of chapter 1 in Revelation.

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  29. Art came home, maybe an hour ago, not feeling well in his tummy. He attributes it to the vaccine. I washed out an oversize turquoise plastic bowl we used long ago for popcorn. It has not been used since those days except for when a family member may need a bucket. We have not been sick like that in a long time. I hope it was only a precautionary measure and not actually needed. I am a pro with dried cat food barf, but feel I might get sick myself if faced with the human variety. One good reason I could not be a nurse.

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  30. Janice – I’m sorry to hear that Art is sick to his stomach. That is such an awful feeling. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    On the lighter side, I read “disciple making and love” too quickly, and very briefly thought it said something about “love making”. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  31. Art passed by on the way to the bathroom, not to throw up, but for the usual reason. He told me, “The Closer is on again if you are interested.” So again I am watching it and hopeful he is not contagious.๐Ÿ˜ณ I finished another book and wanted to post a review I have handwritten. It can wait.

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  32. The saga continues. Our kind young neighbors brought us a dessert treat. The doorbell rang the moment after Art grabbed the turquoise plastic bowl to throw up again. I went outside to see who rang. It is the only time they have stopped by. I know they saw Art’s car and wanted to meet him. After they dropped off the nice chocolate and peanut butter dessert I texted them to let them know about Art’s situation. The timing could not have been worse! Big question now: Do I get to eat the whole dessert by myself?

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  33. Janice, didn’t he just get the vaccine on Friday? Doesn’t that mean he is still quite susceptible to the virus as the antibodies are not fully in yet? Be aware. Praying for you both.


  34. Watered out front, including poor, little Charlie Brown. He’s doing OK but is in need of more attention.

    Walked the dogs, picked up the empty soda can on my yard (hate it when people just toss things like that on your property), decided one of the porch plants had bit the dust.


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