13 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-28-21

  1. Blame Beijing Biden.

    He covered for China once again.

    “NIH Doctors Say Biden Admin Spiked Trump Admin’s Probe Into COVID’s Origins Without Consulting Them…”


  2. Idiot councilman votes to defund police, yet who did he call when his car was stolen?

    The police should have just given this idiot the number of the local BLM chapter, tell them that’s who takes police calls now.



  3. The lies keep getting exposed.

    No US money funding the Wuhan Institute?

    That would be a lie. One Fauci told under oath as well.


    Nope, no human tinkering here….


  4. ———-


  5. I guess the western journalists don’t know that to use electronic material in China—computers, phones— you have to download and use China’stracking systems.


  6. A lot of people take those satire stories at face value, especially if they confirm their preconceived notions and biases. I have seen at least a couple Facebook friends do that. Makes me shake my head sometimes.


  7. World Mag on what’s happened in Seattle and Portland since last summer: https://wng.org/articles/a-year-of-riots-1622151377

    The streets in Seattle were essentially empty during our 2.5 or so mile walk through downtown. Graffiti everywhere. As we walked to a coffee shop in Stargazer’s neighborhood, a 35-ish woman picked up a large rock and threw it at the plate glass window of a store.

    My mouth dropped open.

    When it didn’t break the window, she picked it up and tried again. Still didn’t break.

    Swearing and muttering, she stalked off.

    I’ve never seen vandalism before.

    We just walked on by.


  8. Biden built this.

    Remember that when the deaths start piling up again.

    “Biden’s border crisis leads to spike in fentanyl trafficking”


    “Governor Greg Abbott is connecting the dots between Joe Biden’s border policies and the astounding rise in fentanyl trafficking on the Texas-Mexico border. Since Biden took office in January, there has been a significant increase in fentanyl seizures. On Thursday Abbott announced he is sending additional Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers and National Guard members to the border.

    Abbott held a press conference in Fort Worth to address the growing trafficking problem on the southern border. While human trafficking remains a big problem, drug trafficking is flourishing. Drug cartels see the weakness in the system and are exploiting it at record levels. The flow of fentanyl is particularly troubling because the drug is so deadly. In order to combat drug smuggling, the governor has deployed 1,000 additional DPS troopers and National Guard members to the border.

    In the first four months of this year, Abbott said at a press conference in Fort Worth, the DPS saw a significant increase in fentanyl seizures compared with 2020. After having no fentanyl seizures in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Abbott said, DPS seized 52 grams in 2020. So far this year, troopers have already seized 137 grams, he said.

    Abbott said the increase correlates with President Joe Biden taking office in January and taking steps like pausing border wall construction and ordering a review of the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the “remain in Mexico” policy, which requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their hearings in U.S. immigration courts.

    “It is clear that Biden’s open-border policies are unleashing deadly consequences right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Abbott said.”


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