Prayer Requests 5-26-21

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajissun and the folks in The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 101

Of David. A psalm.

I will sing of your love and justice;
    to you, Lord, I will sing praise.
I will be careful to lead a blameless life—
    when will you come to me?

   I will conduct the affairs of my house
    with a blameless heart.
I will not look with approval
    on anything that is vile.

   I hate what faithless people do;
    I will have no part in it.
The perverse of heart shall be far from me;
    I will have nothing to do with what is evil.

Whoever slanders their neighbor in secret,
    I will put to silence;
   whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart,
    I will not tolerate.

My eyes will be on the faithful in the land,
    that they may dwell with me;
   the one whose walk is blameless
    will minister to me.

No one who practices deceit
    will dwell in my house;
   no one who speaks falsely
    will stand in my presence.

Every morning I will put to silence
    all the wicked in the land;
   I will cut off every evildoer
    from the city of the Lord.



9 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 5-26-21

  1. Just a brief update on Cyrus: We left ICU for a long term care facility yesterday. The people in ICU were wonderful. I heard them talking to each other; they thought we were a cute couple that gave them ‘Hallmark moments’. Very encouraging in a unit that sees so much suffering and death. I even signed a release for them to use our picture on the hospital website.

    The new hospital is small and specializes in pulmonary issues. C’s doctor said it will be long and slow—“weeks and weeks and weeks”. C is dealing with panic attacks also which impede his progress.

    Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue until this is resolved. We are still believing for a miracle. The word miracle has been used by his doctor in ICU (as in, it would take a miracle for him to go home ever), and again by Physical Therapist who is watching his surprising (to them) progress. But I know my God’s arm is not shortened that he cannot reach C, nor are his mercies shut up in himself that he will not. It’s in his time and his hands, as are all of the miracles the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, for right now, in everything I give him thanks and praise for he is the very definition of all that is Good, and I pray his perfect will be done in this situation.

    Still Trusting Him

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  2. With her aunt–an intimidating-looking person even when her heart isn’t involved–in tow, daughter collected her possessions from the office yesterday. It went well and fast. Aunt didn’t even have to say anything–she just stared down everyone who tried to . . . whatever.

    Thanks for prayers. She’ll be home tomorrow, smack in the middle of birthday season, and if my lodger makes some practical decisions, I may give her a room to redo.

    Like me at the same age, she has a lot of energy . . . of course, there’s still that border collie puppy and two two-year-olds to engage with . . . 🙂

    All good. Healing has begun.

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  3. Praying Debra, thanks for the update.

    I sense that my neighbor needs much prayer right now, things are awfully quiet over there since her return home Sunday following a stroke six weeks earlier. We spoke only briefly by phone the other day (and I reached out again on Monday, but no response so I decided they’re still getting their bearings for now and I’ll wait to hear from them).

    After I read some things about stroke recovery yesterday I’m thinking this may be a very difficult period she’s going through, realizing her new restrictions now that she’s back home.

    I read that strokes on the left side (which was what hers was) are considered to be more serious as they impact the part of the brain that does critical thinking. It also has left her unable to effectively use her right hand and arm (she’s right-handed) although at least there’s movement now, if uncontrolled; in the beginning it was frozen.

    The couple medical articles I read indicated recovery generally continues for 3-6 months but after about 3 months improvements will slow down, although it’s important to keep doing the PT work.

    It just seems so unusually quiet and still over there, no banging around or bustling in the kitchen (we’d often have quick, or sometimes not-so-quick chats at her open kitchen window when I was in the driveway just getting home from somewhere. Their one son and his family were over there a couple days in a row but it looks like they skipped visiting yesterday. Maybe they’ll be back over there today, that probably helps a lot.

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  4. Thankful to see your post, Debra. Praying for the miracle of small recoveries day by day or however God deems best to supply in His timing and ways.

    Prayers for your neighbor, DJ. The lady in Art’s office who had the stroke is much improved but not able to do things she could do before. She was affected on one side, maybe like your neighbor. She had trouble finding the words she wanted to say for a while. She did therapy for a long time progressing as far as possible.

    Continuing prayers for the children of the Wanderrers such as BG, Chickadee, Nightingale, Mumsee’s crew, Michelle’s daughter, and others along with grandbabies. In our prayer time with the ladies’ group one prayed for the grandchildren that God would brighten the horizon for them. Good prayer for the light of Jesus to be seen by each to carry them through any darkness.

    I think things are going well for H. and T. after his bypass surgery. Thank you for praying.

    Blessings on each of you as we head toward summer. May it be a good season for all.

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