45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-18-21

  1. Good morning.
    I came here to rant about some other athlete collapsing by wearing a mask during competition.
    This mask business has gotten out of hand.

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  2. I’ll admit, I probably shouldn’t comment because I don’t have the sound on, not paying that much attention.
    But I see where Prince Harry is criticizing the first amendment to the Constitution.
    If i remember correctly, the first amendment promises religious freedom. What could be wrong with tha?.
    I should turn the sound on, but the news has passed on now.
    It just seems strange.

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  3. Good morning, all. Art finally got home in the night and had an egg salad sandwich I had made and waiting for him. He has a doctor’s appointment this morning that was scheduled before the extended tax deadline had been set. He is still here this morning but will leave soon. I had planned to grocery shop this morning but it can wait.

    The news says that Atlanta murders are up 50% since last year. That is pathetic. That would be in the city boundaries that the mayor oversees. We are not in that area, but things spill over.

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  4. Sad about all that increase in violence. We see the same in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. 😦

    Since Prince Harry claims he wants to be left alone he should practice being quiet. It is also bad to move to a new country and then spend your time criticizing. We hear lots of criticism about Americans doing that. The same goes for him. At least your criicism should have some benefit or pitiness to it.

    One grandson’s graduation is done and one to go. He was one of thirteen students to achieve all three honors at his high school. He was blessed with talent, brains and parents to help him, not to mention a good gifted adviser and some good teachers. Hopefully, he will use all that to bring glory to God. What more could we ask for?

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  5. I just saw on the news that airlines may start weighing people. Obesity rates are up (too much sour dough during the pandemic?) so there is concern that flights may be overloaded. They said FFA standards need to be revised as they are outdated. Hmm . . . another invasion of privacy and chance for discrimination. I guess if you weigh too much that you will have to pay for an extra seat? If the plane is not full to begin with then the airline will profit. But will they give discounts to underweight passengers like children?

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  6. I believe I read the four year old killing story this morning, that Chas mentioned. Sounds like a drug retaliation problem from here. Ugly business whatever it was.

    As to the one time Prince: a lot of people (HRW comes to mind) complain about our system and claim to be baffled by it. But where does the guy now live? Exactly. Lots of complaining but then they move here. Kind of like a couple of states I have heard of.

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  7. I had to repair Art’s glasses again this morning. He has been using the reading glasses I had sent with him to work. I was rather shocked to hear he used my reading glasses to drive home in the night. He said he could see better with them than without.😳


  8. Morning! It is a rainy start to our day and the air has a sweet piney scent….so fresh and invigorating! The robins are having a good day catching all the worms popping up out of the ground and the juncos are feeding on the seed from the feeder out back. We have one hummingbird thus far at his feeder…it is still in the 50’s during the day so it may be a bit chilly for them still.


  9. Well, the Amendment protects freedom of speech, so… he can say what he wants. But I blame chick flicks for this, the kind where spunky American females are swept off their feet by charmed European nobility. An American actress married British prince. Said actress cannot stand the stifling British protocols for Royalty. Actress gets prince to give up royal life and come to America, where actress clearly hopes for celebrity status a la the Kardashians, etc. Husband dutifully tries to hold his end of the game but is a fish out of water. In British royalty, one doesn’t air personal opinions in public, it simply isn’t done. American celebrities, on the other hand, never stop talking. Grotesquely comic effect produced by British royalty trying to be American celebrity. Americans don’t like it, British writhe in embarrassment – nobody is pleased. Feel sorry for the poor guy.

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  10. And I saw mention of Prince Harry’s talk with Oprah. I kinda feel sorry for him. He seems to be a man without a real sense of home anymore. Well, he is at home with the stars and celebrities. Maybe they will all build mansions on the moon and have tbeir own colony where they can write rules applicable to their special society.


  11. Chas, he has a job.

    It really isn’t a big deal, as lots of people say stupid stuff all the time. In the words of the Preacher, “Don’t pay attention to everything people say…” (Ecclesiastes 7:21).


  12. I believe Harry was wanting to depart the position long before Meghan came along. He seems like a very nice person. They all do. I suspect the Queen and Consort have been a good influence.

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  13. I want to like Harry and I cringe every time he starts going off publicly about what his dad did wrong, how stifling his upbringing was; I can’t help but think he may regret some of that someday. Those issues should be hashed out privately with a confidante, not aired in the global celebrity media. You don’t have to answer every question you’re asked. You don’t have to give every interview where you’ll only be expected to “dish the dirt.”

    Protect some of your and your family’s dignity.

    It’s hard to watch.

    Although if he keeps criticizing the U.S. (where he and his wife do now enjoy living in a massive mansion in one of the ritziest areas of California) it may just serve to unite us together as Americans a bit more.

    We can and do criticize our “own,” but don’t let anyone else come in and presume to do it from the outside — while enjoying all the benefits we have to offer those with so much money to throw around. Even his “wokeness” won’t save him then.


    I need to get Cowboy the vet again early tomorrow morning for another treatment — and on Thursday I have the followup with the orthopedic doctor about the MRI results on my knee. But before that there’s a mandatory work meeting we all have to attend via phone about the unionization process, a vote is coming up and we’ll all received ballots in the mail in about a week.

    As a very pro-union journalist friend from college said to me the other day, “that ship has sailed” and a union won’t be of any benefit now.

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  14. NancyJill, perhaps your hummingbirds flew to far. We seem to have an abundance this year. Looking out the window, several are at the feeder but many more are in the cherry trees and other flowering stuff. Petunias, lilacs, redbud, dogwood, apples, pears…. There are a lot of them of various types.

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  15. Violent crime is up in LA again, too, along with gang activity. A former classified/front desk employee of ours was shot and killed in her mom’s driveway a couple weeks ago. She and her sisters all worked for the paper over the course of several years.

    And lately we have this weird occurrence on a couple of our local freeways where cars are getting randomly shot at; I don’t think anyone’s been hit yet but it’s unnerving and is only a matter of time.

    Janice, I’m glad tax season (formally) is finally over. Next season will feel like it comes early since this one went so late (although not as late as last year’s which extended into July, if I remember right).

    Being forced to get weighed at the airport should cut down on the number of travelers pretty quickly, haha.

    Watching the news without the sound might be the best idea, Chas. Only half the anguish to endure.

    Lord, have mercy.

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  16. DJ, his grandfather notoriously had foot in mouth syndrome and people just shrugged it off. The British, for all their protocols, take themselves less seriously and are thicker skinned than Americans. Probably why British comedy is a lot funnier than American sitcom.


  17. I hear on the radio that the president is visiting a plant that makes electric cars.
    An attempt to get away from gas powered vehicles, i guess.
    Question this is a real question, It has to have an answer.
    Where does the electricity that powers these cars come from?
    We need an awful lot of whatever it is.

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  18. What we need to do is redesign our cities so that everything is downhill.
    this is no more senseless than trying to find an energy source that doesn’t pollute something.
    No. Windmills have their price too.
    Ain’t nothing free.

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  19. We need solar powered cars. People only drive on sunny days! Save people from all those rainy day accidents. Get solar energy from over the vast oceans where there is no obstacle to collection.

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  20. How do you get solar energy to the car?
    Picture this:
    You are driving a car on solar energy.
    You are running down the interstate at 65 mph. Suddenly, a cloud comes in and it starts to rain.
    And you are going uphill.


  21. From Science Daily:

    ~ Current Li-ion batteries utilize significant amounts of cobalt, which in several well-documented international cases is mined using child labor in dangerous working environments. Additionally, only a very small percentage of Li-ion batteries are recycled, increasing the demand for cobalt and other strategic elements.

    A multidisciplinary team of researchers from Texas A&M University has made a breakthrough that could lead to battery production moving away from cobalt. …

    “The big problem with lithium-ion batteries right now is that they’re not recycled to the degree that we are going to need for the future electrified transportation economy,” Lutkenhaus added. “The rate of recycling lithium-ion batteries right now is in the single digits. There is valuable material in the lithium-ion battery, but it’s very difficult and energy intensive to recover.”

    The development of a metal-free, all-polypeptide organic radical battery composed of redox-active amino-acid macromolecules that degrade on demand marks significant progress toward sustainable, recyclable batteries that minimize dependence on strategic metals. … ~


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  22. Our planes always weigh all passengers. They have learned to just write it down and not call out anyones weight. Families now have fun all getting on the scale together.
    Time to head for market. so nice to be feeling better this morning as I had a bad couple of hours yesterday.

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  23. How do we get enough electricity to charge electric cars? Nukes.!

    Yesterday some were talking about “Mental illness.” You could go to “Freedom in Christ Miniistries.” Of course, if things from a Baptist perspective are anathema…

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  24. Here’s what Prince Harry said. Apparently, he was referring to freedom of the press in his remarks, not freedom of speech:

    ” “I don’t want to start sort of going down a First Amendment route because that’s a huge subject and one I don’t understand because I’ve only been here for a short period of time, but you can find a loophole in anything and you can capitalize or exploit what’s not said rather than uphold what is said,” he said. “I believe we live in an age now where we’ve got certain elements of the media redefining what privacy means.”

    “I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers,” he added later.”



  25. From where he is coming, it makes sense. His mom was killed with that being apparently the cause. They never seemed to be able to leave his wife alone. And as I recall, it was the media that outed him on helicopters.

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  26. Seems to me the press in GB are easily just as aggressive as it is here when it comes to chasing down celebrities. But overall, more speech is better than less speech. Yes, one would hope responsibility is exercised, but human nature is what it is so …

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  27. But it is kinda silly to say you want your privacy and then go all over the media spilling your guts. 🙂

    I have to admit that I watched the Oprah interview. One of the things they talked about was that when Meghan was pregnant with Archie, one of their relatives questioned what his skin tone would be like. They made it seem like it was a racist kind of thing, but my thought was that it would be a perfectly natural thing to wonder. She is darker (although not that dark, she could almost pass for white, I think), and Harry is pale and red-haired. I would have wondered what their child would look like, too, but not in a racist way. (Of course, it is possible that the person was being racist.)

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  28. Bob Buckles, why would things from a Baptist perspective be anathema? There are several Baptists on here, and several more who used to be.


  29. Good evening Jo.
    Yes, when you posted even California was out of it.
    And I was little over two hours getting back up.


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