6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-8-21

  1. My brother and his wife will not be able come from the Philippines before, at least, December now. We have been waiting for them for my mom’s funeral. His whole island is on lockdown and he cannot get the vaccine until then. This will be my first Mother’s Day without a mother here on earth. It feels strange. I am not sorry she is not here suffering.

    🙂 So grateful we are slowly getting back to normal.


  2. When I go up to Moscow, I pester my dad about what my mom was like as I did not really know her when I was an adult. But I do miss her and wonder what she and I would have in common now. Same with my sister. She was very outgoing and enjoyed being around people but she also liked the quiet of the woods and camping.


  3. 🙂 My older son came up for the weekend for Mother’s Day and to do the weed-whacking for me
    😦 My husband told him to include weed-whacking the borders around the house because I hadn’t done any planting yet this year, so my day lilies are in very sorry shape right now (I had to explain to my husband that I plant perennials so I don’t have to plant new stuff every year)
    🙂 The library notified me on Thursday that a book I had had on hold for months had come in (it was just published this week, I must be the first to read this copy)
    🙂 The library notified me yesterday that a book I had had on hold for weeks had come in
    😐 When I went to the library today, I found not only those two but also a third book I had had on hold. I had added it recently because the rest of the books were taking so long, I wasn’t expecting to read them anytime soon. Now I have three books, at the same time as I’m working on a speech for Toastmasters (which cuts in somewhat on my reading time).
    🙂 I am really enjoying the new book by Andy Weir. It’s almost 500 pages, and I’m already on about page 200. If it weren’t Saturday night, and I have to get up early for church in the morning, I’d be tempted to stay up very late reading.

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  4. 🙂 We received not one, but two nice and wholly unexpected gifts yesterday. The first was in the studio dropbox, in an envelope addressed to me. It was a thank-you card from a relatively new piano student and her mom; mom thanked me for teaching her daughter, whose first name is the same as one of my daughters’ middle names. Student LOVES that her teacher has a daughter with a middle name same as her first name 😉 The daughter (student) also wrote a little note about how she likes piano; she signed her note, “Love, [her name]” and drew a little heart. ❤

    Inside the card and envelope was a gift card for Barnes & Noble that said, "For My Teacher," in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. I didn't even know it was!

    After lessons yesterday, I drove home and, walking in the front door, I saw another envelope on the screen door. When I got inside, I opened the envelope, and there was another thank you note, this time from our neighbor and three of his relatives, thanking us for letting them hunt on our land over the years. (That was my husband's doing, giving them permission to hunt in our few acres of woods, and the card writer mentioned how nice it is to have thoughtful neighbors.) Included with the thank you was a gift card to our local grocery store!

    Feeling really blessed with the kind people we have around us.

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  5. Daylilies (Hemerocallis fulva), not real lilies, are edible. Do not eat real lilies. The flower, the bud, the stalk, and the tubers. And only eat a little until you know how they affect you, as with any new plant.


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