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  1. In a word…..


    Sorry traitor Liz.


    “Trump: ‘warmongering fool’ Liz Cheney would ‘embarrass her family’ with 2024 bid”

    “Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday responded to Rep. Liz Cheney telling The Post that she’s not ruling out a presidential bid.

    Trump called the Wyoming Republican a “warmongering fool” and said that she would “embarrass her family” with a 2024 run.

    “Liz Cheney is polling sooo low in Wyoming, and has sooo little support, even from the Wyoming Republican Party, that she is looking for a way out of her Congressional race,” Trump said in a statement.

    “Based on all polling, there is no way she can win. She’ll either be yet another lobbyist or maybe embarrass her family by running for President, in order to save face.”

    Trump added: “This warmongering fool wants to stay in the Middle East and Afghanistan for another 19 years, but doesn’t consider the big picture—Russia and China!”

    Cheney, 54, told The Post in an exclusive interview this week that she may one day run for the White House.

    “I’m not ruling anything in or out — ever is a long time,” she told The Post when asked if she would ever consider running in the future.

    Trump said last week that he is “beyond seriously” considering another White House bid in 2024. He made the comments to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

    “So I say this, I am looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously,” Trump said.

    Donald Trump Jr. on Monday sniped at Cheney on Twitter, “I can only assume this means that Lincoln Project Liz is planning a primary challenge to Joe Biden for the Dem nomination because God knows she’d be lucky to break 5% running in the 2024 Republican primary.””


  2. Take back your schools.


  3. Yes. Yes he is.




  4. BlueAnon’s been projecting again.


    They’re too busy with their next witch hunt.


  5. Muslim plant says what?



  6. ———


  7. Too true….



  8. The Soros flunkie is at it again.

    LA folks must be so proud, since most of ya’ voted for him….


    “DA Gascon is downsizing LA’s gang unit, though the specifics are still vague”

    “Last week LA’s progressive district attorney, George Gascon, announced his latest attempt to demoralize his own prosecutors. Gascon is downsizing the gang unit which goes after some of the most violent crimes in the county and is remaking it with a focus on public health and rehabilitation. The number of prosecutors focused on gangs will be cut by about a third:

    The new Community Violence Reduction Division will “integrate the most serious gang crimes and most prolific violent offenders with prevention, intervention and community involvement efforts,” according to a copy of an internal memo reviewed by The Times. The new unit will have 26 prosecutors, as opposed to the 40 who staffed the prior unit, officials said…

    In an interview with The Times last week, Gascón said the new unit’s core mission is to approach violence “through a public health lens,” noting that he plans to partner with gang intervention workers and service providers, though he didn’t name specific vendors.

    “The goal here is, eventually, not only for the D.A., but also the police, to become sort of a supporting role and have the community and county public health be the leading role,” he said, noting that his office would step in when “there needs to be a prosecution.”…

    “The model of Hardcore Gang … you create a model that, first of all, even the name itself, it’s sort of this connotation of us against them. Bad guys, good guys,” he said. “There’s increasingly a disconnect with the communities that we serve.”

    I’m not sure what any of that means. The Times points out that the Hardcore Gang unit is focused on people who are responsible for a significant percentage of all of the murders happening in the county.

    The number of homicides in Los Angeles rose above 300 for the first time in a decade last year, and the LAPD considers many of those slayings to be gang-related. At least 60 of the 105 homicides that had taken place in Los Angeles as of April 20 were believed to be connected to gang activity, police officials have said.

    So the idea that we don’t want to make murderous gang bangers feel like bad guys is a pretty odd take for a DA. If people carrying out street justice and killing over drug territory aren’t bad guys, who is?”

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  9. What a dirt bag.


    “Rudolph Brooks Jr. is the founder of Kingdom Tabernacle of Restoration Ministries in the Washington, D.C. area. But he also has a day job operating an automobile dealership called Cars Direct by Gavawn. Like many small business owners, Pastor Brooks was hit hard by the pandemic and the government-mandated shutdown of his business. He was forced to lay off workers and cease operations. That’s why the government relief offered to small business owners like Brooks was such a blessing. He applied for more than two million dollars worth of forgivable loans and was able to take care of his workers. It’s a truly inspiring story of a man of the cloth finding his way through the storm with a bit of a boost from Uncle Sam. The one problem with this happy tale is that Brooks didn’t have any employees. It turns out that he took the government money and purchased expensive cars and padded his bank account. He’s now been charged with wire fraud and the government is moving to seize his property and bank accounts. (CBS Baltimore)

    A DC pastor allegedly bought 39 cars, including a Tesla, and a property in Baltimore with CARES Act funds, a federal complaint says.

    Rudolph Brooks Jr. of Cheltenham, Maryland was charged with federal wire fraud and the government can seize more than $2.2 million held in various bank accounts as well as a 2018 Tesla Model 3…

    Brooks, who’s the pastor and founder of Kingdom Tabernacle of Restoration Ministries, owns Cars Direct by Gavawn HWD Bob’s Motors. The affidavit alleges that on May 9, Brooks applies for a PPP loan on behalf of Cars Direct in the amount of $1,556,589. In support of this ask, Brooks allegedly submitted fraudulent tax forms, reporting $724,469 in payments via Forms 1099-MISC and $7,471,630 in total unemployment payments to employees.

    This was really quite the audacious attempt at fraud. It’s almost impressive. After investigators began digging through the records, they learned that no employees of Cars Direct had filed for unemployment. In fact, there were no tax records showing that any employees of Cars Direct had ever been paid anything. In reality, it appears that Cars Direct only existed in Rudolph Brooks’ mind. And yet he filled out all of the forms and was quickly able to receive millions of dollars that went directly into his pockets.

    Brooks reportedly then opened up another “business” bank account in the name of Payroll by BJM and transferred $500,000 of the CARES funds into that. As you’ve likely already guessed, there is no record of a business called Payroll by BJM owned by Brooks either. He was just shuffling funds around to clutter the trail. Somewhere along the way he went out and bought himself a Tesla Model 3. I suppose that’s because it never hurts to look sharp in a snazzy set of wheels when you’re out doing the Lord’s work.”

    In addition to paying his mortgage and credit card bills, Brooks began buying cars at auctions. These included a Mercedes Benz S Class, two Infinity Q50s, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Bentley Continental. In all, he collected 39 cars.

    This isn’t the first one of the COVID relief fund fraud stories we’ve covered here, but it’s obviously a disturbing pattern. On the one hand, the more charitable among us might say that since the authorities caught up to Brooks and are taking him to court, the system is working as intended, right? But I have a hard time being very sanguine about that explanation. Brooks was about as ham-handed as a person could be in attempting this fraud. A cursory check of the documents he submitted revealed the ruse immediately. What if there are other people out there who were noticeably more clever criminals and they avoided detection when their loans were audited?

    And were they even audited in the first place?”


    Name it and claim it…

    Your prison sentence that is….


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