32 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-16-21

  1. Interesting read on how the left destroyed Papa John with lies.


    “Papa John’s Pizza founder and CEO John Schnatter was forced out of his own company back in 2018 after he reportedly used the N-word on a phone call. Yet in the past few weeks, Schnatter has released the transcript of the phone call in question, and that transcript reveals the true story — it appears Schnatter was set up and the alleged “offense” wasn’t an offense at all. The Papa John’s founder suffered a heinous defamation of character.

    Schnatter has sued Laundry Service, the company he hired to help bolster his public image, for many breaches of contract. His lawsuit claims that the company blackmailed him and orchestrated his destruction.

    The racism accusations against Schnatter had always been politically motivated and overblown, but the transcript reveals just how duplicitous Laundry Service was and just how deceptive was the story that tanked Schnatter’s career.

    Schnatter built Papa John’s from nothing. At age 22, his father, Robert Schnatter, invested in a failing bar and John Schnatter — who had worked in pizza joints through high school and college — set up some kitchen equipment in a converted broom closet and set up his own booming pizza business. He sold his beloved Camaro in 1983 for $2,800 and that money helped save his father’s tavern — and allowed Schnatter to build the business that would become Papa John’s.

    On the call that would destroy his career, Schnatter laid out the philosophy that made Papa John’s so successful. “When I get the pizza wrong, they don’t eat it. When we get the pizza wrong, they don’t sell it, then our people don’t make their bonus,” he said. “You never forget the fact that you go home with burns on your arms and that you have to make the pizza, you know, cook the pizza, and deliver the pizza because the guy had a crash or had a wreck or didn’t show up.”

    Yet, as National Review‘s Dan McLaughlin explained in a lengthy profile, Schnatter became a high-value target in the culture wars.

    In 2011, he pulled Papa John’s ads from Wonkette after the site mocked Sarah Palin’s then-toddler son for having Down syndrome. Wonkette’s sister sites in the Gawker Media umbrella, such as Deadspin, launched nasty retaliatory attacks. In 2012, Schnatter caused a stir by attacking Obamacare as bad for his business.”


    “He responded to a question about distancing himself from online racists by pointing out what real racism looks like.

    “It’s such a bizarre question. It just was not the way — we had a town outside of Jeffersonville called Utica, and there’s a sign going into Utica in the ‘60s and ‘70s that says if you’re black don’t come into Utica after dark, and that was really frowned on not only in our community but in our family, so we grew up with this bullsh**,” Schnatter recalled.

    “You know, they used to drag black people behind a pickup truck until they were dead. I mean, the question’s kind of way out of line just how gruesome these alt-right members are. And I don’t think I want to say that, but anyway, I think you get the gist of how I feel about it,” he explained.

    The Papa John’s founder did not use the N-word in the exercise but rather when he spoke with members of his team after the call. The recording and the transcript captured Schnatter’s remarks along with those of Laundry Service personnel who spoke to one another on mute afterward.

    “I got to tell you, heaven forbid this company if they’re not going to use me at all. After I’ve looked at this research, I mean, I’m just not seeing how you’re not going to tell the Papa John story and let them – what bothers me is Colonel Sanders called blacks n******. I’m like, I’ve never used that word. And they get away with it,” Schnatter said. “Yet we use the word ‘debacle’ and we get framed in the same genre. It’s crazy. The whole thing’s crazy.”

    Schnatter did not use the N-word himself, he did not even defend using the N-word. He complained about the fact that someone else got away with doing something he never would while he faced backlash for something that was not racist at all.

    Yet the Laundry Service staff mocked him, apparently unaware they were being recorded. “I think by Sunday John won’t be working… anymore,” Jason Stein, then the CEO of Laundry Service, said as he listened in on Schnatter after the call. “This is what happens when a sociopath spirals. … I hope he gets f****n’ sent out to the pasture on this sh*t.”

    A female speaker said Schnatter’s “answers just said a lot about him. They were very revealing.”

    “He’s a racist,” Stein claimed. Other staff agreed with him. “He has no problem saying that black people were dragged behind a car, using the N-word just now, but he can’t just f***ing say that.”

    Stein and his team even suggested they should set up Schnatter with a hostile interview.

    “I just want him to go and speak the truth, and I want him — write down the bullet points, and then go f***ing — just have to make sure it’s an hour-long conversation, so that he says sh** like he said here. It’s gonna come out. He can’t control it,” Stein said.

    The Laundry Service team went on to condemn Schnatter for funding American’s for Prosperity, saying, “That’s a f***ing super right wing, like crazy…”

    Stein and his team were working for Papa John’s. They were taking paychecks from the company while scheming to destroy the company’s founder.”


  2. Fraudi gets blasted.


    “The Fauciite Consensus Will Never Take Us Back to Normal”


    “Over the past year of COVID, there’s been a recurring news narrative of “experts surprised their predictions were off the mark.” It’s happened on almost every major policy issue – from masks to lockdowns to surface cleaning – and the margins of error are often vast. The CDC or some government body told us with certainty that something was true concerning COVID, and we had to obey.

    But then the data comes out, and the people yelling about “the science” were totally wrong…

    Yet somehow we’re supposed to ignore the abysmal track record of these experts and listen to whatever their next proclamation of “the science!” may be, even as the end of the pandemic appears to be in sight. This comes from the “Fauciite Consensus” – the absolutist voices that pretend there’s such a thing as “the science” that determines public policy decisions. Until we understand what the consensus is, and what it plans long term, it’s never going away.

    Any meaningful public debate about the consensus positions has been forbidden… After all, how can you reasonably argue with a group that claims to represent “the science”? We’ve been led to believe an infallible genius has been making these COVID policy declarations. In reality, it’s been Dr. Anthony Fauci and a chorus of middling fellow bureaucrats insisting that two-year-olds wear masks and “social distancing” circles be drawn on baseball fields in public parks.

    No matter how many times they’re wrong or their directives fail, you’re obligated to obey the Fauciites – because they say so, and the State backs them up with force. It’s like they’re America’s anxious helicopter parents who won’t ever let us go to the playground with the other kids because of the risk of a staph infection from a scraped knee.

    That anyone can theoretically get a staph infection almost anywhere never occurs to the Fauciite Consensus… Or they simply don’t care. They pretend to offer absolute safety in response to endless obedience. And no matter how many times they’ve failed in this proposition over the course of the pandemic, they demand that this time they’ve got it right.

    The latest version of their blatant wrongness comes courtesy of two large states, Texas and Michigan, who’ve taken very different approaches to the pandemic over the last few months. Texas has gotten rid of its mask mandate and completely opened up its businesses. Its cases have plummeted over the past month – the exact opposite of what experts like Fauci said would happen. The not-so-good doctor claimed it was a big mistake and would lead to a surge.

    Michigan, on the other hand, is going through a major spike in cases, including having the dubious distinction of nine of the top 10 metro areas for COVID spread in the country. This is all happening in a state with a notoriously extreme lockdown advocate, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, calling the shots. Michigan still has mask mandates (indoor and outdoor) and has had many of these in place since July 10 of last year. It’s all Fauci-approved, and it’s failing.

    How do the people spewing constant lockdown propaganda explain this one? Mostly through a series of “Michigan must be letting up on mitigation measures” and “wait two more weeks” doublespeak. Their explanations simply don’t add up, which has been the case all along.”


  3. The censorship of views and people they don’t like continues over on Twitter.


    “Twitter Permanently Suspends James O’Keefe for Alleged ‘Platform Manipulation and Spam’ [UPDATE: O’Keefe to sue Twitter for Defamation]”


    “This is *totally* not suspicious at all since O’Keefe dropped three videos on CNN, which shed the network in a horrible light:

    CNN Director in Project Veritas VIDEO: ‘If it Wasn’t for CNN, I Don’t Know That Trump Would Have Got Voted Out’
    Project Veritas Video: CNN Insider Admits Hypes COVID Death Toll for Ratings, Gaetz Coverage is Propaganda
    CNN Director: Network ‘Trying to Help’ Black Lives Matter by Ignoring Asian Hate Crimes

    Twitter banned the Project Veritas account in February for breaking its “private information policy right after it posted a video of Facebook executives discussing censorship tools.

    O’Keefe referenced the ban on the Sean Hannity show on Wednesday night. He noted that the CNN exposé became the second trending story on Twitter even without the Project Veritas account.

    “It’s the number two trending story globally on Twitter, which is ironic because Jack Dorsey banned, project Veritas from Twitter, yet our stories trend on Twitter,” said O’Keefe. “That means the truth is getting out there. No matter what.”




    “This week James O’Keefe has been releasing a series of undercover sting videos involving CNN. Suddenly today, Twitter suspended his account:

    The Project Veritas account is also suspended at this moment. Fox News is reporting that a Twitter spokesperson said O’Keefe was permanently suspended for violating its rules against platform manipulation. Specifically, the company accused O’Keefe of operating fake and/or multiple accounts. O’Keefe denied that and said he would sue Twitter for defamation:

    A Twitter spokesperson told Fox News that O’Keefe was “permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam.”

    “As outlined in our policy on platform manipulation and spam, ‘You can’t mislead others on Twitter by operating fake accounts,’ and ‘you can’t artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.’”

    O’Keefe categorically denied Twitter’s assertions, demanding the social meda giant point to the “fake accounts” and insisting the claims amount to “libel.”

    “I am suing Twitter for defamation because they said, I, James O’Keefe, ‘operated fake accounts.’ This is false, this is defamatory, and they will pay,” the Project Veritas founder said in a statement to Fox News. “Section 230 may have protected them before, but it will not protect them from me. The complaint will be filed Monday.”


  4. Not to be outdone by Twitter, Facebook gets in on the scam. They don’t want you to know the truth about these shysters from BLM.



  5. CNN is hot garbage.


    But so is most of the media today.


  6. ———-


  7. Exhibit B.








  8. From a great leader…


    “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a statewide stay-at-home order on April 1 last year locking down the Sunshine State for 30 days amid a global panic about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak. Sitting in his office exactly a year later, he told The Epoch Times that the lockdowns were a “huge mistake,” including in his own state.

    “We wanted to mitigate the damage. Now, in hindsight, the 15 days to slow the spread and the 30—it didn’t work,” DeSantis said. “We shouldn’t have gone down that road.”

    Florida’s lockdown order was notably less strict than some of the stay-at-home measures imposed in other states. Recreational activities like walking, biking, golf, and beachgoing were exempted while essential businesses were broadly defined.

    “Our economy kept going,” DeSantis said. “It was much different than what you saw in some of those lockdown states.”

    The governor nonetheless now regrets issuing the order at all and is convinced that states that have carried on with lockdowns are perpetuating a destructive blunder.

    “It’s been a huge, huge mistake in terms of policy,” DeSantis said.

    “All I had to do was follow the data and just be willing to go forward into the teeth of the narrative and fight the media,” he added. “As people were beating up on me, what I said was I’d rather them beat up on me than have someone lose their job. I’d rather have them beat up on me than have kids locked out of school. I’m totally willing to take whatever heat comes our way because we’re doing the right thing.””


  9. Chauvin Trial Update.

    “Chauvin Trial: Jury has “a basis” to “find reasonable doubt here, but it’s not what I’m expecting”

    My appearance on the Tony Katz Show: Chauvin “made the right decision not to testify because I think these two prosecutors … would have essentially tortured him on the witness stand. I mean, it would have been brutal.””


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  10. The more we know, the shadier and dirtier this looks.


    “Is this just another “repackaged … anonymously sourced stories” that the media has been running about Matt Gaetz, as his spokesman commented when contacted by the Washington Post? Not quite, although it certainly does recycle those stories and sells the article as an explainer on “How the Justice Department Came to Investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz.” A more accurate description might be how the DoJ and the media might be being duped by a con man looking to find any way out of a federal sex-trafficking indictment.”

    “Reporters Matt Zapotosky and Michael Shearer didn’t write the headline, but they do remind readers that Joel Greenberg is the man at the center of the action against Gaetz. And they tell why that might make it very difficult indeed for prosecutors to make any kind of case:

    The missive arrived at an Orlando-area preparatory school in October 2019, outlining a damaging allegation against a music teacher there.

    The teacher, in the letter’s telling, had had an inappropriate sexual relationship with the purported student who had written it. And the writer claimed to offer proof: private Facebook messages in which the teacher, Brian Beute, told his alleged victim: “Please remember to keep this a secret. I could go to jail.”

    Beute, who had recently announced his candidacy in the local tax collector’s race, knew the allegation was a lie, as investigators quickly determined. But what he could not foresee is how the ploy to sabotage his run for local office would drag the seedy politics in Seminole County, Fla., into the national spotlight and put a U.S. congressman with close ties to former president Donald Trump in the crosshairs of a Justice Department investigation.

    The allegations against Beute, federal investigators concluded, had been fabricated by his incumbent opponent, Joel Greenberg, in a bid to smear him. But when authorities arrested Greenberg and sifted through his electronic records and devices — according to documents and people involved in the case — they discovered a medley of other alleged wrongdoing, leading them to open an investigation of possible sex trafficking involving a far more high-profile Florida Republican: Rep. Matt Gaetz.

    Let’s recall exactly what crimes the DoJ has charged against Greenberg. His 33-count federal indictment not only includes sex trafficking but also “aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and bribery.” The catalyst for Greenberg’s indictment was an attempt to frame a political rival for a sex crime. The two Washington Post reporters offer a fairly skeptical look at using Greenberg as a witness in light of these charges:

    Greenberg, according to a person familiar with the matter, has been providing investigators information about Gaetz since last year in a bid for leniency — a potentially ominous sign for the congressman, though any account Greenberg offers will face significant questions because of the crimes of which he is accused. They include fraud and fabricating evidence against a political rival.

    Well … yeah. Greenberg fabricated evidence and committed fraud to frame his election opponent just to keep a tax-collector position in Seminole County. Imagine what Greenberg might do to keep from going to federal prison — or at least get to serve his time at a Club Fed facility. A defense attorney would have a field day walking Greenberg through all of these actions on cross-examination in front of a jury and humiliating any prosecutor who tried to use Greenberg as their key witness in any case under a plea deal.”


    Just more of the standard Democrat smears and lies.


  11. Amused; in my facebook feedback people are laughing at Jim Jordan for being a loud mouth idiot never failing to mention Jordan failed to protect the rights of Ohio State wrestlers. He can’t really accuse Fauci of failing to protect American rights, liberties etc when he has that over his head. The guy is an embarassemnt to the Republican party and social conservatives. He has no credibility.

    Twitter and Facebook are private corporations who have terms of service which everyone ticks off without reading. I’m sure it covers the right to boot anyone off their platform for whatever reason and the right to block any posts they deem unacceptable. Its private property, I can’t force the local grocery store to post political messages on their community bulletin board or let me place a socialist election sign in their parking lot. Facebook is private property if you send messages etc with them they can open it — that’s why the US Post Office is a public institution they can’t open your mail. Continuously amused how so called supporters of the free market don’t understand the concept when it negatively affects them. Reagan created this market place of ideas and the Republincans supported unitl they lost the competition of ideas.


  12. Interesting press survey results — just facts is all people want. But whose facts? Which facts? How are facts ranked? Who and What determines the front pages and the middle of the paper? There’s no such thing as just the facts — the personal bias of the story from journalists to editor to the layout etc is all part of the story. The amazing thing is most stories are fairly accurate mostly due to print journalists who are still digging through the facts. The rest of the media operates on a 30 second attention span

    Media has alwasys done this — Greenwald has critized the media for decades for ignoring certain facts over others. As a 50 something leftist growin up in the Reagan era and its fallout to now, I can definetely say this has been the case of my entire life. Only now has the fact selection — inequality, obscene wealth, capitalism’s failures — started to side with my economic views.


  13. Greenberg is an extremely poor witness but the colloboration in the form of electronic records/payments and statements of escorts and others involved is increasing. There seems to be multiple accounts of a sex party involving Florida Republicans — escort witnesses, etransfers to escorts, and location enabled on cell phones. De Santis’s involvement has been rumoured for weeks on the left side of the interent — no real proof yet. So far its pretty obvious Gaetz was using “sugar daddy” sites and probably thought dinner, hotels, trips, clothers etc didn’t constitute payment for services rendered. Both he and Greenberg didn’t bother to hide it using Venmo, etransfers, etc and never checked a privacy account. And like so many of the Jan 6th rioters had their cell phone location device enabled.


  14. Oh — a note on Michigan. The large number of cases are due to the new varients which are not yet present in Texas or elsewhere. Although the border is officially closed; truck drivers are crossing every day and exempt from any quarantine requirement (the auto industry relies on open border between Michigan and Ontario). My guess is Michigan blew up like it did because of the current mess my province is in — all three varients and over 4,500 new cases a day.

    Looking at rates in the US; Texas is higher than California which had a full lockdown and is now opening up. I’d say the results are mixed in terms of the effeciveness of a lockdown. The problem with any comparision is the complaince may or may not match other states.

    Of course, the Dakotas are still the worse on a per capita basis. Someone should shut down the meat packing plants. Time to go vegetarian


  15. “Greenberg is an extremely poor witness but the colloboration in the form of electronic records/payments and statements of escorts and others involved is increasing. ”

    Yeah, except it’s not. There’s zero evidence of that, except from the sex trafficker. Sorry. You really need to stay off the left wing nut sites like MSNBC and CNN. Gaetz is a single man, and it’s nobody’s business what type of sites he visits, who he dates and takes to dinner, and who he has sex with. Why would he hide it, except from voyeuristic pervs?

    Where was your concern trolling when it was actually proven that Swalwell diddled a Chinese spy? Selective as always. that’s your outrage.


  16. “Do the police enforce law and order or defend “their side””

    Yes. They defend law and order, for the most part, except when cowardly liberal politicians forbid them from doing their job.

    And of course they support someone defending themselves against an enraged mob. Every thinking person does.


  17. And full grown male wrestlers don’t need Jim Jordan to defend them. Maybe man up and punch the guy out. He’ll get the hint.

    And you disliking him tells me we need more like him.


  18. Twitter and Facebook are indeed private corporations who have the right to suppress the sharing of stories they don’t like. We understand that.

    That doesn’t mean we don’t get to expose them when they do so in blatantly one-sided ways that undermine any credibility they have to claim fairness or integrity.

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  19. No! Boise.


    “Cop-Supporting Coffee Shop Bullied Off Campus at Boise State Now Demanding $10 Million

    “Fendley’s fiance, Kevin Holtry, is a cop who caught five bullets in the line of duty, making him wheelchair-bound””

    “Big City Coffee had a contract with Boise State University in Idaho to operate an extension of their shop on campus. When students found out about the owner’s support for police, they allegedly pressured school administrators to close the shop.

    The shop eventually closed the campus location.

    Now the owner is taking legal action against the school.

    Jeremy Lott reports at The College Fix:

    Cop-supporting coffee shop owner bullied off Boise State demands $10M from university in tort claim

    A coffee shop owner who left Boise State University last year after activists complained about her support for police has filed a tort claim against the college seeking $10 million in damages.

    The March 24 claim, which is a precursor to a lawsuit, alleges slander, contract interference, fraud, and violations of constitutional rights, among other things.

    Sarah Jo Fendley is owner of Big City Coffee, a shop in Idaho’s capital city that closed its brand new extension on the Boise State campus in October 2020.

    It was widely reported at the time that the closure happened because of Fendley’s support for Thin Blue Line, a nonpolitical campaign to support police officers.

    Fendley had expressed support for police officers for two specific larger reasons, according to the claim.
    The first reason is that “As a single woman running a business in a sometimes rough neighborhood, the police have assisted her in many potentially dangerous situations over the years and she is appreciative of such assistance,” the claim states.

    It also notes that Fendley’s fiance, Kevin Holtry, is a cop who caught five bullets in the line of duty, making him wheelchair-bound.”


  20. This is why people hate the press HRW.

    “It Sure Looks Like CBS News Edited Body Cam Footage to Omit a Key Frame in Adam Toledo Shooting”


    “Minneapolis is about to blow up over as the Derek Chauvin trial draws closer to its conclusion. Chauvin is the former police officer at the center of the death of George Floyd which set off a whole summer of rioting, unrest, and looting throughout the country. Brooklyn Center, which is in the greater Minneapolis area, is also on edge after the police-involved shooting of Daunte Wright. And now, we have another officer-involved shooting in Chicago. Adam Toledo was just 13 years old but was armed with a handgun. It’s a terrible incident. It’s sure to ignite more protests. The shooting occurred last month. Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged patience and calm as the evidence is reviewed:

    “It was excruciating,” an emotional Mayor Lightfoot said when asked for her reaction to viewing the body camera footage. “This is not something you want children to see.”

    “You’re going to see that officer spring into action to try to revive Adam, to call for medical assistance… I’ve had experience of investigating a number of police involved shootings in my earlier career. I know that most officers go through their whole career and they never fire their weapon in the line of duty. I also know that every time that it’s happened, it’s extraordinarily traumatizing for them.”

    “People will have a range of emotions when they see these videos,” Lightfoot noted before adding “I hope that people express themselves peacefully.”

    It’s horrible to watch, but Toledo was armed. It’s clear in the footage, but if you were to watch CBS News’ clip—that frame is omitted. It would seem the hatchet crew at the network went to work to construct yet another false narrative. They went after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over a non-existent pay-to-play scheme involving Publix, the state’s largest grocery chain who contributed to his campaign, and a vaccine distribution deal. We’ve seen the full exchange between DeSantis and the reporter who tried to lob this grenade. It blew up in CBS’ face, but they’ve doubled down because they’re all terrible people. This instance is no different (via The Federalist):”


    “CBS News deceptively cropped body camera footage that showed a 13-year-old boy holding a gun before he was fatally shot by Chicago police in March.”


    They want riots, because it helps them sell their garbage product.


  21. Gaetz — there is quite a bit of electronic evidence being discussed in the press, and colloboration from sex workers. I have absolutely no problem with Gaetz checking out various web sites, having dates and buying gifts, however, exchanging money and gifts for sex is soliciting and sex with a minor is statutory rape. Sugar daddy websites are a grey zone in terms of legality. But if the Republicans want to be the party of sugar daddies and sex parties — no problem as long as its informed consent with adults.


  22. All summer Republicans and I beleive you called various urban riots war zones now it seems the police and you feel its okay for young guys to hang out there and then defend themselves. There was no reason for him to be there. The very fact he panicked when a plastic bottle was thrown nearby shows he should’ve been there. Polilce should not encourage young people to treat riots as toursit sites where they can play cop despite absolutely no training.


  23. Jin Jordan had a legal responsibility to protect the athletes placed in his care. Universities excercise “in loco parentis” and thus as an employee of Ohio State he had an obligation. Yes they were 18-20 but do you really want to support a man who turns a blnd eye to sexual abuse. Many of these athletes would not risk losing their scholarship and he could have helped but did nothing, not really a guy I would support. To suggest the athletes man up is to blame the victims.

    As for Swalweel, I had to look him up — he never reached my news cycle. Yes, Fang infiltrate his support network as she did several other politicians but according to the FBI once notified Swalwel ended his friendship with her and accoring to the FBI they were never sexual partners . btw diddler is slang for child molester in my understanding although it may refer to a con artists in other parts of North America.


  24. Kevin B — expose them is good. Its what the left does with FOX all the time. But when you advocate regulating and overseeing what is essentially private property, you are raising the question for what and for whom can the govt’ regulate. A question I have absolutely no problem with — bring out the gov’t regualtors for the people. However, this contraidicts the Reagan legacy of the free market of ideas.


  25. I refuse to watch police shootings its far too voyeuristic for my taste. I have however heard the conflcting stories. In essence the police want to point out the boy had a gun and he dropped it less than a second before the policeman shot. I still have a problem — his hands are up, even with a gun why shoot? Dylan Roof was heavily armed yet the police took the time to talk to him and bring him into custody and even stopped at burger king. The difference is astouding.

    As for the press in these situations; again I didn’t watch any of the tapes. However I hardly think trimming the left and right edges of a one second framed terribly changes the narrative and I wonder if trimming the edges was necessary to adjust the film for a different format?


  26. Oh well if the press and some sex workers say it’s true, then it must be, just like the Trump Pee Tapes, amiright?



  27. Stop slandering Jordan.


    “Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan is claiming vindication after the release of a report on a sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State University that showed there is no evidence he or other assistant coaches at the school knew about the allegations.

    “They talked to hundreds … of people. And the university, for people who were harmed, is going to pay for their counseling,” Jordan told reporters Friday on Capitol Hill. “But it confirms everything I said. If we’d have known about it, we’d have reported it. It confirms everything I’ve said before. I didn’t know about anything. If I would’ve, I’d have done something.”

    The report — produced for the school by the law firm Perkins Coie — found that Richard Strauss, a longtime doctor for Ohio State athletic teams, sexually abused at least 177 male athletes from 1979 to 1996. Strauss — who killed himself in 2005 — worked with more than 16 sports teams at the university, as well as at the student health center and an off-campus clinic.

    When the scandal broke last year, Jordan — a national champion wrestler who later became an assistant coach for the Ohio State wrestling team — adamantly denied having had any knowledge of the allegations against Strauss. Jordan was an assistant coach from 1986 to 1994.”


    Yet another smear from the left.


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