27 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-9-21

  1. I see on TV that Prince Phillip has died.
    I think I told you this before.
    Many decades ago, I was just s kid sitting in a theater.
    Watching “short clips” like they used to do in those days.
    One of them told about a prediction of the prophet Nostradamus.
    He prophesied that England would be a great nation from Elizabeth to Elizabeth..

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  2. Here’s a post in response to Cheryl’s last post on yesterdays thread. While the prosecution had a good day yesterday, it’s been the only one.


    “Today the state presented three medical/science experts. The first was Dr. Martin Tobin, Physician in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Chicago, presented as an expert witness on respiratory matters. He was followed by Daniel Isenschmit, Forensic Toxicologist, NMS Laboratories, who was involved in drug testing Floyd’s blood. And the day closed with Dr. William Smock, Emergency Medical Physician, and self-described “Police Surgeon,” who discussed excited delirium and some other issues.

    OK folks, I won’t bury the lead—today’s trial proceedings looked a lot more typical for a prosecution presenting its case in chief than has been the case so far in Minnesota v. Chauvin. What I mean by that is that the state finally had a day in which its own witnesses did not end up doing the defense more good than themselves.

    We’ve grown so accustomed to Nelson simply having his way with prosecution witnesses that today might appear as if it were bad for the defense. It would be more accurate to say it was not a great day for the defense—which is quite a change from past experience.

    In truth, however, this is what every day of the trial should have looked like so far. Right now it is the prosecution in charge, presenting their case, in control of direct questioning. The defense is very limited in what they can do on cross-examination. They can’t simply produce their own evidence for the jury, they can’t argue with the state’s witnesses, they are limited in their cross-examination to only the issues the state has chosen to raise in their direct questioning.

    These are all real and substantive constraints on the defense while the prosecution is presenting their case in chief. The amazing thing about this trial to date is how well the defense has been doing even while bound by those constraints.

    Today was, again, far more typical of what should be expected. The prosecution is putting forth its witnesses, framing the issues the way they want them framed, asking the scope of questions the way they want them scoped—every day should make the prosecution look just awesome.

    The turnaround on that perception really ought not be expected until the defense has their turn at bat, gets to present their own witnesses, to frame the issues the way they want them framed, ask the scope of questions the way them want them scoped—and the state finds itself bound by all the constraints that so far have limited only the defense.

    This is also why I urge all of you to not make day-to-day judgments about how the trial is going, at least not in the sense of expecting any day’s events to predict the likely outcome of the trial. A football game is not decided in the first half, and a criminal prosecution ought not be expected to be a wrap when only the state’s version of the narrative has been fleshed out in court.
    That said, the state got done what it needed to get done today with its expert witnesses, who unambiguously told the jury that Floyd’s death was the direct result of the police restraint used to hold him for EMS, period, and that nothing else mattered. Not Floyd’s fentanyl level, not Floyd’s substantial co-morbidities. Not Floyd’s poorly made decision to fight four police officers against lawful arrest.

    So, as would normally be expected at this point in the trial, but which has gone missing up to now, the state had a good day today.”


    “So there we have it: According to the opinion of the state’s retained expert witness, it was Chauvin et al. who killed Floyd. Exactly as the state’s expert witness is supposed to do. Surprise, surprise.

    Blackwell stepped Tobin through more than two hours of direct questioning, during which Tobin provided a lengthy rationale for how he’d reached his opinion. Frankly, the entire rationale struck me as working back from a conclusion. That is, it appeared that Tobin started with the conclusion that the officers’ conduct had killed Floyd, and then worked backwards from there to build out a framework that led him right back to where he’d started.

    Of course, circumstances were quite different for the officers actually dealing with Floyd, who didn’t have the ability to see into the future and know that Floyd would die that day, nor did they know a great many other relevant facts made available to Tobin but unknown to the officers attempting to, first, lawfully arrest Floyd and, second, get him apparently badly needed medical care.

    In addition, Tobin’s path to reach his opinion involved a substantial amount of high-level medical expertise, complex biological and physics models, even mathematics of a degree that the notation was indecipherable to this small-town lawyer. How any of this would be actionable by police officers called to a crime scene and compelled to fight a large and violently resisting suspect was not explained.”


  3. Another false media narrative dies….

    “Officer Chauvin’s Knee Was NOT on George Floyd’s ‘Neck’ and 8 Other Things You Didn’t Know About This Case”


    “Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin may not escape prosecution for one of the three charges against him for causing the death of George Floyd, but contrary to public opinion, the case against him is not cut and dried. Though radio stations have solemnly gone quiet for nearly nine minutes to remind Americans of the time Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck, Black Lives Matter fire-setters and looters with their violent antifa allies burned parts of American cities in retaliation for his death, and cops were forced to kneel, it turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about the case.

    Why not? There’s only one explanation. Prosecutors didn’t tell you. Antifa-friendly Attorney General Keith Ellison, who picked those multiple private attorneys from white-shoe firms to replace regular Hennepin County prosecutors, didn’t tell you. The media obviously didn’t tell you. And the threatening mob that recorded the horrific site of George Floyd handcuffed and prone on a Minneapolis street didn’t tell you. Black Lives Matter certainly didn’t tell you. This is the group that overtly lied about the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Patrick Kimmons, Jacob Blake, and others.

    Unfunny comedian Chelsea Handler may want to rush to judgment because “there is video of him” killing George Floyd.

    But is there?

    Many things have been revealed during the nearly two-week-long trial of Chauvin. We’re betting you didn’t know most of them. Here are just nine examples.

    1. Chauvin Didn’t Have His Knee on Floyd’s Neck
    Midway through the second week of testimony, defense attorney Eric Nelson showed video from police body-worn cameras from a different angle showing Derek Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder and upper back, not his neck. Prosecutors immediately began changing their verbiage from “neck” to “neck area,” according to Andrew Branca of Legal Insurrection, who is listening to the trial as I am.

    It’s possible Chauvin’s knee slipped to Floyd’s neck at some point before police could “load and scoot” him for medical help, but a different angle showed that he had his knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade.

    But wait, didn’t the police chief testify this was against police protocol? Yes. Was this an accurate depiction of what police can do? No. As the prosecution’s own use-of-force expert testified.

    2. The Cops Didn’t Use as Much Force as They Could Have
    The prosecution’s use-of-force expert testified in cross-examination by Chauvin’s attorney that police could have used their tasers on Floyd, but chose not to, since by that time the knee hold was working.

    3. We Still Don’t Know How George Floyd Died
    As Andrew Branca has pointed out, the prosecutors have alluded throughout their case to apparent asphyxia as the culprit in Floyd’s death. They are attempting to lead jurors to conclude that the only way that asphyxia could have occurred was by Derek Chauvin’s knee on Floyds “neck area,” which we now know was the shoulder and back area, not the neck per se.

    We know Floyd had a deadly cocktail of drugs in his system. It’s believed that this same cocktail of meth and fentanyl are what sent Floyd to the hospital, where he nearly died, only two months before. Fentanyl causes asphyxia.

    4. Drugs Were Found in SUV and Cop Car
    Pills found in the Mercedes SUV and the police squad car, where Floyd had been for a brief time, had meth and fentanyl in them, which he was believed to have eaten to hide evidence from cops.

    5. Floyd Was Using Drugs Again
    Floyd’s girlfriend Courtney Ross testified that “Floyd,” as she called him, was living with friends from Salvation Army’s Harbor Light shelter, where the 6’4″, 220-lb. man served as a security officer. She said he was sad because most of his friends had lost their jobs due to pandemic shutdowns. She testified that he was using drugs again after a short sober period.

    6. George Floyd Was With His Drug Dealer When Cops Came
    George Floyd was sitting in a Mercedes SUV with his reputed drug dealer. Testimony shows that Morries Hall first tried to use fake $20 bills at the local store, and when that didn’t work, sent Floyd inside to use them. It’s entirely possible that Hall urged Floyd to eat the drugs to hide the evidence, which would have sent the dealer to a much longer jail sentence. Indeed, audio from a police video was introduced into court that seems to show Floyd telling cops “I ate too many drugs,” though prosecutors believe he told police “I ain’t doing no drugs.”

    7. Floyd’s Drug Dealer Took the 5th
    Morries Hall’s attorney announced to the Chauvin judge that he would not testify. Hall invoked his 5th Amendment rights because it’s entirely possible he could be found to have given Floyd his lethal dose of fentanyl.”


  4. Lib heads explode in 3….2….




  5. The Today Show screwed up and mistakenly committed a random act of journalism.


    “The ‘Random Act of Journalism’ The Today Show Did That Blows Apart the COVID Panic Narrative”

    “The variants are out there. Stay indoors and fear for your lives. We all know there are variants of viruses. They’re living things that adapt. It’s why there is no uniform flu shot every year. It’s why there’s no cure for the common cold. We get it. Viruses change. Stop peddling the science fiction that if we don’t listen to your garage advice on COVID, variants will appear. The best was Dr. Sanjay Gupta who pretty much said that if we wear masks (i.e., listen to them)—then the variants won’t appear or develop. If we don’t, then they will pop up. They’re still clinging to the mask absolutism like grim death, aren’t they? It’s not a shield. You all know this. You can still catch COVID while wearing a mask, but let’s move on to yet another point that shreds the ‘fear for your lives’ narrative. States that are still under lockdown are seeing COVID cases spike. Those that have reopened have seen a decline. The Today Show noted this, while The Daily Caller decided to comment on this by quoting the late great Rush Limbaugh, who noted such incidents as this as a “random act of journalism.”

    Of course, there were pivots about lack of testing, but Texas reopened three weeks ago and nixed their mask mandate. There’s been no spike. Today, Georgia rolled back their COVID restrictions.”

    “They noted that new cases were mostly younger folks, largely because they’re not vaccinated since they’re not considered an at-risk group, unlike Americans who are 65 years of age or older. Yet, what was not covered was that most of the cases are mild and don’t require hospitalization. That’s a good thing. NBC News committed a “random act of journalism” when they reported on this trend. They interviewed doctors in New York, a COVID mecca, and a state where cases are surging. Doctors there noted the hospitalization rates are nowhere near where they were last year (via NBC News) [emphasis mine]:

    The number of cases is rising again following a steep decline and then plateauing for several weeks. During a White House Covid-19 briefing Monday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the rise in cases — an average increase of 10 percent from the previous week — gave her a sense of “impending doom.”

    But doctors say that patients seeking care this time around are younger and, notably, not as sick.

    In New York, where cases are rising, some Covid-19 patients still require hospitalization, but the numbers of such patients are nowhere near the “astronomical” levels from a year ago, said Dr. Frederick Davis, an associate chair of emergency medicine at Northwell Health’s Long Island Jewish Hospital.

    Now, Davis said, Covid-19 cases are mostly mild.

    “The cases we are seeing are the younger groups that probably aren’t eligible for vaccines just yet,” Davis said.

    Again, a good thing. These young Americans can recover at home and will have a solid base of protection while they wait for vaccination if they choose to do so. Meanwhile, over 100 million Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, and it’s growing every day. We’re near herd immunity, and that scares these medical professionals. They want to keep us all scared so their allies on the Hill can get that COVID passport idea through.”


  6. Disgusting abuse is what it is.


    “Donald Trump SLAMS Arkansas Governor over facilitating ‘chemical castration of children’

    Trump released a statement on Thursday calling Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AK) a “RINO” and a “lightweight” because of his use of veto power to block a bill that would have made controversial “treatments” for trans children illegal.”


  7. I told ya’ he was lyin’.


    “And Joe Biden got off easy, as our colleague and pal Cam Edwards pointed out. But it says something that PolitiFact came closer to upholding standards with Joe Biden than they did with CBS News and 60 Minutes. The lesson here is that only the media can truly get away with creating false narratives:”

    “As I wrote yesterday, almost everything Biden said in his speech introducing David Chipman as his nominee to run ATF was false, including the “AFT” that Biden called the agency — twice. PolitiFact focuses only on one of those falsehoods — the hoary “gun show loophole” that never existed in the first place. Democratic politicians have tried making the same claim for years if not decades, but it’s a flat-out lie:

    “These bills, one, require background checks for anyone purchasing a gun at a gun show or an online sale,” Biden said at the April 8 event. “Most people don’t know it, you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, and no background check.”

    When it comes to background checks for gun purchases, what matters is who sells the guns, not where the guns are sold — and when a federally licensed seller is a vendor at a gun show, they have to run a background check just as they would if they were back at a bricks-and-mortar gun store.

    The reason why “most people don’t know it” is because it’s completely false. White House tried to hit reverse on this claim later in the afternoon, telling PolitiFact and other media outlets that some sales without background checks take place at gun shows. “That’s not what he said,” PolitiFact rightly points out. Biden claimed that all sales at gun shows avoid background checks, which anyone with even a passing familiarity with the issue knows is utterly untrue.”


  8. Really thankful that this clown Garland isn’t on the Supreme Court. 🙂

    “Merrick Garland Absolutely Beclowned Himself at Biden’s Gun Control Presser”


    “Has there been a better political decision in the last five years than blowing up Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama? Some might argue otherwise, but now that we’ve gotten a good look at Garland as Attorney General, it’s apparent the country dodged a bullet.”

    “As I wrote previously (see Does Merrick Garland Even Know What Day It Is?), Garland’s inability to understand basic issues was on full display during his confirmation hearing. He also showed himself to be a typical, left-wing partisan, playing dumb about transgender issues and claiming that Antifa attacking federal property wasn’t domestic terrorism because it happened at night. Despite his awful display, 19 Republicans still voted to confirm him because the GOP remains a mostly useless vestige.

    Today, Garland doubled down on the stupidity at Joe Biden’s gun control presser. At one point, he claimed that AR-15 pistols with stabilizing braces are concealable.”

    “Yeah, no. That’s not how any of this works. An AR pistol is not in any way concealable. Here’s a picture for reference for those who don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.”

    “In reality, a regular AR-15 is a far more stable weapon than the pistol version. The pistol version has a shorter barrel which means less velocity. Some stabilizing braces can be brought to the shoulder if the shooter wants, but it’s not comfortable and it’s tougher to aim accurately. In short, going after pistol stabilizing braces is completely pointless from a technical and practical standpoint. Further, they were originally designed for wounded vets and are used by disabled people.

    But even if the Biden administration succeeded in successfully banning braces and AR pistols, it would do absolutely nothing to stop gun crime. There will always be something else to shoot or another way to kill if someone has ill intent. There’s a reason the original “assault weapons” ban didn’t change the trajectory of gun violence at all.

    Lastly, as I’ve written before, AR-15 variants, including pistols, are some of the least used weapons in crimes despite being incredibly plentiful. We are talking around 0.1% or less of murders with guns being done with an AR.”


    But they need a Boogie Man, so……


  9. How to Woke-Proof Your Kids



    “Whew, digging a 300 square-foot bunker suitable for young children is hard work. My back isn’t what it used to be. So far, we’re 50 feet down in the backyard and are about to pour 10-inch thick WiFi-proof concrete walls. The kids will have goldfish, coloring books, a Kindle that contains all of Western classical literature, Play-Doh, and a hose for drinking water. They’ll be lowered into the hole when they turn six, and we’ll let them climb out when they turn 18.

    We plan to tell any nosy neighbors that we sent the kids away to a new progressive anti-racism academy.

    Cruel, you say? Not if you’re trying to insulate your precious children from the all-powerful wokeness algorithm. In fact, it’s the only way to be sure.

    Will I miss them? Sure, but I’m comforted knowing they’ll be among the few who survive the radioactive wokelear fallout released this year.

    Oh, you don’t want to chain your kids up in the basement and seal all the doors? Rather not ship them to an ice floe off Greenland, or a yurt in outer Mongolia?

    Then, friends, you’re going to need to become a master of anti-wokeness.


    They—you know who I mean—wish to consume your children: skin, muscle, bits, and bone. You must therefore make your children taste awful, like the little orange tree frogs who coat their skin with poison so hungry toucans spit them out. Force society to spit your children out of their ravenous maws. Make your children undesirable. Make them unbearable to the predations of the Left. It’s your job to ensure that the only way to change your kid’s minds is under threat of death, which, if present conditions hold, we may be approaching before they reach adulthood.

    No one is pumping the brakes, like, at all. It’s only getting faster. You’re going to have to leap off the train, and push your babies out ahead of you. Fingers crossed you land on a soft patch of hay in a quiet ravine with no Wi-Fi or public schools within 100 miles. But you’ve got no choice. You are their only hope! Do not fail them. If you do nothing else as a parent, you must do this: prevent wokeness from colonizing their developing brains.”


  10. AJ, assuming the police officers were in fact following their training, I don’t think they were guilty of murder. But that is different from the question of “Did this action cause this man’s death?”


  11. I agree with the article that one has to watch and see the whole trial before deciding what is the final verdict. You can sense what the defense is by the questioning given by the attorney. The videos are going to be examined quite a bit, frame by frame, I would imagine. There are a lot of factors to consider and all the experts add to what some of those considerations are. The defense will have their own experts, of course.


  12. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/mass-covid-19-vaccination-site-shut-down-after-adverse-reactions-reported_3767612.html

    “A mass vaccination site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado was shut down after several adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine, said Centura Health, which is managing the site.

    More than 600 people who had appointments were turned away from the “Vaccines for All” event in Commerce City after 11 people who were administered the shot developed adverse reactions during the on-site observation period, Kevin Massey, a spokesperson for Centura Health, told local news outlets.

    “Following the administration of the J&J vaccine and during onsite observation, we saw a limited number of adverse reactions to the vaccine,” Centura Health said in a separate statement. “We followed our protocols and in an abundance of caution, made the decision—in partnership with the state—to pause operations for the remainder of the day.”

    The Colorado Department of Public Health said some patients experienced nausea and dizziness after getting the J&J vaccine, while Centura confirmed that nine individuals were monitored on-site and were sent home and two individuals were taken to nearby hospitals out of an abundance of caution.”



  13. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/pennsylvania-forced-to-remove-21000-dead-people-off-its-voter-rolls-settlement_3767667.html

    “The state of Pennsylvania agreed to remove the names of deceased people from voter rolls, an election-integrity watchdog group announced after reaching a settlement with state officials.

    The lawsuit, (pdf) which was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation in November 2020, alleged that some 21,000 registrants who had died were still on the state’s voter rolls at the time of the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania agreed to compare its voter-registration database with the Social Security Death Index, and then direct all county election commissions to remove the names of dead registrants.

    “This marks an important victory for the integrity of elections in Pennsylvania,” Public Interest Legal Foundation President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said in a statement in announcing the court’s decision. “The Commonwealth’s failure to remove deceased registrants created a vast opportunity for voter fraud and abuse. It is important to not have dead voters active on the rolls for 5, 10, or even 20 years. This settlement fixes that.”

    The lawsuit was filed after the Nov. 3 election and when then-candidate Joe Biden took a lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. Ultimately, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Commonwealth’s office certified the election.

    The foundation said it found that 9,212 of the 21,000 voters had been dead for more than five years, and nearly 2,000 voters had been dead for more than 10 years.”


  14. It’s weird that Covid cases have been spiking – a lot – here in Michigan the last couple weeks. The governor is of course saying it’s because some restrictions have been lifted. But if that’s the reason, why aren’t cases spiking in other states where even more restrictions have been lifted?

    I don’t think the answer is a political one. Something else is going on here.


  15. Kevin – Here in Connecticut, restrictions have been in the process of being gradually lifted, and we, too, have seen an increase in cases and hospitalizations. Part of that could also be that the latest new variant is more serious.


  16. Kimberley Strassel:

    GOP fundraising numbers show that reports of the party’s death are greatly exaggerated. The best tonic for restoring the Republican Party’s health is an overreaching Democratic White House and Congress.



    The media has reveled this year in the frequent, gleeful penning of obituaries for the Republican Party. The GOP is described as broken, fractured, befuddled about its identity, dying or already dead, not to mention up an unprintable creek, after corporate donors cut money following the Jan. 6 riot.

    Or maybe not.

    The obits are hard to square with a surprising new number from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s political team: $27.1 million. That’s the amount they tell me Mr. McCarthy single-handedly raked in during the first quarter of 2021. It’s the most money any Republican representative has ever raised in a quarter.

    It’s even more notable given it was accomplished mostly in two months: January was rough for Republicans. And it was done almost entirely without big-business support. Only about $450,000, or less than 2%, came from corporate political-action committees. How big is a $27.1 million quarter? Mr. McCarthy raised about $100 million over the entire previous two-year cycle, or an average of $12.5 million a quarter. …

    … The party has yet to figure out how it will manage Donald Trump, and the potential for damaging clashes with the former president—over recruitment, primaries and issues—remains high. The Democrat-media complex is working hard to brand the party as racist, insurrectionist and toxic for suburban or minority voters to support. And Democrats crushed Republicans in fundraising last year.

    So what gives? Here’s what the obits are missing: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Nothing unifies the Republican Party more than the threat of an all-Democrat, progressives-gone-wild Washington. GOP fundraisers tell me their pitch to donors the past two months has been as simple as it has been effective: The only way to stop the left’s radical transformation of the country is to retake the House and Senate. That objective is bringing Republicans together and opening pocketbooks—and the more Mr. Biden pushes left, the bigger and more the checks. The unity is forming much faster than it did in 2009, the last time the Democrats took the presidency and both congressional chambers. …


  17. California is set to “reopen” statewide in mid-June. Our numbers are very encouraging, flatter than flat when you look at the graphics over the last several months when we were peaking to now.

    But many of us are still holding our collective breaths, knowing that things can change quickly with this pandemic.


  18. How white of her.

    Anyone surprised?

    I mean c’mon, she’s not gonna buy one in the war zones in our inner cities that she and BLM have created.

    Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Lands Topanga Canyon Compound


    “A secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37-year-old social justice visionary and co-founder of the galvanizing and, for some, controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

    Kahn-Cullors, a UCLA and USC graduate married about five years ago to social activist (and amateur boxer) Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. Since then, the largely decentralized movement has been at the influential forefront on issues of police brutality and racially motivated violence against Black people, particularly in the wake of George Floyd’s killing last summer that sparked massive protests across the United States and around the globe. Kahn-Cullors’ published “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” in 2018.

    A winding 15 minute drive from The Commons at Calabasas and a slightly longer and somewat less serpentine drive from Malibu’s Getty Villa, the pint-sized compound spans about one-quarter of an acre. The property’s not-quite 2,400 square feet is divided between the a three-bedroom and two-bath main house and a separate one-bed/one-bath apartment capable of hosting guests long term with a private entry and a living room with kitchenette.

    Interior spaces feature bamboo floors and, in the spacious open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen, vaulted ceilings clad in knotty pine. A whitewashed raised hearth brick fireplace anchors the living room and numerous skylights baths the cavernous space with natural light.

    The two guest bedrooms and hall bathroom are fairly ordinary, as is the simple and up-to-date though not especially high-end kitchen, while the primary bedroom offers a vaulted and wood-clad ceiling plus a small sitting area with glass sliders to the backyard.”


    Jessie and Al have taught today’s crop of grifters well indeed.


  19. This woman sucks at her job. She’s a charlatan, a carnival barker at best.



  20. Just like that….



  21. Not sure why your posted tweets blame Stacey Abrams. She told MLB to keep the all star game in Atlanta.

    It seems at first glance there is no difference in covid rates despite restictions. However, the testing rate and variants do make a difference so its hard to compare different states or provinces. Canada’s rate of new cases is approaching the US rate espeically in Ontario — mostly due to a higher presence of the UK variant and more testing. Texas appears low but has a low testing rate and might have a lower rate of of the UK vairant.

    BLM, political movements, etc
    Not surprised that some of the BLM leaders are doing well. Political movements and charities are really bad for grifting. My ex-wife donated to Mothers against Drunk Driving once and we had to put up with three years of telephone calls asking for more. My daughter sponsored a girl in Uganda and the organization prompty double billed my credit card three months straight. The Republican party created their donor page so that monthly donations were automated and you had to click a box after scrolling down forever to disable. Trump created a PAC to protest the election results but in the fine print it stated the money was to be used for whatever purpose he or the Republican deemed necessary. When I donate money I take my time to scroll through the check boxes to make sure its not a repeat donation nor do I consent to sharing of personal info, but how many of us don’t bother to read the terms of agreement — I usuallly don’t.


  22. HRW,

    Stacey Abrams lied about what was in the bill repeatedly. She still continues to. Lies like hers are what swayed them. Even MLB has admitted this. Do try and keep up. And enough with the revisionist history.


    “MLB commissioner decided to move All-Star Game after pressure from Stacey Abrams on voting issues: sources

    Abrams’ group and Al Sharpton urged commissioner to support a host of issues, including voter drives and H.R. 1”


    And she applauded it, with a cowardly disclaimer, of course. She may have walked that back now, especially given the reaction above by her “constituents,” (if she could actually win an election) but that doesn’t change what she said initially.


    “Stacey Abrams applauds MLB’s decision to move All-Star Game out of Georgia”


  23. She’s proud of their stance, and tweeted that fact.


  24. Reading fox news its apparent Abrams wanted the game to stay in Georgia. MLB thought there was too much controversy about the bill and decided to move the game. MLB didn’t want to go all in and support Abrams and her agenda which she was pressuring them too if the game was in Atlanta so they moved it. Ironically that made the MLB look more “supportive” than intended. Abrams wanted the game to stay in Georgia but with a push by MLB to criticize the bill. Rather than turn the All Star game into a political sideshow, MLB voted to leave which probably gave the wrong impression. MLB was going to look badd either way — it was a lose-lose prorposition.


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