66 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-31-21

  1. Morning all, welcome to my day. Still finding folks I missed and sending on my newsletter. My computer just dinged with another address that is wrong. Good thing it is school break. Praying for Phos.

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  2. Prayers for Roscuro.

    It’s a good morning for the Bible study. The first chapter quotes Oswald Chsmbers on his statement regarding excellence, ” . . . It must be my utmost for His highest all the time and every time.” What can I say? The study is excellent! A Woman of Excellence has been revised by the author who has more wisdom to share after years of being in the presence of Jesus through God’s word and fellowship with other Christians.

    My Bible verse memorized for today as suggested in the study:
    Philippians 1:9-10 NKJV
    “And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ.”

    We are having a rainy day so far. Good for what I just planted unless they get washed away!😳

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  3. Morning! Today begins a stretch of Spring for us…no snow in sight for the next 10 days! It will be a welcome relief to have melting snow and warmer temps for a bit.
    Rk I noticed your post from later last evening mentioning Sidney. I then remembered your growing up around there. The town has grown and changed over the years just like every other town in the US but it retains so much of the charm I recall from childhood. I need to get back there and visit my cousins and my 94yr old Aunt… 😊

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  4. We have ten giant windmills on the horizon around here. None we see from our home, however. They are on a ridge owned by the company my husband used to work for. They are not attractive, but no more so than the power lines etc.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. It has been a month! Today I help my Aunt S close on her home. Friday she buys the Motor Home she said she wanted. She and her daughter will take to the open roads. I am so happy for her.

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  6. Beautiful photo— but Y? 🙂

    Had a moment of weakness last night and thought about doing some shopping errands to fill the whole morning—including, gasp, a visit into Costco for the first time in 9 months.

    Then I thought about it a little more and said, “Nah. I don’t need anything that much!”

    A gust of wind came up out of nowhere yesterday, picked up the patio table umbrella and blew it into the unplanted vegetable garden, leaving a deep furrow that broke two of the umbrella ribs.

    Major disappointment since I had planned to spend the afternoon at the table reading and planning the next book.

    Last night while planning a shopping day, my husband reminded me we have an old umbrella for the second table in the garage.

    Saved from the stores and back to work!

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  7. Nice, Kim, that you could help her out.

    Mumsee, those magpies are beautiful when their feathers glisten in the sunlight. It is so easy to assume they are black and white only.

    Janice, I also felt the tug during a C-Section. In fact, there were several tugs and it was difficult to get the baby’s head free! Her head was so pointy at first. I thank God she was a very healthy child. My other C-Sections were planned and much better.

    We are back to cold and snowy. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, however. Lots of people are happy that they won’t have to hide Easter eggs in snow banks this year. That does happen. My MIL used to put candy in tin foil ‘baskets’ and then in the snow banks. We never hid anything outside ourselves.

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  8. Good morning, all. I see we have a lovely picture of bird killers. It is a lovely picture and our desire to capture the wind for energy is a positive. Sadly, there is a such a cost. Same with all of our electrical attempts. Power lines in the Arctic have been known to change migration patterns Nuclear, coal, wood, hydro, they all come with a cost.

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  9. Wednesday.

    I woke up praying for Roscuro as well. She should be in recovery by now?

    I need to take a break in my work day today so I can get up to the Credit Union, it’s time to start paying all my big annual bills. Booooo, to quote Chas.

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  10. You’ve heard that if you are given lemons, make lemonade? Today we have been given heavy washing rain. I have turned the driveway into a carwash. Too bad it can’t put wax on, too! The navy blue Honda had a thick layer of yellow pine pollen. Viola! The car is clean. I went out during a break in the clouds and moved the car. Saved me ten dollars. Thank You, God.

    Bible study was good as always. Now to get to posting all the prayer requests. Actually, today we had a pile of praises which was welcome.

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  11. In the past, I’ve relied on rain to wash my cars. That hasn’t worked so efficiently in recent years, however. I did buy a microfiber dusting wand to use on the Cherokee as the dark gray color really shows the dust a lot.

    Have you noticed that cars (and many other things, including buildings) are monochromatic now? Black, white, gray, silver. Very little actual color on our roads these days.

    A friend who’s been bothered by that just bought a new car that’ll stand out — a two-toned Chevy Trailblazer in red with a black roof. He predicts that actual, real COLORS will be making a big comeback in automobiles.

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  12. You may not believe this. Neither do I. But I saw it on TV, the caption. I don’t have the sound on. But.

    I see on TV where a man is charged with attacking an Asian woman. The man is on parole for a charge of killing his own mother.
    No. I don’t believe it either. But that’s what it says.

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  13. DJ, five or six years ago real colors were in, at least in our area. Some of the colors were actually quite extreme. Just the other day stopped at a traffic light maybe two cars apart were a bright orange and a bright yellow green car. But I’ve also seen purple, teal, bright yellow, and a whole lot of what I call school-bus yellow. A red car just drove by. Our daughter once worked for a company that had a few company vehicles (she didn’t have one), and the employees of the company referred to the cars as being “snot green.” They did stand out.

    Colors are around, and some are bright, but probably they aren’t selling them in this year’s models.


  14. A co-worker had one of those Kia “pea-green” cars a couple years ago, she loved it but I always though the color was, well, less than appealing.

    Years ago (maybe 15 now) another friend from Colo. had a taxi-cab yellow Ford Escape.

    I’ve seen some of the muted colors (mostly tasteful blues and greens but in a gray muted hue) that I thought were nice.

    My Liberty was called “Patriot Blue” and was a dark (but not real dark) blue with a clear/pearl coat.

    Out here, right now, it seems like all you see are the non-color colors.

    I love the dark gray that’s on my Cherokee, but it is now a very common look on our roads. Still, I’ve always thought the darker colors “fit” SUVs better.


  15. Janice (1:48), it’s distressing to see race being so over-emphasized once more. Haven’t we been here — and it didn’t work out so well?

    I’m fine with addressing issues that linger or are just still a problem in our society. They exist.

    But it now does seem that race is fast becoming the overarching factor in so many of our discussions and decisions, even in hiring preferences (again).

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  16. My car needs a washing something terrible! All the snow, mud, magnesium chloride, salt…you name it, it’s on my car! The lines were horrible at the car wash places and if I try to wash in the driveway the water will not dry quickly enough and it would be an ice rink out there tonight. Maybe tomorrow 😊

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  17. Rain is not the best way to wash a car. I

    I see from TV that Biden is releasing his spending plan tomorrow. From what I see on TV, tomorrow is an excellent time to release that plan.

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  18. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day outside. One lady from church works in a building that I pass on most of my walks around the neighborhood, and so occasionally I see her in the parking lot (she often eats lunch in her car, possibly because of the pandemic), and for months we have said we need to walk together someday. (We paused the idea over winter.) We tried to schedule last week but the day she chose promised rain, so I suggested Monday and then she had to cancel because of work computer problems, and we finally went out yesterday, and were joined by another friend from church. We didn’t walk far, though, since the third lady misunderstood and thought we were meeting to eat lunch together.

    Before that time of meeting up with friends, my husband and I went to a state park and walked part of a trail. (We didn’t have time for the whole trail because of my scheduled walk, but yesterday was the best day of the week for weather.) I had to return from the walk with friends and join in on my Zoom Bible study. But an hour after the study I went back outside for two hours–because my short walk with friends had shown me there were snapping turtles mating in the pond, and I hoped to get photos of that. Sure enough, when I returned in late afternoon, one pair had chosen a spot close enough to the near shore to allow me to photograph them well. Since they don’t put up their heads for air very often, getting a shot with both heads up at the same time is quite difficult, but I managed one pretty good one of “both heads up” and quite a few other shots that were quite good. It was a good test for my new camera, and it made me feel like a genuine wildlife photography even if I was standing on a sidewalk with lots and lots of traffic noise behind me. (Michelle, you’ve stood there with me. That pond.)

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  19. Donna, the way I figure it, that is at least $5000 per person. And I suspect I am in error on the low side.

    Bottom line: There ain’t that much money.

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  20. The problem with how racial issues can be exaggerated is that there really is still a lot of racism out there. It could be too easy to discount or dismiss accounts of real incidents of racism because we are annoyed by the exaggerated or false incidents.

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  21. Racism exists but not around every corner, all the time, as every motive for wrongdoing.

    Human beings and the world are much more complicated than that.

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  22. Black jelly beans are the best, but then I’m a licorice fan.

    Roscuro, you bounced back to consciousness quickly! Glad it’s all done and seems to have gone well; hope they have good meds to calm your stomach down and you can just sleep through the rest of it.

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  23. DJ, the good news is that at Easter time Brach’s does sell bags of just black jelly beans. I actually still have a few assorted ones from last year and an unopened bag of black ones. I like all the flavors, so I usually buy one bag of assorted and a couple bags of black, and add lots of extra black ones. 🙂 You’re reminding me to get back into them.

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  24. So glad to hear from Roscuro. Thankful if seemed to go well. Sorry to hear the aftereffects of the anesthesia.

    I can’t remember the year I last had Easter candy. Ten years? A long time.


  25. My husband is the only one who likes the black ones. He loves licorice, but can’t have the real thing.

    Our car is a very dark navy blue if the sun is shining on it. Otherwise it can look black. I see lots of red or orangey vehicles. Lots of people like white because they sell easier, apparently. I am not fussy about the color myself.

    Coming out of anesthesia is no picnic. Praying.

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  26. Carol would live it up at Halloween and Easter, she’d order bags and bags — and bags — of candy. There was no reasoning with her. 🙂

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  27. DJ – I agree about the problem of racism being seen around every corner, but I also have seen that some people are so sick of that that they are apt to dismiss all accounts of racism. Like the townspeople and the boy who cried wolf.

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  28. I like black jelly beans, too. I am the only person in my family who does. But I think a whole bag of them would be too much, because I like the other colors, too, especially red and purple. Funny thing is that red and purple are my favorite colors, but I like the red and purple jelly beans because of their flavors, not just their colors.

    Brach’s seems to put plenty of black jelly beans in their bags.


  29. Kizzie, red used to be one of my favorite flavors, but I think they’ve changed it a bit. I don’t like the purple much. Orange is good. I bought two bags of black ones last year and didn’t get through the first one (I still have a few colored and two or three times as many black ones), so I have a whole bag to eat sometime.

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  30. I don’t eat jelly beans any longer. But when I did eat them the red ones were my favorite…always thinking them to be cinnamon. If it turned out to be cherry I would spit it out!
    My Mom loved cinnamon just like me so she would purchase the “spiced” jelly beans having red ones cinnamon flavored. Black ones were my second favorite.
    I still have my very first Easter basket….that would make it 66 years old. Sentimentality gets to me sometimes and I will put it out on the dining table with Peeps, chocolate Ghiradelli bunny and Mounds/Almond Joy eggs….

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  31. Mmm red.

    I bought a bag of small licorice bites quite a while back, but they didn’t stay fresh or soft.

    So I guess you do have to eat them all at once.


  32. Co worker lost his cat to a coyote this week, we were texting today about it, he was blaming himself (as many owners do) but they’d gone to great lengths really to barricade their yard. Unfortunately, the neighbors keep a lot of bunnies in their yard so that brings the coyotes in and then it’s a hop, skip and a jump to his yard.

    He said donkeys are the key if you have a big enough yard.

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