54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-24-21

  1. Morning all. I have been busy filling out a claim form to be reimbursed for all of my vaccinations and my covid test. Wow, what a lot of work, I have it done, but this form does not have a way to sign, so I am going to have to print and then sign. oh, well.
    In other news I checked my bank account and couldn’t figure out what that extra 1400 was for. Then I realized it was the latest government payment. How strange. My last two came as a check and took a long time. I will not complain.

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  2. Well, Clifford the Big Red Truck is at home with Mr. P. My new car/suv/ whatever was ready for pickup yesterday afternoon. I’ve been calling it a “Me-Maw” car. It is probably the nicest car I have had since a 1994 Honda Accord.

    What are your favorite foods for Easter. This year I need to live through the rest of you on this. I am tired and I am going to make my children happy. Ham and Mac&Cheese. I will also have potato salad and roasted vegetables for myself.

    I am doing staff lunch here at the office on March 31st. I think we are having brunch food at 11. Quiche, perhaps crock pot breakfast potatoes, fruit salad, tea, and I have had a request for mimosas. The question is, do I drag in the pretty china or do I just buy really nice disposable?


  3. Jo, they get the bank routing information from your tax return as in where they sent your last refund. That has caused a lot of people trouble who have gone to places which offer to immediately issue a refund check after preparing the return, and then set it up for the tax refund to be deposited in the tax prep business account (of course the business collects a fee for doing that). So the stimulus check/benefit goes to that business bank account rather than the taxpayer’s account. It takes some time to straighten out such messes. Art does not get involved with that, but my brother works for a franchise business that does. What a tangled mess for some people.


  4. It’s a good morning for our ladies’ Bible study. We are using the book, A Woman of Excellence, by Cynthia Heald as a basis for studying the book of Ruth. We have the 30th Anniversary copy of the book. It’s become a classic.

    I am trying to memorize the third verse in the Roman’s Road for today.
    “When Adam sinned, death entered the world. Adam’s sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned.” That is from the NLT which uses more basic language than other versions for the verse. I chose to memorize this one for its ease in being understood by those unfamiliar with the Bible.

    I think the new book/Bible study has memory verses, too, so I may break from Romans Road as we do this study.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!♡


  5. I did that bible study also. I have the book with my middle daughter’s name in it, so we must have had the book for the study with her, too. I think it was when we were very shortly in a mothers/daughters group. Nothing is filled out in it, so it must have been very shortly.

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  6. Morning! We aren’t in a blizzard but we have 3inches of new fallen snow this morning. Plows are not out and everyone is reporting the roads are scary with a layer of ice under the snowpacked roads. I think the plow drivers are sort of sick of this stuff! Further west and south it is said they have 6-8 inches…happy to know ya’ll are getting some moisture Rk!
    I have no where to go and am thankful for that. Husband is clearing the drive and Lu is bouncing around chasing squirrels….


  7. A “sweet cat video” posted by Cheryl?

    Third day of not having to actually report for jury duty. Maybe I’ll get through the whole week without having to show up again, which is what happened last time I received a summons.

    The stimulus checks “appearing” in the checking account (I received mine about a week ago) — it’s a help especially with annual bills coming due. Come April, I’ll have a lot going out — property tax, homeowners’ insurance, probably some kind of federal income tax payment (have yet to hear back from the tax guy). I need to get some money out of the credit union savings for some of that, I rely on that account to pay most of the property tax bills twice year.

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  8. Yesterday, I mentioned the blogger my progressive Christian friend likes to quote — this was one of her posts from a while back that reappeared in my thread today, she reposted it as one of those FB ‘memories’:

    ~ johnpavlovitz: If you’re a Christian and you find yourself speaking out AGAINST equality for all people-you may want to read the Gospels again. ~

    As I said, one of the topics that seems most important to her are the LGBT issues.

    Anyway, the blogger she likes so much has written a book, ‘Stuff that needs to be said’ (which may also be the title of his blog, I haven’t looked at it in a few years so perhaps he’s mellowed).

    I had to quit following her frequent links to him as they made me cringe. His tone and penchant for ripping into fellow believers he disagreed with — in very hostile and frankly un-christian ways — were too much aggravation for me. I mean, what kind of person who identifies as a Christian does that as a daily practice?

    I hope she’s not still reading him.

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  9. I believe the blogger is among the so-called “Red-Letter” Christians — giving more weight to the actual words of Jesus than other parts of Scripture.

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  10. Wikipedia:

    ~ Red-Letter Christians constitute a non-denominational movement within Christianity. “Red-Letter” refers to New Testament verses and parts of verses printed in red ink, to indicate the words attributed to Jesus without the use of quotations.

    While many Christians throughout church history have defined themselves as emphasizing the teachings of Jesus, this modern movement was initiated by Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo in 2007.[1][2] They believe Christians should be paying attention to Jesus’ words and example by promoting biblical values such as peace, building strong families, the elimination of poverty, and other important social justice issues.[3] They believe that these are the issues that Jesus spoke of directly, and therefore these issues should be social and political priorities. Other issues such as the question of abortion and homosexuality are viewed as important but over-emphasized by both liberals and conservatives.

    According to Campolo, “The purpose of this gathering was not to create a religious left movement to challenge the religious right, but to jump-start a religious movement that will transcend partisan politics.”[4] Campolo has released a book to help explain this, called Red Letter Christians, A Citizen’s Guide to Faith and Politics (Regal Books, February 2008).

    The two most prominent figures associated with the movement are Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo.[5] ~

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  11. No plans for Easter this year as I will be recuperating from surgery, Lord willing.

    DJ, I am familiar with that blogger, as one FB friend ‘likes’ his posts. Didn’t like the blogger’s tone, as I found it as self righteous as those whom he opposes.

    That being said, in retrospect, the modern church has got a lot wrong in the culture wars, because they are seeking to save their lives by preserving religious freedom from various threats such as LGBTQ rights, something Christ warned would only end in destruction. In so doing, the church has really damaged the gospel message. I was pondering that wonderful passage, in which Paul, after listing the sins that kept people from the kingdom, turns it around and says, “such were some of you, but you are washed, you are sanctified, but you are justified.” (I Corinthians 6:11) I was wondering what had changed, as nowadays church counselling hardly helps porn addicts, never mind those who struggle with other sexual proclivities. And one thing that occured to me is that the church narrative had changed. Now, the narrative is about keeping sin out, out of the church and out of society. The New Testament preaches the gospel of love, and it drew all the lost, not just those whose sins were respectable.

    There are two great commandments in Scripture. The first, loving God with all one’s heart, the modern church has grasped as being somewhat important in chatting sin, and talks a lot about the need to increase our live for God. The second, loving your neighbour as yourself, it frequently misses the boat on, and generally reduces it to sermons on charitable giving and being nice to the people next door.

    For example in marriage: It should be blazingly obvious that Paul’s commands to husbands and wives are based on that second great commandment of loving one’s neighbour. Paul even echoes the phrase “love your (wife) as yourself” in his command to husbands. But what does the modern church do? Babble on about submission and authority in marriage. Point is completely missed.

    Paul said that all the law was summed up in the command to love one’s neighbour as oneself (Romans 11:9-10), and that it is germane to every part of one’s life, with how one interacts with human authorities, how one interacts with one’s boss and/or employees, how one interacts with other believers, and how one interacts with one’s family. Second and I were discussing the antidote to the sexual sin that grips so many in the church, leading to terrible scandal. I pointed out that truly understanding what it meant to live one’s neighbour as oneself was the first step. Once you care about other humans as you do yourself, once you view them all as image bearers of God, it becomes unthinkable to exploit them for one’s own pleasure or profit.

    That is what the modern Western church has failed to teach. It tries every technique except the one where it becomes disgusting to even think of abusing another human because you care more about their welfare than of any fleshly inclinations you might experience. The church Paul addressed had people who had suffered with or from warped sexual appetites, but Paul’s teaching didn’t spend much time railing against the sin in Roman society that had contributed to their brokenness. Instead, Paul preached that all the law was summed up in loving one’s neighbour as oneself, over and over again, until it sunk into the hearts of those who heard him. See also I Corinthians 13.

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  12. I have veneer heard of “Red letter Christians” before.
    I think it soon becomes dangerous to sort out part of the scripture at the expense of some other.

    Bu t then, my understanding of this may be in error.
    Just doesn’t seem right to me.

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  13. The interesting thing to me with the red-letter Christian movement is that they say self-righteously “Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality or abortion” (as though we can ignore anything else in the Bible–it wasn’t Jesus speaking in other portions of Scripture?) and then they turn around and teach their own pet issues (e.g., environmentalism, being opposed to the death penalty) without even trying to give biblical support. Like “Good, we got you to stop talking about those conservative issues, but now let’s talk about issues we want to discuss.” It’s rather maddening.

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  14. Same group of people who throw out Paul as a misogynist, patriarchal fool.

    I don’t like what you wrote so it is not Scripture.

    They too need prayer and the Good News.


  15. The copy of A Woman of Excellence, the 30th Anniversary edition, is revised from what it was back then. Some of the ladies started with their older editions but will be getting the newer edition. It is really good!


  16. Does anyone know much about what’s called “hybrid” mattresses? I’m preparing to (finally, after 20+ years) replace my old traditional spring mattress with a new one but it’s an antique bed frame so I need to special order it. Is there one kind that’s best? I have seen where some are made with cheaper materials so you want to stay away from those, but I’m at a loss, used to be you just ordered “a mattress.” Now there are dozens of kinds out there.


  17. We currently have between 8 and 10 inches. It is hard to tell, as it is drifting so much. I have a pot of leek/potato soup in the crockpot. The woodstove is burning, and we are snug. I am glad it is spring break, so that I don’t have to drive in this weather. The kids were wet. I still had a heat lamp on the youngest three, but rigged another for the bigger ones. This is the wettest snow of the season. I look forward to the green grass it will bring.

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  18. And speaking of Red-Letter Christians, was it the Disciples of Christ that proclaimed “No creed but Christ” — which may have been a forerunner, theologically, to the idea of giving more focus to Jesus’ words than other portions of Scripture.

    I’m going by my memory and what I’ve understood about that denomination in the past, however. But generally speaking the churches that move away from the historic church creeds can find themselves a bit adrift without realizing it.


  19. Rkessler, why do your kids need heat lamps? I have often wondered that. Ours do fine as long as they are dry and out of the wind.


  20. We were given a small dog house, about twenty years ago. It is the favorite place for the does to plant their kids. We also have a goat shed and a retired chicken/dog house they like but the little dog house seems to get the kid. And every few years a doe will shove her way in with them but usually just kids. They come out for feeding. And the free chickens like to lay their eggs in their. Toasty warm.

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  21. DJ, I bought a mattress and box spring set several years back. It makes the bed a good bit higher so not as easy in and out. Also, the mattress has an extra layer, maybe a pillow top? I was able to get it in a firm which to me is much better than what you sink down into. The extra topping is nice, but it pretty much means it’s not to be flipped like the old mattress. That may mean it’s built to be obsolete? It is a heavier set than we had before so I had to have an extra support put under the bed. I really don’t know what hybrid means in mattresses. A younger married couple I knew from church had a bed custom made (or it may have been made here in town and only sounded custom) and I think each side was designed to be independent of the other side according to needs of individuals sharing a bed. That was within the past year. I imagine hybrid might mean construction materials? Part foam and something else?


  22. Janice, Yep, foam & springs together.

    And yes, he said this mattress is 12″ high (my current old one is 7″ with a 7″ box spring underneath). So the base will have to be less deep, otherwise I’ll need a ladder.

    They have one in the store so I’ll go try it out; but the antique sizing has to be specially made so that will take a number of weeks as they’re backed up from the pandemic.

    I’m ordering it through a local furniture store which is where I ordered the current set so long ago. I love this antique bed but getting a new mattress for it is complicated, and there are always questions about the exact measurements. I’ve actually been tempted to somehow put this bed in the spare bedroom and buy a new, regular sized bed for myself to make things easier.

    I think I’ve read where these newer mattresses don’t last as long as the old ones, but I’ve probably pushed the limits on mine.

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  23. It is so warm out this afternoon. Once again I swept a pile of leaves out from under the carport. It included a lot of fallen petals from the birthday tree and the pear tree. The pear tree has tiny petals that look like confetti. I am reluctant to stay out long because of allergies. When I came inside I saw Miss Bosley had brought her comfort toy to the door to await my return.

    Someone (a writer) posted to Facebook the need for the name of a fictional cat that was one-eyed. The guy before me posted the name Winky. Next I posted the name Blinky. Then I also posted Mr. Nod and Mr. Ree.
    Remember the poem I alluded to? I know Michelle and Roscuro will probably know to which I refer, as well as Cheryl. Others probably, too.

    I started into a book, The Entitlement Cure, by Dr. John Townsend. The subtitle is Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Way. I am finding it helpful in und er standing how some people process their lives in relation to others. It’s giving me food for thought.

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  24. I’m not ignoring you. Just that I don’t know nothing about none of that.

    If you take that last comment at face value, you would think that I know everything about everything.

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  25. Red-letter Christians have “the elimination of poverty” as one of their tents. Hmm, I guess they didn’t read all of the red letters. Doesn’t Jess say “The poor you will always have with you” at one point?

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  26. The cold winds are kicking up here again this afternoon, they knocked over my trash cans last night and are keeping the wind chimes employed.

    The ocean must be very choppy, maybe I can drive by later in the day to see. I’ve turned in my story and need to run a couple errands; I’m just waiting to make sure the editor doesn’t have questions.

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  27. Oh, I hear a young hawk in distress. The mother in me wants to help! The sound of babies crying always makes me want to do something to help.

    And I read it as Jesus. Poor vision has its advantages at times.

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  28. On FB from one of our photographers today:

    “9:30 a.m. and already hit 10k steps. I need a nap.”

    Reply from former reporter: “Amazingly, I too reached 10,000 steps at 9:30 this morning. But I started counting in January.”

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  29. 6:50: true that. Znd, as it happens, that is the name of twenty four and she is considered poor and it seems like she has been here always, but she is moving in a couple of days.


  30. Going to bed late again, and tired. Banana and applesauce buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup for dinner at 10:30 p.m. sounds more like dessert doesn’t it? We enjoyed it.

    Allergies are really kicking in with all our warm weather.


  31. Morning, Chas. Nice to see you on here bright and early. I always like to know that the time listed on each post is your time zone.


  32. My phone tells me that it is 53 degrees in Greensboro, but will warm up to 72 in the late afternoon. God is sending you some warmer weather. Enjoy


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