40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-15-21

  1. Good Morning, Chas, welcome to my day. I am glad you all came a little closer so I can say hello before I sleep.
    looks like a rainy morning for you, Chas

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  2. Just spent a delightful hour worshipping and learning from one of the services of my home church that I downloaded early this morning. Singing to Him.

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  3. I may have mentioned last Sunday:
    I was out for a year because of Elvera. When I returned to SS last Sunday, I discovered that everything has changed. There is no longer a “Men’s Class”. The halls are dark, only one SS class meets. Everyone but the teacher is wearing a mask. And I don’t recognize some of the people I should know.
    I’m supposed to register for early service and we
    don’tg sit close to each other, unless you are kin.

    I’ve been going to SS since 1955, but some of this seems strange to me.

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  4. We are definitely living in strange times.

    I LOVE THIS TIME. I WISH IT WOULD STAY THIS WAY ALL YEAR! Having sunlight at the end of my day makes me happy.
    We worked in the back yard yesterday and cut down all the bamboo. Someone is coming this afternoon to did up some of the clumps. They actually want it!
    I got into something while working and hauling bamboo to the street. I have a patch of red on my arm that feels like a burn.
    Off to start my day and deal with a Whiny Hiney, he is a buyer that I took over for one of my agents. He called to complain about lack of communication, so I am now his “contact” and get copied on everything. I have already had two texts from him this morning. I talked to him Friday. He wants to know a time later today that we can do a conference call with the construction supervisor and the builder’s sales rep. I either speak with him or text every day. T

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  5. Good morning! And for Jo that will be a short sleep away. If people enjoy a deep sleep it can seem almost like no time has passed. But if dreams are remembered then you think and wonder how all that happened in one night. I still need to make coffee. And get the garbage bin from the street.

    I need to weed out things in my kitchen. I have to figure out the must have, use all the time, and serve multiple purposes versus the single use therefore not practical to keep items. I love kitchen gadgets but don’t use a lot of what I have. My brother gave me an electric spiralizer several years back. It is still in the package.

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  6. What? Did I hear someone yelling at me?

    I’m up, but it’s still dark and it’s raining (the latter being a very good thing for us). But I really don’t adjust well to this time change. We need to decide with “time” to be on and just make it year round.

    So what was the topic in SS, Chas? I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a church where the men and women were divided like that, though I have heard of churches where SS’s are divided between marrieds and singles, age groups, etc. Our church meets together for SS, which is a Q&A time with the pastor or whomever preached that day, welcoming questions about the sermon but taking all issues; sort of an open forum.

    Our sermon yesterday was on 2 John, we’re coming close to finishing our survey of the whole Bible.

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  7. Well, the sun came up after all. The son was also late. After little girl went back to bed, I went outside and fed goats and sheep, including a bottle to baby goat because his mom does not have good mom genes. It is doing very well and was cavorting about its small pen. I kicked all of the other goats out. Now I am back and little girl is back up again and has had her breakfast as well.

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  8. The cat has eaten 3 times so far today, starting at around 5 a.m.

    We’re supposed to get light but widespread rain through the morning, some very low snow levels, but then comes the wind by afternoon.

    I’m listening to cars go by on the wet street, it reminds me of when life was “normal.” Today LA is going back into the “red tier” (the one below purple which is the most restricted tier that we’ve been stuck in for so long). That means some things can start opening up again in very limited ways — indoor dining, gymnasiums, some museums and zoos.

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  9. Morning! Someone in town said there was a beautiful sunrise….we didn’t see it here as it remains cloudy. They just opened the interstate and our county road so things are starting to move again. No plows have reached us as of yet….husband is trying to clear 2 and a half feet of snow from the driveway. One of the garage doors had a 5ft drift in front of it! Is Spring on the horizon ….. anyone?! 💐

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  10. LA never was “normal”. Having said that, I have only been to LA twice. That on business.
    It is cold and dreary in Greensboro.

    And it surely is lonesome around here. A guy from the church came by. I wouldn’t tell him, but it doesn’t help.

    The cookies surely are good.

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  11. Cookies always help!

    I went shopping at Sam’s and then drove all the way to Lowe’s, maybe three more miles, to get some ajuga. I would have bought more, but it looked like no one had been watering it. Only one of the six packs looked really good so I got it. The others looked okay but you never know.

    On the way home I went down the street where I grew up. It all looks so different that I can hardly distinguish the house I lived in until I went to college. Some of the smaller boxy houses have been replaced with bigger houses on the little lots. I really liked the design of the home directly across the street from my family’s former home. It was my favorite on the street. I had wanted to snap a photo of my best friend’s home to send her, and I found it hard to tell if I was thinking of the right one so I did not get a photo. I saw one house was completely removed from a lot so I wonder what will go up there. I kind of feel sad because I thought I might see something blooming at the house where I grew up, but there was nothing. We had flowering quince, forsythia, and something that looked like bridal veil that bloomed every spring.


  12. Chas, I suspect it does help at some level, Chas, though it certainly does not replace. Is he a widow also? Perhaps he understands the loneliness. Still has his wife? Perhaps he dreads the loneliness and you were able to encourage him.

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  13. A hot mug of tomato soup for lunch for me today.

    Another busy day for me, our city council member is going to run for la mayor in 2022, we’ve been anticipating this but it became effective today. Just had the phone interview but I’d already posted something first thing this morning

    The sun is out, but it’s still very chilly and quite windy.

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  14. Morning again all. Chas, I agree with Mumsee, perhaps you are the encourager. When you aren’t busy rousting us out and up around here.
    Just downloaded another worship service!


  15. So…I joined a Facebook group called Jewish Humor. Some people get upset at the jokes and stories that are told. I had been keeping a low profile, what with not being Jewish and all. Saturday night someone posted about people needed to light up, that he came there because he had some medical issues and needed some humor. I finally responded to him and told the whole thread I probably didn’t belong there but Jews were the last people left who could laugh at themselves. Please don’t kick me off. Someone else responded that I can stay, I’m problem the favorite anyway. I refrained from telling him I would bring the Sweet and Sour Pork to the next get together.

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  16. From a local FB thread about raccoon problems in one neighborhood:

    ~ We had a tail-less raccoon living in the rafters of my mom’s garage on XXnd Street. We chased him out with a broom and started to keep the side door closed after that. I know the damage and mess they create. My sister had a macaroni and bean California Mission school project stored on a shelf. That was a massacre. ~

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  17. Constructing a California mission has long been an elementary school staple out here, even going back to my childhood. My Catholic friend still has one of her daughters’ creations sitting in their living room. I think we also made paper mache Indian adobes in the 4th grade, surely banned by now.

    I’m guessing that statewide lesson plan is kaput — as the missions represent countless (and embarrassing) cultural, racial and religious failings to the modern mindset.

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  18. And I keep thinking it’s 2 and not 3 p.m.

    I’d prefer regular time, it seems more natural to me, but I also “get” the appeal (and enjoy it myself) of more daytime hours; I guess now that I work from home, though, I don’t notice the “early” evening darkness as much; and I hate dark mornings, as you all know!

    World Magazine did a survey and said it was evenly split between people who preferred standard time and those who preferred DST for the permanent solution. Someone suggested just changing the time by half an hour and leaving it at that permanently.

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  19. Now the gardener is here with machines roaring and the dogs barking — right when I’m expecting a call from a potential city council candidate or two

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  20. One of my Adorables made the traditional mission project last month (“You may NOT use a kit,” the teacher said). It took a lot of work and I asked her about it–but there were aspects they didn’t cover, like the Native Americans.

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  21. I don’t think it had anything at all to do with the time change, but that last three or four weeks have probably been the worst nights of sleep in a lifetime of insomnia, and last night I didn’t get to sleep at all until after 6:00. I was finally ready to doze off when it sounded like something was rustling beside the bed. Mouse? Probably not (we’ve never had mice here, and I doubt I’d hear it as several rustlings), but I kept hearing it. My husband had slept several hours and I hadn’t slept at all, so I woke him. He never heard it, he didn’t go back to sleep, I didn’t get to sleep anyway . . . but finally I dozed a little and then he went back to bed.

    I’m looking at getting a new camera or two (the other is barely working and very noisy, and they no longer make that model) and wasn’t planning to send the order information to my husband until today, but he asked about it last night and I told him I’d mostly made the decision for one, so he started researching secondary purchases (battery, warranty, etc.). And then I kept getting up in the night to look at one more thing. And now it turns out that the store that had one in stock yesterday doesn’t have one in stock today, so he has to find out where to buy it from. And I’m walking around half awake and just wanting bedtime to get here.

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  22. Morning, Chas. The rain came earlier here and it is calm now. I skipped the high school outdoor concert as I haven’t been feeling well. I did make it through the day and just napped and rested this evening. Oh, but the morning will bring market. Now we have to wear masks, even though it is obviously outdoors. Oh, well…


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