17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-20-21

  1. 😦 The sudden death of our friend.

    🙂 God’s grace and goodness to his spouse. He made sure they had a son living in the same park. He only moved down last year. She would have been lost without him. The hospital was very good to allow him in with his mother.

    😦 Our president’s depressing speech. I worry that his saying he cannot even guarantee things being back to normal by next Christmas is going to cause some people to end their lives. People need hope. Comparing what China does to cultural differences reveals such ignorance or lying that I cannot even begin to contemplate anyone saying such a thing.

    🙂 Our Founding Fathers were very wise in setting up three branches of government.

    🙂 God is on his throne and nothing is out of his control. He is a compassionate, gracious God. He is love, truth and all that is good comes from his hand.

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  2. Kathaleena, people need hope, but politics is the wrong place to look for hope–always has been. The Gospel is the hope for the world. Maybe God needs to show all of us, on both sides, that politicians aren’t our saviors before people are ready to look for true hope.

    😦 The family saga has had some new layers of ugliness in the last week and a half.

    😦 I’ve had four nights of sleeping poorly just this week, including being awake till 5:00 once (last night) and 7:00 once.

    🙂 My husband’s shingles are mostly faded and he said the pain is 75% gone.

    Even though we are several hours farther south, we have had the snowiest winter we’ve had in several years– 🙂 giving me the chance for some lovely photos of frost and snowflakes.

    😦 My camera is barely limping along and Canon has stopped making this model and also the model that replaced it.

    😦 I have been distracted and sleep deprived this week and not at all productive.

    🙂 I have been able to get to know, and encourage, a relatively new family member who has been quite discouraged. That’s not really a smiley face because she is still quite discouraged, but being able to support someone is good.


  3. Cheryl – I agree with you about our hope not coming from politics, but I would also say that as a leader, Biden needs to be more careful in his use of words. He needs to offer some kind of hope and encouragement.

    I am so sorry for what it going on with your family. 😦

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  4. amen, cheryl (re “politics”). But also to what Kizzie said about Biden’s remarks. Discourager in Chief. It really just doesn’t make sense, either.

    To the contrary, this piece quotes a Johns Hopkins physician who says the combination of natural and vaccinated immunity will bring some normalcy back by April, much sooner, he says, than many are predicting.



    Johns Hopkins Doctor Thinks COVID Will Be Largely Gone By April, Half of U.S. Has Herd Immunity

    Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, believes that the coronavirus will be “mostly gone” by April.

    In an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal on Friday, Makary argued that half of the U.S. has already reached herd immunity because there are more coronavirus cases in the country, possibly 6.5 times as many, than the 28 million that have been reported.

    Combined with the 15 percent of Americans who have already begun receiving the vaccine, the doctor argued that normal life will return by the spring. …

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  5. 🙂 Being able to spend 4 weeks with my grandsons. 🙂 And my daughter-in-law (and son).

    😦 Having to come back home yesterday

    🙂 The lovely thank you card from son & DIL. Wow, did my son marry up!!! I just wish we had been able to get to know her better sooner.

    😦 The losses here this week. 🙂 The hope of heaven!

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  6. 🙂 Saturday

    😦 This is so true (and I experience it too regularly), whether the exact circumstances are the same or not; the “sneakiness” of sin: “My sin seemed to sneak up on me again, like a stalker jumping out from behind the bushes. I was unprepared, but why? I was surprised, but shouldn’t have been. The instant change in my thinking, desires and emotions was shocking, I got angry in a situation where my anger was unexpected. Instead of wanting to serve, I suddenly wanted to win, to be affirmed as right. My voice got louder, my tone got sharper … My ability to communicate turned from a tool of help to a weapon of offense. I said unkind things and other things in an unkind way. … ” — Paul David Tripp

    🙂 The hope of the gospel

    🙂 Nothing lasts forever, not even this pandemic

    😦 Our nation seems to be teetering in disturbing ways

    😦 We need rain

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  7. A little thing: someone came to my door on a Saturday two weeks ago to tell me that my flatmate had hired him to mow the lawn and he would come that week to do it. Well, he has still not come. What causes the problem is that the high grass is full of seeds. Every time I leave the house my skirts and socks are full of seeds. i have to sit down and go all around my hem to remove them one by one.
    I have put off getting out the ladder to clean off the screen on the water tank, but it is time.


  8. I agree, Cheryl, politics is not at all like the hope of the gospel. Yet, in your post you say you gave encouragement to someone. I assume you were giving the person some hope for something better. We all need that and in many different ways, although our ultimate hope is in Christ.


  9. Kathaleena, I agree that leaders shouldn’t be discouraging their people, and I probably should have said that. But I’m concerned that for too long we have made politics too “ultimate.” We’re discouraged when the wrong guy is in office, encouraged when our guy is in office. Right now we have a president who knows little to nothing about medicine and who seems to be declining mentally. Why should his guesses about the future mean much of anything to anyone? I could go back to the previous two or three men in office and say much the same thing–being president doesn’t suddenly make someone knowledgeable and wise. Let what the president says (whoever is president at the moment) be background noise, not part of our daily conversation.

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  10. The president’s language can affect the economy. It probably matters what the president says regardless of his medical knowledge simply because he has the raw power to make it so: he can shut down the country, or much of it. His language may be signaling his (or his handlers’) intentions. That would be the concern in much of the negative language. This can affect the decision making and planning of businesses who will need to plan for contingencies. That’s not an insurmountable problem for the well-heeled, but smaller establishments operating on a tighter margin are left without needed guidance. It also affects some self-employed/small contractors. Even though it’s stressful, not everyone can afford to not pay attention, unfortunately. This was sometimes a problem with Trump’s tweets as well. Although, in Trump’s case, we could be confident of the agenda and the individual behind the voice. One never knows with Biden. :–/

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  11. You know not to trust it.

    I sit here and begin to doze off. (Don’t know if I really go to sleep.) Then!
    I wake up with a start and immediately think of going in to check on Elvera.
    It takes time,but I’ll get over it.

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