88 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-21

  1. For some reason the pics won’t post to the header. I think it’s the file type. So they’re in the post.

    Also I have a link Linda sent to yesterdays service for Elvera. I will post it if Chas says it’s OK. 🙂

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  2. I am reposting from late yesterday . . .
    Chas, I am glad you all were able to have the service and all be well enough to attend. It is a beautiful way in a Christian’s life to say farewell for the moment and recognize the highlights of a life well lived. I wish I could have attended.


  3. What an ugly picture!
    If not for the pretty girls Chas has, and another Charlie sitting beside him. That is the 4th generation of “Charlie” s, at least.

    I wrote her name in my Bible the first time I saw her.
    I was holding her hand when she died.

    That tells the story. Lots of in between. Some rough, mostly good, she was with me all the way.

    I want to thank you and every one else concerned.
    You have been lots of help, on the blog and off
    Other than kin, I don’t have anyone else now.
    I haven’t been to church in a year, but will attend tomorrow. And go out to eat, first time in a year. I have lots of food in the ‘frig. I just want to go out.

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  4. Burt. Lancaster! 😊 Such sweetness in those photos greeting us this morning! You bless us Chas and those little children next to you are absolute jewels…just look at those smiles! ♥️

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  5. Burt! And all those beautiful children! What a wonderful way to start the day.

    Actually, it started quite a while ago. I have been outside enjoying the day. Birds are singing and snow is probably less than eighteen inches in most places already. Possible rain today and then snow for the next week or so in the forecast. I love this time of year. Good morning.

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  6. My brother planted a blueberry bush, a whip as he called it, for me this a.m. I regretted telling Art that my brother would stop by to do that on his way to the office. I know Art’s priority is the office with the phone ringing and no one to answer among the many things left undone. It has rained the last five weekends so this was when my brother needed to get it planted on this bright sunny Saturday. Now I need to water it in. He
    said a gallon of water once a day for three days.

    Something is happening across the street. It involves a lot of cars and a big truck and now more cars. I would like to know what it is about but I won’t let curiosity kill the cat. Miss Bosley already got out once this morning while Brother and I were out. She sat on the mat by the door. It’s cold out so I think she wanted to stay close to her warm house.


  7. Chas, so glad you will be returning to church tomorrow and eating out. Our restaurants here remain closed, except for outdoor dining. I’m heading back to church as soon as I get that 2nd vaccine in my arm (which happens tomorrow afternoon).

    DONE with this pandemic already.

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  8. Love the pictures.

    I replied to Kevin’s question on yesterday’s prayer thread.

    A fleeting glimpse of Youngest and family today while delivering birthday gifts. They are growing up so fast.

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  9. OK,

    I received permission. 🙂


    “I thought some of the Wanders might like to see the Memorial service for Elvera. The first 2 or 3 minutes were before the service starts.

    Elvera memorial service was a sweet sweet time for our family.

    We are so thankful for each of you and your love for Charlie.”

    Linda S.


    Here’s the video link she sent us.


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  10. My church is closed again due to a staff member and his family having Covid, and we do not yet know if other church members may have picked it up at last Sunday’s service. We will have online service only.

    My friend, Florence, will finally be relieved that her sister’s graveside service will be tomorrow. That means that the neice who just lost her husband has to attend the funeral of the grandmother who raised her and her husband’s funeral all within the same week. This is truly a season of major sorrows.

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  11. What a beautiful memorial service, Chas. And Elvera’s legacy of love, hope, and life is with all of us here on the blog through you and what you have shared. I was singing along with Because He Lives and Miss Bosley was intrigued. Being in the church virtually reminded me of how we use to do church at my church. What a lovely setting and the pastor gave an excellent message. I am so thankful to have been able to view it. ♡

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  12. What a wonderful, hope-filled service for the dear Miss Elvera.

    Because He Lives was sung at my mom’s funeral over 20 years ago and I’ve had a hard time singing it without choking up ever since then. I just spent 4 weeks holding newborn babies…

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  13. Wonderful service and wonderful testimony to a life well lived for the King of Kings. Thanks, Chas and Linda. And now we know your family a bit better and are blessed for the knowing.

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  14. Chas, don’t disparage that picture. Yes, we can see the sadness and grieving on your face, but it is a reminder of your heritage and the joy some little ones are still finding in you.

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  15. Just back from the marathon birthday party. Adorable, 11, had a “bake something delicious” party wherein school friends came over yesterday and mixed up their entry outside and then Mom baked it while the girls played socially distanced games and rode bikes outside.

    Today, the cousins, and another family friend (11 children total), baked more, presented them, and then, everyone voted on the best dessert.

    Even though we were sitting there together (except for the friends from yesterday), voting was done via a Google document.

    Adorable 11 tallied the answers by hand and they were announced at a Zoom meeting attended by the friends with all the Saturday party people dancing and singing in the background.

    A fun day. I’m tired.

    Mini-lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting won the contest. They also won for best presentation since they had cocktail umbrellas on top. Delicious!

    My favorite, mini apple turnovers, came in second. Since it’s Lent I couldn’t taste any chocolate desserts, but they looked delicious.

    Do I really have to cook dinner, now? LOL

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  16. Chas thank you for sharing the video of the service with us…a special blessing to watch and to listen as your granddaughter shared her remembrances of her “nana”. Elvera has left her imprint upon many hearts and lives …. continued prayers over you during these coming days….

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  17. I went to church this morning.
    First time in a year. It seemed strange trying to sing through a mask. Just doesn’t seem right.
    The preacher took off his mask to preach.

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  18. Morning! I have been up since 2:30am…coffee in the wee hours of the morn seems to be oh so satisfying! As the dawn was breaking about 12 deer meandered through the snowy meadow out back..it was absolutely beautiful.
    Chas is it mandated to wear a mask during worship in NC? Here in CO most wear masks to enter the building but once seated they remove their masks. It would be awkward to sing with one on I would think. Glad you could attend church this morning… 😊


  19. I know of others who wear a mask for singing, since supposedly you are forcing more droplets out. But is is not easy, I imagine. I have enough trouble teaching with a mask on.


  20. The city church has the congregation wearing masks, including during singing and I can still hear them singing via the internet. The reason masks and singing are an issue is that early on in the pandemic, there were outbreaks connected to choirs who had otherwise observed precautions but still sang together unmasked and the theory was that singing spread potentially infected droplets further – article from May of last year: https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/health/coronavirus/does-singing-spread-coronavirus-choir-outbreaks-raise-concerns-1.4943265


  21. Chas, so glad you were able to go to church. And I’m glad they’re observing the mask protocol still, for now. When I was meeting last fall with our sister church, in their outdoor patio area, we all wore masks including when we sang — and it is possible to sing softly, it didn’t bother me particularly.

    And, for the time being, I accept that it remains necessary in these larger gatherings, especially indoors. Our church has 2 indoor services — one observing the protocols, the other allowing folks to “follow their conscience.” But with what was a recent surge out here, elders began to stress that masks were “strongly recommended” even for that freer service. As I said, we’ve had a number of cases sweeping through out congregation in recent months. The pastor of our sister church — young (late 30s) and healthy, a surfer — said it was nothing to mess around with. For older people, it’s potentially much more serious.

    When I return to in-person church following my full vaccination, I’ll likely still go for the earlier service where masks and social distancing (you need to reserve via email ahead of time) are still being observed.

    But I’m looking forward to a time, which I think may be within months, when we’ve finally turned the corner and can breathe (and sing) a little easier.

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  22. Coach cooked for Nightingale at his house last evening (the second time he has done that). His mom popped by to say hi, and Coach realized his mom had had a bit to drink, so insisted that she stay to dinner and not drive for a while. She protested that she didn’t want to intrude on his date with Nightingale (whom she proclaimed to be beautiful 🙂 ), but Coach insisted.

    According to Nightingale, he said something like, “I’ll have plenty of other evenings with [Nightingale], hopefully for the rest of my life.” Needless to say, Nightingale was kind of shocked by that, but not in a negative way.

    After Coach-Mom was talking too much to Coach as he tried to cook dinner, he told her to go in the living room and watch TV, but she said she didn’t know how to work his remote. So Nightingale went in with her and put on Netflix. Nightingale asked her if she had ever seen the show Good Girls, which she enjoys.

    Coach-Mom jokingly replied that there is no such thing as a good girl, to which Nightingale replied, “You haven’t met my mom.” 😀

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  23. And ‘liking’ also pulls up my full name, so somehow the personal and work accounts are still cross-pollinating.

    Forgive me if my ‘likes’ are newly quite rare going forward


  24. It looks like Coach may be getting serious, but Nightingale is still playing it cool. She likes him a lot, and they get along great, but she doesn’t want to rush into anything, which is wise.

    My friend “Nadia”, a single woman (divorced for many years, kids just finished growing up) of about 50 writes on Facebook that she is content to stay single. She says that she doesn’t want a boring relationship, but that she wants grand passion and excitement in a relationship, or why bother.

    I told Nightingale about that, and she said, “Boring is good! Give me boring!” (Or something very similar to those words.) She knows that passion and excitement do not last, but that commitment and companionship do. Good for her!

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  25. I did my usual church by Facebook Live. I have mixed emotions about the sermon. It was about Judas being on the wrong side of history, and it worked around to bring in the history of Southern Baptists beginning as a congregation based on the desire to send missionaries who were slave owners out with the gospel message. I had heard several years back that there could be a renaming of the Southern Baptists which makes sense, but I wonder if the pastor was getting at something more fundamental and drastic. I am left wondering. He was preaching on Judas because that was where we had gotten to in our church wide reading in the New Testament.

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  26. From the 2nd link:

    ~ On the agenda are two items reflecting those divisions: A recommendation that a church in Kennesaw, Georgia, be ousted from the SBC because it accepted LGBTQ people into its congregation, contravening Southern Baptist doctrine; and a report by an executive committee task force criticizing the widely respected leader of the SBC’s public policy arm, the Rev. Russell Moore. Among the grievances against Moore: His outspoken criticism of Donald Trump during Trump’s 2016 election campaign and his presidency. ~

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  27. Also from the 2nd link, cont’d

    ~ Moore has been president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, or ERLC, since 2013. Though staunchly conservative on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, he has gained an audience outside the SBC with his speeches and writings, including criticism of Trump, condemnation of Christian Nationalism and support for a more welcoming immigration policy.

    After the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, Moore wrote on his blog, “This week we watched an insurrection of domestic terrorists, incited and fomented by the President of the United States.” If he were a member of Congress, Moore wrote, he would vote to remove Trump from office even if it cost him his seat.

    The task force’s report on Moore doesn’t demand his ouster but urges him and other ERLC leaders to refrain from opposing specific candidates for political office and to limit their public comments to positions already established in SBC doctrine and resolutions.

    The Rev. Mike Stone, the task force chairman, said the ERLC under Moore’s leadership has been a “significant source of division” jeopardizing contributions to the SBC from its 47,000 affiliated churches.

    Moore, who has declined public comment on the report, is likely to retain his post, at least for the short term. ~

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  28. Janice I keep typing in your name on MeWe and it always comes up nothing found. I even hit the link you sent and it would not connect me. I think I have a total of 2 friends on that thing!
    Kizzie Coach wooing your girl is a sweet beginning. I pray for them on this journey…foremost that they would know the One who loves them most ❤

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  29. I must admit that I sit in the front corner of church next to the window, which have louvers, but are open. Then I lift my mask from the side when I sing. So I am still covered on the side where people are. Of course those people are over six feet away and I am singing towards the window. I just can’t sing through a mask. Of course I didn’t know many of the songs so sang softly with the mask on for those.
    okay, you can shoot me know.

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  30. We aren’t aloud to sing, recite prayers, or sit near each other in church.

    I don’t mind sitting far apart (only 25% of the allowed by law number is allowed in church, so about 40 people), but to not be able to sing or “chant” is intolerable.

    We’re outside—it was 41 when we went to church at 9, currently 61 at 1:30 with gorgeous blues skies—so I wore boots and a ski jacket.

    But I could sing!.

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  31. Ok, 2nd shot done. My editors also are glad, I’m guessing; I will now be able to go out on in-person stories more easily. The company has been pretty strict about not sending folks out if they have risk factors, including being in those age groups.

    I think “soft singing” is a skill mastered by many churches underground.

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  32. I love singing but am ok keeping it low-key for now, I guess. It’s temporary.

    I’d think for outdoor services there wouldn’t be so much of an issue, as long as social distancing was also being practiced? We sang in our outdoor service at the sister church, but masks were required as well — along with social distancing between family groups.

    It’s all a shot in the dark.

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  33. Janice I have spent the last 15 minutes trying find “my account settings” on MeWe…I cannot find it! When I looked at inviting contacts I tried your and Peter’s names and it says “not found”…then I thought I would copy my link for invites…so here it is… Come join me on MeWe! It’s the only social network built on trust, control and love. https://mewe.com/i/njillsmith
    Is there something I’m missing? I am so not good at this! 🙃


  34. Most readership audiences (for those of us who use these platforms for work purposes) remain FB and Twitter. Over time, that could evolve or change, but they remain the go-to social media sites for sharing distributing secular journalism.

    I don’t use either for personal posts (maybe very rarely). I’m burned out on all social media in so many ways and think the genre can simply do more harm than good to much of the time.

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  35. I do not like soup. I rarely eat soup. Maybe a can of Campbell’s tomato or chicken noodle about once a year. Kim posted a link to a soup recipe and it sounded good for some reason. I tried it sort of with lots of trade outs. It was very good and I am making soup almost every day now and eat it for breakfast and dinner. Today’s was ham broth, yellow split peas, an onion, two carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, sour dough dumplings with some salt and pepper and thyme. It was very good Tastes change, I suppose. But I suspect Chas and a few others would not have gone near it.

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  36. We sit on chairs in the community center adjoining the library. Some wear masks, some do not, some part of the time. We sing, we pray, we laugh, we share, we sorrow, we listen to the Word. About fourteen of us this morning.

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  37. Janice, your 4:24, you asked, “Does anyone know those who had Covid who would be considered Long Haulers?”

    Yes, AJ on the blog, and my brother-in-law. I also know two people who have died from it and have some friends who have it now.

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  38. DJ, my online Bible study leader has been very successful in getting new followers joining in our Bible study. She is s Christian author. She recently has asked everyone to get on her website email list and she now has a MeWe account because she anticipates based on notices received from FB that she may not be allowed to continue there. She is not doing/posting anything political, only straight Bible teaching. Sad, but wise, to relocate due to threats. It seems similar to me from being kicked off of World Mag blog with little notice time. Yes, it is taking a lot of time to rebuild our followings. Thankful that you have no need to do so. I just don’t want to lose track of these Christians, especially since I am a reviewer of some of their books.


  39. I am on FB primarily to keep in contact with extended family members. They aren’t going anywhere so neither am I. I get FB feed from Dr. Mohler, Dr. Moore, Bible Gateway, World magazine, none of which have been limited or blocked on FB. Some of my friends and family constantly share political and cultural memes from the right wing, and none of them are stopped in doing so, and several of my family members have been openly skeptical of the pandemic, and share links to their conspiracy theories, all about Bill Gates and the ‘Plandemic’ with impunity. I get thoroughly sick of seeing their posts, they share so much. Never seen it be blocked.

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  40. They are relatives, and also share things from their personal lives that I am interested in. I am mature enough to separate the value of people from the value of their personal opinions.

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  41. Roscuro, that is good. I am not. That is why I got off of Facebook. I got tired of watching my children act foolishly and pour out profanity and obscenities. They are relatives of mine but there was nothing they shared that I was interested in. Figured it was best to just not see it and get sad for them.

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  42. Well, so far, I’ve only seen the relative who’s veering into heresy use an obscenity to voice his opinion of the public health measures in place for his protection. Was a bit surprised at him. We were brought up good Baptists, we were: no drinking, no dancing, no going to movies, and no cussing; and that last is the only one I would consider to be truly a point of Godly living, the others being just legalism.


  43. FB is still where most of our local residents congregate and share local news. So it’s helpful still to me for that purpose.

    The election period has made some of FB annoying as both sides just can’t let go and continually go at it. People on opposite sides will sometimes challenge themselves to refrain from posting about politics for a certain number of days in a good natured attempt to calm the waters. All the rest of us like those contests. 🙂

    Far right posts would annoy me as much as the far left posts do. LOL I’ve learned mostly to just “scroll on by” the politics — it’s somewhat interesting to see how it has become an obsession with some people.

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  44. Janice, 8:27, yes, I’m familiar with it. My husband mentioned his concerns with it a few years ago. It seems (among other things) to be in line with the false idea that prayer is a two-way conversation. (In contrast with that idea: God speaks to us through His Word. Yes, He can bring His Word to our mind, but those who are looking for prayer to be a two-way conversation don’t seem to mean that; they seem to want something “new” and not the written Word of God.)

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