48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-19-21

  1. Good morning.

    Chas, I hope the memorial be blessed with memories of all the years with Elvera. With all my relatives who have gone before, their funerals were a time of blessed memories of how precious they were to the rest of us and how thankful we were to have had them in our lives.

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  2. Good morning to the Early Birds. I am glad I did not have to eat those worms~~~~~

    We are suppose to be given a break from rain today. It will be in the 40s, about 10 degrees less than our average for Feb.


  3. I agree with Kizzie, we can certainly be lonely. We only have to look to Adam, who had no one like himself in his life. God said it was not good for man to be alone. Thus God created a woman for him.

    I hope you feel blessed at the service for Elvera today. She was certainly a beautiful woman going by the pictures I have seen and she seems to have been beautiful inside, as well, judging by your own comments, Chas. May you feel God’s amazing comfort and his peace beyond understanding.

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  4. Good Morning….Chas we are thinking of you and your family this day as you say so longs to your bride. May this time of reflection bring comfort in the knowing that it has been our Lord’s perfect plan in your lives. Your story has touch so many and we are thankful to have been blessed through it all… ♥️

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  5. Good morning for real this time. A beautiful day here. Snowing earlier. I took a picture of a tree I planted years ago,totally encased in ice about four inches thick all the way from ground up. It is just a small tree in a corner and looks amazing.

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  6. Thanks everyone.
    We had a nice service. Lots of people were there, but I suspect mostly friends of Chuck. He is a long time resident/member here. Few know us.
    But that’s reason enough.
    And a nice family gathering afterwards at Chuck’s home.
    Now? Life goes on, as they say. I don’t know what, really.

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  7. Chas, you will be okay. And you will see her again soon. And we will get to meet her and you. But for now, just rest and read your Bible. Do you have an audio Bible or can you still read the written Word?

    When my mom passed away, my dad grieved of course, though he had done that for several years already. He also did some home projects he had been putting off. Put up wainscoting in the living room. Then took up square dancing, played some more tennis and golf, went to the woods. Things he had not thought much about doing when mom was sick. He even became a City Council member.

    There are still things for you to do, Chas. You will find them. In their time. Meanwhile, rest, eat well, enjoy your family, call on them. And hang out with us before you get too busy.

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  8. Thanks everyone. I did not speak, but I noticed the preacher used verbatum -a lot that I told him a couple of days ago.
    I am just resting now. It has been tough on a 90-year old man.

    I say this, not to be macabre, but I hope to join her soon. There is not much left for me down here.
    After the service we had a reception. I noticed that all my kin seem to be on the right path.
    I also noticed that Chuck (61 years old)seems to be the leader of the clan now. That is good.

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  9. Chas, totally understandable. I have been ready to go for some time myself. But I know God still has use for me here or I would be there. Same with you and you know it.

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  10. I am glad that it went well, Chas. Seeing that clan leadership in your son is a blessing. I have been praying for that in my family. My oldest son in law does not have very good health, but before i left, as I went over to say goodbye, he asked for my hand and kissed the back of it and told me he would be praying blessings for me. Not something that he ever would have done in the past, but God is working.

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  11. All in God’s timing, Chas. There’s surely more to come — as long as he keeps us here.

    “Clan,” I like that, takes me right back to Braveheart lol

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  12. Braveheart might be worth watching if you can put up with vulgar language. I understand that some of those words were not considered vulgar in William Wallace’s time.

    From some reading I did years ago after seeing the movie, I gather it’s not very accurate historically. But it was a good story.

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  13. Ah, yes, those were the reasons I did not watch it. Husband said he wasn’t going to as it was a lot of strong language (remember, he was in the Navy) and fighting. Third son got it and left it here. Maybe some day.


  14. busily making meals for folks who will be returning this week on the next and last world hunger program flight.
    have to have it all done by tomorrow as no one is allowed into the homes within three days of their arrival. lots of quarantine rules to follow.

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  15. My children, especially two of the girls (the twins mom and the mom living here) have very coarse tongues but they know to keep it away from husband and from me. Amazing how they can turn it on or off. One of the many reasons I dropped FB was so as to not read their stuff and be disappointed for them.

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  16. And the violence (in Braveheart) — I think I’ve made it part way through a couple times, but tend to bail out at some point. It’s intense.

    I like Mel Gibson but a couple of his things are a little over the top for me.


  17. Braveheart wasn’t at all accurate. The Princess Isabella was a mere child and still in France, not yet married to the future Edward II, when Wallace was executed. And Wallace, who was a brutal man by all accounts, wasn’t the real hero of Scottish independence. Robert the Bruce was, who was very unjustly treated in Gibson’s film. And the right of prima nocta is wholly manufactured by purulent minds – no medieval jurisdiction had such a law, certainly not the English or the Scottish. I watched the film years after its release, after all the hype had died done, and found it cringeworthy. Edward I was a far more complex, and interesting, character than the endlessly evil villain he is portrayed as in the film. It is thanks to him that English speaking countries have a legislative tradition, as he instituted the first Parliament. The film was like watching a hormonal teenager’s drawing of history.

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  18. I never saw Braveheart. As I recall, it came out the same year as Rob Roy, and everyone but me seems to have seen Braveheart and not Rob Roy (the same story with two different tellings, as I understand). World magazine reviewed Rob Roy and said it had a very pro-life message (which it did), but they failed to mention it was rated R and had a lot of sex. No total nudity, but several titillating scenes. I went with a guy friend who had a very coarse vocabulary and who didn’t have any qualms about R-rated movies, and he said it was the most sexual movie he’d ever seen, so it was rather embarrassing and otherwise unpleasant and I was disappointed World had been so incomplete.

    My standard has always been I don’t watch PG-13 or R unless I know “why” it is rated that way and have read at least one positive review (ideally more than one) from someone I respect. Had I known it was rated R I would have looked into it more carefully, but I didn’t know it was, and up to that point I assumed a positive review in World was enough.


  19. Cheryl, in the days of video cassettes, one could fast forward those scenes, which is what we did with Braveheart. A cousin had the misfortune to have seen it in a setting where that couldn’t be done and found it really embarassing. We liked epic historical setting films (we even watched ‘Gettysburg’ and ‘Gods and Generals’ repeatedly), but were always glad to find ones without the requisite ‘bedroom’ scene, such as ‘Master and Commander’.

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  20. Speaking of ratings, I just fired off my letter to the local newspaper. Frustrating that every week when the children go to the library, I have to reject at least one. Teen reading is not a healthy genre. There are some good books but there is a lot of garbage. We point them out to the librarians but nothing they can do. So we keep watching.

    This time, daughter checked out six rather than the allowed five because she feared that one would be rejected. I am glad she is noticing and starting to recognize. Now to be able to say no on her own…..

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  21. Mumsee, it definitely isn’t a healthy genre. It’s considered the expected thing that it push the boundaries . . . and that was true even before this transsexual fad.


  22. Chas, I am glad you all were able to have the service and all be well enough to attend. It is a beautiful way in a Christian’s life to say farewell for the moment and recognize the highlights of a life well lived. I wish I could have attended.


  23. Most young adult novels aren’t – mature adults would have trouble reading them. The best young adult novels I ever read were by an author now sadly mostly out of print, Rosemary Sutcliff. Her most well known book ‘ The Eagle of the Ninth’ recently inspired two somewhat mediocre historical epic films, ‘Centurion’ and ‘The Eagle’, which both entirely failed to do justice to the atmosphere of the book. She also wrote adult level novels, which I do not really recommend. But her young adult historical fiction is superb for its grasp of how it feels to be alive, and her summaries of great historical epics like The Iliad -‘Black Ships before Troy’ – and The Odyssey – ‘The Wanderings of Odysseus’ – Beowulf, and the Arthurian legends – ‘The Light Beyond the Forest’, ‘The Sword and the Circle’, and ‘The Road to Camlan’ – are excellent introductions to some of the foundational works of Western literature.


  24. I am home after four weeks of snuggling babies, and helping with daily chores. Everyday was absolutely exhausting 🙂 The hours flew by, before we knew it, it was time to feed them again or change them or burp them. Almost never ending. My sweet daughter in law and I had some wonderful conversations and it was so nice getting to know her better. I am praying for her as she now has no afternoon baby care for her nap so that she can get enough sleep when the babies keep her awake at night. My son gave me the longest, tightest hug as I was leaving and dear DIL was in tears as she said good bye. I may be able to go back in a week or two to help out again. Hoping and praying that the boys will start sleeping longer during the night.

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  25. That is so fun, Kare! And so exhausting.

    Every time I think how hard it is with twins, I am reminded of a couple in our church. They had two boys, then the genetically challenged twins and then another set of twins. I cannot imagine their household. I know the two sets of grandparents (well one and a half, one of the grandma’s died long ago) spend a lot of time there. Though the single grandpa (our old pastor) was deployed to a Mercy Ship off of Senegal as a school teacher for a year. But God gives to those where He desires. I always liked the idea of twins but not sure we all would have survived.

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