72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-26-21

  1. Good morning.
    I worked yesterday and the internal alarm clock is confused.

    Yesterday Keven asked why, if only 54% of the vaccine is distributed, there is concern about running out. That is because even though not all the vaccine has yet been distributed, there is not yet enough doses manufactured to vaccine enough of the population to create herd immunity. Therefore, while individuals may be receiving protection for themselves, it will be much longer until the population as a whole is protected. And while the population is unprotected, cases will keep going up and health systems will continue to be overwhelmed. Basically, the vaccine is meant to get the rate of infection under control, by vaccinating more people than have had the virus, and the doses available are nowhere near that number. Canada has had millions of doses delayed in delivery because Pfizer has developed a supply chain problem.

    Speaking of the vaccine, some wealthy people are cue jumping, even though they are not on the priority list, and this Canadian millionaire’s attempt takes the cake for sheer selfishness: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55805907


  2. Good morning.
    Interesting info to crank up the day Roscuro. We had storms in the night and are under a tornado watch. That’s what happens when the temperature is expected to hit 70 in January. I think I worked the storm into my dreaming somehow because I knew it happened but I did not fully awaken.

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  3. Morning! It is 7 degrees in this forest with a fresh couple of inches of snow on the ground. All schools called off, roads are a mess with dense fog. Thankful for this warm cozy house and coffee!

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  4. Good morning.
    I think.
    Elvera is still in bed. A helper is with her now.
    We are waiting for a nurse to come about 11:00
    Don’t know what is wrong. She just doesn’t want to get up.

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  5. My friend Florence whose sister died told me that they can’t talk to the funeral director until Feb. 9 in Fort Worth. She said the hospitals all have refrigerated trucks sitting by their facilities with bodies waiting . . . so sad.

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  6. Praying for you Chas and asking the Lord to minister to your precious bride this morning. ♥️
    It is snowing lightly once again…the stark contrast of the whitest of white snow against the dark pine bark is breathtaking. Frosty pine needles, branches topped with snow… I am enjoying this wintry morning! … and At Calvary is playing in the background … 😊

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  7. We are expecting a few inches of snow today, a little later. Not sure yet if school will be dismissing early, but I don’t think so.

    Sometime in the middle of the night, I was having a dream in which a terrible wind was blowing through an open window, and stuff was blowing all over the place. As I tried, in my dream, to close the window, I was awakened by the sound of my radio/alarm clock falling on the floor with a loud clunk. Apparently, as I was dreaming about trying to close the window, I had reached out and acted out the action on my radio/alarm clock, knocking it off my nightstand. 😀

    It was quite startling to be awakened that way! It had me feeling a little nervous for a bit, but I settled down fairly quickly and went back to sleep.

    Reminds me of the time I was dreaming about having to give a ball flying at me a really hard kick. Unfortunately, I acted out that one, too, and kicked poor Hubby in the behind. I thought it was hilarious (and am laughing now, as I do every time I remember it), but boy, was he mad!

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  8. My friend Karen sent me an Amazon gift book. It was inside one of their beautiful drawstring gift bags. The book title is Love Poems From God. It is a collection of poetry form Rabia, St. Francis of Assisi, Rumi, Meister Eckhart, St. Thomas Aquinas, Hafiz, St. Catherine of Sienna, Kabir, Mira, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and Tukaram. It is compiled by Daniel Ladinsky and published by Penguin Books. It is a beautiful book but not what I would have chosen to read. I will enjoy some of it if not all. I would have preferred more distinctly Christian poetry, but there is understanding to be gained by reading from other times and cultures.

    Sorry, Michelle, for the awful post. I did not mean to cross post with Chas like that either!

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  9. I once hit my hubby in my sleep. I was dreaming and did not mean to do it, but I really was peeved with him about something. Maybe this is why we should not go to bed angry? 😉

    Kim, so sorry to hear about you and yours testing positive. 😦

    Roscuro, we also may have to drive in bad weather. It is inevitable where we live, but it is one thing to do it when necessary and another to do it just because we want to do so. We had a young man with a family die trying to get home from work at the same time my husband came home. I would always prefer someone staying put than dying. One of the problems today is that the weather reporters seem to make everything ‘dangerous’ these days. It is difficult to tell when it really is dangerous to be out. One good thing is that we can easily check out several different sites and actually see the radar ourselves. That is a blessing.


  10. It actually is unusual for people to be able to move when they are dreaming, because REM sleep, the sleep state where dreams take place, takes place when the rest of the body is effectually paralyzed. Sleepwalking does not involve dreaming. Acting out while dreaming is considered a parasomnia, a sleep disorder. It actually has a title, REM behaviour disorder (RBD). My maternal grandfather had RBD induced by medication. For decades after his wartime experiences, his doctor had prescribed him a medication (I believe it was a barbiturate) to treat what we would now recognize as PTSD. After so many years of taking the drug, he began to have violent dreams that he acted out in his sleep. More than once, my grandmother awakened to him trying to strangle her. The doctor took him off the pills, and it stopped.

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  11. We have a library just down the road. The problem is that there is no good place to park on that road. I am always tempted (when we don’t have snow) to stop, though. There are several in town also.

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  12. Roscuro – It doesn’t surprise me that I have a sleep disorder. Many with Moebius have a sleep disorder of one kind or another.


  13. When dogs try to “run” or bark in their sleep, does that mean they have a sleep disorder, or is it because dogs and humans are different when they sleep?


  14. Kizzie, I know animals can dream, but I don’t know much more than that. But a quick search reveals that the REM pattern is pretty much the same for all mammals. I wonde what whales’ dreams are like? Their fathoms deep watery environment alone would be enough to give me nightmares.

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  15. Although the things I mentioned were the most apparent of what happens sometimes when I dream, there are other times when I have been aware of waking up to find that my hand or arm was moving as it had been in a dream. In the winter, I then quickly stash my arm back under the covers to warm back up.


  16. A couple months into our marriage I awakened to having my husband’s hand completely covering my face and he was squeezing my face! He was sound asleep and snoring loudly. It was at that point I though perhaps those twin beds they have in old movies weren’t such a bad idea! 😂

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  17. Nineteen year old chose today to decline going to her worker’s house. She knew we had plans to run up to Moscow to visit my dad for the first time since November, now that we are baby free. Since I go nowhere and they go nowhere, it is a safe visit. So we are not going. Husband will run up to check on them but I am here with nineteen and fourteen and thirteen and one.


  18. Kizzie, the pastor who married us and his wife tell the story of a dream he had. In the dream he tackled and pinned down an intruder in their house. Then he woke up to find he was on top of his wife pinning her down and she was crying out, “Rich, what are you doing?!”.

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  19. As far as dogs dreaming, I notice our dogs do seem to have running and barking dreams, but the actions are always muted, tiny little woofs and leg twitches, not full running motions. So it does seem that the paralysis works for them too.

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  20. Roscuro, back to my question yesterday why, if only 54% of the vaccine is distributed, there is concern about running out. I don’t think it’s just that there isn’t enough vaccine for everyone yet. I’m hearing news reports about governors saying they are mere days from having none left at all, and reports about appointments being cancelled because there’s none left. They sound like they have almost none left, yet according to the Bloomberg tracker every state (at least as of yesterday) still has a lot left.


  21. NancyJill – Something similar happened with Hubby, also just a couple months into our marriage. I woke up to someone forcefully holding onto my head and kind of yelling/screaming. For a moment or so, I honestly thought that a crazy man had broken into our apartment and was attacking me. It was terrifying! Then I could hear Hubby’s voice through the yelling, and woke him up.

    He vaguely thought that he’d had a bad dream about somebody coming into our room. This episode scared me a lot more than it did him. He could have gone right back to sleep, but my heart was beating fast, and I still felt scared – and wide awake!

    So we went downstairs (we had a small townhouse type of apartment – pretty cute), made some tea, and put the TV on for a while. It took me a while to calm down and feel like going to sleep again. He never did that again, thank God!

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  22. You people worry me.

    The wind was so bad here yesterday they actually had to divert some container ships down the coast as it was too crazy anchoring outside our breakwater.

    Now the editors keep changing their minds on a story I’m supposed to do today, there’s something wrong with those people, too.

    And the cat is knocking things off the kitchen island, demanding her 4th feeding already.

    My dogs whimper and twitch sometimes in their sleep also.

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  23. At least the neighbors have settled down, they are babysitting the 2-year-old niece and she and auntie were out calling “LI-LU! LI-LU!” in high shriek-y tones (calling the kitten). That caused my dogs to start barking nonstop from inside the house.

    Now the aunt is yelling at their dog, Phoebe (Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe!) in high angry tones. “Get in the house! NOW!” Oy.

    It’s been a jarring morning.

    And it’s only Tuesday?

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  24. Kizzie that is quite a shocker to be awakened like that isn’t it? I recall thinking “what have I married”?!! 😂
    When our dogs whimper/bark and twitch in their sleep we always wondered just what they were chasing in their dreams. If we awakened Babe from her dream she would squint her eyes and appears as though she was smiling…how I miss that girl….

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  25. I have erased what I’ve typed on “the subject” several times now.

    I’m trying very hard not to get cynical–it’s a problem for me and I prayed about it this morning–and therefore, sigh, I think I’ll just revert back to my work and leave you all guessing. 🙂


    Nixile alert on anticipated flooding potential. They’re over-preparing us for the storm headed this way.

    But, maybe I’ll take a walk first if I’m going to be locked in my house . . . . oh, no, here I return to cynicism . . . because of THE WEATHER for several days.

    It never rains in California . . .

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  26. Re vaccine availability here, got this from a church friend this morning about his wife who …

    “… has spent two days now, trying to find a place where, when, and if, she and I can get the vital shot. It has turned into a sort of Alice in Wonderland adventure (?) of getting nowhere fast.

    We’re even willing to travel long distances (well, not Las Vegas!) to get it – but nothing. She filled out a multipage document just now for Hollywood Pres only to find out that when she reached the line that said “Appointments,” there were NONE.

    Yet we keep hearing about “millions to be vaccinated in two days (or whatever)” only to face the reality that it makes one wonder that what they said – was/is not true.

    There is no vaccine available.

    Further and further down the proverbial rabbit hole.


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  27. Rain will come again later this week — just in time for our outdoor dining to re-open for the first time since November.


  28. Kevin, if the vaccine was delivered to everyone that needed it efficiently, which it is not, there would always be only days left, because there are far more people who need it than there are doses manufactured. Also, don’t forget that each health unit will have only so many doses and could well run out quickly. To give an example from here, the territory of Nunavut recently got a supply of vaccine doses and sent out social media notices to alert people that the vaccine was available and how to contact them if you wanted the vaccine. Except, there were only a few thousand doses (5000, I believe) and the territory has a population of about 35,000 people. Clearly, if everyone decided they were interested, not everyone was going to be able to get the vaccine, and they would quickly run out of those doses.

    N.B. the entire Inuit population is considered vulnerable due to extremely high rates of chronic respiratory disease – TB is still endemic there – so the entire population of Nunavut is eligible for priority vaccine. That is how that millionaire got his vaccine, because the community he flew into and claimed to be working in, is a First Nations community, so all inhabitants, whether First Nations or non-First Nations, are eligible in order to protect the First Nations, who like the Inuit, are considered extremely vulnerable.

    You see, this kind of vaccine program has never been tried before. Smallpox was a regularly scheduled vaccine in many parts of the world before the worldwide eradication program went into effect, so the worldwide eradication program did not have to vaccinate the entire world population at once. Also, the smallpox vaccine was a lot older (being one of the first ever created) and simpler to deliver than these new RNA vaccines. The near eradication of polio depended on a buildup of decades of childhood vaccine programs, so once again, not a blanket vaccination of the entire world. Childhood vaccine programs themselves only cover a relatively small portion of the population (those that are recently born) in any given year, and so supplies are based on projected birth rates. The COVID vaccine program is attempting something that has never been done before, and the problems that are being discovered along the way are myriad. The reason for the problem in the Pfizer supply line is because Pfizer is trying to expand its manufacturing facilities in Belgium in order to produce more of the vaccine faster, but in order to expand, it has to temporarily shut down its already existing facility.

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  29. Yes Mumsee…ammo not available or if one happens to find it the price is crazy! I have a husband who likes to target shoot at the gun range….and he enjoys pheasant hunting at the club where our neighbor has a membership and is a hunting guide. He’s going to have to find a new hobby enjoyment I think…

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  30. DJ, the population in LA alone is about 4 million. The logistics of vaccinating a population like that are enormous. There is already a shortage of healthcare personnel, meaning that finding people to administer those vaccines is a problem.

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  31. roscuro, understood — I think part of the problem also is the signup process, we were told one could “register” online and then be notified of available appointments, but there seems to be no way to do that once we go to the websites; they lead you through several questions then at the end there are no appointments but there’s no way to register anywhere that we can see.

    I’m OK with waiting a while, I’m thinking it might just make more sense to wait a couple more months when (presumably? but maybe not?) things will be moving more smoothly and there will be more supplies?

    Council aide downtown told me today he managed to get an appt for his mom at Dodger stadium this week but agreed the process is really cumbersome — and the questions about the followup 2nd shots are worrisome as folks are kind of left hanging on that point.


  32. The fact that we are here tells me that AJ is around somewhere.
    He shows up on the politics thread more often. But I haven’t checked today.
    Been busy. Not doing anything, but it takes a long time to do it.
    Lots of company too.
    Elvera is still in bed.

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  33. Thinking of you Chas & Elvera. Keep us posted.

    And how are Kim and Mr. P today?

    I have to conduct a phone interview with an economics ‘expert’ in a few minutes and the story idea (from my editor) is rather vague, which never makes it easy.

    It’s cold here (50), but sunny and not super windy like it was yesterday. Maybe it’ll snow in our yards with the next storms coming in by Wednesday night.

    The Doomsday Clock people are having a news conference tomorrow morning, I suppose that means the clock will be moving closer to midnight for an atomic bomb to be set off by someone, somewhere.

    Lots of stress in the world right now.

    — Along with quite a bit of insecurity, instability and vulnerability (to both inside & outside threats) in the U.S.

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  34. Ok, awkward interview done. Ugh.

    It’s called trying to come up with a story by rubbing two sticks together — and just hoping there’s a spark in there somewhere.

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  35. So glad that help is there, Chas. Thanks for the Christmas card. I asked my friend to take a picture of it for me, but she had already sealed it in an envelope to mail here. She kept the enclosure to deal with

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  36. Miss Bosley does the twitches and such while dreaming. Sometimes I hear a momentary low growl type sound. And once in awhile she jumps straight up like getting out of the way of something, perhaps nightmares of dogs she has seen from her carrier at the vet’s office?


  37. I am beginning a Precept study in Esther this evening. I have one of those Precept Bibles I got secondhand so I may decide to try the highlighting method with it. I am about to look at it and decide. It may be required to use that method for the class.

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  38. Just received a NIXILE alert that because we are in the scar area from the Glass Fire we are under a potential evacuation alert.

    I can see the hillside from the room across the hall–which is currently covered in cute green grass.

    The rain has now started.

    My colleague is married to a fire fighter and he was called in to work in case of needed evacuation.

    I think I may cry.

    I didn’t scan the photos . . .

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  39. I can’t remember if I posted earlier or not. I took Mr P to Mobile infirmary around 10 this morning. He just sent a text that he has bilateral pneumonia.

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  40. Oh no Kim, I’m sorry — that sounds uncomfortable and potentially serious. Are they going to be able to keep him somewhere?


  41. From WSJ:

    New Playbook for Covid-19 Protection Emerges After Year of Study, Missteps

    Mask-wearing, good air flow and frequent rapid tests are more important than surface cleaning, temperature checks and plexiglass. Scientists say America needs to double down on protection protocols as potentially more-contagious coronavirus variants take hold and vaccines are slow to roll out.

    Scientists are settling on a road map that can help critical sectors of the economy safely conduct business, from meatpacking plants to financial services, despite the pandemic’s continued spread.

    After nearly a year of study, the lessons include: Mask-wearing, worker pods and good air flow are much more important than surface cleaning, temperature checks and plexiglass barriers in places like offices and restaurants. And more public-health experts now advocate wide use of cheap, rapid tests to detect cases quickly, in part because many scientists now think more than 50% of infections are transmitted by people without symptoms.

    The playbook comes after months of investigations on how the coronavirus spreads and affects the body. Scientists combined that with knowledge gained from years of experience managing occupational-health hazards in high-risk workplaces, such as factories and chemical plants, where tiny airborne pollutants can build up and cause harm. They say different types of workplaces—taking into account the types of interactions workers have—need slightly different protocols.



  42. I got permission to send it back next week. This is long shelf life milk that you can just leave in a cupboard. Then you chill it before you want to use it.
    Quarantine is quiet. I am finding things to get rid of in my cupboards. And things like letters from Mumsee to save and pack.

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  43. Jo, glad you can send the milk back. Is it local milk or from land’s far away? Always interesting to see what other folks do with the foods we consider essential.


  44. The problem, in my mind, is that the various sites force you to pick location — and then a date (when they say appts are or may be available) first.Then you go through this whole rigamarole to fill in all your info, you get to the end where you pick a time and there are none available.

    Now it seems they’d offer you some alternative choices, right? Another day, another time?

    No, it just ends there and you are forced to start all over, but it’s (again) pretty much a shot in the dark.

    I’m basically willing to go anywhere in LA County, any day, just give me a “next available” option.

    But it doesn’t seem like there’s any of the sites that will do that.


  45. Good morning everyone. Mr P called and woke me. Amos had been trying to get me up for a while but I was winning. I really am more tired than I think I am.
    Anyway Mr P sounded better. They will start him on an infusion this morning and it will take most of the day. He said to plan on picking him up around 6 tonight.
    Even in my sleep last night I realized my neck was hurting. I’ve either twisted it wrong or done something. I’ve rolled Icy Hot on it.
    Luckily I am not feeling too badly. If I had not tested positive I would attribute all of the symptoms I have to something else.
    Of course, I don’t mean to downplay it. I realize that I am fortunate. Just look how it has effected two people in the same house. One who has been out and about and one who has been home avoiding getting it. It doesn’t seem fair does it?
    Youngest Son has all of my symptoms only worse. DIL tested negative on a rapid test. Son didn’t do the rapid test he did the other.
    My friend M will be tested today at 11. She is the only other person I was around over the weekend. Pray hers is negative too.

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