15 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-25-21

  1. I usually get my news updates here AJ…I would like to delude myself into thinking all’s right in the world but I’m more of a realist than that. I’m just going to go with you went back to bed after setting up the site for us this morning 😜

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  2. I’ll give a ridiculous word that I learned on NPR this weekend. “Milti-racial whiteness”- which is basically non whites who have a conservative, moral mindset. I was looking forward to seeing what AJ had to say about it.

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  3. Hopefully, AJ is relaxing somewhere. Maybe he’s enjoying Bernie memes; a weekend later and people are still posting and sending them to me. Even if you don’t like his politics, the memes are amusing and the best part is his homemade mittens upstaged the thousand dollar gowns, Lady Gaga and Garth Brooks. One of my favorite authors weighs in only half seriously

    The news is pretty thin these days or perhaps online teaching is keeping overly busy. Lockdown has been extended to Feb 9 here with online school til the 10th — if things don’t change they will extend it. In a population slightly more than Penn we get about 2000 new cases a day; Penn get 4500.

    After Jan 6, AOC posted a video in which she created the impression that there was a direct threat to her — she was quite dramatic so I put it up to the post-event adrenaline and hyperbole. But apparently she was correct; a man who threaten to shoot her on Twitter (she recieves death threats all the time) was seen in the Capitol building; the inference being he threaten to kill her and then he breaks into a building where she is working. His lawyer is claim is all hyperbole and he was caught up in the moment and should be released on his own recognanze until trial

    Dominion Voting Systems is suing Rudy Gu for 1.3 billion dollars in damages. And to make things worse, its rumoured that Trump hasn’t paid him. He thought he was receiving $10,000 a day plus expenses, and instead nada. So he’s being sued for making statements he’s not getting paid for — oopss.

    Biden is keeping busy rewirting Trump’s executive orders — transgendered are back in the military, Tubman is going on the $20, etc. Passing legislation is harder to do but also harder to undo — but then again McConnell is the very definition of do nothing.

    The news is more amusing than maddening — at least according to me.


  4. Incredible! Less than a year ago, when a president did this it was racist, xenophobic and the action of a dictator; now it’s just fine! (And what about our southern border!)


    Here is excellent, thorough info from Dr. Simone Gold on Covid and the vaccine:


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