50 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-23-21

  1. Lawlessness is back in style.

    ‘Release them all, immediately’: Email to ICE officers reveals chaos after Biden halted deportations’

    ‘Stop all removals’ as of midnight Thursday, ordered message to Texas officers’


    “On Joe Biden’s first day in office, the Department of Homeland Security issued a sweeping directive calling for a 100-day pause in deportations.

    “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has since obtained an internal email sent Thursday to ICE officers in Texas that shows how the order was enacted.

    “As of midnight tonight, stop all removals,” the email reads. “This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights and commercial removals (until further notice) … all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

    The email goes on to say: “Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

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  2. Biden is bowing to his masters from Day One.


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  3. Biden needs a new press secretary…she is just awful! But I suppose she serves his purpose…to evade relevant questions and stammer…just like him

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  4. Note the new tone, so much kinder and gentler than that mean old Trump.

    And again, to the traitor wing of the party….

    You helped Dems build this, and what follows.


    “Biden’s Pentagon Nominee Vows To Purge Ideological “Enemies … Within Our Own Ranks”

    Vows to “rid our ranks of racists and extremists,” but given the left’s expansive definitions of “racists” and “extremists,” politics cannot be far behind.”


    “The radical left has long eyed our military with suspicion, revulsion, and disdain. So much so that during his presidency, Obama did everything he could to shrink the military to pre-WWII levels, purge military leadership of all who were not ‘progressive’ sycophants, and chip away at the rank and file’s ideological and religious liberty.

    As I blogged in 2015, “the army has sadly become famous for its attacks on Christianity and its Christian soldiers. For example, the army labeled Christian Ministries ‘domestic hate groups,’ Bibles were banned from Walter Reed Army Medical Center (a decision that was later rescinded), chaplains have been ordered not to quote the Bible or pray in Jesus’ name.”

    It’s really no wonder that Obama was the least popular president with active-duty members of the military. It would seem that the Biden administration is intent on expanding Obama’s desecration of our military by conducting witch hunts for “extremists” and “racists” among its ranks. Considering that we all know these terms are used by the left to actually mean Republicans or anyone who does not toe the radical progressive line, this is truly alarming.

    This renewed war on the center-right and right started with the events at the Capitol on January 6th. The left seized it as their own personal Reichstag fire and used it to justify Big Tech’s purge of wrong think on social media platforms, the blacklisting of Trump administration employees, and the incredible assertion that all 75 million Trump voters must be “punished” and “purged” from public life.

    To that end, 12 National Guard members were pulled from inauguration duty without due process and reportedly for showing support on social media pages “for affiliations with the NRA, Turning Point USA, and other conservative groups.” This is what is considered “extremist” in Biden’s America.

    We should not be surprised, of course, given that during the Obama-Biden administration, their DHS issued a memo warning our nation’s police to be on the lookout for:

    “rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority. “It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says.

    A lot has changed since the release of that 2009 memo. None of those changes favor an Iowa grandma who opposes abortion or anyone who supports the 10th (or 1st, 2nd, etc.) Amendment. These “extremists” must be purged and punished, and they absolutely cannot be permitted to serve in our nation’s military.

    To that end, Biden’s Pentagon pick has vowed to rid the military of “racists and extremists.””


  5. But don’t worry, Democrats will still hide behind the shield of safety that better people than them ensure. Dems slander them, but still hide behind them like the cowards they are.


    Unconstitutional, and they don’t care.

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  6. This seems sketchy as ……..


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  7. Blaming Trump is their standard fallback position. Truth was always irrelevant to them.


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  11. These people are downright evil…


    “The White House announced Friday that the Biden Administration will codify Roe v. Wade, which would allow for legal abortions even in the event that the Supreme Court overturns the 1973 ruling.

    The Biden Administration made the announcement in a press statement put out by the White House. “The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe,” reads the statement.

    “In the past four years, reproductive health, including the right to choose, has been under relentless and extreme attack,” it continues. “We are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care—including reproductive health care—regardless of income, race, zip code, health insurance status, or immigration status.”

    The Trump Administration over the last four years has enacted policies and laws that are pro-life. As part of his administration’s efforts, Trump called for defunding Planned Parenthood and late-term abortions. Trump also nominated three pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.”

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  12. ———-

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  13. “now is the time to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that all individuals have access to the health care they need.” Harris/Biden

    Being killed is not health care.

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  14. Good.


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  15. Two days in the job and already Covid is Biden’s fault. From all appearances, the Trump admin threw in the towel even before the election and definetely after. From the tweets you’ve posted is fairly clear that a Covid plan includes econmic, workplace safety, etc not just simply stopping covid. Note the Biden quote on not stopping the arrest of the trajectory of Covid is actually a Washington Examiner tweet — a paper known to put Democrats in a bad light — it would be interesting to see the context of the quote.

    There will be alot of buck passing in the next few weeks as partisan politics and reporting will take priority over actually treating covid.


  16. Its going to be fairly easy to undo most of Trump’s legacy given his penchant for executive orders. Partially because Trump thought this was how things should be done and McConnell’s avoidance of real work ie pass legislation esp in the first two years, Biden just needs to sign executive actions to undercut Trump’s acts.

    Looking at his actions to undo Trump’s detention policies, it was simply a matter of a few pieces of paper, phone calls, and emails. The Trump admin avoided the hard work of developing a system of managing the process and getting rid of the backlog and putting it into legislation. McConnell of course shoulders much of the blame.

    Instead of passing legislation and creating a gov’t infrastructure to implement policy, the Republicans relied on executive orders and judicial activism. This inaction partially reflects their minority status — despite gerrymandering and a electoral system which favors rurul over urban, they will have difficulty with legislatures. 25 years ago, Republicans decried judicial overreach and activism but now given their minority status in the country, it will be their main means of implementing or maintaining their ideas. For many social conservatives, judicial appointees was their price to ignoring Trump’s obvious moral failings. However, litigation to enforce ideas only delays the inevitable as the majority creates a gov’t infrastucture to implement and keep their ideas in gov’t. Now it remains to be seen if the Democrats can actually be organized and unified enough to to do this.


  17. A PSA from MakeItMan:

    “Don’t encourage the president to use executive orders. They’ll just be undone by the next opposing party president. Make congress and state legislature do their jobs.”

    (I may have already shared that here. Not sure.)


  18. People see thinigs differently when their “side” is not in power. Press Secretaries rarely answer question. Watching Sanders and other Trump press secrataries, I could almost frame the answer for them. Now I’m sure the lady Biden put in charge will do the same thing. I’m sure its part of the job description. In terms of the Uighyur she was ambigous probably because she didn’t know the issue enough nor did she know Biden’s position — she needs to be better prepared.

    However, commenting on someone’s stammer should be out of bounds — a stutter or stammer is rarely the result of hesitiation, lying or lack of knowledge. In many cases the answer is in the brain ready to go and somehow the mouth/tongue can’t physically form the words. This could be psychological but probably originates in physical issues — neuron connections, size and shape of mouth/tongue, hearing, etc.

    Another indication of seeing things that were there before but not noticied is AJ’s post of the ROC tweet of PRC intrusion in their air space. This is fairly common and has been ongoing for a half of century. This did no stop during the Trump admin. China was engaged in land reclamation projects on disputed islands in the South China Seas during the Trump era and has had open conflicts with the Philippines and Taiwan over these islands. ROC and PRC invading air and sea space is nothing new.


  19. Pro-life voters have long had a deal with devil in the Republicans and especially Trump. They gave their support first to the neo-cons and later an inmoral corrupt authoratarian in exchange for pro-life policies despite the anti-life economic policies of the Republican party. In the end, they got pro life judges and executive orders, not the hard work of pro-life legislation. Legislation in a Republican admin was reserved for tax cuts, pork and corporate demands.

    Abortion has been in steady decline every where, no matter what laws are in place. There are various reasons given to this — better access to birth control, pro life moral messages, economic policies that alleviated the economic impact of unexpected pregancies, paid maternity leave, free day care, etc. Most of the pro-life economic policies are not found in the US though; the only country without paid maternity leave and free medical care, for example.

    I don’t have a lot of respect for Poland’s current almost-fascist government but their family polcies walk the talk. They more or less banned abortion outright but they also provide a family allowance, paid maternity leave, free day care, workplace protection for women to take time off, free medical care, etc. They claim an abortion rate of 0.26% but as my Polish friends point out — everyone has an “aunt” in Stockholm. Berlin or Prague to visit for a few weeks.

    Canada’s abortion rate is below the US yet Canada has absolutely no rules or barriers to abortion. I wonder if the US removed the impediments to giving birth (health care, mat leave, etc) would their abortion rate decline even more than it already has. Right now abortion is far cheaper in the US than giving birth and if you’re pro-life, this should not make sense.

    Instead of executive and judicial fiat perhaps pro-life should work on legislation that makes a pro-life choice an easier choice. And by working through legislation, it will last longer


  20. Way back in 2014

    ~ President Obama has a new phrase he’s been using a lot lately: “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.”

    He’s talking about the tools a president can use if Congress isn’t giving him what he wants: executive actions and calling people together. It’s another avenue the president is using to pursue his economic agenda. ~

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  21. As for the ideological “purge” of the armed forces — the events of Jan 6th made this necessary. Many of the rioters and organizers were veterans, still in the milatry and the police. In fact some even flashed their credentials to the Capitol police in hopes of easier access. Its evident some members of the guard/military/police are inclined to violent insurrection and private militias. If Republicans protest this — is this indicative of their support or base; advocating violent insurrection is ok by Republicans?


  22. Dear HRW, your comment slanders my husband and many of our friends.

    Do you know any military members who acted on that day?

    I don’t.

    Military members swear to defend the Constitution. They agree to give up their lives to support the orders given them by the Commander in Chief–whether they like the orders or the Commander in Chief.

    I don’t know anyone who approved of what happened that day.

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  23. Sorry Michelle but its true — sure its not representative of the military but its estimated about 20% of those arrested were or are part of the military, Many of those involved believed they were protecting the constitution since Biden cheated and Trump was the lawful president.


    This in no way slanders other members of the military. Its doesn’t slander me to say most serial killers are middle aged white men who’ve had at least one bad relationshiop with women. As we say when discussing police — there’s always some bad apples attracted to power and use of force, the trick is to make sure the bad apples are rooted out before they rot the whole basket.


  24. Press secretaries rarely know the answers? Well perhaps unless you are Kayleigh…she was prepared every single time…she gave succinct answers but they rarely were the ones the left wing press wanted to hear. Stammering in the case of Biden’s PS would be that not of a physical malady but that of lying for her boss and not being prepared in my observance. The uh’s and um’s are attributed to her not being suited for the job of public speaking. While weaving a web of deception the answers sometimes come slowly with um’s and uh’s….and darting eyes…..
    Biden and Harris were coming in riding on the white horse to save us all from Covid…now it’s Trump’s fault..no…it’s not. Suck it up and take responsibility….the onus is now on them 😡

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  25. Speaking of stammering/stuttering, that is something that Biden deals with, although it is not as bad as when he was younger. Someone said that some of his gaffes (for example, saying the wrong number, such as in millions rather than in thousands) could be due to focusing more on how he is speaking.


  26. AJ – In case you missed it yesterday, here is my reply to your comment directed at me:

    “AJ – You wrote, “Oh Kizzie…….

    QAnon is a hoax.”

    Yes, of course. I know that. Why are you telling me this? It is a hoax that a lot of Trump supporters in particular have fallen for, and continue to fall for. Even many who would vehemently deny that they are into QAnon believe theories that started with them or are related.”

    I was taken aback to see you direct that at me. I’ve never said that I believe in QAnon stuff.

    Speaking of which, here is an article a friend shared about how the church should respond. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t say whether or not I agree with it all, but here it is:



  27. From that article:

    ~ Conspiracy theories — grand narratives that seek to prove that powerful actors are secretly controlling events and institutions for evil purposes — are nothing new in the U.S. But since 2017, a sort of ur-conspiracy theory, QAnon, has coalesced in online forums and created millions of believers. “To look at QAnon is to see not just a conspiracy theory but the birth of a new religion,” wrote Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic in June. /`

    And here’s another piece by Joe Carter that’s worth a review to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves”


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  28. DJ – Your point at 7:45 – “The problem with these things is they’re not always “labeled” and the ideas and themes will start leaking in unrecognized” – is something I have noticed, too. Many who would strongly deny that they believe in any of that QAnon stuff do in fact believe stories that leaked out from that.

    A friend of Nightingale’s was quite upset about a story that was going around several months ago, and when I pointed out that it was from QAnon, she said she had never heard of QAnon. (Fortunately, I was able to share with her a couple articles that debunked whatever it was.)

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  29. I, for one, would love to see what it was that the National Guard soldiers said that made them be removed from Washington DC. If they were really threats and an on going thing, it is one thing or was it simply an unpopular opinion? I see way too many simple statements made into someone wanting insurrection or harm. Anyone much involved in politics knows differently. I assume soldiers are warned about what they say in social media and we all know they are not any less sinners than anyone else. However, I am less inclined to believe things when I don’t know what is really said when I see the media and government leaders distorting what I can hear or read myself.

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  30. Truth from a Canadian…


    “The American political commentators Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel are under attack, with many calling for their removal from the airwaves.

    While this is perhaps a predictable extension of cancel culture’s ongoing persecution of those who uphold traditional values, the attack on these men is a particularly offensive attempt at censorship, a line in the sand.

    This is because they’re among the few remaining voices in North American journalism with the courage and commitment to report views and facts that challenge the wisdom of progressive thinking. They also defended and respected President Donald J. Trump, who was endlessly and unjustly attacked and maligned by most in the media who betrayed the tradition of fair and balanced reporting.”

    “You don’t have to agree with all that Carlson and Hannity say. I don’t, and they don’t expect us to. What matters is that they give many millions of people a different perspective to that in the mainstream media; they offer a conservative point of view to balance and question the progressive creed of those who now dominate our elected offices, the halls of academia, legal institutions, public schools, and the bastions of popular culture.”


  31. “A PSA from MakeItMan:

    “Don’t encourage the president to use executive orders. They’ll just be undone by the next opposing party president. Make congress and state legislature do their jobs.”

    Where the hell has he been?

    As DJ pointed out, Obama did this for 8 years straight. Where was MIM then?

    Please, spare me.


  32. No Kizzie,

    But what you do do is accuse others of falling for QAnon stuff, and in most cases the folks never even heard of them. They were a construct invented to make the right look bad. And you fall for it repeatedly.


  33. And I could care less what Mim and DN have to say on the matter. They choose the wrong side at most opportunities. Just like they buy the leftist/NT line that there was little evidence of fraud in the election.

    But they’ll learn, because “libertarians”, as they like to think of themselves, are on the short list for re-education. See above. People like them, more so than the lefties, are why I left Facebook.


  34. Now I’m sorry if this offends, or comes across mean, but I’m sick of it. I’m sick of people who put the country in the hands of evil people because they dislike the only other option. They’re ungrateful of all the man has done for us as a country and as believers. Their holier than everybody else attitude will cost us all, just watch.

    Side with the evil people, ignore evidence of criminal activity from the election all the way back to Russia, Russia, Russia, I’m calling it out, and ya’ll are gonna own it. Make no mistake, that’s what some did here, and some continue to do so. Even after all the evidence is in if you’re still believing the “fact checkers” and leftist media’s take, then there’s no hope we’ll find common political ground on much moving forward.


  35. HRW,

    Sod off Canadian. Your opinion of far better folks than you, folks who put their asses on the line for cowards like you and the Dems, are irrelevant. Their actions for their countrymen are honorable and noble, unlike the garbage you posted from NPR about them. You disgust me.


  36. AJ – MakeItMan did not specify that he was referring only to Trump. I understood it to be referring to the practice of executive orders in general, by whichever president ordered them. He wasn’t a fan of Obama’s, either.

    “. . .in most cases the folks never even heard of them.”

    Yes, I know. I made that point above, and have made it at other times as well. But some QAnon theories have “leaked out” and become spread by people who don’t know anything about QAnon, or would vehemently deny they believe in QAnon.

    “They were a construct invented to make the right look bad.”

    Whether that is true or not, many on the right have indeed fallen for that stuff, which is on them.

    “And I could care less what Mim and DN have to say on the matter.”

    The only reason I mention their names is that I share something that I think is relevant, and am giving them credit, like I would credit the author of an article I post.


  37. Thanks for that link to the 1776 commission report…I am printing off a hard copy as I type 😊
    I just read the transcript of the exchange between Rand Paul and George Stephanopoulos…excellent on Paul…and still the left refuses to accept truth…

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