31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-15-21

  1. Good morning AJ.
    I see where the mayor of Washington, DC is named Muriel.
    That is only the second time I have heard of the name “Muriel”.
    I was in love with a girl named Muriel in high school. But I was too shy to tell her.
    Have a nice day, everyone.

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  2. oh, so nice to have nine hours of sleep. I have been unable to let go with so much that needs to be done. Feeling rested.
    I am living in two worlds. I was sitting here working on things last night and got a text from PNG asking where my secret stash of food was. It was like being in two places at once. My friends says she has never seen me so well taken care of both here and there.

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  3. Morning! We have had our coffee and the dog has been unsettled all morning…barking at things not seen by us…growling and pacing when we let her in…something prowling out there I suppose…whatever or whomever it is they are put on notice that Lu doesn’t want them around!

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  4. I was so impressed seeing Pauline’s post yesterday about brushing up in Spanish, French, German, and Welsh using Duolingo. Four second languages!

    I took five years of German in high school and college, including a few months when my girlfriend and I attempted to speak only German. (It was a challenge trying to do Chemistry homework together in German.) I got pretty good at it, but have not had occasion to use it since college. I’ve been brushing up with Duolingo recently and I’m starting to feel a bit conversant again. It helps that I have a friend who is doing the same, so much of our conversation is in Germlish.

    A friend in my Bible Study recently marveled at multi-lingual people, quipping that she speaks three languages: English, Australian, and American (she’s Australian herself).

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  5. Good morning. I was out at Sam’s this morning paying my bill (due on the 15th) and filling up the tank. All the geese were in the lot so I stopped and took some photos. A lady honked her horn and asked if I had finished getting my shot. Funny thing was, I was not in a spot that people would have to pass through. I told her yes and thanks. Then she parked quite near me facing the other way. I sat there for a bit composing my haiku to go with the picture and responded to something that came through Messenger. I suppose she was doing the same, pulled into the Sam’s lot, checking her phone. Still it felt a tad bit invasive. There was plenty of other space.

    As I left Sam’s I noticed that a homeless person had set up an abode of sorts in the fenced off corner of the area beside the creek that runs through, and right beside an overpass. I thought that he was wise because many people leaving Sam’s and waiting for the red light to change could share from food they had bought at Sam’s. He is probably a Vet. This location is maybe two miles down the street from the VA hospital.

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  6. One of my grandmother’s spoke 5 languages. Some languages are related, so that helps. In her case, her parents were from an area where several languages were spoken and those were spoken at home.

    I took Spanish in high school, but did not learn a lot. Partly my fault and partly two teachers who taught poorly in two different ways. As an adult volunteer, I did facilitate a Spanish class using A Beka material in a Christian school. I had three students: one-straight A student, one who didn’t want to bother with much in the way of any school work and one who had an issue that made it extremely difficult for him to keep up. I did learn some more about the language from listening to the videos. I think it is nice that there are so many ways to learn a language now and so many television programs in Spanish to hear it and practice. Learning a foreign language is so beneficial for knowing more about English. Then there are the cultural issues that are of benefit.

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  7. Speaking of things that unsettle dogs, I read a blurb last night, in World I believe, about a man who heard his pit bull growing up a storm outdoors and went out to find a bear had the dog in its jaws (this was in California). Acting on pure instinct, the man charged the bear and pummeled it with his fists, hitting it in the head and eye until the bear finally let go and fled.

    The dog needed stitches and staples but otherwise was OK.

    I still want to take another spin at Spanish, I took it all through college but never really used it enough so I learned only enough to be dangerous when trying to speak it. (I remember interviewing a Spanish-speaking child for a story on a new dental clinic in town and feeling so proud I could ask her a question in Spanish. She brightened up at the sound of her native language and then answered in Spanish — I was, “uh, now we have a problem.”

    I have today off, thankfully, which I really needed. I have to pick up the dogs’ meds this morning so that’ll entail at least a drive to get me out of the house.

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  8. “Under the sea . . .”
    Cute movie.
    I had a friend named Muriel in a homeschooling group. I keep meaning to get back in touch and let her know how it turned out. Her son was a good friend to Wesley in his five years of band. They were in Jazz band class together. Her son was academically gifted, too.


  9. Yesterday, I did a big thing. I went outside! First time other than a quick stroll on the deck in weeks if not months. But not covid related stay at home, one year old stay at home. Anyway, thirteen and fourteen and I went out during nap time while gramps had the watch and planted twelve free trees from the Arbor Day foundation. Fun! We will see what, if any, comes up. But it was good to get out and get the hands in the dirt for a change.

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  10. There is a TV advertisement for an auxiliary power generator for about $1000. Don’t kid yourself.
    Multiply that by ten and you will be close to the actual cost.
    I’m doing that because I can’t risk losing power with Elvera’s condition.
    I didn’t know it was going to be that expensive. But I need to do it anyhow.

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  11. That’ll be good to have, chas.

    I learned all about competitive bids in the house process, makes a huge difference sometimes. And bids are free.


  12. No one has ridden in my ‘new’ used car yet, except for the “car scout” person who found it for me and went for the test drive. I got it in late Sept/early October I think.

    I guess because of the pandemic. Everything that doesn’t or didn’t or won’t happen is because of the pandemic.

    Got the dog meds picked up, stopped for some groceries. Felt good to get out on the road, I noticed a cob web on the passenger-side mirror so I guess it’s been several days.

    I also was able to post some memories of Shirley on her brother’s ‘Friends of Shirley’ FB site, I was too busy yesterday with work and wanted a chance to think about what I wrote. I’m still tearful, grieving. But it’s also good to remember some of the fun times, both from our childhood, teen years and more recently. We went our separate ways after high school and really didn’t reconnect much until mid-life.

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  13. I went out to rake for a bit, but it was not as warm as I thought it would be. I felt too chilled to keep at it, and my nose started running. There was a chilly breeze. It was more pleasant when I was out in the a.m. so I thought it would be even more so later in the day. Wrong.

    I did text with my friend, Karen, and said I wanted to take a break from chatting. She apologized for never calling me back. I just feel too emotionally spent to deal with her right now but said we could talk in a week or two after I settle into my new duties I have taken on this year. She did call once this week to let me know that Emory has Covid vaccines available. I was pleasant and thanked her, but got off the phone when my brother called.

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  14. It’s cold here today, but not super cold. I spent half an hour chipping at the ½ inch of ice covering the deck and everything outside. We won’t be barbecuing for a while – I couldn’t get the lid open 🙂

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  15. Oh Janice that brings back memories. My sister and I would look up to the sky every time we heard a plane overhead…we would wave our arms and shout “heigh ho Sky King”!…don’t know why but we did! 😂

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  16. I asked about Sky King because a Facebook post asked about old programs that younger people would have never heard of. A lot of people responded but no one mentioned Sky King. I was surprised.


  17. I remember that show as a kid. Penny wore a fringe jacket. She was an ‘adult’ in my view so I decided then it would be “OK” for me to wear a fringe jacket when I grew up.

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