37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-14-21

  1. A funny story: Early last year Son bought a 1999 Civic via a Facebook ad. The exchange was made at a tag-and-title place not far from us in Red Lion. This year he decided to take over the Honda Fit that his Dad was done with and sell the Civic, which he did so, also via Facebook. The buyer suggested meeting at that same tag-and-title place. When he got there, he said, “You look familiar. Did I buy this car from you?” Guy answered, “That was my twin brother. I wanted to buy it from him last year but wasn’t able to work it out then.”

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  2. Happy Birthday pauline.

    This may sound disconnected because I have not thought it through. But I have been cogitating about this for some time. I throw this out for discussion. No right/wrong. Just think about it.

    I am 90 years old. And I can tell it. Eyes,ears, stamina, everything is getting old. But my mind and spirit. Same as ever.
    Now? How is this happening? I have been thinking about that.
    “Therefor, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”
    “He that lives and believes in me shall never die”.
    I have been cogitating about this, and other similar passages for some time.
    Let’s consider this”
    When a man is “born again”, he does in fact, have a new birth. That is, there is a spiritual life that exists in the body. But is not dependent on this body. When this body passes away, my real existence doesn’t cease, but the “real’ person that is me” is released to eternity.
    There will be a time, at the resurrection, when this spiritual body is given another physical body that is not constrained as at present.

    Ponder that: It may not b completely clear because I am typing and thinking at the same time. But you get the idea.

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  3. Chas, all I can figure is once reborn that God has no restraints of time on His vision, so He sees that spiritual person in their new body that will be in the future already. Of course, I can’t know that for sure now, but one day, if necessary, I will know. In Genesis, God spoke a word, and a new thing was created. His words in the Bible have the same power. We can rejoice now over our new bodies that are already given but we can’t realize yet because of human time constraints.

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  4. I love stories like that, Linda!

    Over here in Enduring Word.com Deuteronomy 11, God through Moses is explaining life to the Israelites before they head into the Promised Land:

    “The constant need for rain kept Israel in constant dependence on the LORD. It is good for us to have things that keep us in constant dependence on the LORD.

    “We should never despise those things and long for the day when we will no longer need to depend on God as much.”

    An interesting concept to discuss. 🙂

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  5. I’ve also been thinking lately about how it is that the land flowing with milk and honey became a desert-like wasteland for so many years.

    An interesting novel I finished yesterday, Among the Cedars, set during the time before the Ark was recovered by David and moved to Jerusalem, said the Philistines cut down all the cedars in western Israel.

    It’s only been since Israel became a nation again that the land has begun to be recovered and come alive again.

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  6. Good morning.

    I know that when I became alive in Christ, no longer dead in my trespasses and sins, I began eternal life. His Spirit lives in me and I will soon move to/become aware of the Glory all around. I don’t believe Heaven is up there but that it is all around us and near and only a breath away. Now, I live for Christ, and then….God. Life is good.

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  7. Of course, if he really was buying back the car he sold, the “twin brother” line might have helped him save face. 🙂

    I owned a car for a while that I resold to the same person who had sold it to me. But it was within the family, and my circumstances had changed and so had his–both of us had married, so I had access to two other cars, and he now had a teenage stepson who needed a car. He sold me his late wife’s car after she died, but then he remarried and then I married, and our needs adjusted accordingly.

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  8. My mom in law died about twenty years ago. We bought her car from father in law and sold it to my step mom. She stopped driving and dad stopped driving an automatic as he could not hear the engine. We bought it back and sold it to son in law (dad of the twins) so they could have two cars rather than trying to coordinate one with two jobs and three children with a host of appointments. Funny how these things work out.

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  9. Morning and happiest of birthdays to you Pauline! ❤️
    Ah…good things to ponder Chas. I look back to when I first came to know our Lord and it is a soothing sense felt…like a balm to the soul. How thankful am I for His love and mercy shown to me. A new heart, a new mind, a new purpose in life…to die to self and live for Christ. All things made new…in Him…Praise His Name….

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  10. So this morning on my morning walk the podcast I was listening to ended to I went to Johnny Horton playlist on Spotify and this song
    came up. It brought back a memory from childhood. I’m not sure how old I was when it happened.
    My mother’s parents had a cabin “up in the country”. We would do up there often. One night from behind us cars kept coming and going on the dirt road. Somehow from the sound of the engine my father determined the cars were loaded down and dragging. There wasn’t a phone line to the cabin so he sat up all night with a shotgun/rifle (whatever it was). I could hear the adults whispering and they were all concerned.
    Thinking about it now and the time frame they had to have been bringing out marijuana from back in the woods.
    We packed and came home as soon as it was daylight and gave them space.

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  11. My dad him (Tex Williams) I think — his was the one record album he had back in the 1960s. Or maybe it was another singer named Tex, can’t remember.

    Long busy day today with a port meeting to cover and then the ‘state of the port’ address following that.


  12. Kim, your story reminds me of an exciting time when I was a child at my mother’s home place in AL. It was a farm with wooded land, fields for crops, and meadows for grazing cows. Two old falling down shacks were in the wooded areas on each side of the country road. They had been former homes for some unknown people. My father would tell my brother and me that one of those belonged to him and one to me as we went on long walks through the woods. At one point, moonshiners started using one of the shacks for distribution. They were like squatters using the property illegally. A lovely giant oak tree grew out front of the shack. Cars would circle around it. At one point my father and my mother’s two brothers hid out in the woods a ways back from the shack. Suddenly they started shooting their shotguns. All the cars sped away. It was great fun for the men with their guns. I need to ask my brother what else he remembers about it so I can share that family story with Wesley.

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  13. I called my son last night. When I mentioned something about Trump, he started ranting and raving. I told him several times that I did not want to discuss politics. Finally I just hung up on him. He would not stop and it was going nowhere. Felt like the right thing to do. Reminded me of when he was sixteen and was trying to convince me of something and wouldn’t stop. I told him my answer, which he would not accept. Finally I got up off the couch with my book and went into the bathroom and locked the door. He followed me arguing all the way. Finally he realized what I had done. Hard to argue with a door.

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  14. Good piece, Cheryl.

    This seems to be an especially ugly period in our nation’s history, all the way around, on both sides. And sadly, it’s affecting believers.

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  15. Tex Ritter died in 1974, so theoretically I might remember him, but I don’t.

    I’m familiar with his son John, not so much as the guy from “Three’s Company”, but as the voice of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

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  16. Kizzie’s 4:12 compelled me to take a break and read through Matt. 5 once again. 🙂 Convicted and reminded to watch my own attitudes, speech and thoughts as the nation moves through this horribly difficult time.

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  17. We’re in a potential real mess here in the U.S., let’s be kind and forbearing toward one another. Not all of us see events in exactly the same way.

    And that’s OK.

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  18. I did it. I finally called two ladies that I haven’t seen all year. One is 97, but I got to tell her I love her. The other was worried about my support and I told her that God had provided every dollar. She was so happy

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  19. Excellent livestream out of Ligonier.

    Points that struck me:

    * Kindness. Our lives have been transformed by the Word of God. Kindness can often deflect opposition to the gospel

    * Why are so few right now asking the question “Where is God?” Our culture is so divorced from that? If there are “moral absolutes,” they are only “horizontal,” not vertical anymore. God is lost in a significant way now.

    * Sin is vertical, committed against God. Ps. 51

    * We need to understand our sin and our need vertically – otherwise, the gospel is not comprehended.

    * The gospel is impossible to see without that

    * So many churches teach the “horizontal” only — how to be a good person, right? Totally missing the mark

    * God is holy

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  20. The overall topic was how Christians have responded during difficult times (there have been many, worldwide) — and revival, how does it come about?


  21. The horizontal vs vertical discussion reminded me of how I perceived “church” as I was growing up — not a lot different than being a good Girl Scout, really; just be a nice (or good) person, right?

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  22. Happy birthday, Pauline.

    We made it home today after husband’s surgery. He’s doing great, me not so much. I picked up a stomach bug somewhere or I ate something which didn’t agree with me. We had quite the storm across the province last night – at one point most of the highways were either closed or travel not recommended. The power went out at the hotel for about 6 hours, but there was power across the street and also behind the hotel. We used the glow of those lights from the window to see when moving around the room. Thankful for cell phone flashlights for reading medication doses, etc.

    The drive home was horrible, so many vehicles in the ditches all the way. We had a half inch thick layer of ice over everything at our house and the gravel roads were so icy, it was like they were paved. Visibility was zero a couple of times – so not fun. I took a run at the drift across our driveway and the Subaru handled it fine.

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  23. Hi everyone, and thanks for all the birthday wishes!
    I spent the afternoon driving my son back to college (about 2 hours away) and then back home (which gave me time to listen to an audiobook, something I don’t do much these days with no commute most days). He moved into a Campus Students for Christ apartment, which he’ll share with another student. It will be his first time in an apartment, so I’m sure it will be a learning experience, particularly with having to do the cleaning (in his dorm room in the fall there was so little floor space I doubt they bothered to vacuum regularly if at all).
    We had take-out Chinese for dinner, then my sister and her family called to wish me a happy birthday. And now it’s time to do my nightly Duolingo practice (German, Welsh, Spanish and French).

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