28 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-5-21

  1. good morning everyone.
    I was just catching up on yesterday’s post.
    then this popped up.
    Pray that the people of Georgia will do the right thing.
    I can’t imagine it otherwise.
    What puzzles me is , How did it get so close?

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  2. “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.“

    Samuel Adams, Oct. 14, 1771

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  3. Georgia’s Sec. of State is wrong. Again.

    He suggests Trump could face charges from his call. That might be true if we used his/media’s edited version of the call, but the whole call shows he’s wrong, or lying to try and save face. Maybe stop playing to the media, and just state the facts.


    “Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger suggested Monday the Fulton County District Attorney could launch a criminal probe into his leaked weekend phone call with President Donald Trump.

    Trump berated Raffensperger in a Saturday phone call “to find” enough votes for him to win the state, according to a recording obtained by the Washington Post. The president lost Georgia to President-Elect Joe Biden by 11,779 votes during the November election.

    In response to the phone call, the only Democrat on the Georgia State Board of Elections demanded Raffensperger launch a civil and criminal probe into the president. Raffensperger responded on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” claiming “a conflict of interest” would inhibit his office from investigating.

    “I believe that because I had a conversation with the president, also he had a conversation with our chief investigator after we did the signature match audit of Cobb county last week, there may be a conflict of interest,” Raffensperger told George Stephanopoulos.

    But he added, “I understand that the Fulton County District Attorney wants to look at it. Maybe that’s the appropriate venue for it to go.””


    It’s just more pearl clutching from the media scolds, because after all, they have an election to win ya’ know….


    “[No, we’re not going to cover Trump’s call to Georgia Secretary of State]

    Trump’s phone call is a microcosm of the Trump era — Trump pushing but not exceeding the legal limits, and the media hyperventilating in a feeding frenzy.”

    “Donald Trump’s phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State is a microcosm of the Trump era — Trump pushing but not exceeding the legal limits, and the media/Democrats/NeverTrumpers/Establishment Republicans hyperventilating in a feeding frenzy.

    Trump believes that he was cheated out of an election win, so he called the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger about alleged Georgia election fraud.

    That’s question number one about this whole thing. Why is Trump calling someone he has been attacking in public for weeks, and who he should have known was hostile to Trump? For the same inexplicable reason Trump sat down for hours of recorded interviews with Bob Woodward; that’s Trump, he thinks he can convince even hostile people. He’s also hands-on and not politically savvy in that way — Of course Obama or Biden would have done it, but through surrogates several levels removed to provide “plausible deniability” as in Biden’s China deals. If Trump doesn’t like someone or something, he picks up the phone or tweets about them, it’s something that makes him endearing to his supporters and infuriating to his opponents.

    When Democrats don’t like someone, they sic the FBI and IRS on them. I’ll take the phone caller and tweeter any day.

    The call was not “perfect” but it wasn’t criminal either. When WaPo released a highly and deceptively edited 4-minute version, it appeared that Trump might have been seeking to have Raffensberger do something illegal by “finding” votes for Trump. But after that media narrative was set, hours later the full hour-long audio and transcript was released which showed no illegality.

    The call was pretty much a Trump stump speech railing on Raffensberger and other state officials for supposedly not doing their jobs. That job in Trump’s view in the call, was to prevent voter fraud and disqualify fraudulent votes, not to commit fraud. There was no substance that Trump has not said dozens of times in public, and if the substance of this call was done in a speech, no one would have noticed.

    (Raffensberger vigorously pushed back on Trump’s claims of election fraud on the call, as did his aide in a press conference today.)

    And Trump did not tell Raffensberger to find votes. Trump said that he, Trump, needed to “find” only enough votes to win, even though there were tens of thousands more illegal votes. That’s a different context then the initial narrative. And no, Trump did not threaten criminal prosecution, as some claim. Read the transcript.”


    Womp, womp, womp…..

    The press is full of liars.

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  4. Arm yourself Senator, because the police are useless, and they won’t save you from the rioting hordes anyway.


    “Hawley Says ‘Antifa Scumbags’ Showed Up To His Front Door And Threatened His Wife, New Born Daughter”

    “Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said a group of Antifa members threatened, vandalized, and pounded on his door while his wife and newborn daughter were inside Monday night.

    Hawley said the group showed up at his house in Washington D.C. where his family was while he was in Missouri, as they cannot travel. An activist group ShutdownDC tweeted about showing up to Hawley’s house and then later released a statement saying they approached Hawley’s front door.

    “Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence,” Hawley said on Twitter.”

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  5. But I don’t want my question answered, I just want to editorialize for the 4 rubes that watch me.


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  6. I doubt it.

    And those of you claiming there’s no evidence of fraud, educate yourself.


    “Georgia Election: Loeffler and Perdue Need Turnout to Exceed Margin of Fraud
    Peach State election integrity is the pits!”

    “NEW YORK — Georgia Republicans reportedly are less than gung-ho about wading through molten glass to reach the polls on Tuesday. They all know that control of the U.S. Senate and, potentially, all of Washington, D.C. rides on the re-election of GOP senator Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue — and ideally both. Despite the Himalayan stakes of this runoff, a cohort of Republicans seems to believe that there is little point in casting their ballots for Loeffler and Perdue. They fear that their votes will not count. So, they reckon, why bother lining up to vote if their genuine ballots simply will be neutralized by fraudulent ones, physically thrown away, or electronically erased?

    “With over 70 percent of Republicans, according to recent polling, now believing that November’s presidential election was not ‘free and fair,’” The Guardian of London reported, “there are concerns that a collapse in trust in electoral processes could cost conservatives dearly at the ballot box.”

    “On social media platforms Twitter and Parler, hashtags such as #StoptheSteal show what appear to be Republican voters suggesting they will not cast a ballot in the upcoming runoffs because of a distrust in the election system,” wrote VOA News’ Matt Haines.

    This perspective, unfortunately, puts things perfectly upside down: Each and every Peach State Republican, pro-freedom independent, and thinking Democrat needs to vote on Tuesday for Loeffler and Perdue. They are unlikely to win if they just squeeze by. Instead, their margins of victory must exceed the margin of fraud. A squeaker will not suffice. A tsunami of pro-Loeffler/Perdue votes will secure these priceless seats.

    While this ho-hum attitude is unfortunate and potentially fatal, it’s hardly surprising. Since November 3, pro-Trump Georgians have had every right to feel a blend of resignation and rage. The evidence of rampant fraud must have them catatonic to the point of being unable to reach their polling stations on January 5. Peach State election integrity is the pits.

    Here is a quick tour of just a few ways that fraud — or, less broadly, incompetencies, irregularities, and illegalities — marred the presidential election in Georgia.

    Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger let himself get crushed beneath the weight of Democrat activist Stacy Abrams’ relentlessness. He agreed to a consent decree that granted Abrams many demands, among them: looser rules regarding absentee ballots, unsupervised ballot drop-off boxes on unguarded sidewalks, and lower signature-verification standards on mail-in ballots.

    Despite Raffensperger’s maddening appeasement of Abrams, he nonetheless announced a probe of 250 cases of possible vote fraud. Affidavits by numerous eyewitnesses confirm suspicious-to-criminal behavior before, during, and after Election Day.

    As Jordan Davidson explained in The Federalist, a lawsuit by President Donald J. Trump and the Georgia Republicans identified “voting irregularities and fraud sufficient in scale to place the election result in doubt,” as state GOP chairman David Shafer announced as the litigation was filed. These shenanigans included:

    92 absentee ballots cast before voters requested them
    217 voters whose absentee ballots were “applied for, issued, and received all on the same day.”
    395 voters who also cast general-election ballots outside Georgia
    1,043 people who claimed to reside inside Post Office boxes
    2,560 felons
    10,315 dead people
    66,247 voters under age 18
    305,701 voters who requested absentee ballots after the deadline
    Assuming no overlaps, these 386,570 votes alone are almost 33 times Biden’s 11,779-vote margin of “victory.” Absent these bogus ballots, President Trump would have breezed to triumph in Georgia.”

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  7. Another debunking of “the call….”


    ““I don’t know about that… I don’t have it in front of me… we’re looking into that…”

    These weren’t the vague, non-committal words of the President of the United States on the phone call leaked by theWashington Post newspaper – which has recently taken millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party – this Sunday. They were the statements of the establishment Republicans on the call: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Ryan Germany, and Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs on the January 2nd call.

    Despite the partisan framing from the Washington Post – that the call somehow reflected Trump making demands for votes from his Republican colleagues – the President actually does no such thing. Throughout the call, the President makes clear that his calls are for election transparency, full and transparent audits, and public access. At no point does the President imply he wants votes invented or confected, as the establishment media is portraying. He even offers to recuse himself from parts of the conversation and ends by asking for “the truth… it’s just that simple.”

    You can read the entire transcript and listen to the entire call below this article.

    In fact the President begins the call by ripping through specifics that are never addressed by their opponents on the call: the establishment Republicans. Trump states:

    “We have at least 2 or 3 — anywhere from 250 to 300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into the rolls. Much of that had to do with Fulton County, which hasn’t been checked. We think that if you check the signatures — a real check of the signatures going back in Fulton County — you’ll find at least a couple of hundred thousand of forged signatures of people who have been forged.”

    He continues: “We had, I believe it’s about 4,502 voters who voted but who weren’t on the voter registration list, so it’s 4,502 who voted, but they weren’t on the voter registration roll, which they had to be. You had 18,325 vacant address voters. The address was vacant, and they’re not allowed to be counted. That’s 18,325.”

    And the President went on: “You had out-of-state voters. They voted in Georgia, but they were from out of state, of 4,925. You had absentee ballots sent to vacant, they were absentee ballots sent to vacant addresses. They had nothing on them about addresses, that’s 2,326.”
    The level of granularity was actually remarkable, especially for a President that the media continues to allege is not concerned with details.

    And the pushback from Raffensberger’s team wasn’t even particularly punchy, which is presumably why they leaked the call instead of pressing ahead with the details discussed and requested. There are several key points in the call that reflect the bad faith of Georgia’s Republican establishment leaders:”

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  8. I jut heard them mention “mail in ballots” on the radio concerning the Georgia election.
    That means that it is crooked.
    No good will come of this.


  9. And here’s “just” the news — which all of us see too little of in these opinion-heavy days — from World’s morning Sift. Big day.

    ~ Senate majority at stake in Georgia vote

    Political heavy-hitters headed to Georgia the day before today’s runoff elections. President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and President-elect Joe Biden all appeared on behalf of their parties’ candidates, whose races will determine control of the U.S. Senate. Republicans have 50 seats in the Senate and will retain the majority if they win one of the two Georgia seats up for grabs. If Democrats win both, they can use Vice President–elect Kamala Harris’ tie breaking vote to grab control, giving the party power over the White House and both houses of Congress as Biden’s presidency begins.

    Who’s in the running? Incumbent Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. In November’s election, Perdue beat Ossoff by nearly 90,000 votes. But neither candidate won more than 50 percent of the votes, which is why state rules demanded a runoff. In the other Senate race, Warnock grabbed 1.6 million votes in November, while Loeffler and a GOP challenger, Doug Collins, split about 2.3 million votes. ~


  10. From FoxNews:

    ~ It could be déjà vu in Georgia, as the state on Tuesday holds twin Senate runoff elections that will determine if the Republicans keep their majority in the chamber or if the Democrats control both houses of Congress as well as the White House.

    Two months after the presidential election results in Georgia and a handful of other key battleground states went into overtime, with the races not called in some cases until four days after Election Day, there’s a good chance it could happen again in the runoff contests.

    “We can expect a very, very, close election,” veteran Georgia based GOP consultant Chip Lake told Fox News. “An election that might be so close that we might not know who won these races on Tuesday night. It could be a few days after that until all the votes are counted.” … ~

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  11. From the WSJ Live Election page:

    ~ Polls are open until 7 p.m. today for the two runoff Senate elections in Georgia. The outcomes will determine which political party controls the U.S. Senate—and, along with it, the prospects for much of President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda in Congress.

    As in the presidential election, the earliest vote tallies released tonight could be misleading. Rural counties, which lean Republican, often report results before Democratic-leaning urban counties do, according to the Associated Press. That could produce a Republican lead in early results that diminishes as metropolitan parts of the state report their tallies.

    State officials say the winners may not be known on Election Night, with Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, saying the outcome most likely will be called on Wednesday morning. “Depends how close it is,” he said Tuesday on Fox News Channel. … ~


  12. Someone here had asked about the factors in GA’s turnaround. Here’s an LA Times article I recalled from just a few days ago that addresses the demographic changes in that state:



    STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. — As a child in rural, 1950s Georgia, Ralph Evans early on learned the rules of Jim Crow.

    “When you were dealing with the white race, you had no standing,” the 72-year-old Evans said. “It was Blacks within their area and whites within their area, and the two lines did not meet.”

    In his 20s, when he got out of the military, Evans didn’t return to Georgia, instead following a well-blazed path to Detroit, where he worked for his older brothers, before eventually settling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    He worked as a criminal investigator for the Treasury Department, raised three children and sent a daughter, Dana, to UCLA and another, Kesha, to Berkeley, but never felt entirely at home in California.

    “I never really was away” from Georgia, he said. “Physically, yes, but I was always attached mentally. It’s always been home.”

    When the time came to retire, the pull of family and friends, the lower cost of housing and the ties of memory drew him back South, where he settled in fast-growing Henry County, half an hour south of Atlanta’s restaurants and malls. In 2008, Evans and his wife, Alice, bought a 4,500-square-foot, four-bedroom brick home overlooking a lake in an upscale subdivision with a clubhouse and tennis courts.

    They were part of a wave that was transforming the county and has now shifted the balance of the nation’s politics. …

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  13. Interesting as Dems are leading (albeit barely) — or holding their own — with more of the rural counties (that supposedly lean GOP?) coming in first


  14. That piece from Stockbridge that DJ posted? That is not far from the office and representative of the population that Art serves. A lot of people in the airline industry live in Henry County. I think that may be the area that Herman Cain lived in.

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  15. I am not implying that Cain is/was a client. I did see his name on a letter Art sends out to new homeowners or refinances in the area to promote the business so that is why I mentioned Cain.


  16. Some surprising words on the conservative blog Powerline:



    President Trump is right in saying that the 2020 election was rife with voter fraud. I think he is quite likely right, although no one knows for sure, in alleging that absent fraud he would have been re-elected. But his conduct has nevertheless become indefensible.

    I don’t have a problem with senators like Ted Cruz voting against accepting the report of the Electoral College, which will lead to debates among Senators and Representatives about voter fraud. Still, for the reasons articulated by Tom Cotton, were I a senator I would vote to accept the certified tallies. And the ultimate result is a foregone conclusion: Joe Biden will be our next president. Some of the theories now floating around, e.g. that Mike Pence magically has the right to declare the next president–a superpower hidden somewhere in the Constitution, until now–are delusional.

    At this point, it is blindingly obvious that Trump has no pathway to victory. To the extent that Democrats committed or enabled voter fraud, they have done so successfully. There never was a plausible way to challenge the certified results in any state in the 60+ days between the election and the inauguration. Whether fraud occurred, sufficient to reverse an apparent result in any state, is a complicated question of fact that would require months, if not years, to litigate fairly.

    Battles in support of election integrity needed to be fought in advance of the election, not afterward, when it is too late. But the Trump campaign, for some unfathomable reason, was seemingly unprepared for the foreseeable prevalence of voter fraud. Even when the election was over, Trump scrambled to put together a legal team. To the embarrassment of us all, his legal effort was apparently led by Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell and the evidently non compos mentis Lin Wood, although in truth the campaign couldn’t even keep straight who its lawyers were. The result was a fiasco.

    Trump’s post-election comments have become increasingly unhinged. I won’t cite chapter and verse–the tweets are too numerous …

    … In my opinion, Donald Trump has been an excellent president, easily the best since Ronald Reagan. I have voted for him twice and supported him, once he got the nomination in 2016, through thick and thin. But his recent irrational conduct has undermined his legacy and, sadly, has given credence to the attacks that Democrats have levied against him, almost always unfairly, since he announced for the Republican nomination.

    The sad reality is that our president has gone off the rails. The best thing he can do from now until January 20 is nothing. No speeches, no tweets. Fights over election integrity are critically important and will continue for years to come, but for now, Trump’s irrationality is making those fights harder to win, not easier. Mr. President: Give it up. Please.

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