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  1. Over the weekend there were several examples of folks claiming that Trump’s objecting to the EC vote cert. is somehow doing something “unprecedented.”

    As usual, the folks telling you that aren’t being honest. It seems to has slipped their mind that Dems have done the same the last 3 elections.

    So save the hand wringing, nobody’s buying it.



    “Democrats Have Objected to Electoral Vote Certification for the Last Three GOP Presidents”

    “Democrats are outraged that Republicans are planning on objecting to the certification of electoral votes. It’s “conspiracy and fantasy,” says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    “The effort by the sitting president of the United States to overturn the results is patently undemocratic,” the New York Democrat said. “The effort by others to amplify and burnish his ludicrous claims of fraud is equally revolting.”

    “This is America. We have elections. We have results. We make arguments based on the fact and reason—not conspiracy and fantasy,” he added.

    There’s only one problem with Chucky’s “argument based on fact and reason.” Democrats have been challenging the electoral vote certification for two decades.

    The last three times a Republican has been elected president — Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush in both 2000 and 2004 — Democrats in the House have brought objections to the electoral votes in states the GOP nominee won. In early 2005 specifically, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., along with Rep. Stephanie Tubbs, D-Ohio, objected to Bush’s 2004 electoral votes in Ohio.

    Illinois Senator Dick Durbin appears to be even more incensed at Senator Josh Hawley’s plan to object to the Electoral College vote.

    Fox News:

    “The political equivalent of barking at the moon,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said of Hawley joining the challenge to electoral slates. “This won’t be taken seriously, nor should it be. The American people made a decision on Nov. 3rd and that decision must and will be honored and protected by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.”

    Brave Sir Dick seems to forget he was singing a different tune in 2005. Then, it was Democrats questioning the results of the Ohio vote, which went narrowly for George Bush.

    Durbin had words of praise for Boxer then:

    “Some may criticize our colleague from California for bringing us here for this brief debate,” Durbin said on the Senate floor following Boxer’s objection, while noting that he would vote to certify the Ohio electoral votes for Bush. “I thank her for doing that because it gives members an opportunity once again on a bipartisan basis to look at a challenge that we face not just in the last election in one State but in many States.”

    In fact, the Ohio electoral vote challenge was only the beginning. Rumors and conspiracy theories swirled around the outcome on election night that saw Bush winning Ohio by a close, but the surprisingly comfortable margin of 120,000 votes. So why are so many of these headlines familiar to us today?

    Mother Jones: “Recounting the Election: Was Ohio stolen?”

    New York Times: “Glitch Found in Ohio Counting”

    They even included some voting machine controversies.


    NBC News: “Machine Glitch Gave Bush Extra Ohio Votes”


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  4. Maybe sit this one out traitor.



  5. Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania… next!


    “Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decrementing in various counties at numerous time points instead of increasing as would be expected under normal circumstances.”

    “At least 432,116 votes—213,707 election day votes and 218,409 absentee votes—were removed in total.”


  6. In summary: six swing states were won by Pres. Trump on Election Day, and all six somehow shifted to Biden by virtue of early morning Nov 4th spikes in mail-in ballots which overwhelmingly favored Biden; yet somehow, Biden did not win elsewhere in the country. Pres. Trump won nearly all (18 of 19) of the historically-accurate bellwether counties. Biden campaigned from his basement, with obvious signs of cognitive decline and with the hugely damaging Hunter Biden scandal breaking, with a VP candidate who had to drop out of the primary race b/c she had almost no support; yet he magically topped Obama by over 10 million votes (!), even though Pres.Trump won more of the non-white vote than any GOP candidate in the last 60 years.

    As Markopolos once said of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, the “math was so compelling,” but no one would listen to the alarm bells – the same is true of the 2020 election. Even before the election, the alarms were being sounded re. the lax large-scale mail-in voting, with lack of any real oversight. Some states and many swing states didn’t have voter ID. The WH was sounding the alarms all summer/fall, but nobody seemed to care.

    This was a sophisticated, highly-coordinated stolen election – most likely not the first time, but the first time on such a massive scale. Pres. Trump had this election won when in six states the counting suddenly stopped – then POOF – millions of votes were found overnight to steal this election for Biden. (They’re doing it again now in Georgia in the runoff elections – the same cheaters in control, the same Dominion election machines/tabulators, the same RiNO SoS running things, and the same RiNO governor. These people are likely being paid off with FB and Chinese money.)

    Most people understand that this was a clear coup attempt – more than a thousand witnesses have come forward and have sworn under oath about all the fraud. The election rules in some of those states were changed (though not by state legislatures) against the Constitution. The corruption goes all the way up to the SC. This election was a blatant coup attempt, and it cannot be allowed to stand! Our Constitutional Republic is actually at stake, but don’t underestimate the will of American patriots!

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  7. AJ, you and conservative commentators, the current conspiracy mongering is not too different from 2004. In 2004, votes were supposed diverted via the internet to Kentucky or West Virginia changed then sent back to Ohio. In 2020 the votes went to Spain and Germany. In both cases, rumors of machines changing votes and screens not properly aligned were frequently repeated. If someone purposely concocted the 2020 conspiracies, they were quite lazy — they just repeated the 2004 theories. The only difference between then and now is Dominion provides paper ballots as back up. Diebold refused to provide paper ballots. The former makes the current conspiracy theories more suspect than those in 2004.


  8. Tychinus

    Complaining of early morning changes to the vote count would be similar to Democrats complaining about the votes shifts in Florida and Ohio in the early morning hours when the panhandle and rural votes came in respectively. The order in which votes are counted should not matter.

    Bellweather and swing states change over time. Colorado used to be a swing state. Iowa and Ohio are now more Republican than Texas. Virginia used to be a swing state. Similarly bell weather counties can change especially when there is both a party shift and a demographic shift.

    Demographically, the millennials finally voted in large enough numbers to affect the outcome (something that’s been predicted for at least 5 years). In some states the under 30 voters were over 20% of the electorate. Although they were not particularly motivated by Biden (they preferred Sanders) they were motivated by a hatred for Trump. The increase in youth vote led a record overall turnout. Although its true Trump increased his non-white support this was mostly Cuban and Venezuelans, not African Americans. Minority voters under 30 voted for Biden and again they turned out in record numbers. As a Gen X, I enjoy watching the boomers moan and groan as finally another generation overwhelms them.

    In terms of party politics, there’s been shift as many “neo-liberal” voters have switched to the centrist Democrats from populists Republicans. They may have voted for Biden and then down ballot for the Republican (perhaps that explains Maine). The increase difference between urban and rural needs, perceptions and culture also contribute to a party shift.

    Unlike the Diebold machines of 16 years ago, Dominion systems have a paper trail. Republicans can cite every rumor of strange machines behaving badly, the simple fact is a paper recount has reaffirmed the machines count.

    There’s nothing here except an electorate so motivated by a love or hatred for Trump they turned out in record numbers and the haters won.


  9. Rules are for peons……….

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  10. Big day tomorrow.

    Watch as R’s snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


    “‘Twas the Day Before Georgia Senate Elections: Trump, Biden Holding Rallies for Candidates

    Is Georgia now a swing state? Will Trump’s phone call to the secretary of state have an impact?”

    “Georgia voters hit the polls on Tuesday to elect their U.S. senators. These votes will determine if a party will hold the majority or ends up 50-50.”


  11. Hwesseli: These were massive vote shifts, not like what happened in Fla. or Ohio.

    At about midnight on the East coast, Pres. Trump led in all the battleground states by very large margins. The betting odds were more than 75% for Trump to win.

    Then, for some unexplainable reason, Wisc, Mich, Pa, NC, and NV all stopped counting votes, simultaneously… in unison…. they took a ‘pause’… at around 1 AM. None of those states counted any additional votes for the next three hours. So what did they do for those three hours? Let me point out a few things:
    1. All five of those states have Dem governors.
    2. Suddenly during the three-hour shutdown, in the dead of night when most people were sleeping, all those states found enough votes for Biden to somehow catch Trump. Five for five. At midnight in Michigan, Trump was ahead by 5% (400,000 votes), with 80% of the votes already counted. When the next 10% of votes (about 400,000) were counted from Wayne County (Detroit), suddenly Biden caught Trump with 90% of the votes in. Biden made up 5%, with 10% of the total vote. That means that all the votes (close to 100%) from Wayne went to Biden. That also means that practically all registered voters voted in Wayne County. Does anyone believe any of that is possible? The same thing happened in Madison, Wis; in Raleigh, NC; in Las Vegas, NV; in Phil, Pa. So why did all those Dem cities take a ‘pause’?
    3. Not one pundit questioned why a shutdown in vote-counting happened in all those states simultaneously. Not one. Not one questioned how almost all of the newly counted votes in those battleground states went to Biden. Only NewsMax pointed out the coincidence of it happening in those five states, with Dem governors, while Trump was well ahead before the ‘pauses’.
    4. Wisc was reporting 3,239,920 votes cast, when there are only 3,129,000 registered voters on record. More people voted than are actually registered. When questioned, the Dem SoS said that there are actually 3.6 million registered voters, b/c of late registrations. Even if there are 3.6 million registered voters, that means that 90% of them voted, when the average was 55 to 60% across the USA!
    5. How did almost all votes from Madison go for Biden? Almost 100% of registered voters, not just votes? Ballot harvesting? How about in those other battleground states?
    6. CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS all refused to call the elections in Tx and Fla until almost all votes were counted, yet FOX called Az only 30 minutes after the polls closed, with less than 50% of the votes in. Arizona had a million outstanding votes in Republican Maricopa County, with Biden ahead in the state by only 100,000, when Az was called for Biden. If you think that the media cartel was hard at work demonizing Trump for the last four years… 94% negative Trump reports…. then it was in full swing that night at protecting those Dem governors in the battleground states.

    So did those battleground states run by Dems use ballot harvesting or other types of election fraud? How did the vote tallies change so dramatically after those Dem governors ‘paused’ in their election counts in the dead of night? In all five Dem-controlled battleground states?

    If the media, Dems, and Deep State could be in such collusion against Trump for four years, then how hard is it to question collusion in ballot-counting that night by those Dem governors?
    Dems had lots on the line, so they practiced “the end justifies the means,” just as Alinsky instructed. They cheated, and the media clearly helped.

    Who won the election? I can tell you who lost – average working Americans lost. Election integrity clearly lost. No matter who won, the USA suddenly became far less great.


  12. And a party row possibly growing louder in coming days




    Trump Criticizes Some Republicans as ‘Surrender Caucus’

    Party is split on challenging Biden’s presidential election win at joint session of Congress on Wednesday

    WASHINGTON—President Trump disparaged Senate Republicans who aren’t backing further challenges to Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory, further roiling a party that has split over whether to support Mr. Trump’s attempts to stay in power or accept the reality of the election results.

    Ahead of a joint session of Congress to certify Mr. Biden’s 306-232 Electoral College win, 13 Republican senators have ignored the pleas of party leaders and said they plan to challenge some states’ results, forcing debates and votes in both chambers on Wednesday. But others called such actions futile and motivated by personal political ambitions, fueling an intra party fight as lawmakers position themselves for re-election contests in 2022 and the 2024 presidential race.

    “The ‘Surrender Caucus’ within the Republican Party will go down in infamy as weak and ineffective ‘guardians’ of our Nation,” Mr. Trump tweeted Monday of Republicans who wanted to certify the results and move on. He called them “willing to accept the certification of fraudulent presidential numbers!”

    Mr. Trump has blamed voter fraud for his defeat, but no significant evidence emerged that would challenge the result. Then-Attorney General William Barr said last month the Justice Department hadn’t found evidence of widespread voter fraud that could reverse Mr. Biden’s election victory. Over the weekend, Mr. Trump urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the November election results that delivered the state to Mr. Biden. …

    … Vice President Mike Pence will preside over Wednesday’s joint session to count and verify each of the 538 Electoral College votes from the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Any challenge is set to fail given Democratic control of the House and lack of broad Republican support in the GOP-controlled Senate. Senate leadership told staffers to be prepared for the proceedings to last for several days. …

    … Mr. Cruz had started putting together his coalition by texting, calling and emailing different members who he thought would be receptive, a person familiar with the process said. He came up with the idea of a commission as a “third option,” so that senators would have more than just a binary choice on Jan. 6: to ratify or not to ratify.

    “I think all of us rightly don’t want to be in a position where we’re suggesting setting aside the results of an election just because the candidate that we supported didn’t happen to prevail. That’s not a principled constitutional position,” said Mr. Cruz, a graduate of Harvard Law, on Fox News.


  13. Like

  14. Tychicus,

    I’m not surprised they stopped counting at 1 AM. The question is were these the only states that took a break? Alaska took days to count their vote. And why wouldn’t Wyoming or Vermont take a break — but you don’t hear if they did take a break because their vote is obvious.

    You need to remember that the 2020 election set records in term of voter turnout. When they said 80 percent of the vote in Michigan was counted; they mean 80% of the estimated vote was counted. And where they did they get their estimated vote from — the 2016 election. In 2016 the turnout was around 60%. The exact numbers aren’t out yet but 2020 set records and its estimated the turnout was 67-70%. So when they reported 80% of the estimated vote was counted; more accurately it was 70-75%. Michigan increased their turnout by over 8%. If you looked at “estimated vote counted” for almost any state it stalled at the 95% turnout rate as they realized there was far more votes to count.

    Its not unusual for a particular area to vote 80-90% for one party. The conservative party in my neighborhood or poll station rarely scores above 5-10%. My brother lives in a northwest Iowa county that votes 85% Republican. Hence, once they started counting the mail in and absentee ballots in Detroit its no surprise 80-90% of the votes were Democrat just like 85-90% of rural counties in Oklahoma vote Republican. Madison is a notoriously liberal Midwest college town, I’m not surprised Dane Connty voted 75% for Biden (btw they also did for Clinton except more people voted in 2020)

    Of course, there was no questioning of people taking a break from counting ballots. Again are you sure its only those states that took a break. Pundits also didn’t question why Maine went heavily for Biden yet Susan Collins is still a senator. Pundits also didn’t question the vote swings in Ohio and Florida because of demographics and voting counting procedure they made sense. Just like the vote swings in Michigan and Penn made sense.

    I was surprised how conservative the calls were. Most of the networks waited until AP News made a call — and they waited until Saturday to make the final call. Quite frankly it was obvious by Thursday. Yes, FOX’s call on Arizona was weird but it was an outlier. The interesting thing about FOX is their polling department is very good and completely autonomous from the news. I’m sure the fox pollsters knew something. Most of my predictions were based on FOX more than the other pollsters.

    The transcript I posted yesterday of Trump’s phone call also points out ballot harvesting is illegal in Georgia. There’s no need to “harvest” ballots in college towns — its a gimmie that the Democrats will capture 75% or more.

    In the end, voter turnout determined the election and the millennial turned out. The under 30 voters were 20% of the electorate — absolutely incredible. With the demographics of the turnout, a Democrat victory was assured. I’m actually surprised how close Trump kept the state by state vote (not surprised he lost the popular vote, that was a given).

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  15. I find it curious that Trump’s own legal team refuses to use the term fraud in court and has lost 50 plus cases and yet Cruz feels the need for a commission. The outcome would be obvious. There’s no fraud. And as I forgot to mention in my post to Tychicus — we have printed ballots, just count them. Its obvious Cruz and others are playing political games to appeal to their base for their own political future — a dangerous game to put doubt on your democracy just for your own political gain.

    And of course, this includes Trump’s own political games. All of this puts the Georgia run off under suspicion especially since it will be extremely close. There are over 7.7 million registered voters in Georgia and about 27% have already voted. If these votes are counted first we should see the Democrats take off to an early lead but if they are counted after the day votes are counted then Republicans will take an early lead. And of course in either case this will fuel conspiracies — perhaps Georgia is better off to count all the votes before releasing any results. Based on expected turnout and polls — I see a Democrat victory of about 0.1% or roughly 5,000 votes (based on the last turnout). Of course, anything that narrow is actually a coin toss, but the doubts raised by the Republicans in the electoral process and the focus on Trump rather than the election will give the Democrats an edge. For example; its estimated about 75 000 new voters have been registered since November and over half of these are under 35 with many just turning 18 since November — now who has time to register voters — the Republican party spending their time on Trump’s concern or Stacey Abrams?

    And I forgot to give this link on voter turnout for Tychicus;


    Wisconsin and Minnesota voter turnout was close to 75%. Georgia’s voter turnout increased 9% from 2016.


  16. WSJ Editorial Board (which leans conservative):



    The Election Rejectionists
    The GOP stunt over the Electoral College will hurt the country and the party.

    As Americans like to tell the world, a hallmark of democracy is the willingness to accept defeat and the peaceful transfer of power. The tragedy of the last two presidential elections has been the refusal of partisans to accept defeat, and public trust in American self-government is eroding as a result.

    Democrats in 2016 abused the FBI to push the Russia collusion myth and refused to accept Donald Trump’s legitimacy. Hillary Clinton still doesn’t. Now some Republicans are returning the disfavor by challenging the ritual counting of the Electoral College votes by the new Congress this week. Neither one justifies the other, and these columns have called out Democrats for their anti-democratic panic attack.

    But the main issue now is that too many Republicans refuse to accept Mr. Trump’s defeat. More than 100 House Members and, as of this weekend, at least 12 Senators say they will formally object to the Electoral College count. This won’t change the result, though it will delay it as Congress spends up to two hours debating the objections to each state’s results. More corrosive will be the precedent and resulting political damage.

    The leading culprit here is Mr. Trump, who as always refuses to accept responsibility for defeat. Recall that he also claimed the Iowa caucus result was stolen in 2016 when he lost to Ted Cruz. He’s now spinning conspiracy theories and election falsehoods daily on Twitter. He doesn’t seem to care what damage he does in promoting the myth of his victory. …

    … The courts have rejected every Trump campaign attempt to intervene in the state results, often by judges appointed by the President. Mr. Trump’s lawyers make charges in public that they won’t even bring to a court, perhaps because they know there are penalties for speaking falsely before judges.

    As Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has shown, the voting evidence from Pennsylvania is that Mr. Trump lost fair and square. Republicans down ballot did well. Mr. Trump did relatively better in Philadelphia in 2020 than in 2016, but he lost ground in the suburbs and his margin shrank even in some rural counties he won. Mr. Trump’s narrow loss was personal as voters decided they didn’t want four more years of his raucous governance.

    The Electoral College gambit won’t work this week because House Democrats won’t go along, but imagine if Republicans ran the House and did. Eighty-one million Americans who voted for Mr. Biden would be disenfranchised by an insider scheme. The political response would be volcanic, and understandably so. Republicans would be crushed in the 2022 midterms, and Mr. Trump would promptly be impeached again. More Senate Republicans might vote to convict.

    In our view this week’s exercise is also unconstitutional. The text of the original charter, elaborated by the 12th Amendment, gives state legislatures the power to appoint electors. The Vice President is charged to open the votes to be counted—nothing more.

    The Electoral Count Act of 1887, which the House and Senate will act upon, is unconstitutional in giving Congress the ability to second-guess those state decisions. In stretching this law for a partisan exercise, Republicans are also giving Democrats more ammunition to use in their campaign to overturn the Electoral College in favor of a direct popular vote.

    This is the fire Republicans are playing with, no matter their political calculation. …

    … This is also a lousy political strategy for returning to power. By indulging Mr. Trump, Republicans are helping him divide the party and remain as a potential kingmaker. This could hurt what should be their very good chance to retake the House in 2022. As for 2024, good luck trying to court his support. …

    … The GOP electoral focus now should be on minimizing the damage of the Biden-Nancy Pelosi agenda, and that includes making the case for reforms to restore trust in elections. This is mainly a state duty, but the national party can do better at exploiting the rules as they exist. That includes more consistent rules for securing the integrity of mail-in ballots, and a better litigation strategy before elections to block Democratic attempts to change rules at the last minute.

    The good news is that many Republicans have been willing to stand up for proper constitutional conservatism. …



  17. I haven’t been there in over a dozen years. Since then my brother has really expanded his farm so I’d like to go back — the produce, meat, eggs etc are amazing and I’d like to see what my brother has done. In recent years he’s come here quite often as my parent have aged and can’t make it to Iowa plus some of his kids have moved to Michigan and that’s been a good middle place to meet. Inn the last few year his kids have moved to California, Montana, and Alberta so Michigan is no longer middle ground. My own daughter keeps threatening to use her EU passport to spread the family even wider apart. Thankfully she’s still here and my parents have at least one grandchild to see. I bought my 93 year old father a tablet so he can talk to his grand children and great grandchildren all over North America.

    You can be outraged by things but when you live in a family which spans the spectrum in terms of politics and religion at the end of the day you realize what’s important — watching your 93 year old father talking to his newborn granddaughter tablet.

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  18. HRW – You may not get a lot of positive feedback from your comments here, but I for one appreciate that you stick around and add your perspective.

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  19. Thanks, I’ve been posting off and on for years so it seems to just disappear.

    As I’ve aged I’ve actually become more left wing (Churchill was wrong) but I’ve also realized that there are other important things — family, civilized behavior, and getting along with others.

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  20. “Mr. Trump has blamed voter fraud for his defeat, but no significant evidence emerged that would challenge the result.” This is something that a liberal rag would write.

    No significant evidence? There are over 1,000 sworn affidavits (under penalty of perjury), and an affidavit IS evidence – it is witness testimony and is admissible in court. There are heaps of evidence – it just hasn’t yet been admissible in court, because the courts do not want it known! Neither do the Dems. Our institutions are clearly very corrupt.

    Evidence? Let’s see… dead people voting, out-of-state votes, duplicate votes, no recording of challenged ballots, pristine ballots, real time votes going DOWN, fractional votes displayed, USPS Fraud, irregular election rolls, destruction of ballots, “glitch after glitch” voting machines, statistical improbabilities, mathematical Impossibilities, media polling Interference, orchestrated election announcements (voter suppression), election observers banned from watching the counting, hundreds of thousands of ballots suddenly appearing overnight, missing logs, etc., etc. The evidence is all over the place… however, there’s none so blind as those who will not see!

    “The tragedy of the last two presidential elections has been the refusal of partisans to accept defeat, and public trust in American self-government is eroding as a result.” The comparison of the challenges of 2016 and 2020 is a false analogy for obvious reasons, and public trust in American self-government has already eroded for other, far more obvious reasons.

    “In our view this week’s exercise is also unconstitutional.” Which is why the WSJ doesn’t understand the Constitution – or doesn’t want to b/c of their bias. This week’s exercise has happened several times before in our history, following the Constitution, and this most fraudulent of presidential elections certainly qualifies as well.

    “The good news is that many Republicans have been willing to stand up for proper constitutional conservatism.” Yes, the ones who are stepping up to challenge the EC votes from the fraudulent election.

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