60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-29-20

  1. I suppose we could talk about little guy. Yesterday he had rice cereal, baby banana food, applesauce, and his special formula. He spent several times in tummy time, working those neck muscles. He is now grasping things with both hands and bringing things to his mouth. He seems to be more alert and attentive. So, apparently, he has not reached his peak in activity yet. Fun to see him developing and interacting. He was talking with his twin sister who was off playing across the room so she had to come over and check on him. They sure like each other.

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  2. That. Made me smile Mumsee.
    I saw on FB this morning that KBells would have been a grandmother. The Kid Jr was born around 3:30 this morning.

    Amos and I have been awake for a while. I’ve already walked 2.66 miles around my neighborhood this morning. I am participating in a challenge so you may have to hear a little about it from time to time until it becomes a habit.
    This morning I have to sort through Little Miss’ stuff and somewhat set my “office to rights again.

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  3. Peter. I looked again and it still looks real. I see te legs of someone. and a boy sitting on the floor.

    And Mumsee has me completely confused.

    But Kathaleena doesn’t.
    Happy Birthday Cathaleena!

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  4. Kim, she would have loved being a grandmother.

    Chas, confused? I thought I was quite clear. But perhaps that comes from talking mostly to one year olds. As you may recall, little guy had a rather traumatic start. He had significant brain bleeds shortly after birth and has severe cerebral palsy. Which translates to: he may or may not drink enough special formula and probably never go beyond that but might end up with a stomach tube for feedings. Instead, he decided to start eating solids. It was thought he could not learn to swallow. He also only used his right hand and that rather erratically. He is now using his left hand to hold toys and help guide them to his mouth. As far as we know, he has never put anything in his mouth before. These are all huge exciting things for him to do. He is now lifting his head and looking at different things. I have always known he was more aware than it appeared but now it is obvious to most. Jo called me a miracle worker the other day. No, but I know Who is and am delighted to be able to participate.

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  5. I don’t understand all of that, Mumsee. But it sounds like a miricle to me.

    I think Congress should give every American a million dollars. That way, everyone will be rich.
    Where will the money come from? you ask.
    From the same place $2000 comes from.

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  6. Fabulous news, mumsee. Love can help other human beings do so much more than anyone thinks. That is true whether it is God’s love or love he inspires His people to give. What joy to be used by Him! What joy to watch!

    The picture is of one of the many ‘rooms’ my mom has made. This is one of five made by her after my dad passed away. She and my dad made 5 doll houses and 13 rooms before he passed away. She was the one who finished and furnished all the houses and rooms. It is still a sore point that those rooms were all taken apart and the pieces sold separately. One of the rooms was a reproduction of the old homestead (now owned by a cousin) that great grandparents lived in. I was appalled, but trying to keep some semblance of peace just after my dad passed away. I am glad I asked for this one and got it. My brother asked for a pool room and it was sent to him, too. These were quite damaged, so there was some repairing on this one and I assume the other. It is a bakery. I bought the little coffee pot and dish set. The rest are the things my mom put in her little bakery. There are pictures missing from the walls and a couple of other things. Some of the baked goods are actually erasers. The trees and outside table and chairs came with the dollhouse I got after my dad passed away. I started my mom on this hobby and the house and room means more to me than the physical pieces. Should the Lord tarry and nothing happen to them, one of my grandchildren will probably get them.

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  7. So true, Chas. I am getting to the place that better us to get it than all the so-called ’causes’ those in control think should have them. Too many actual evil causes. God help us and our children and grandchildren who will live with the results. I am glad I can rest in the Lord and find true peace in Him.

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  8. Kim, wow, it’s hard to imagine the Kid old enough to be married and a daddy! Am I the only one of us who ever met him? (KBells was the only one of the blog regulars who ever met Misten.)

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  9. Mumsee, that is so exciting!

    More than thirty years ago (I was 18), my church had a couple whose firstborn (and, at the time, only) child was a little girl who had been born with severe handicaps. I didn’t watch the church nursery on Sundays very often, but I did occasionally, and the church ladies also started hiring me to watch it during their ladies’ group. I didn’t have the little girl in my care very often, possibly only once, but I remember that time.

    She would have been several months old, perhaps more than a year–she wasn’t a newborn. She would be brought in in her carrier, perhaps with a bottle, and certainly with diapers. She was loved and well taken care of. But what caught my attention was that she had no toys. It was assumed she couldn’t “do” anything, and so nothing was given to her to do. I was fairly young and not bold enough to talk to the parents and tell them they needed to be at least trying to do stuff, or to ask them if she was in physical therapy and so forth. What I did, however, was put a soft toy on her chest and put her hand on it. Later I took a plastic toy with a ring, maybe one of those rings of keys people give to babies, and opened her fingers enough to put it in her hand and let her hold onto it. I talked to her, called her by name, stroked her. I had no way of knowing how much she understood, but I sure didn’t want to assume it was “nothing.”

    A couple of years later they had another child. But I had moved to the other side of town (well, a different town actually, but still in Maricopa County) and was going to a different church. I never “knew” the family anyway. But I often wondered if anyone at all was attempting to help that child develop. Perhaps they were doing all sorts of things that I didn’t know about.

    I just knew she was the only child brought to the nursery and expected to do nothing but lie there.


  10. Good morning! I’m late because I went to Sam’s. I was surprised to find it well stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Along the way to Sam’s I passed by my church and saw many cars waiting at the Covid testing site on the property. To see that before shopping at Sam’s was not encouraging.

    The weather is beautiful today. So thankful I felt like being out.

    ♡MUMSEE ♡, that is such a wonderful progress report. Support and encouragement based on a foundation of love can work wonders that only God knows.

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  11. I see there was a discussion of oldest and only children yesterday. I am the only child of an only child WITH an only child. My mother was terribly spoiled and indulged by her father. Her mother didn’t want her and didn’t have much to do with her. My grandmother was one of 11 children and I am not sure where she was in the order of children.
    I figure the only thing that kept me from being totally neurotic was that my father was the 2nd of 12. I am still astounded that at 19 he let me drive off in a car by myself to Maryland to college. We didn’t have cell phones. I had a calling card that I could use to call home, where they was only an answering machine if he didn’t answer. WOW!!!
    BG is probably messed up. I have told her that when she has children she needs to have a boy. We’ve already got three generations of messed up females. I don’t think we could do too much damage to a boy.
    Little Miss is like my second chance to be calm and not worry too much. This morning she and Papa squared off over whether she was going to feed herself or he was going to feed her. “Oh, Papa, sometimes a little girl needs a little extra love”
    . I fed her a few bites of her eggs and gave the fork back to her.
    I had a white sofa when BG was little and nothing ever happened to it. I have a white sofa now, with stains and cushion covers that have been washed so many times the fabric is ruined and the zipper is ripped out. If you pile on enough pillows no one knows.

    I was listening to a podcast this morning, RealAF. I don’t recommend you go find it, the language is atrocious. The title is 600? He leads off with the millions and billions that is in the stimulus package to other countried and to museums. AND THEN? They are going to be oh so generous as to give people $600!!!! The tax us to death and give out money to other countries.
    Why do we need to send money to Cambodia? The Ukraine?
    I have often wondered this. Why do we send money to other countries who hate us when we have people here in the US in need? I remember after Katrina (I think) some other countries offered to send aid and were told “No thanks, we’ve got this”.

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  12. Happy, Happy, Happy
    Birthday, Kathaleena!
    I would have bought a cake at Sam’s in your honor if I had seen the blog today before going. Now I need to get out of this Reader App and go check out the header photo as Anonymous me.

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  13. Morning! And a most blessed Happy Birthday Kathaleena. We are blessed to celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU this day!
    Such a sweet remembrance of the gifts and talents of your Mom…that place looks to be a place where I would meet friends for coffee and scones.
    We awakened to fresh snow but not much. Just enough to make the driving in it precarious…glad I rescheduled my appt I had today.
    My neighbor doesn’t walk with me in the snow so Paul and Lu have been tagging along and we walk much further…a good stretch of the legs!

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  14. I may be mistaken, but I think that The Kid (KBells’ son) is only about 18, maybe 19?

    Kim – Do you know if he is married to the mother?

    I thought it was sweet that Cheryl assumed that he must be married to the mother, and maybe cynical on my part to assume that at his age he is not married to her.

    When I am praying for certain people, perhaps ones I used to know or don’t know well, I sadly know that I cannot assume that they are married to their mate, or that their children all have the same father (or mother), or that there aren’t ex-spouses/ex-mates in their past.

    When you register your child at a hospital for a test or admission, they ask if the child has the same last name as yours. Hubby and I would kind of laugh at that (just between the two of us), but now we have a grandson with a different last name than his mother’s.


  15. Last night, DJ shared an article about a one-year Bible reading plan. Here is another one, suggested by Tim Challies:


    I am going to do that one, but I am going to break it up more, to take two years or so to read through it. In years past, I did the one-year reading plans at least a couple times, possibly more, but always felt that I was kind of rushing through each day’s reading to fit it in. Since I also like to read the notes in my various Bibles, I like to take longer to read through the Bible, paying more attention to each day’s reading.


  16. Cheryl and Kizzie, I was thinking back. KBells, Mr Bells, and The Kid met Paul and me at Starbucks in Daphne, some years ago. 4, maybe 5 –I really think it was two years before she died, so I will say Summer of 2015 and The Kid was 14. So that would make him 19, maybe almost 20?
    I am assuming they aren’t married because if you have a child and aren’t married to the father then you qualify for free pre-natal and delivery and all sorts of other services. It really costs more to be married to the father than to be married.
    Years ago (and Mumsee offered to adopt the baby) a coworker’s 17 years old daugher got pregnant. What they found out was if she married or even if she remained at home with her parents it would cost a lot of money. The solutions was the “kicked her out of the house” and moved her down the street to live with her aunt. Then everything was free.

    It makes no sense. The government punishes you for trying to do what is right.

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  17. Happy birthday, Kathaleena! So sorry the work of your parents was discarded so casually.

    My great-grandfather was one of the men who printed Confederate money. When my grandmother died, my mom was on the mission field. (Her dad had died when she was a teen. By the time my oldest brother was born, only Dad’s mother remained of the grandparents, and she died before my fourth brother was born.) My uncle has told me that he had found some uncut sheets of Confederate currency, and a friend suggested he throw them away and told him “They aren’t worth anything.” But indeed they were worth money, and they were also family history.

    My uncle held onto the money, but he had this friend’s family hold onto a few things from the estate until he had a place to put them (the friend’s mother was my grandmother’s best friend and “aunt” to my mother, and she’s the one who led my mom to the Lord–I never met my grandmother, but I met this lady when she was in her nineties and I was about ten). Anyway, when my uncle went to pick up the possessions, the money wasn’t among them, and I think the friend’s son told him he’d thrown it away. The family ties were more significant than one act of theft, so my uncle let it go, but clearly hasn’t forgotten it.

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  18. Kizzie, your 11:12, I moved to Nashville in 2003 and joined the blog within a few months (it was before my mom died in October that year), and I don’t remember where in there I met KBells. (I got Misten in 2004, so it would have had to have been 2005 or later.) I also don’t remember just how old the Kid was (somewhere between four and eight, I think). So that gives a wide range of possible ages that he is now, though I suspected he might indeed not be married yet. By the time my 20-year-old nephew was born, childbirth material was already referring to the mother-to-be’s “partner” rather than her “husband.” I prefer to assume husband and present that as the cultural norm to children, though I know it no longer is. (I also know that having a child out of wedlock is not an unpardonable sin. But a culture is healthier when that is the exception, and also when an “early” pregnancy usually leads to a marriage.)

    When I was getting married to my husband, we went to the shop to rent tuxes. I don’t know why they wanted my address, but they got one of our addresses and then looked at the other party and said, “Same?” If I were working at that shop, even if 80% of my customers presented the same address, I would still ask “And your address?” of the second party, and not assume they were living together. I just don’t want to treat those who wait to move in, and wait to get pregnant, as the “cultural weirdos.”

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  19. Oh, and Kizzie, one family from my previous church had a very long last name. They had three or four children when I knew them, but the mother told me once that they had gone into marriage planning never to have children, and it was several years later that they were convicted that that was a selfish choice, and they began to bear children.

    But she also told me she’d chosen to keep her maiden name . . . until she saw their birth announcement in the paper announcing that So-and-So X and So-and-So Y had had a baby, and realized it wasn’t obvious they were married, and she changed her name.

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  20. Cheryl – I hope you didn’t think I was being condescending or anything like that by my comment. I didn’t mean it that way. Funny thing is, I am always talking about giving people the benefit of the doubt, but there is also a little streak of cynicism in me about certain things.


  21. Big news in the O house today! (I almost typed out my whole last name.)

    Nightingale bought a new vacuum! 🙂

    (We will split the cost, as we will share the vacuum.)

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  22. Morning all and a happy day to Kathleena.
    I am sitting here in the family room all set up with two computers. I want to delete everything off of the old one so it is ready to give away. That is my job for the day. I am going to pull a Michelle and delete lots of emails.

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  23. Happy Birthday Kathaleena!

    I thought the photo was “real” at first, too.

    I’m taking it easy this morning after feeling uncharacteristically light-headed when I got up early to feed the cat. I may wind up trying to get tested for covid after all. But for now, I’m feeling better, though not great, so I’ll give it a little time.

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  24. Ugh, the humidity in the house was only 32% today. No wonder my sinuses hurt. Currently have a pot of water simmering on the stove, some wet towels over the heat registers and some humidifier filters on order.

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  25. We talking on our walk this morning, we don’t know anyone who has had the flu; it’s all been COVID.

    Some cynical people I know sniggered. “What do you know? COVID healed the flu!”

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  26. And many happy memories on a bittersweet day for Kathleena, the first birthday without her mother. 😦

    But, an opportunity to make new memories with the next generation. 🙂

    On Christmas Eve, we asked everyone to share a story about their favorite Christmases. It was amusing to hear them. It might be fun to ask family members–or you all–about your favorite birthday memories. 🙂

    I’m in from the grocery store, too, but I only go every other week. Once is enough for me–as well as the bill. Today it was only $297–but then, that included 70 dollars worth of “deals,” to know the bill into the 200s, rather than the 300s. Sigh.

    You do know, of course, that the federal government doesn’t include food, gas, or housing costs in their inflation index measurement?

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  27. We got an email from the city today reminding us we’re under a “stay in place” order and that we should report anyone to a specific phone number including in bold, should we see violations.

    Stasi, anyone? KGB?

    I wore my mask while strolling the park this morning. It was warmer that way.

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  28. GP referred me to a local urgent care that does drive ups, but apparently early morning is the best time to come — otherwise, it’s about a 2-hour wait in line in your car. So I’ll aim for tomorrow morning if I’m still feeling weird.

    Such a fun vacation week.

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  29. What kind of meal plan do you follow? I know Janice is doing Vegan. I’m not looking for “diet” I’m looking for healthier and more “real”
    I was looking at Eating Well last night and the have : clean, sugar detox, Mediterranean, diabetic, prediabetic, and several others.
    I got the information on “clean”.
    I am wanting to cook more of our meals and take my lunch to work.

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  30. We had our walk this morning….25 degrees with a windchill making it feel 18…my face was frozen off by the time we completed the 3 miles. But, there was more snow on the road which made for better footing than yesterday… ⛄️
    I need to check into that reading though the Bible plan…I failed miserably this year!

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  31. Kim, what makes for a clean diet?

    We are not all the way to vegan since Art still has to have his two fried eggs for breakfast, and I have one. I also use some dairy like yogurt daily. But the majority of our meals qualify as vegan.


  32. Happy Birthday, Kathaleena! You share the day with my niece who got married this year.

    Jo wrote the other night, “Interesting, six, I remember when you had almost no students and we were praying for a new student or two.”

    Yes, I remember that, too, but I don’t recall if I ever sufficiently thanked all of you for your prayers about that. So this is my heartfelt thank you. My new students, plus the original few from the lean times when we first started praying for more, are truly all delights.

    I’m thankful for this example of “…exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” 🙂 Praising God, and thanking you for your ministry of prayer, as well!

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  33. Mrs L buys as much non-GMO, organic, natural, etc. as she can find. So I guess we eat healthy, but I insist on meat and other proteins with fewer carbs. I’ve lost 15+ pounds over the last year that way. And I’ve managed to keep it off.

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  34. Oh, look. It’s been an hour in which I read the Dave Barry article between dozing off every third sentence and rereading several of them, laughing each time even though I’d just read it.

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