38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-18-20

  1. We have snow, just a skiffle, but it has stayed for a day now. The little ones were very excited, as to them snow signals Christmas is complete ng, just as it used to signal to me when I was small. They wanted the Christmas tree, of course, so it is now up, although the decorations are not yet hung on it. I am starting to realize how little time there is to get ready for Christmas, as I can do nothing but work on the days I work, so I have only a few free days in which to get presents together. I will be working Christmas and Boxing Day, and the Eldests will probably not be able to come up for their usual visit, so Christmas will be very different for all of us. The Eldests are having a hard time with that, as they have never not come for Christmas.

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  2. We still have snow and I would assume will continue to have it. That is good, IMO, since it covers up a whole lot of ugly this time of year.

    I feel bad that children have Christmas season started so early these days. The wait must seem to go on forever and ever. Although, maybe all the Advent Calendars with goodies in them help. Also, I hate that the season seems to end for so many the day after Christmas. I suppose each to his own, though.

    The holiday will be different for so many. I suppose that may add to appreciation for our families. I do wonder how things will be when the Covid crisis is over. Many of us are getting used to being home from what I hear.

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  3. Morning! Our skies were brilliant this morning! The entire forest was orange! Amazing!
    So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving this year? We are “ordered” to not gather and many are fearful of doing so. It looks like we are just staying home and I will prepare a dinner for us three…which is fine with me. I am rather burnt out on cooking these days but enjoy preparing a turkey dinner…I’m just not in the mood to “entertain” this year.

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  4. Peter, could you either have last week’s Pickled Picks second place choose the tie breakers for this week, or choose yourself? I’m not going to have much time to look into it in time to get the list out.

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  5. Good morning! I have the Wonderful Wednesday Ladies Bible study at 10:00 which is a joy.

    It was nice to go outside and see that the lawn looks green and not smothered in leaves and straw like it did yesterday. But it’s cold here, too, so the poor lawn lost its blanket of leaves just in time for Jack Frost to pay a visit.

    Our water was out last night. There had been crews doing something down the street yesterday. They had put up one of those big orange signs warning of work on the street. I told Art this a.m. that it would no longer be politically correct for signs to say Men At Work.

    On Monday we had our garbage container replaced by a 95 gallon giant container. They managed to put two bags of garbage in the new container and that garbage was not taken away. Who knows if it was our garbage or something else. I told Art I would not be opening the bags to find out.


  6. No snow when I looked out my window, but Christmas is still coming.

    I’m a bit stressed about working today using only an iPad and phone — router won’t come until tomorrow at the earliest. I may see if I can find a Bluetooth keyboard to pair with the iPad so I can at least ‘type’ normally.

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  7. We (LA County) are going under more restrictive COVID protocols this Friday — and those could get even stricter if cases continue to rise. They’re saying now no outdoor gatherings of more than 15 people so I’m wondering what that means for our outdoor church services, nothing explicitly was said about worship but I’d imagine it would fall under that new restriction.

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  8. With Elvera’s condition, we mostly have her sitting in her Big Chair with the TV on FoxNews. Jut to have something.
    The bad thing about tis is that it seems to me the whole world is in turmoil. Ain’t nothing good happening.
    They are still fighting the election.
    It should not be close enough to be questioned.

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  9. Bismark once famously said, “The Balkans is not worth the bones of s single Pomeranian grenadier.”
    He had it correct. I submit that Afghanistan is not worth the bones of a single South Carolina rifleman. We should not have gone there in the first place.

    I mentioned this before, but I supported the VietNam war. I was wrong.
    We lost and Viet Nam is the better for it.t

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  10. I don’t know if any of you are interested in this topic, but here’s the information. It’s at 3 o’clock this afternoon, California time. (From Reasons to Believe)

    This month Agree to Argue is taking on a notoriously contentious topic: slavery in the Old Testament.

    Christians argue that slavery in the Old Testament was very different from the chattel slavery that was practiced here in the US and elsewhere. Unlike in the West, God put definitive protective parameters around how a slave was to be treated. One example would be the releasing of slaves during the Year of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10).

    Nontheists and atheists have their own questions, such as “If God could forbid eating shellfish, couldn’t he have simply forbidden owning slaves?” They also have deep concerns about God permitting slaveholders to go unpunished for beating a slave nearly to death as long as he or she recovers within two days—“since the slave is their property” (Exodus 21:21).

    This kind of conversation is why we created Agree to Argue. It’s the one place wheree, no matter what our views, we can come together to listen to and challenge each other. Join us live on Wednesday, November 18, at 3:00 PM (PT). Special guest Dr. Josh Bowen, author of Did the Old Testament Endorse Slavery?, joins Steve and Fuz for what promises to be an intriguing discussion.

    Make sure you don’t miss the live interaction. Go to our Agree to Argue YouTube channel, subscribe, and click the little bell. You’ll be notified the day we air!
    See you then!


  11. Chas, I’m not sure that Vietnam is better off that we lost the war and they fell to communism. As I understand it, we went because they wanted us. I’ve never studied the war, but I’m inclined to agree with the sentiment that we should have either gone “to win” or not gone at all. A half-hearted war didn’t help anyone. But whether we should have been involved at all is outside my knowledge enough that I won’t even venture an opinion.

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  12. Another article linked on the page of the article Michelle links in 12:09. Warning: it’s graphic. It’s on the sex scandal with Ravi Zacharias that came out after his death (World has reported on it as well). https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2020/september/ravi-zacharias-sexual-harassment-rzim-spa-massage-investiga.html Many of the points of the essay Michelle links are relevant to this one. Over and over again, lack of true accountability is at issue. Everyone on the man’s board thinks he’s the next best thing to Jesus Christ, and if allegations come up, they reject them without any real investigation. Gothard’s organizations were one of the most egregious examples, because people on the board who showed any misgivings about him were forced to resign. But again and again we see leaders with no real accountability because no one really thinks their leader is very susceptible to the temptations ordinary mortals might succumb to.

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  13. Meanwhile, I moved on to Amos—I ended up reading almost the entire book.

    Here is such encouragement from Amos 9:10 via Spurgeon:

    i. “I think I see you, poor believer, tossed about like that wheat, up and down, right and left, in the sieve, and in the air, never resting.

    Perhaps it is suggested to you, ‘God is very angry with me.’

    No, the farmer is not angry with his wheat when he casts it up and down in the sieve, and neither is God angry with you; this you shall see one day when the light shall show that love ruled in all your griefs.” (Spurgeon)

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  14. Our Covid restrictions here are down to only 5 people in your home! We have less than 2000 active cases in the entire province.

    In the meantime, I am in a very small bubble as I live so far out of town and don’t go anywhere anyways… kind of like Mumsee, but I don’t have children out and working and coming home each day.

    Christmas will be just the two of us and our daughter who will come either before Christmas or after (she is working the week of Christmas). But son and DIL weren’t planning on traveling with two newborns anyways, even if the babies are strong and healthy.

    We’ll have to figure out just when we’ll go and see the newborns 🙂

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  15. We started into the book of 1 Peter this morning. One of the ladies brought up a sermon in which she heard that verses 1-12 are our privilege and then beginning in verse 13 we find our responsibilities. Another lady is using verse 13 as sound advice for someone going through a season of troubles, “Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” We had ten ladies with us this a.m.

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  16. My memory verse this week was Psalm 146:5
    “Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God.” I know joy is better than ‘happy’ which is considered to be only in the moment, but this is a reminder that at any given moment I can focus on God and be happy rather than sinking down with the dismal load of news for the day.


  17. We had a nice Zoom call with Wesley last night. He had worked some on an article, taught during the day, had five hours of conference/Zoom calls with students, and then graded compositions. He kept yawning as we talked because he’d had such a long day. He definitely is giving his heart to his work. And he has serious students who can benefit from his teaching which keeps him motivated.

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  18. This is me jumping in again before reading comments. I am behind on my online stuff today, but want to ask a question: Is going paperless with my bank a good or bad idea?


  19. Kizzie, probably you can only know the answer to your question in hindsight. Considering the election recounting, we can see the importance of paper trails if there is a problem. But if there is no problem, well . . . then there is no problem. Or as one person said, “Are you feeling lucky?”

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  20. Janice, it depends on you.
    It might be a good idea if you check your data often.
    It might be a bad idea if you forget about it and neglect it.
    I tend to forget all about it. But no harm done.
    So far.

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  21. I just returned from town running errands…post office, grocery, gas station…then picked up subs at Jimmy Johns for me and daughter since husband is back up at Barr Camp for a couple days. People have lost their ever lovin’ minds out there. So afraid the state is going to shut down our county again, people are out shopping in force. I just need fruit, ketchup and ice cream!! 😂..and I needed to mail out a birthday card to our Veterinarian.
    Kizzie I try to go paperless whenever it is possible. Our post office is just the most unreliable at delivering our mail. Missing mail, mis-delivered mail….When I do receive statements and or bills online, I print off a hard copy for my records.

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  22. Kizzie, I went paperless with my banks a few years ago. I go online at least once a month (I try to do it more often but it depends on how much I feel like tackling a tedious chore) to do what I used to call reconciling my checkbook. (These days most of my transactions are debit or online purchases and automatic withdrawals or deposits.) So if there were a problem, I would know about it soon enough to get things straightened out. I think in forty years of having checking accounts, however, I only remember once having to contact the bank to straighten anything out, and it was a fairly minor thing. So I do my reconciliation mostly to be sure I know what my balance will be after any upcoming automatic withdrawals, as well as to maintain a spreadsheet identifying expenses by type.

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  23. I’m for paperless, love the online banking options and, as Nancy Jill says, you can always print out hard copies of the need arises.

    So I sought help from our former photo editor (who now freelances for us, his wife works for the Times) on my missing hot spot. He’s 5 minutes away so he got on the phone with his son and they tried a few things then decided I’d just have to stop by the att store and they could add it to my network line up from there, it’s considered standard bit for some reason it just wasn’t showing up in my queue.

    But the att clerk said it wasn’t part of my ‘plan’ — they could add it but it would cost an extra $20 a month on my bill! Yikes, no thanks.

    Editor said he’d try to hunt down a company hot spot gizmo, which I have used before out in the field but not recently, and maybe drop it off

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  24. I log into my bank account frequently I love paperless on that. I have some bills that still come on paper because I forget them.

    Somebody keeps all the money in a central account and transfers it to our “spend” accounts as needed. Then gets upset with me when I don’t know my balance so now the bank sends me a text if mine “spend” account goes under $40. Ugh.

    Long day and people are 😜 crazy

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  25. I look at my bank account every few days too — and have ‘bill pay’ set up so paying bills takes minutes every month, no checks, stamps or envelopes — or guessing if it will arrive in time

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  26. Kevin defers to the second place on choosing the Pickled Pigskin tie breaker. There was a tie for second, but Janice had the closest tiebreaker score of 9 points (AJ and Mumsee over 25 points off the tie breaker score.) So, Janice, email AJ with your choice of games. AJ- If she chooses one I already sent you, choose a replacement for that slot.

    Thank you.


  27. We’re paperless; even our tithing is automatic and electronic. One safeguard we implemented was a second checking account in which we maintain the smallest possible balance and use for all of our electronic/automatic activity. That way, if that account were ever compromised, it would cause us the least amount of inconvenience. We have an automatic transfer into it set up from our main account to cover the monthly charges. I check and balance both accounts everyday.

    PSA regarding cell phones, we switched to “Visible” a couple months ago. It sounds too good to be true, but it is. For one person, the TOTAL monthly cost is $40 for unlimited talk and data and a hot spot. You can then add three other unrelated users to your “party,” each of which reduces everyone’s cost by $5. So husband, son, DIL, and I are each paying $25 a month. We each get our own bill so there’s no hassle of spitting the charges each month. Switching was easy – me from AT&T and the others from Verizon. The actual service is through Verizon. You’re welcome.

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