3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-14-20

  1. 🙂 After my mom seemed to be on her deathbed, she is back to her normal. She visited her brother and now is being wheeled around a whole lot of parks, gardens and all kinds of flora and fauna places. She has been drinking at least something. She must have decided she really must do that. All the prayers, calls from family and the home visit of her priest, who gave her communion, must have been beneficial.

    😦 The hypocrisy of politicians has gotten so overt. I suppose that is because anyone can now post pictures. Please don’t tell us to forgo church while you run around in crowds etc.

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  2. We have people lined up again, to take care of nineteen year old so now Husband has time to take the younger two places. They are delighted. They haven’t complained, as they know their sister, but it has been difficult for them.

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