79 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-14-20

  1. Pretty tree, Michelle. I have a huge tree like that in my back yard. But all it does for me is drop leaves. A zillion tiny leaves. I have never seen a tree so large have such small acorns and leaves. Seems strange.

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  2. I don’t know why. It never happened before in all these years. So I think I will tell it.

    On this day in 1952 my little (12 year old) brother died. I know. It was before most of you were born. The odd thing is that I knew my mother was praying for her son who was in Arabia, doing dangerous things. But her youngest was killed by an auto 100 yards from home. I think of that circumstance often. But something tells me that he, otherwise, would have been killed in Viet Nam. Just a feeling. He was proud that his brother was in the AF, and was looking forward .to joining himself.

    But that event caused this event. I came home on emergency leave. I checked out of Arabia when I left. So? When I returned from the funeral, I was assigned to a temporary squadron. There was nothing to do.
    Long story there, but I was discharged in December 1952 and returned home. I had already been approved by the U. of South Carolina and was planning to enroll the following September after my March discharge. But. Since I was discharged in December, I decided to enroll in the spring semester.
    Mostly to get away from the dreary atmosphere at home.

    When I arrived, I was assigned to a room just down from where my HS buddies were seniors. So? My friends were seniors, so I never had a freshman experience.

    My mother survived the experience. My dad dropped out of church for about forty years. But he came back the last 10-15 years of his life.

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  3. Chas, thank you for sharing that moment in your family’s journey through life. I was born in Dec. 1953 so I was not far behind that time. It must have been such a difficult time for your parents.


  4. Good Saturday morning, y’all!
    The ads are going strong for the Senate. And the recount is all over the news. So far it seems like Hollywood Jr. is stuck in Groundhog Day mode.

    Art and I watched a program on PBS last night about Fiddler on the Roof. It was fascinating. At one point the program told about a group of young people who were in an arts program maybe in one of those magnet schools for the gifted. The young folks happened to be mostly Black and Hispanic, or as the new designation says, People of Color. There were protests from the Jewish sector that they should not do it. They had police protection so the show could go on. I think the fear was that the children would not take seriously the faith traditions that were not of their culture and they would turn it into farce. They did present it seriously which worked out well for everyone. All’s Well That Ends Well!

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  5. I took that photo yesterday morning, caught by the contrast between the vivid red leaves (we DO have fall in Northern California) against the scorched earth in the background.

    When I got up this morning, there was a curious almost-burned smell in the house. With senses on alert, I walked around sniffing and not finding anything.

    But when I went out for the paper, the smell was everywhere and I remembered. We had a lovely, perfect, soft drizzle all afternoon yesterday and as a result, the scorched earth smell is strong today.

    We’ll take it to mark the end of fire season, thank you. 🙂

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  6. Morning! It is a cool and oh so windy day here in my neck of the woods! 60mph gusts are supposed to come our way throughout the day today. Batten down the hatches…we’re in for a wild one!

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  7. Catching up from yesterday: I remember watching, with my dad, when Tennessee Ernie Ford sang, “Sixteen Tons” on a television show. He was singing in the old Soviet Union. My dad was quite tickled because he thought it showed how they realized how bad some people had in the United States. The irony was lost on me way back then. However, he had lived in a company community as a young boy. He knew how companies could take advantage of their workers keeping them indebted to the company store. I still enjoy this song. It is good to share the history of the early days of the mines.

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  8. Beautiful tree.

    Heard from my friend Shirley who says her brother is talking to her about an assisted living move. I am not entirely sure how dire her health is, but it still seems a bit early to be talking about that. And it would mean getting rid of her cats — and she’s very attached to them, though they are a lot of “work” for her.

    Also hard to communicate right now, she’s new to texting and has an un-smart phone so her texts are sometimes garbled or brief to the point where I’m not sure what she’s trying to say. I keep asking if there’s a good time to call and talk but I think that’s awkward as she has roommates and she’ maybe doesn’t want to talk about it with others around?

    Chas, that is such a poignant story about your brother, your parents (and you) must have had a hard time coming through that loss.

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  9. I texted friend that it seemed a bit premature to be talking about any of that — told her to get through her recuperative time there and get back home first, maybe with some adjusted treatments and medications, and see how things go before embarking on that kind of decision. She also has enough money to have someone come in a few times a week if need be. Or she might pay her housekeeper extra, she seems to feel comfortable with her.

    She thanked me for my input. I know her brother is looking out for her welfare, which is good, but it seemed like a rather abrupt life change to suggest at this stage.

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  10. We have wind here, also. It is not as strong as what we had last week, which blew down my chimney pipe. I had to just leave for 3 days until the wind lay down.

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  11. Wal-Mart must have more big boxes than little ones, or they pay their shipping people by the square inch of boxes packed. Whenever my husband has them ship something, they send it packed as though it’s fragile crystal. He just got an order of mints; the box of mints measures 5 x 4 x 2.5. They are packed in a box that has been lined on all sides with foam sheeting (including a “lid” to lift), and the rest of the box is filled with those air-filled inserts. Their shipping box? Fourteen inches on each side. That would be a good math problem: how many of the product they could have fit in the shipping box. They also included a cold pack, not needed for the product and not needed in mid-November in the Midwest, though I suppose erring on the side of caution is better than, say, shipping chocolate in August with nothing to keep it cool.

    The delivery team, on the other hand, was FedEx, which means it got left a long way from our back door, out in the rain, where people from the street could see the package but we can’t see it looking out our door. (I saw them drive up or we wouldn’t have known about it.) UPS leaves packages at our front door and rings the bell, but FedEx can’t be bothered with anything so customer-friendly.

    I say let’s stop focusing on sending everyone to college and start trying to teach people to care about doing their jobs well.

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  12. One of my piano students has tested positive for covid. I had previously seen him seven days before he started feeling sick. Does anyone know how far back, before onset of symptoms, the authorities look to determine who has been exposed?


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  13. Roscuro, may I clarify? So are you saying that my student could have been contagious for 14 days before he developed symptoms, and therefore I’ve been exposed (since I was with him on October 27 and November 3, fourteen and seven days, respectively, before he started getting sick on November 10)?

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  14. 6, the latency period (the time between infection and showing symptoms) is a maximum of 14 days – most people show symptoms sooner than 14 days, but two weeks is considered the outer limit. So, while it is probable that if your student was asymptomatic at the time of the lesson, he may not have been infectious, there is still a chance that he had already been exposed to COVID-19 and was incubating the infection at the time of the lesson. But, I would phone your physician and ask if they think you should get tested.

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  15. Sorry, Six.

    In other news, EM-N95 face masks are prioritized, as they should be, for health professionals.

    Unfortunately, we also use them in fire situations and used ours in October. Now I can’t replace them, so hopefully, they won’t be needed, well, ever again, but we’d like to have a supply for next fire season.

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  16. Thanks for the information, Roscuro. I’ll try calling somewhere to see if they advise getting tested. The physician I had for several years is no longer practicing medicine in the area, and I haven’t gotten a new doctor yet…

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  17. Sorry, 6.

    The college intern assisting my physical therapist tested positive for the virus (she was symptom free); I asked the PT if I should do anything, he said just watch for symptoms. Nothing came of it, but seems like I should have done more or even quarantined? Have no idea anymore what we’re supposed to do or not do.

    At any rate, no other cases were reported at the gym so we all just carried on. I asked about the intern several weeks later, he said she was fine, never had symptoms but had to quarantine. He had a new intern by then.

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  18. Thanks, Michelle and DJ. I’m hoping I won’t pick it up, as I think I may have already had it early this year, and it sounds like getting it a second time is a rare occurrence, as far as they know at this time.

    I never did get antibody testing, as I didn’t hear about that until several months after I suspected we had covid in our household, and they were saying that sometimes antibodies don’t show up in blood testing anymore a few months after having had covid.

    That, of course, could have been misinformation, though. There were so many unknowns early on, and probably still a lot more to be learned about the disease caused by the virus, though I think there is more knowledge about it now than there was half a year ago, am I correct, those of you on the front lines?

    Thank you for your work in the medical field, all of you who are.

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  19. Ditto to what 6 said about our medical workers. I see that NM (RK) also is surging seriously.

    Filled up with gas — is there any reason to get the mid-grade rather than just regular — and discovered I somehow can’t make a deposit into my credit union savings account using their ATM card. Weird. And inconvenient.

    Still juggling to get an automatic monthly car payment set up, they can’t take a debit card payment over the phone because somehow they have to process it as a “cash advance” and banks have limits on those. I like credit unions, but they are inconvenient in a lot of ways. 😦

    Speaking of the new Jeep, I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of it — figure out how to turn the bright/high beam headlights on and off yesterday. That was handy and good news (especially for other drivers).

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  20. Not stuck of course. Simply taking a break from driving to work, until she decided to driver herself out of the ditch, just before husband arrived to pull her out.

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  21. Mumsee, i can’t tell how to perform this. But she has to learn that there are consequences, on her, not someone else, for her actions.
    It’s a big job, but has to be done, or her entire life will be a shambles.

    But I’m talking about something I don’t understand. I can’t imagine such actions.

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  22. I disagree with pulling some of our troops out of Afghanistan.
    We should pull ALL of our troops out of Afghanistan. The Russians were smarter than we are. They left them to fight among themselves.
    I supported the Vietnam war while it was happening. But I was wrong. We should have left it to them. As eventually happened.

    Eisenhower warned following presidents about the military-industrial comples. I think there is much to do with that.

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  23. Morning! It is supposed to warm up a bit here today. We got the wind yesterday and a quick blizzard came in with it. The snow is now all but melted but the dogs water bowl on the porch is frozen solid..oops!
    Husband comes home today after spending the weekend caretaking at the Barr Camp cabin. He will go up there again this week sometime to help out the main caretaker. He loves helping out up there and has made many friends who have come to hike Pikes Peak from all over the world. He will have many stories to tell I am certain although not as many people are hiking up there this time of year. And those who do make the trek up there cannot sleep in the bunkhouse due to COVID……hikers sleep in a lean to shelter outside…it’s cold up there!

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  24. Good morning. Just in from digging up carrots from under the snow, for husband’s roast he is putting in the slow cooker. A nice view of Venus this morning but Spica and Mercury were still under heavy clouds. Or above heavy clouds. Or something.

    Chas, she does need to learn consequences, which is why she called to see if she should call USAA . They told her it would be a three hour and a half hour wait for a truck. We want her employed so eventually she can take care of her own baby. I have started charging her one hundred dollars a month for child care. We all know that is a ridiculous amount, but it is a start.

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  25. I’m staying in from church, mainly due to something I’ve strained in my lower left back/top hit area. It’s feeling a little better, doing some easy stretches which seem to help and have taken some Aleve, but walking hurts and it’s hard to get comfortable sitting, too. Something I did yesterday, I guess, it came on suddenly by afternoon and I probably made a mistake by walking the dogs anyway last night. Mainly hurts when I walk so that’s it for me today. Always something. Old age cometh. lol

    Chas, many wars take on new depths of understanding in hindsight and in the context of later changes in circumstances. That will always be the case. Lessons are learned but still may not be able to be exactly applied to future decisions amid even newer circumstances. History and those kinds of decisions in real time are more art than science. At least that’s my take.

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  26. (12:46) But was that true in WWII?

    I remember my mom talking about the folly of “isolationism” as I was growing up; it was something that eventually had to be overcome — took Pearl Harbor to do it, apparently.

    Trying to limit the spread of communism spurred the entanglement in Vietnam. Following 9/11, there was another well-intentioned idea that we could influence some of those nations that were becoming such a global threat.

    Not all wars are equal — or, in the end, wise. But again, it’s hard going into them to discern all of that in advance. It’s a call that’s made at the time, it may wind up being right or wrong. Hindsight is 20/20. We can all see it later, not so clearly at the time.

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  27. The world’s a dangerous place and I suspect we’re pulling back into another period of more isolationism. Maybe that’s needed. Sadly, of course, now it’s our nation appears to be falling into disrepair and chaos.

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  28. The invasion into Afghanistan was the one and only time I called the White House (from Hawai’i!) to say no. “I don’t want my children going to that country which no one in the history of time has ever been able to win over.”

    My oldest child was 13 that year. He just turned 40.

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  29. Yesterday on Facebook, in a comment on one of Janice’s posts, I told her that I have been in a fresh wave of grief lately. It could be due to the upcoming holiday season, but probably also due to the year we have been having, as Janice suggested.

    Yesterday, I was watching the movie, The Odd Couple, with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau (I love both of those actors). As I was enjoying the movie, and laughing aloud at some parts, I couldn’t help but think of how Hubby would have also enjoyed it. (Although, like me, I’m sure he had seen it before.) I try not to, but I can’t help missing watching those kinds of things with him, as our special Sunday afternoons together, how we would talk about whatever we were watching, and usually having something good to eat (and some kind of dessert) with the movie or show.

    So, after enjoying the movie and the laughs, I burst out crying.

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  30. As many of you probably remember, The Odd Couple was also a TV show in the early 70s. (It started out as a play in the mid-60s.) Somehow, both sets of actors who played the parts seemed to inhabit their parts just the right way – Matthau as Oscar, the slob, with Jack Lemmon as Felix, the neat freak, in the movie, and Jack Klugman as Oscar with Tony Randall as Felix in the TV show. (Matthau and Klugman both played Oscar at different times in the play.)

    In the 90s, both sets of actors recreated their roles for sequels – Matthau and Lemmon in a movie, and Klugman and Randall in a TV movie.

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  31. Yes, surge conditions here. One of our nurses is covid positive, along with the night radiology tech. I dont feel like i can eat in the breakroom any more as they both had food left in the fridge. The break room used to be a place to take off the mask and breathe easily for a few minutes. Now, i go outside onto the patio.

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  32. My Christmas shopping is pretty much finished! I went on Amazon the other evening to look for something (I forget what now), and accidentally did my Christmas shopping. 😀 (I don’t get a lot.)

    I already had the Christmas sweater with the cats on it for Chickadee, and added a coloring book for adults that is supposed to help reduce stress, and a nice large pack of colored pencils.

    For Nightingale, I had ordered a gift card from JC Penney (since she learned that they have clothes with sleeves and legs long enough for her), and added a pack of several different colored highlighters (she uses highlighters a lot in her day planner).

    As for Boy, Nightingale will either get something for him to be from me, or tell me what to order. She usually does the former.

    I also ordered some red and green Peanut M&Ms, a bag of mixed hard candies, and a large box with different flavors of hot chocolate. The candies will go in disposable Christmas coffee cups, and then the cups, with some packets of the hot chocolate, will go in a gift bag. A nice little “side gift” for each one of them.

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  33. Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. I got her one of the cotten throws that has a Bible verse on it (made in USA which is nice), a little devotional journal booklet with a pen, and a sticky note cube with a kitten on each side of the cube. Now I just need to get a nice card for her.

    I have been Christmas shopping along. It will be a pretty slim year for us present wise. We really have few needs at this point.

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  34. On Thursday I got Hubby the gift of his dreams – a 1976 Bicentennial Lionel train set. Along with the engine, there are 13 box cars, one for each of the original 13 colonies. Someone on a local Facebook page was selling it. He is ecstatic. He’d already started setting up the train garden for this year but the new one got the place of honor on the track that runs along the ceiling year round.

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  35. How fun Linda! I love train sets. I tried setting mine up around the Christmas tree one year but the 2year old grandson wouldn’t leave it alone and keep knocking it off the tracks. One day I will again attempt to set it up 😊

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  36. I think something’s wrong with our heater. Its been blowing cold air since we got home from church, such that the inside temp dropped 2 degrees. Brrr!

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  37. So while up on Pike’s Peak mountain husband saw for the first time a bushy tail wood rat! They have been having trouble with those critters up there at the camp. Husband says “they are so cute”! Ack! They get into the storage barn up there and nest…they can be destructive.
    Then there was the guy who decided to hike up to Pike’s Peak wearing a cotton t shirt, running pants and sandals with socks on. He was nearly hypothermic once he made it to the cabin. They warmed him up by the fire, gave him hot soup and tea and he was happy to have found help! Yes, it was his first time to attempt the hike…he’ll know better next time….

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  38. Just about to head home from work. There are high winds, and there are a number of power lines down. The power is out at home. Sometimes, it isn’t snow and ice that make the drive home perilous.

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  39. I’ll add that someone should tell the hiker not to go up the down staircase now.

    Glad you got home safely, Roscuro. Thanks for letting us know.

    It’s windy here, too, tonight anyway; we usually hardly get any wind. There was a wind advisory until 6 pm, though it has settled down some now. But I’m glad I didn’t have to drive in it tonight.

    I won’t be driving tomorrow, either. I will be staying home and giving piano lessons via Zoom until I’m past the 14-day threshold since being with my student who has covid. (It’s been 12 days now since our last in-person lesson.)

    Kizzie at 1:58 pm said, “My Christmas shopping is pretty much finished!” I will say my Christmas shopping is pretty much not started. 😉 I’ll concern myself with that another day!

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  40. We’ve had a lot of wind here today, too. Our wind advisory was something like 14 hours today, which is rather unusual for here. I’m very happy we’re living where we are now, though. In our previous house, our bedroom was in the corner that took the wind, and it could be quite noisy at night. Well, here we hear traffic noise (we didn’t there), but somehow it’s harder to sleep to wind noise, at least for me.


  41. An hour and a half and we’ll be halfway through November. Since it’s just the two of us, we’re going to “celebrate Thanksgiving” whenever our shopper brings us a turkey (we decided to splurge on a never-frozen bird this year), and that will probably be someday this week. (I’ll probably plan the meal for a day or two after he shops.)

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  42. Oh Kizzie 😂 they didn’t have a “down jacket” but they did manage to find some warmer shirts for him. He happened to be in great physical shape as he was a Mixed Marshall Arts athlete. He just had no idea what that mountain weather could present to a hiker especially in November! Husband said he was a really nice young man in his twenties and when he left he said to husband and the other caretaker “have a blessed day…and thank you”…. 😊

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  43. I’m glad to see Phos made it home safely.
    I’m glad because I was going to advise her not to try making that trip.
    I still would advise against it. But I’m glad she made it.
    All is well now???

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