29 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-6-20

  1. Piling up.


    “Reports Of Election Fraud Keep Piling Up In Michigan. What’s Going On?

    It appears that Democrats in Detroit, a city with a long history of election fraud, are tampering with absentee ballots and breaking state law.”

    As absentee ballot counting continues in a handful of key states across the country, reports of voter fraud, ballot tampering, and the illegal removal of Republican election observers are cropping up in Michigan, especially in Detroit, a Democratic stronghold which has a long history of voter fraud.

    On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced it was filing a lawsuit in Michigan over what it claims are systematic efforts to prevent Republican election observers from monitoring the ballot counting process as allowed under state law.

    The lawsuit comes as video clips continue to surface on social media showing election officials denying access to authorized GOP poll watchers.

    Aric Nesbitt, a Michigan state senator, posted a video on Twitter Wednesday afternoon of election workers at the convention center in Detroit, where absentee ballots are being counted. The video shows workers cheering every time an official election observer with the Michigan GOP is ejected from the counting room. Apparently this has been happening frequently, in violation of state law. Democratic observers, says Nesbitt, now outnumber Republicans observers at the convention center 3 to 1.”

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  2. Stealing PA.


    “Regardless of the outcome, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania state courts and the Democrat State Party have pulled every dirty trick in the books.

    They have changed the rules mid-game, using COVID scare as a cover, but their chicanery is so overt, the curtain has been pulled back on their thug tactics.

    First, months out, they claimed they would need three extra days to count the votes. Then, against all extant state laws, they said they would accept illegible or ballots with no security envelope postmark. Then, incredibly they said a voter’s signature on the mail-in ballot didn’t have to match the voter’s signature in the voter registration books. Banana Republic, anyone?

    But that’s just the everchanging rules of the game. On the ground, it got worse and worse.

    Certified poll watchers were not allowed into many Philadelphia polling stations. This is an old Philly trick. Why is it important? Because without a poll watcher from the opposite side, numbers at the poll can be jiggered. But even that wasn’t enough.

    Montgomery County, where this author resides and works as a Republican committeeperson, is the third largest county in Pennsylvania. Historically solid Republican, over more recent decades, the balance of power has gradually eroded to majority Democrat, with some pockets of resistance. However, in this election cycle, Republicans outpaced Democrats in new voter registrations significantly. They didn’t outstrip the Democrats, but the trend was pro-Republican.

    So, what happened on the ground in Pennsylvania yesterday? Dirty tricks, and lots of them.

    During the day in Montgomery County, Republican poll workers, and committee people received an alert. The Democrats had sent an army of spies into Montgomery County, wearing badges reading iterations of ‘Voter Protection.’ They were posing as poll watchers. In Pennsylvania, certified poll watchers can only work in the county of their residence. When these spies were asked for credentials, all they could produce were Philadelphia poll watcher certificates. They were all then barred from the polls. But they could not be barred from any area outside of the poll.

    My poll was visited by one such spy. He sat outside the poll all day long with a laptop. It was obvious what he was doing: counting in-person voters. Why? To divine how many mail-in ballots would be required to beat the in-person votes for President Trump that would be tallied first.”

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  3. Why not?


    Four years ago, liberal heads exploded when Donald Trump was elected president. At colleges across America, students needed counseling and teddy bears to cope with their grief. Trump’s inauguration sparked protests, some of them violent.

    If the election of a nasty, dishonest conservative outsider by slim margins in key states caused grief and rage in 2016, why shouldn’t the election of a nasty, dishonest liberal establishment hack by slim margins in key states , and in a race fraught with the possibility of fraud, cause rage among those who voted for President Trump this year?

    One big difference from four years ago is that the GOP will probably control the Senate. The 2016 election left Democrats on the outs in both chambers of Congress.

    But the president exercises enormous power even when his party doesn’t control the Senate. He runs foreign policy and can direct important aspects of domestic policy through fiat. He can populate the executive branch with leftists who will undo the good, conservative work of Trump’s appointees and create new left-liberal mischief on a large scale.

    I hope and expect the Senate to obstruct the confirmation of many of these nominees, as the Dems did after 2016, even though they lacked a Senate majority. (This will be subject of an upcoming post.) But eventually, Biden’s left-liberals will take control, through recess appointments, if necessary. And because the permanent bureaucracy is dominated by left-liberals, it’s less important for a Democratic president to put his nominees in place than it is for a Republican.

    All in all, then, conservatives have good reason to be enraged by Biden’s victory. If we are less angry than the left was four years ago, it’s because we’re more stable emotionally.

    Personally, I’m not enraged. I won’t be unless it becomes clear that the election was stolen.”


    It’s becoming clearer.

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  4. Mob rule rules.


    “Colorado Passes Resolution That Awards Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner

    Mob rule is totes cool.”

    “Colorado passed Proposition 113, which will award the state’s electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.

    The idea came to the forefront after the 2000 fiasco but really picked up in 2016 after President Donald Trump thumped failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    She got the popular vote, but he won the electoral vote.

    The National Popular Vote nonprofit group has 16 states behind the idea, which take up 196 electoral votes.

    From The Denver Post:

    The ballot measure had 52.2% support Wednesday evening with 88% of the vote counted statewide.”


  5. See. Now that the election is over they’re rounding up and removing the useful idiots. It was all for show, to influence an election.


    “More than 600 arrested during anti-Trump protest that blocked I-94 in Minneapolis”

    “Law enforcement officials arrested more than 600 people after protesters blocked Interstate 94 in Minneapolis late Wednesday and early Thursday.

    The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) said the arrests by State Patrol troopers and city police were necessary to clear the interstate of a people who stopped freeway traffic.

    “No force or chemicals were used, and no protesters or law enforcement officers were injured during the incident,” the DPS said in a statement issued Thursday.

    Marchers gathered early Wednesday evening for a protest, led by multiple local organizations, dubbed “Don’t Let Trump Steal the Election.” Marchers went from downtown streets to I-94, where they caused closure of the freeway from Interstate 35W east to Hwy. 280. The interstate was cleared and reopened at 1:23 a.m. Thursday, the DPS said.

    The agency said 646 people were cited, arrested and released. Six vehicles were towed.

    “State law makes it illegal for pedestrians, bicyclists or other nonmotorized traffic to be on a freeway. In addition, walking on the freeway is very dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, especially after dark,” the DPS statement said.”


    And yet you frauds allowed these criminals to loot, burn, and destroy for months but now suddenly it’s a problem. Riiiiight……

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  6. Now if the courts will actually give the marchers some decent fines. They are so blooming selfish. They never consider the inconvenience to others including possible death from ambulances being blocked.

    I have demonstrated and my husband has picketed in strike lines. Never were we allowed to block all traffic. There were rare times when we were allowed to march through city streets. Highways? Forget about it.

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  7. Tychicus @ 8:47 put his finger on it. This “absentee ballot” thing is open to fraud by the nature of things.
    What they should do is”
    Absolute’s should request ballots a month ahead of the vote.
    If they can’s anticipate being away? Too bad. The country won’t miss them
    The fact that they are still counting is proof of fraud. There are so many votes cast on Tuesday. It should take one day to count them.
    Votes should not be coming in now, whatever the excuse.
    Close the doors at the end of voting day.

    This should not be happening.

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  8. You’ll have to scroll down a little to get to the sections I wanted to share: “A Morning Dispatch Guide to Election Day”, “Does this mean we won’t know the winner until Friday?”, and “Beware Election Disinformation”.

    “The nation needs to be prepared for the idea that they won’t have a conclusive result on Election Night,” Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose told us last month. “And that’s not a sign that something nefarious is happening. That’s the process playing out as it was designed to play out.”

    States always take days, or even weeks, to certify their vote tabulations. “All results are unofficial on Election Night,” North Carolina State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell said. “We’ll have a certification period that in North Carolina is 10 days, then the counties will meet on November 13, and the state board will meet on November 24 to certify results.”

    But in certain states, even those unofficial results may come in slower than usual tonight, due in large part to expanded absentee and mail-in voting and laws preventing election officials from counting those ballots prior to Election Day. Administrators in key battleground states Pennsylvania and Michigan, for example, have cautioned that their states may not have complete unofficial results until Friday. “Now, we may be making announcements before then, we may even be done sooner than that,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson told us last month. But she added that she’s “trying to manage everyone’s expectations so that they know what to expect.”



  9. Let the court cases and recounts begin.


  10. Chas, I don’t know how long it takes to count ballots. Multiple races are on each one, and I don’t know how many ballots are being counted, or by how many people. If it takes several days, then it takes several days. Just no tampering with the election.

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  11. As they should, because this has been tainted from the start.


    “Needless to say, there will be a lot of questions about the slow roll from Election Night results to today’s end game of an apparent — but not yet certified — Joe Biden victory. The most frustrating part of those questions is that they could have easily been avoided, especially given the months of preparation we had. The decision by states to push mass mail-in balloting with no preparation, to prevent Election Day counting of those ballots, and to ignore statutory deadlines on delivery created a cloud over what should be a transparent and efficient process.

    Several states then compounded those issues with their lack of clarity on the number of outstanding ballots and attempts to lock observers out of the process in key states. Add in the flexible rules and procedures around mail-in balloting, and it’s easy to see why the spectacle undermined confidence in the results of this election with a large number of voters. The Supreme Court should get some blame for this in Pennsylvania, thanks to their punt on statutory deadlines at a time when the state could have corrected the system to abide by its own law.

    Had states properly prepared for this with more efficient ballot systems and especially by starting the counting process of mail-in ballots on or even before Election Day, much of that confidence-sapping could have been avoided. It’s true that we are probably too used to getting results quickly, but it’s also true that it’s entirely possible to achieve that. Look at Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and a handful of other states whose totals were quickly tallied. They have efficient ballot systems (complete with paper ballots for possible recounts) and a rational manner of dealing with counts for absentee ballots.

    Quick and accurate results with minimal human intervention and within pre-established rules build confidence. Dragged-out results with rule changes and lots of human intervention do not. On Tuesday evening, no one would have been terribly surprised to hear Trump had lost Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona; the latter two had been trending toward Democrats for the last few election cycles, and PA is normally a Democratic state in presidential elections anyway. So are Wisconsin and Michigan, for that matter. But dragging this out and counting the mail-in vote for days after the Election Day vote turned into a disaster for voter confidence — without which a democracy cannot operate properly.”

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  12. Brutally honest.


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  13. Take note America, you ungrateful idiots. This will be the next to last good one of these for at least 4 years.


    “October Jobs Report: Unemployment Down to 6.9%, Private Sector Employment Up Over 900,000

    Will the economy continue to grow? Winter is coming…”

    “Here are the sectors:

    Leisure and hospitality: +271,000
    Professional and business services: +208,000
    Retail trade: +104,000
    Construction: +84,000
    Health Care and Social Assistance: +79,000
    Transportation and Warehousing: +63,000
    Other services: +47,000
    Manufacturing: +38,000
    Financial Activities: +31,000
    Government employment went down by 268,000, which includes 147,000 temporary Census workers.”


  14. ________________________

    … As we’ve discussed, Senate Republicans have likely managed to maintain their majority with an incredible string of victories in targeted states. Two of their most vulnerable incumbents lost, as polls suggested they would, but another highly vulnerable member (Maine’s Susan Collins) won handily. They’ve swept literally every other race Democrats and the media had circled as potential pick-ups. Crucial to this achievement were Joni Ernst’s decisive victory in Iowa, and Thom Tillis’ highly likely (see here) win in North Carolina, defying the polls. Alaska remains uncalled as of this writing, but Republican sources I’ve spoken to are supremely confident that race is well in hand. That puts Mitch McConnell’s conference at 50 seats. If the GOP can win one or both of the Georgia runoffs (they will be favored to do so for several reasons, which I’ll write about soon), that’s an outright majority. It’s very conceivable, if not probable, that the GOP will end up dropping just one net Senate seat on a night Joe Biden will rack up roughly 75 million votes. Extraordinary.

    But the Senate was always in play. What’s happening in the House of Representatives is a bigger surprise. One of the reasons some smart analysts like Dave Wasserman repeatedly said they thought Trump could lose a real blowout was district-level Congressional polling, which looked quite ugly for the GOP, and did not show any of the telltale movement that presaged Trump’s 2016 upset. The most established political prognosticators were unified in agreement that House Democrats were on the brink of swelling their majority, further empowering Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I bought into that, writing that single-digit losses would be a decent outcomes for House Republicans. In reality, the GOP has gained at least ten lower chamber seats as of this writing, and plugged-in sources tell me they will probably end up controlling between 209 and 214 seats in the new Congress, compared to 197 currently. This would render the Democrats’ position the smallest House majority in decades. It would also set up the GOP for a relatively light lift to win back the chamber in 2022, a cycle that would historically favor the party opposite the newly-elected president. One additional note: House Republicans are diversifying and recruiting well — winning or being extremely competitive in races in which their candidates are women and/or people of color, and/or military veterans. …


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  16. What principle was Fox News standing on when they called Arizona far too early?

    Don’t panic, folks. Fox and the rest of the country is in for a big surprise in the near future…

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  17. A glitch?


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  18. It was a clerk’s error, but one that would have been caught eventually anyway, even if it hadn’t been caught when it was. The important thing is that it was caught.

    “The correct results always were and continue to be reflected on the tabulator totals tape and on the ballots themselves. Even if the error in the reported unofficial results had not been quickly noticed, it would have been identified during the county canvass. Boards of County Canvassers, which are composed of 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans, review the printed totals tape from each tabulator during the canvass to verify the reported vote totals are correct.”



  19. Tychicus is right. Many of us are praying that the fraud be uncovered and righteousness prevail. This is not over.


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