Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 10

Okay, football fans. Get ready. The PAC-12 has arrived on the scene so everyone is playing now. Next week the Bowl Championship Committee chooses which teams get to compete for the National Championship by ranking them. It won’t be easy since that ranking will depend on some teams playing one or two games and others playing 9 or 10.

But your task is much easier. Pick which teams you think will win this week’s games. No pressure, as the College Football Universe isn’t paying attention to the Pickled Pigskin Picks.  Think you can beat Janice, the two-time-in-a-row winner?

This week, you need to get your guesses in earlier, as there is a game playing on Friday night. It’s the B_U game of the West: BYU at BSU.

Enter your picks by 9:45PM EST Friday, November 13.

  1. #9 BYU @ #21 Boise State

  2. Air Force @ Army (This one will probably decide who gets the Commander -in-Chief trophy.)

  3. #23 Michigan @ #13 Indiana (When was the last time Indiana was ranked higher than Michigan?)

  4. Tulsa @ Navy

  5. Michigan State @ Iowa

  6. #8 Florida @ #5 Georgia

  7. Arizona @ Utah

  8. UCLA @ Colorado

  9. Pillow Fight: Vanderbilt (0-4) @ Mississippi State (1-4)

  10. Tiebreaker pick the winner and the final score: #1 Clemson @ #4 Notre Dame

22 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 10

  1. Chas” wild guesses”
    1 Boise
    2 USAF
    3 Indiana
    4 Navy
    5 Iowa
    8 Georgia
    7 Arizona
    8 UCLA
    9 Vanderbile
    10 I can’t believe I picked Clemson?? But
    Clemson 21-14


  2. Well, I have to go with UCLA since they scraped so hard to find enough players. Some of them may have been alums from my time there in the Dark Ages. Watch for the arthritic Vikings with wrinkles . . . 🙂

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  3. If we can’t accept ballots after the election is over, would I accept an entry 1 minute late (Mike @9:46 pm)? Why yes, because he was “standing in line” (typing his entry) when the door closed. And it surprises me that the 2 from Idaho “split their vote”.


  4. Actually, the way I see it, everyone above got their entries in a week ahead of time, as the due date is listed as 9:45PM EST Friday, November 13.

    I will do a little research and be back within 6 days to post my picks… 😉

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  5. So I see Mike was the only other player to do his homework.

    Clemson’s QB, the presumed #1 pick in the upcoming NFL, is not playing against ND.

    ND is gonna knock off the #1 team in the country today. 🙂


  6. Yes, AJ, the Irish did it. But the winner this week was one who picked the Tigers. Only 7 of the 10 games were played, as 3 were either postponed or canceled. So, with 5 of 7 correct, Kevin wins again.

    Our results (out of 7)
    Kevin 5
    Mike, AJ and Janice 4
    I had 3
    Chas and Mumsee 2

    Congrats, Kevin. What’s the tie breaker this week? (Better pick a backup in case of a cancelation.)


  7. Take note, all of you who voted against Indiana, that they are now a top-ten team for the first time ever. And my husband rooted against his own alma mater in rooting for their victory. (Me, I closed the door so that I wouldn’t be disturbed by the noise of a football game. But I was happy for him that they won. My pastor, though, has stopped being able to use them as sermon illustrations. Usually they’re the team that will break your heart. Not this year, not so far at least.)


  8. I don’t know, Peter, you said the deadline was November 13th. It’s not fair to change the rules afterward like that.

    #10 Indiana at Michigan State.

    Backup: #13 Wisconsin at Michigan.


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