47 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-5-20

  1. Despite media and Dem claims to the contrary, R’s outperformed them in the House and Senate.

    Their dreams of taking the Senate lay shattered on the floor, and Nancy lost seats in the House.


    “Bad News For Nancy: Contrary To Expectations, Republicans Have Gained Seats In The House (Update: ‘It’s A Dumpster Fire’ Plus Talk Of Ditching Pelosi)”

    “The House races haven’t gotten as much attention as the Senate but it appears Republicans have done very well. Prior to yesterday, some forecasts said Democrats were likely to pick up as many as 10-15 additional seats, with an outside chance of +20 for Dems. This is Cook Political Report’s final rating.

    We now view a Democratic net gain of 10 to 15 seats as the likeliest outcome, with anything from five to 20 seats well within the realm of possibility…

    In our final House ratings, we’re shifting eight more races in Democrats’ direction, including three in the high-turnout Lone Star state. If the 27 races in our Toss Up column were to split evenly down the middle, Democrats would net nine or ten seats.

    Like a lot of other predictions that one doesn’t appear to be particularly accurate. At present the NY Times’ House results map shows the GOP with a net gain of five seats in the House. That comes from 7 seats the GOP flipped compared to 2 the Democrats have flipped.”

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  2. And R women especially. 🙂


    “Crickets Over Republicans Adding 11 New Female Representatives in the House

    Will they get a Vogue or Rolling Stone cover?”

    “Weird. When Democrats added a bunch of women to the House of Representatives in 2018 it was all over the news.

    Republicans add 11 female representatives in 2020…silence.”

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  3. The thing that ticks me off the most is how they will now be burying any attempts to hold those responsible for the biggest scandal in US history, the Obama spying operation. All that disappears now, and the guilty will walk. Again.

    But at least these traitorous $#@hats are getting their’s. 🙂

    Backlash: Left Turns On #NeverTrump Lincoln Project ‘Grifters’

    “Lincoln Project managed to help Trump get MORE Republican support than in 2016 apparently”


    “One of the biggest losers in last night’s election may well turn out to be the #NeverTrump Lincoln Project, an assortment of failed former GOP political operatives and inconsequential pouty and self-aggrandized former rightwing pundits.

    As Florida was going into President Trump’s not inconsiderable ‘win’ column, Democrats and their media hordes were horrified to see Trump make huge gains among Hispanics in the Miami-Dade area. And it wasn’t only Floridian Hispanics who turned out to vote for Trump, Republicans turned out to support the president in record and historic numbers.

    For some reason, Democrats thought that a venom-spitting gaggle of disgruntled, mean-spirited former Republicans was just the ticket to help them turn out Republican voters to beat the president.

    The left is now regretting that misguided decision, and the Lincoln Project is catching a lot of flak for their wrong-headed ‘guidance’ on and negative approach to winning over Republican voters.”


  4. ———–


  5. It’s not believable because it’s not true.


    Kimberley Strassel breaks it down.


    “1) I am legitimately interested/confused by this. I checked, and the top number is indeed Wisconsin’s active registered voter number as of Nov. 1. The bottom is approx. what has been counted. That is a (not feasible) 89% turnout.

    2) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is claiming a 71% state turnout. I’m not sure where it gets this, but that would make more sense, given even populous Milwaukee didn’t exceed 83% turnout, and Dane lower. (Do math on what rest of state wud need to bump up state avg to 89)
    3) True, Wisconsin has same day voter registration. But to be at 71%, WI would have yesterday needed 900k same-day registrations. ( If I’m doing my math wrong–please tell me. 3,288,771 divided by 4,588,771 equals 71% . 4,588,771 minus 3,684,726 =900k)
    4) Is that possible/conceivable? That would be akin to increasing WI’s registered voting population by up to 30%–in one day. It would also suggest that if those same-day registrations hadn’t happened, WI would have had a ridiculously LOW turnout.
    5) I suppose it is possible WI’s turnout was higher than 71% (again, not sure where MJS gets that). But that would be wild, given the state’s own history and what we saw elsewhere yesterday. An even an 80% turnout would still require HUGE same-day registration.
    6)Surely a record/tally of those same-day registrations must exist. It would therefore seem a straightforward proposition to set the numbers/record straight?
    Again, explain if I’m missing something. @WI_Elections
    7) So, more. I compared some vote totals to voter registration–by county. Nearly every county i’ve looked at so far–left and right–registered turnout of 89% or higher. (several at 93%) I suppose its possible–but still seems extraordinary.
    8) I think high voter turnout is great, and if WI truly did this, wow. I only question it because it is so strikingly at odds with any other state.”


  6. This isn’t their only whiff either.


    “Trump’s Fight Is Far From Over in Arizona

    Fox News whiffed its Arizona call. Here’s what’s really happening in the Grand Canyon State.”

    “One of the more stunning early calls Tuesday night was Fox News calling Arizona for Joe Biden with just over 70 percent of the vote in. I am rarely stunned, but I was by this call, made shortly after Fox’s election desk had delayed calling Florida for several hours in defiance of the actual votes and statistical impossibility of Biden coming back in the state.

    Both of those decisions left many of Fox’s viewers scratching their heads, as it changed the narrative and trajectory of the night. The Arizona call resulted in nothing less than fury from the Trump campaign.

    There were many interesting calls made Tuesday night at crucial times, so what is the reality of what is taking place in Arizona today? There has been real confusion surrounding the state’s returns, caused in some part by Edison Research releasing incorrect numbers showing that 98 percent of the ballots in Arizona had been cast already with Biden leading by 300,000 votes. Edison’s numbers, of course, were incorrect: only 84 to 86 percent had voted at the time.

    Fact is, upwards of 600,000 votes, mostly early, in-person ballots, are still being counted in the Grand Canyon State today. That’s one of the reasons CNN and ABC News haven’t called the state for Biden. Yet Fox refuses to retract its Arizona call.

    While Trump does currently trail Biden by just over 90,000 votes, the numbers coming in on vote breakdown are, according to the Trump campaign, holding true to Election Day votes, which broke about 65 percent to 35 percent for the president. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a call Wednesday with reporters that “based on the math we’ve been seeing as these late ballots are counted, anywhere from two-thirds to 70 percent of these votes are coming to the president.”

    If true, and if the campaign’s numbers are right, Trump would in fact overtake Biden in Arizona. Depending on the percentage of how the remaining votes break, whether it’s 58 percent or 60 percent or 65 percent, the Trump campaign might be able to squeeze out a vote margin of anywhere from 7,000 to 30,000 votes—perhaps as many as 50,000—shifting Arizona’s 11 electoral votes into Trump’s column.

    If that were to happen—and while it is doable, it is not guaranteed—it would lead the Trump campaign to believe victory was actually achievable. If Trump were to win Georgia and North Carolina, both of which are likely, it would all come down to Pennsylvania. ”


    Which is why continued counting and declaring a winner on election night didn’t happen in Georgia, NC, or PA..


  7. From yesterday:

    “Trump’s legal team is demanding a recount of Wisconsin but a stop to counting in Penn — you can’t have it both ways”


    “In Arizona and Nevada; Trump supporters are chanting, count the votes. In Penn and Georgia, they are changing stop the count.”

    Aw, at least pretend you tried to understand the issues.


  8. In yesterday’s thread, DJ questioned where a couple stories came from, and Tychicus mentioned the Epoch Times. This is the intro to the Wikipedia article on them:

    “The Epoch Times is a right leaning [4] [5][6]international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement, based in the United States.[7][8][9] The newspaper is part of the Epoch Media Group, which also operates New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television.[10] The Epoch Times has websites in 35 countries[11] but is blocked in mainland China.[11]
    The Epoch Times opposes the Chinese Communist Party.[12] It is also known to promote far-right politicians in Europe,[13][14] and backs President Donald Trump in the U.S.;[15] a 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[16][17][18] The Epoch Media Group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.[10][19][20] The organization frequently promotes other Falun Gong affiliated groups, such as the performing arts company, Shen Yun.[7][15]”

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  9. I have found the Epoch Times to contain pretty solid news from a conservative leaning perspective. I particularly like Larry Elders when I’m in a more libertarian frame of mind. I have received the print edition, though I often just catch a bit of Elders podcast.

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  10. As with any source, “Trust, but verify”, especially if they are known to foster conspiracy theories.

    It is easy to look at liberal sources and recognize their bias, and call them out for their lies. But I also see right-leaning sources that put their own slant on the news and spread misinformation/rumors/lies. But when we are already predisposed to believe a source from “our side”, we can be blind to those things.

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  11. I’ve heard of the Epoch Times, even had an actual (unsolicited) copy delivered in my mailbox only a week ago or so. I didn’t explore it at the time but will take a look at it now.

    Doesn’t mean news from them is automatically suspect (because they lean conservative), but any partisan publication, left or right, needs to be read and researched with that in mind. it goes back to the extra due diligence news consumers (all of us) have to apply nowadays especially.

    I’m glad the election results are being checked and reviewed with a “fine-tooth comb” as these results are incredibly close and both sides have so much to gain or lose depending on the results, obviously. While it would be nice to just be done with it, the American people need to be assured, as much as possible, that the final count is accurate. Party representatives should always be included as official observers as initial counts and then recounts are done.

    There may always be doubts — as there were following Bush v Gore — but we need to exercise patience and be willing to wait this out.

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  12. It’s probably not surprising, but I subscribe to the Epoch Times. I don’t read it, but want to support them because they are not mainline (just as I subscribe to World magazine and no longer read it). The other evening when our mail came at 9:30 p.m., the only things in the box were World Magazine and an Epoch Times newspaper. There was also a very strong chemical smell when I opened the mailbox. It made me feel quite uncomfortable.

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  13. Kizzie,

    1) Do you believe everything that you read in Wikipedia?
    2) What was your point in posting a portion of that Wikipedia entry?
    3) I would encourage you to read actual news reports from The Epoch Times. I have found it very refreshing, being able to read from a source that actually factually reports the news, rather than the ‘news’ of our msm.

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  14. And thanks for the Stassel link about the Wisconsin issue, now she’s a legitimate newswoman I trust. I was trying to find a story about that last night but couldn’t.

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  15. Each of you should probably log onto your state website to check and see that your ballot was indeed counted for the correct intended candidate. You never know…

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  16. Initially I thought the best approach would be to conclude these counts asap rather than leave the country hanging. But now I think Trump is right in slowing it down. It may make it harder in some ways to get through this period, but we need to really be sure these counts are overseen and are as accurate as humanly possible.

    Talked to my neighbor this morning, she and her husband are Democrats but have voted for Trump the last two times, she said many of her Democratic friends have done the same.

    I really think there’s some positive news for Republicans in all of this, partly thanks to Trump and his ability to attract more of the working class. Just seeing more Latinos and more working people now coming over to the Republican party bodes well for what seems to be a party realignment that’s taking place.

    And just the fact that this election was as close as it was — and that the Republicans picked up some House seats and appear to be holding the Senate — is very good news.

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  17. https://reason.com/2020/11/04/media-trump-shy-voters-polls-wrong-election-2020-biden/

    The Media Had 4 Years to Figure Out Trump Voters. They Blew It.

    ~ As independent thinkers exit mainstream institutions, groupthink and blind spots are likely to get worse. ~

    When Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset and won the presidency in 2016, few people were more shocked than the professional take-havers in the mainstream media. Pundits, journalists, and political strategists—who live in Washington, D.C., or New York City but seldom leave their Twitter bubbles—were totally blindsided by the fact that a crass reality TV star had managed to defeat Hillary Clinton, the embodiment of the Democratic establishment.

    A healthy media might have learned from its mistakes, engaged in soul-searching, and tried to gain some insights into the working-class coalition that Trump had assembled. Clearly, this didn’t happen, because four years later—in the midst of a nail-bitingly close election—the predictions of the pundit class have proven to be no more accurate than they were in 2016. In fact, by some measures the experts performed even worse than last time: The pre-election polls, which suggested a landslide Biden victory, Democratic control of the Senate, and gains in the House, are so spectacularly wrong it calls the validity of the profession into doubt. …


  18. Contin’d:


    … Perhaps more importantly, the media continues to be wrong about why Trump is popular, and about which people like him. Unable to admit that a Democratic Party held hostage by liberal arts graduates who write their preferred pronouns on their name tags might be out of touch with the working class voters who traditionally vote blue, many cable news talking heads settled on any number of alternative explanations: from Russian interference to lingering, perhaps resurgent, racism throughout the U.S. (CNN’s Van Jones called it a “whitelash” in 2016.)

    Trump, though appears to have improved—albeit modestly—his totals with minority voters, including and especially Latino voters. The narrative that Trump’s divisive rhetoric about foreigners and immigrants renders him completely toxic to minority voters just doesn’t match the reality. Indeed, the results thus far suggested that the racial gap—at least for Latinos—is shrinking, and class and educational attainment are becoming more salient considerations than race.

    It’s unfortunate that many within the media—including and especially the prognosticators—continue to get things so wrong. Massive polling errors are bad for cultivating a well-informed citizenry, as David Graham argues in The Atlantic …


  19. One thing that all this shows is that our voter laws certainly need to be changed, and it would be excellent to have a single, uniform system (as much as possible).

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  20. This was a year that was ripe for “messes,” whether it be fraud or just plain chaos, considering the push for early and widespread mail-in voting.

    I don’t know that we can say “election fraud is widespread” at this point — it’s an assumption, I know, but we don’t have the facts just yet. That’s where I’d still err on the side of caution in making such sweeping generalizations right now based on anecdotal reports.

    But I do think it’s worth digging deeper and going through the paces to clarify exactly what did or did not happen in November 2020.

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  21. And yes, tightening up the laws if needed (and I agree, I think that is needed). I’ve never understood (well, I do, but it’s not really a very sound position) the mostly-Democrat opposition to voter IDs being required at polling places.

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  22. Now that the election is “over,” they’ll send the useful idiots home.

    Same will go for Covid restrictions soon, just watch.


    “Finally, After Election, Oregon Dem Gov Asks For National Guard To Stop Portland Rioters”

    “On Wednesday night, after months of violent rioting in the city of Portland, Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown finally ordered the National Guard to go to Portland.

    Brown had directed the National Guard to be on standby on Monday. The Multnomah County Sheriff announced the move on Twitter and explained the rationale:

    Unified Command on National Guard activation: Widespread violence is occurring in Downtown Portland. In the interest of public safety, Governor Kate Brown, under advice of the Unified Command, has activated the use of the Oregon National Guard to assist local law enforcement in responding to any acts of violence, and to maintain public order and ensure community safety. Guard members are trained in crowd control and will be riding with local response teams.

    They are dressed in military style garb, which is their uniform. Oregon National Guard members are civilian community members helping to protect us. We don’t take this decision lightly. Under the Governor’s Order, we continue to work together and share our resources and information to address any public safety concerns. Our goal is to keep our community safe. We encourage demonstrators to gather peacefully.”

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  23. Fake News NBC is at it again.

    Mitchell’s lying.


    “FAKE NEWS: NBC falsely claims that Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled Trump victory on vote count observers”

    “An NBC News staffer falsely reported that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled the Commonwealth Court ruling favouring the Trump campaign on overseeing the mail-in ballot count in Philadelphia. However, the court order still stands that allows the admittance of GOP representatives to watch how the ballots are being counted in the swing state’s blue city.”



  24. There is no reason why North Carolina should not have already been certified for Pres. Trump. They’re only holding out for political leverage, to buy time, in case Trump wins the other states.

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  25. I just saw that in Georgia, Trump has only about 13,000 more votes than Biden statewide. In my county, 83% went for Biden and Art and I were in the 15% for Trump. I am thrilled that one of our Senate races was won by the Republican, David Perdue. It was very close. He is related to our former Governor, Sonny Perdue, who is now Trump’s Commissioner of Agriculture.

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  26. Fraud, that’s how.


    “Trump improves Wisconsin vote total by 200,000 and loses?

    “Despite four years of a relentless pounding by Big Tech and Big Media, President Trump increased his Wisconsin vote total by more than 200,000 votes over 2016, an increase of nearly 15 percent. And still he managed to lose?

    Something is rotten in the State of Wisconsin. Observers should be asking themselves how the least attractive Democratic nominee in anyone’s memory — a quintessential old white man, senile to boot — managed to secure nearly 250,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton did in her glass-shattering year of 2016, an 18-percent increase.

    The answer to this question is turnout, by any means necessary. In Wisconsin, an astounding 88 percent of those registered to vote seem to have voted. In Ohio, another battleground state, the turnout was a much more typical 68 percent.

    In Wisconsin, Trump’s overnight lead vanished as the mail-in votes were counted. The reason why these votes skew heavily to Biden has little or nothing to do with COVID — Republicans are no more immune than Democrats — and everything to do with vote-harvesting.

    The differential may also have something to do with the Post Office, which is defying a judge’s order right now to sweep its facilities for missing ballots. Trump won 58 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. A rogue postal worker does not have to be a political scientist to know which ballots to dump.”

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  27. Doesn’t pass the smell test.


    “We’re Supposed To Believe The GOP Had A Great Election Night Except For President?

    It would be mystifying if Republicans won more seats in the House, retained the Senate, and picked up state legislative seats, all while the same voters voted against Trump.”

    “Since Joe Biden was picked to be the Democratic Party’s presidential puppet, we have been told he would win the presidency by a blowout. Political media has been speculating eagerly about another “blue wave” that would wash over the nation in line with their preposterous polls showing Biden winning by as much as 17 or even more points.”


    The WaPo is just yet another Dem disinformation operation.

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  28. “Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania

    In the three Midwest battleground states, vote counting irregularities persist in an election that will be decided on razor-thin margins.”


    “As of this writing, it appears that Democratic Party machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are trying to steal the election.

    As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call, but President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins—far beyond what had been predicted in the polls. None of the networks called these states because enough mail-in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way, but Trump’s position looked good.

    Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

    In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.

    When my Federalist colleague Sean Davis noted this, Twitter was quick to censor his tweet, even though all he had done was compare two sets of vote totals on the New York Times website. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed—although on Wednesday it appeared that anyone who noted the Biden vote dump in Michigan was getting censored by Twitter.

    Others were quick to note the partisan censorship from Twitter and raise concerns over how 100 percent of a vote dump could possibly go to Biden. But the social media giant has maintained its crackdown on sharing this information. Twitter users could not like or share a tweet from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noting the 138,339-vote dump.

    Buzzfeed later reported that according to a spokesperson at Decision Desk HQ, the votes for Biden were the result of a “data error” from a “file created by the state that we ingested.” When the state noticed the “error” it updated its count, which somehow gave 138,339 votes to Biden and zero to Trump.

    It turns out, the vote dump was the result of an alleged typo, an extra zero that had been tacked onto Biden’s vote total in Shiawassee County, Michigan. It seems the error was discovered only because Davis and other Twitter users noted how insane and suspicious the vote totals looked, and demanded an investigation that uncovered what was either a typo or an incredibly clumsy attempt to boost Biden’s vote count.

    There was also something suspicious about the vote reporting in Antrim County, Michigan, where Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 30 points in 2016. Initial vote totals there showed Biden ahead of Trump by 29 points, a result that can’t possibly be accurate, as plenty of journalists noted.”

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  29. I’m heartened that some of the new, more centrist Dems elected to the House are already talking about losing Pelosi. It may not happen, but it’s an encouraging new instinct.

    Maybe we can also pray — assuming Biden wins but that the Senate stays in GOP hands — that some more centrist voices can prevail on some of these things.

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  30. With the GOP holding the Senate and gaining some House seats, it’s not as dark as it could have been. I’m feeling a bit heartened, in fact — let’s hope Biden has a few moderate instincts left and will follow those now that the pressure to go headlong into “wokeness” with a Dem Senate and House may not necessarily rule the day and be a constant pressure on him.

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  31. Solar pancake — I understand there are some valid rationales behind different positions on vote counting in different states but the contradictions are amusing and real. Also amusing were the armed domestic terrorists who surrounded an Arizona polling station demanding they count the votes — the vote counters were intimidated so they closed the poll stations and were escorted out by the police. Oops.

    Voting irregularities always happen or are rumored to happen. The important thing is to simply count the votes and recount if necessary. The left conspiracy is the Pennsylvania debacle is deliberately planned – the Penn state legislature controlled by the Republicans refused to change the rules to allow advance votes and mailed in ballots to be counted as they arrived. Instead mailed in ballots sat there collecting dust and were not opened until election day, unlike Florida and other states. Mailed in ballots have to be counted by hand — some on the left believe that the Republicans are deliberately slowing down the count so it drags on so long they can apply the Bush v Gore precedent and declaring a winner with votes uncounted. Its well known that mail in ballots/advance voting favour the Democrats so the Trump campaign deliberately sowed seeds of doubt.

    FOX called Nevada since Biden is ahead with only mailed in ballots mostly from Clark County (Vegas) to count — urban mailed in votes favor Democrats. Similarly in Georgia, most of the remaining ballots to count are in the Atlanta region — mostly Democratic hence it wasn’t called. Its now essentially tied — Biden needs to win 60% of the remaining votes and most are from the Atanta area. Not a state I thought would be close — but the polls were right here.

    Trump spent the entire campaign telling his supporters not to vote by mail but in person on election day. And now his campaign is shocked the mailed in ballots are mostly for Biden?


  32. Citing Epoch Times is similar to citing Russia Today. Both report on US News to further an agenda that is focused elsewhere. With Epoch Times its to further Taiwan polices and undermine China. They maybe correct in certain instances but they have an agenda and they pursue it blantly with no regard for the US.


  33. HRW, the Bush/Gore election was a debacle I hope never to see repeated. Votes were counted and recounted, and people who hadn’t voted at all still had their votes counted (remember “hanging chads” and eventually “dimpled chads”?). That election got way too close to being stolen, and took way too long to sort out (my stepfather died the day before Thanksgiving, and I spent the next week with my mom . . . mostly sitting in the living room while she watched endless TV about the ongoing count).

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  34. I do agree North Carolina should be called for Trump and I also wondered why it took so long for ABC (I watched it on Tues) to call Florida. However in the other direction, I agree with Arizona and probably Nevada soon. (and yes my previous post mixed up Arizona and Nevada but the point works for both — the remaining votes to be counted are in large urban areas)

    Its good when young women are elected regardless of party — but I did notice all of the new GOP house representatives were white women. Its time to let the millennial women take charge — and yes its time for Pelosi to go — there’s plenty of hard working young women who can take her place.

    I’ve said for years that Republican social conservatives need to drop the anti-immigrant rhetoric in order to pick up Hispanic Catholic and Muslim votes. About 10-15 years ago, the Canadian Conservatives made some in-roads with immigrant communities simply by having a more open immigration policy — Chinese, Indian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern immigrant communities would vote conservative if immigration wasn’t an issue with conservative political parties. Imagine if Trump and his supporters stopped chanting build the wall…..Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico would be solid republican for years,


  35. Cheryl — Agreed. It was a mess and gave Florida a reputation for electoral ineptitude which was redeemed I think this year. Right now, Penn is taking over and mostly because of Republican shenanigans prior to the election and now. It made no sense not to start the vote count as soon as the ballots arrived — count the mail in ballots, cross the name of the voters roll so they can’t vote in person and tally it up. Trump’s legal team’s attempt to slow it even more also drags it out longer than necessary. Just keep counting night and day and then recount if the margins are too thin. The delay caused by poll watchers verifying one ballot at a time isn’t helpful. Just count and if the margins are too think then worry about individual verification.

    I know states are responsible for elections but there needs to consistency through the country. In addition, the massive ballots filled with every office from president to township council need to be broken up. Most countries vote for one level of gov’t at a time — its much easier to count and to vote. Mail-in ballots are easily handled by Oregon, Colorado, etc yet other states have no clue. All of this makes American democracy suspect in the rest of the world. If four year of Trump wasn’t enough to make the world laugh and pity the US, this election will top it. Even my 12 year old students are making jokes about American inability to count. (I did attempt to explain the US ballots and process to them but its difficult for them when they know through their parents that it takes seconds in Canada in a process no more complicated than a middle school council election)


  36. HRW, don’t be too sure that dropping discussions of illegal immigration would secure votes from the Southwest. Portions of the Southwest have been greatly hurt by illegal immigration, and legal immigrants aren’t exactly strong supporters of it. I grew up in Phoenix, a city that isn’t anywhere close to as safe as when I was growing up in it, and from what I understand from a distance, that is largely a symptom of unchecked illegal immigration. For instance, a park I used to drive to after work and hike on my own, with the biggest dangers being watching out for rattlesnakes, now is a place I wouldn’t dare hike because of human dangers. Phoenix has also become a hotspot for kidnapping. So it’s far more complex than “anti-illegal immigration is anti-Hispanic and loses the Hispanic vote.” If it were that simple, Trump wouldn’t have done better with the Hispanic vote this time around.

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