Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 8

Another week, another Pickled Pigskin Picks. Here are your ten choices. Now, as you read through the list, marvel at something we in the Middle Mississippi Valley marvel at: Iowa State is ranked and Iowa is not. Usually, Iowa State is just rank, but not this year. (FYI- “rank” is synonymous with the smell of your average Iowa hog farm.)

Chas won it last week and picked the tie breaker. ost years there is no question as to the result when anyone but Alabama or Auburn played LSU, but this year. This year LSU is rank.

Get your choices in before NOON EDT Saturday.

  1. Nebraska @ #5 Ohio State

  2. #23 NC State @ #14 North Carolina

  3. Auburn @ Ole Miss

  4. Iowa @ Purdue

  5. Kentucky @ Mizzou

  6. #9 Cincinnati @ #16 SMU

  7. Utah State @ Boise State

  8. Air Force @ San Jose State

  9. #17 Iowa State @ #6 Oklahoma State

  10. Tie breaker guess winner and final score: South Carolina @ LSU

10 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 8

  1. Chas’ wild guesses

    1. Ohio State
    2 N. Carolina
    3 Auburn
    4 Purdue
    5 Kentucky
    6 SMU
    7 Boise
    8 Air Force (We don’t have a pillow fight today?)
    9 Oklahoma State
    10 Gamecocks 14/7


  2. Ohio State
    North Carolina
    Boise State
    Air Force
    Iowa State (I know, wishful thinking)
    LSU 40-35
    (Sorry, Chas, but they are playing this one in Baton Rouge, not Columbia. LSU already lost to the team in the other Columbia.)


  3. All but the 2 late games are complete. So far it looks like Janice will win, based on her having all 8 correct so far, and the nearest other has 6 of 8. There is no way the others will get a better score than her, regardless of the outcome of the last two games, so Janice wins this week! ATTAGIRL, Janice!

    I’ll post the final results tomorrow, since the last game won’t won’t end until after midnight Central time.

    So, Janice, what’s the tie breaker for next week? Here’s the schedule, barring any COVID delays:


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