50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-19-20

  1. I am married to an 89 year old woman!
    The Sweetest Woman In The World turns 89 today.
    Sometimes she doesn’t realize she is married to me, but she still has the sweet disposition.
    I am fortunate in that respect. This is hard enough. I can’t imagine dealing with a difficult person.

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  2. OK But who is that ugly guy beside her?
    She really was pretty in her day. I was lucky to get hr.
    But it wasn’t “luck”. She was assigned to me. It was meant to be.
    I had no business, no reason at all, to be on the steps of FBC Columbia that day.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Elvera!
    She is lovely. God did a really good thing when He worked it out for you two to meet, fall in forever love, and go through even this season together. It is a beautiful life even though not quite as you’d wish, Chas. The sweet disposition is a priceless treasure.

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  4. The Braves lost. It’s over until next year when they said this young team (average age 24) will have more experience and can take it to a higher level.

    We voted this a.m. We arrived at 7 a.m. and were back home by 7:30. Glad we could do advanced voting. We get a printed paper ballot to check and turn in after voting with the machine so there is a backup to check if it should be needed. We voted at a local library. I couldn’t believe that Art did not take his cane, but his walking is better. He did carry a lawn chair which had to be left in the foyer of the library.

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  5. Janice, the Braves did very well, and really got “this close” to winning several times, even last night. That may make the loss harder, but they are a really good team, and they almost stopped the unstoppable Dodgers.

    BTW, I wasn’t trying to correct you the other day (and I was wrong about the details in my own mind). It’s just that if the players really had been fired, it would indeed have been petty to “hold it against” this year’s Astros team, but since this year’s Astros team would presumably still have several of the cheaters, and since they never got punished, it isn’t fair to anyone else for them to even be in the post-season and they surely shouldn’t get to the World Series. Pete Rose got in trouble for less than what they did.

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  6. Cheryl – My prime growing up years (8 to almost 16) were spent living in couple suburbs of Dayton, Ohio (mostly in one, and then a little over a year in another). I was in middle school and starting high school there during the Cincinnati Reds’ heyday with Pete Rose (aka “Charlie Hustle”), Johnny Bench, and Joe Morgan (who recently died). I was able to go to a few of their games with my dad.

    I’ve always felt bad for what happened to Pete Rose, whether he brought it on himself or not.

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  7. It kind of surprises me when I realize that we only lived in the first Ohio town for six and a half years. It seemed like much longer, but that is because I grew from being in the middle of second grade to about to enter high school, which is a big chunk of growing up time, with a lot of changes in ones life.

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  8. Happy Birthday to Elvera

    I’m groggy this morning but need to wake up, the staff call is in 15 minutes. Need to find some local dailies this week, last week was spent on more regional stories. I also need to get my election ‘lay-downs’ in place and double check what my schedule that day will be. I was on for on for one of the “mid” night shifts (ending at 10) but I think I may have been moved to a daytime shift, which is more than fine with me. Hate those late election nights with all the deadline pressure (and there are numerous deadlines throughout the night and early morning hours; you file for one and have to turn right around and get onto the next update).

    Guess I should go through my ballot here pretty soon and decide how I’m going to vote, mail or in person or drop-off which is what I did last time.

    Probably mail-drop-off as there’s an official collection box in the park that’s not far from me.

    The Braves did good. And I remember the Dodger team was quite young a couple years ago, they also were said to be the team to watch as they matured and came into their own.

    I think I managed to solve the Annie problem — I plugged up what I suspected was her escape point in a gap under the side gate — filled it with some rocks and blocked it with some empty flower pots — and last night she seemed stuck in the backyard when I checked during the evening. Normally she’d have been on the front porch by then I think.

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  9. Always love Monday morning staff calls when the senior editor’s running things. He mentions we have “about 11” open slots in need of stories and/or art for tomorrow, so get cracking.

    Find “something.”

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  10. Too late with my camera again. I got them, but you have to enlarge to see them. I try to get pictures of the military jets refueling over my house because it is too cool for words. There were four this morning. Two fuelers and two fuelees. The entertainment out here abounds.

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  11. We’ll be voting at the advance polls tomorrow (provincial election) as well as getting our flu shots and a bunch of errands out of the way. It’s nice to get it all done in one trip to town.

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  12. Not knowing if Nightingale was going to want to bother going to vote on election day, or if it would be a long wait due to possibly more people coming out to vote, along with social distancing, I decided to take take the option of getting an absentee ballot. This year, anyone can ask to do that, due to Covid. So that’s what I did.

    You may or may not know that Connecticut is a blue state, but my area has a lot of red voters. In fact, I think Stafford may be more red than blue. My neighbors on both sides are proud Trump supporters. This morning at the bus stop, they were saying that they expect the pandemic to disappear after the election. I didn’t say anything one way or another.

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  13. Take a look at the link I just posted, to Norman Rockwell’s painting, The Runaway.

    A local Facebook friend shared a photo-shopped version of that that has Trump as the cop, but with the belt across his back and the gun taken out. The boy’s knapsack was changed to be made of an American flag.

    It amazes me that some super-patriotic Trump supporters, like that friend or the person who made the photo-shopped image, know so little about proper care and display of the American flag. (This reminded me of the guy in town who was waving a Trump banner above the flag on his flagpole.)

    I commented that I hoped that he (the Trump in the image) was telling the boy that that’s no way to treat the flag. 🙂

    (FTR, I am not saying that Trump supporters in general are ignorant of proper use of the American flag. It’s just that I am surprised when people who claim to love our country and our flag do things that are actually disrespectful to one or both.)

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  14. Kizzie, I’ve heard my neighbors say that, too, that the virus will be gone right after the election. Not sure where that thinking originates. ?

    We had one of the community ballot boxes in an LA park set on fire last night.

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  15. I guess the idea is that it was somehow concocted by a political side? Or that the response to it was, maybe.

    What a very weird year. I posted a WSJ link on the political thread about how bizarre — and significant for the longterm — 2020 will be in our nation.

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  16. Kim – At the very least, encourage him to have the TV off when Little Miss is around. She’s at an age where she will pick up what is going on on the news, whether she understands it or not. News reports often have some pretty bad stories that we don’t want our little ones listening to.

    I got mad at Hubby one evening when he had the news on, and Boy, who was a preschooler at the time, was in the room with us. There was a news report of a man who had murdered a couple people and dismembered them. I didn’t want Boy hearing that.

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  17. I was taking a stroll with littlest boy today. He rode in the stroller up to the mail box and back. That is time for thanking God for all He has put in my life and He has put an abundance. I realized that we have four little folk within ten months of age and all between eleven months and twenty one months. But what a range of development! One year old walks and runs and talks some words. Youngest eleven month old is almost walking, and interacts and jabbers and has two teeth. Other eleven month old girl has five teeth and is crawling but not standing. She jabbers and eats anything offered. Eleven month old boy has no teeth, makes sounds, interacts with his eyes and giggles, can hold something if placed in his hand, can only eat specially mixed thickened formula. But he has amazing thought processes going on that you can get a glimpse of if you are watching. I am trying to teach them all about the love of God, but especially Him, for whatever reason.

    Meanwhile, fourteen was taking one year old for a walk in some little plastic car deal and thirteen was taking other eleven in the wagon. Third eleven month old is at a babysitter part of the day so we are not overwhelmed. At my directive. I told daughter we were going on vacation at home for two weeks so she needed to find a sitter. Unfortunately, the sitter had to cancel part of the two weeks so unless the sub can step up, we will have all four for the next few days. Which is fine but it will be more challenging. Little girl is fairly easy.

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  18. My parents used to turn off the news on the radio if they thought the details would be too much to handle. There were a couple of high profile murder cases during my childhood and we soon learned ourselves to switch the radio off when the reports of the trials began.

    War correspondence was different, our parents generally left that on, and I still remember CBC’s Jerusalem correspondent reporting on the Scud missiles hitting in Southern Israel during the first Gulf War, although I was less than 6 at the time. But they turned off the reports of the ethnic cleansings in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Chechnya, when the details were too grim, although we always heard enough to know what was going on. Politics, I just found boring to listen to, . No television, so no images to filter.

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  19. I got the final report on my poor pine tree:

    ~ Observations
    1 medium Aleppo Pine, Pinus halepensis, 20 to 25 feet tall with a spread of 18 to 20 feet. The trunk has a caliper of 28 to 29 inches DBH and visible surface roots were observed. The canopy is in decline and almost completely necrotic. There are no visible insects or disease, however evidence of Spider Mites was observed within the foliage.


    Pine trees should only be trimmed when temperatures are cool – below 75 degrees. In southern California, Pines should only be trimmed during the winter season of December through February. This tree appears to have been trimmed during periods of high heat and is now in slow decline. Treat the tree to control the mites and stimulate health and vigor using Phosphorus Acid, Systemic Insecticide, Nutrient Pack and Silicone Surfactant. Fertilize the tree using 9-9-9 and Tiger 90 granular sulfur. Increase water to 3 times per week through December. ~

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  20. Thanks to all the well wishers
    Elvera had a nice birthday. Her resident family stopped by and brought some cookies and a couple of presents. She enjoyed herself because she was the center of attention.

    Everything is now back to whatever normal is here now.

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  21. I wrote a story in the 1980s about a local who was on the cutting edge of the aerobics movement, had a very popular television program.

    Just received an email from AARP, she’s now doing “keep moving” videos for them.

    Ah, the passage of time …

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  22. So there is hope for the tree? 😊 that report reminded me of when we lived in town and our lawn guy said our lawn had “necrotic ring spot”…my hearing being on the decline heard “neurotic “ . I gasped and said to him “ how can I have a neurotic yard”? I babied my lawn and gardens so carefully. He told me it was a fungus someone had on their shoes and probably walked on my lawn! 😳 How I despised those round dead spots on my green lawn!

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  23. okay, I am going to be bold and praying I don’t offend anyone too badly. This election is important, as we all know. My feeling is that because of one issue none of us should skip voting. It is too important. The one issue for me is the issue of abortion. The two parties have such different stands on this issue that it is like night and day. I personally feel that we must take a stand.
    okay, off my soapbox. carryon.

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  24. I’m currently following a 19-month-old babbling around the yard.

    The daughter of 2 engineers, her first activity was dismantling a flamingo.

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  25. Nancyjill, arboritst only gives it a 40% chance for revival.

    But I’m will to give it a shot.

    The good news is there were no beetles or disease detected.

    And I read is as “neurotic” at first too!

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  26. Amen Jo . We voted and they have been received per the online verification. I had a heart to heart with adult daughter living here about her voting. I was dismayed at her apathy. 😟 by


  27. Jo, I abstained from voting for president in 2016 for the first time in my adult life. (I simply left that spot blank–and no, I didn’t have the option of doing a write-in or voting for a good alternative candidate instead of one of the major-party candidates; I checked. In Indiana you have to be registered to qualify to be a write-in candidate and as I recall we only had one registered write-in candidate, not anyone in whom I was interested in voting.)

    By my thinking there are at least three possible ethical choices in this election: (1) voting on abortion and other important issues, and voting for Trump in spite of some of his very real character issues; (2) voting for an alternative candidate as a conscience vote; (3) abstaining on the grounds that no one on the ballot has the minimum character required to be a president.

    It is not defensible to say that Christians must always vote for one candidate or the other. (I don’t know if anyone on here has said this; I’m merely discussing the concept.) One can imagine an election in which one candidate favors abortion and the other favors jailing Christians–you wouldn’t vote for either one. Or both favor abortion. Or, in this case, one favors abortion, and the other is opposed to abortion but has made an utter shambles of his personal life and has huge character red flags. What happens if the ballot has you choose between Hitler and Stalin? (Not saying we face a choice that sharp, but giving a hypothetical.) Is there a possibility that both candidates are unqualified for the job and the conscience choice of some individuals is simply sitting out the election and leaving the results to God? Is there a time that choosing the immoral candidate who is “the lesser of two evils” will do so much harm to “your side” that it might actually be better if your side had lost? That was my own decision in 2016. I’m not saying here what I’ve chosen in 2020, but just pointing out there are three legitimate conscience choices in 2020. (I don’t believe that voting for Joe Biden is a legitimate choice.)

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  28. To add to what Cheryl said: There is a candidate who stands for all the things we Christians can support, but is not on the ballot in enough states to get the necessary 270 electoral votes. It’s the Constitution Party candidate Don Blakenship. If you want to vote, but cannot bring yourself t vote for the two bad choices, at least vote for this man. (I see he’s not on the ballot in Indiana or any of the big 3 – NY, TX and CA.)

    More info: http://www.constitutionparty.com/


  29. Except, Peter, that not all Christians agree politically on all issues. I’m glad there is an alternative to Trump and Biden that some find an acceptable alternative choice. But that doesn’t mean he’s an ideal ‘Christian’ candidate.

    Overall, I find third-party candidates mostly sitting out on a thin limb and generally too extreme, whether left or right.

    Like Cheryl, I abstained from voting (for president) in 2016 and will probably do so this time. Trump has done some things I like. His character and general behavior make him, in my view, not a good national leader. I fear he is unstable and is not very trustworthy in a crisis.

    The other side, of course, has fallen off an extreme-left cliff and the party’s (once) “centrist” and aging standard-bearer is little more than a Trojan horse that will spill out with the more extreme elements after the election.


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