32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-15-20

  1. Good morning AJ, et. al.
    This morning, I reminded God that there are still ten good men in Sodom.
    But now, the evil is being exposed.
    I know. This belongs on the politics page, but I don’t have time to go there now.

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  2. Good morning. The little folk arrived yesterday, and are settling in. Mommy and daddy leave today, along with the other grandma who is helping them make the drive to Minnesota.

    Today is the big birthday party. Twenty three has put lots of effort into this and is just now realizing that not everybody is going to three eleven month olds’ first birthday during a pandemic.

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  3. They don’t actually know yet if they are moving there. He is from there, but the Navy does not have a base there. Their thought is to have her and two of the babies live there while he and the third lives on a Navy base somewhere. Not the best plan in my view. But God has His plan and I am confident in that.

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  4. Morning! It is a chilly 32 degrees here with a high of 50 today…sweater weather! No rain in sight but continually asking the Lord to bring it to us. Two more fires in the forest yesterday and our firefighters quickly extinguished them…we are concerned there are those deliberately setting these and we are being ever vigilant, watching for suspicious people in the area 😞

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  5. I’m with you, NancyJill.

    I ask myself how long we have to live in this alert status, and then remember alert and watching really is the norm in the history of the world.

    I’ve lived with a false sense of security most of my life.

    Well, there were the drop drills against nuclear attack in elementary school, the hard swallow of living at ground zero beside a sub base for 20 years, and fire ever since I moved to Northern California . . . But at least I’ve never feared (nor do I now) for food and water …

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  6. So, I got two days into my social media fast and just broke it. Fire spotter planes, too many sirens, and how else am I going to find out where the fires are?

    Apparently not close by, thanks be to God.

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  7. On being aware and attuned to danger: Our pastor talks about the outdoor cat they looked after for a while. The cat would sleep on their front porch and the family noticed how his ears were always pricked, radar-like, rotating and moving when the cat would apparently catch the sound of a potential threat in the distance.

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  8. Back in the days when we lived in an old house in the Connecticut woods without any neighbors except the subbase and my husband was always out to sea leaving me with two toddlers, I spent many nights frightened. We finally got a dog–I knew I’d rather have a dog than a gun.

    It helped knowing Diggory, a golden retriever-German shepherd mix, was in the house.

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  9. I’ve been out in the yard, stripping the ash covered tomatoes and strawberries, sweeping and cleaning up.

    I moved to the front to deadhead and realized I was now covered in ash!

    Trash trucks coming today and I’ve now had a shower.

    I never seem to get to my desk before 1!

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  10. I’ve been writing my big weekend story, doing a few phone interviews still for it.

    I also took a break to pick up dog poop in the backyard.

    I was somewhat shocked to see a televangelist commercial late last night asking people to send in money to purchase some kind of holy water that will bring them thousands of dollars, the check just magically arrive in the mail.

    Didn’t think that still went on so blatantly.

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  11. We got some rain today, the first in weeks if you don’t count a mere sprinkle a few days ago. We didn’t get vast amounts today, but it was more than a sprinkle and probably enough to be measurable.

    My husband and I headed out for a brief time because I wanted to revisit a place we’d photographed earlier in the week and get it under “wet” conditions (I wasn’t successful). As we pulled onto the street, I told him there was a skunk beside the creek, so he found the first opportunity to turn around, and I got some skunk photos, which I’ve wanted for many years. Not wonderful ones, but decent. I don’t know how many times I saw skunks as a child (we camped a lot, and that increases the likelihood of seeing them), but as an adult this is just my fourth sighting. I saw three together once (likely kits, as there were three of them playing in the grass), two together once (in the road when my then-fiance was taking me home to his parents’ house when I was up to visit him and the girls), and two sightings of one each. You know, not every husband will point out a spider so his wife can photograph it and turn around so she can get a skunk.

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  12. I drove into Monument to grab some pantry goods…we were low on pasta and onions (sorry Chas) 😊 I then filled my car with gas…2.01 a gallon. While I was out I stopped by a friend’s antique shoppe and purchased a stem of autumn leaves and goats milk soap… 🐐


  13. We just got home from helping daughter move into her new home which she just purchased all by herself. I got tears in my eyes as I walked around it – so cute and perfect for J and her animals. What a blessing. While she and her dad went back for the last load, I unloaded and put away her kitchen in the way that seemed to work best (I won’t be offended if she moves things) and then we had fun figuring out her living room arrangement. Now she just needs to get a temporary wire fence up before the ground freezes so she can let the dog out safely.

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  14. I slept in. All the way to 6 am. Then I went to Pensacola to pick up a prescription for Mr P On the way I knocked off the right side mirror in som road construction. I dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy, came home, gobbled down a ham and cheese sandwich, took the patient to physical therapy, came home and the tree cutting company had blocked my driveway, I could barely get
    Through the brush and downed trees from the hurricane I stopped in the street in my GIANT 4 door extended can, long bed pick up truck and BLEW my horn. One of the guys asked if I could park in the street. NOPE. My husband just had knee replacement. They grudgingly moved. I parked the truck, got him in and left again. I had to go to the bank, the body shop, and to pick up our dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. While I was gone Mr P. called to let me
    Know they had blocked the driveway again and he had gone out to tell them to move his wife had to get back in the garage. They guy asked why he was giving him attitude. “Because you are blocking my driveway.
    Two of you have been here and know I live on the corner of two dead end streets and my drive backs out on the short end.
    I will be showing property all day Saturday and then to another set of buyers Sunday afternoon. Monday will be more PT and Tuesday Little Miss will be with us again.
    I need a vacation!!!

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  15. I was at Tahoe visiting and kayaking with a friend yesterday. When I told them I needed gas they sent me to the new Costco at the intersection of Hwy 50 and 395 in Carson City, Nevada. It cost $2.15. For twelve gallons I saved 20 dollars over what the price was in Tahoe.

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  16. Michelle – Your mention of getting a dog to quiet your fears at night reminded me. . .

    A while after Hubby died, I realized that there was something that could have happened that didn’t happen. Getting to sleep without Hubby there could have been difficult, and I could have been fearful at night.

    But. . .Hubby had been leaving for work in the wee hours of the morning (more like the middle of the night, especially the last few years when he left around 12:30am) for over 20 years. When he first started doing that, leaving around 2:00 or 2:30, I would be scared for a while, and turned my face towards the door so I could see if anyone came through it. But after several days or so (I think), I settled down, and let myself turn the other way, which was more comfortable. This also means that Hubby would go to bed before me, so I would go to bed “alone” later.

    So when Hubby died, I was already used to going to bed on my own, and not having him here for most of the night. (Sometimes I would still be awake when he was getting up.) That was one less thing to have to adapt to in my life without him.

    However, it has occurred to me that for the past ten years, I have had Heidi by my side at night. When I hear a strange noise, I know it must be okay because Heidi is not barking. So when she dies, that is when I will have to adapt to sleeping fully alone at night.

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  17. Dogs can be a very helpful alarm. If Lu even sees the Amazon truck driving down the road she howls Anyone driving up the drive gets a robust barking to…we like that very much and we tell her she is a good girl..she then settles down. If I am here alone and a delivery guy arrives she is careful to place herself between us and pressing into me…she is a good protector…

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  18. What have we agreed to???? Well, the only baby crying here right now is in with her mommy. The twins are both sleeping soundly for the night, I hope. Little boy is playing with thirteen year old.

    The only real challenge we are seeing is that nineteen is not handling it well. Quite belligerent. We think she might have had just a tad too much sugar. It will either escalate or she will calm down. Time will tell.

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  19. I went to the grocery store tonight after work and after some watering. There was a car just like mine — even the same color and trim — in the next lane over with a cute dog hanging out the back side window. I thought you know, it’s not a bad looking car. …

    It looks bigger to me now.

    The property tax bill came in the mail today, I figured it was getting to be about “that” time.

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  20. DJ, I don’t think it’s the Dodgers’ year. When the Cubs were eliminated so quickly, my husband asked if I had a favorite of the teams still in it, and I said I thought the Dodgers deserved a win after the shameful “loss” of last year.

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  21. They keep teasing us. So close but then they choke.


    I’m beat, it was 87 again today. But everything got done tonight, even the dog walk. We went later than I like, big difference between when we usually go at 8 p.m. and when we wound up getting out tonight, closer to 9 p.m. I had to take a shower when I got home to wash the hot-weather sweat off from the day. I should sleep well tonight.

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