52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-14-20

  1. The first thing I thought, when I saw the header, was a saying I used to hear as a kid.
    “Curiosity killed the cat”
    I don’t know where it came from and I’ve never heard it sinse. Don’t know why that came to me.
    Otherwise: I hope everyone has a good morning and that Donna eventually gets her car problem solved.

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  2. I listen to podcasts in the morning when I walk. This morningโ€™s podcast was 3 miles long. I am faster than a hurricane. (Sally only moved 2 miles an hour inland – her winds were 100miles an hour)

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  3. Good morning. Our ladies group will be finishing up our study in the book of Daniel this a.m. I went grocery shopping around 7, put things away as I cooked the eggs, and now I am settled down to drink Sumatra coffee and a cup of Rooibos tea.

    On the way back from the grocery when it was light out I saw someone has those giant cutout letters in their yard near the street than read
    B I D E N. Never seen anything like it. Covid has ravaged the brains.

    I watched the baseball game last night, and it was truly something to behold. It turned out to get exciting/suspenseful at the end. The Braves won 8-7.


  4. Kim, what podcasts do you listen to?

    Chas, a podcast is a taped program, oftentimes an interview, or just a single person talking as an expert about a subject. You could do a podcast on Mapping the Moon.


  5. The photo made me laugh. Yesterday, I was reading in the backyard and happened to look up at the fence after I caught a slight movement. A pair of cat ears stuck up from the other side, with the cat studying me.

    I waved, thinking it was my treacherous cat scoping out the yard, but then realized it was another cat.

    It watched, seemingly unblinking, and then melted away.

    Cats are curious–and funny.

    (But don’t tell them. That would be undignified).

    I get my car back today, repaired and detailed. It means a drive that was once lovely, through fire-ravaged Sonoma County.

    But I still have electricity! The winds haven’t begun to blow yet.

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  6. Morning! It was a glorious sunrise in this forest this morning. Now the winds are howling and we are dry as a bone. Someone tried to set an adjoining forest on fire Monday evening. Thankfully our firefighters arrived quickly and handled it and arrested the arsonist. We find ourselves holding our breath around here a lot lately….
    When I first saw that cute header photo my thought was โ€œpeek a boo kittyโ€!! So sweet!

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  7. Cats have 9 lives โ€” to give them extra grace to make up for their curiosity. Mine knocked a pan off the counter last night, it made an awful racket and sent her running through the house

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  8. I have 4 podcasts I listine to:
    Win Make Give
    Empire Builders
    Think Like a CEO
    Andrew Klaven
    In the car I listen to Audible. I am currently alternating between Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki and Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevens. I have an Audible Credit so I am about to get Happy Money (buying things doesn’t make us happy, experiences make us happy)

    I took one of the “Strength Finder” type test the other day. My top 5 “Strengths” were:
    Peace Keeper –Well, duh! Do you know me?
    Coach- I was somewhat surprised by that.
    Problem Solver — Well, of course. That’s what I do all day
    Optimist – I’ve worked on that one, so I was happy to see that it’s working
    Analyst – Again, somewhat surprised, but it has come up in the past on a Myers Briggs. I guess that one has gotten stronger because I am constantly having to interpret contracts and what they really mean.

    Once I got over my initial reaction to the Covid Lockdown and my panic attack, I decided to use that time for betterment of myself. I started meditating, walking, lifting weights (well they’re 2 lbs, but it’s the reps), and doing some yoga. I weigh somewhere in the range of what I did when I graduated from high school (You know? Back when I thought I was fat) I wear a size smaller than I did when I weighted 109 lbs after BG was born and my kind and caring mother in law told me I looked like a plucked chicken.

    I’ve got a few more changes to make but I like to live by what I learned from the book Perfectly Yourself. Practice makes progress, not perfection.

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  9. I don’t have anything to listen to while “walking” or some such. But I have scads of audio tapes I listen to in the car.
    My music is by such artists as: Chet Atkins, Roy Rogers, Eddie Arnold, Bing Crosby, Loretta Lynn, Chuck Wagon Gang, etc.

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  10. I like the meme that shows a cat at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter asking “Are you going in, or out” with the caption, “Why cats have nine lives.” If you’ve never lived with a cat, you won’t get that.

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  11. I listen to the following Podcasts, automatically downloaded to my phone through an app: Women Worth Knowing, The Eric Metaxas Show, God is Not a Theory, Writing at the Red House, Pastor Writer, Historical Fiction Unpacked, and Novel Marketing.

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  12. Chas, we use the “curiosity killed the cat” saying all the time. It is more humourous than telling someone to mind their own business.

    I occasionally listened to podcasts when I had more time. D’Dispatches’ which, alas, has been cancelled, which carried worldwide journalism stories, and ‘Under the Influence’, which is still going, about the world of marketing. More occasionally, ‘White Coat, Black Art’, also ongoing, about the world of Canadian healthcare. All were/are CBC radio shows that also were podcasts.

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  13. The cat in the photo is the neighbors’ new kitten. I was out watering one day and spotted her staring at me through the broken plank in our shared fence. I told her not to come over as I have two dogs (though she has one of her “own” as well) and a cat that looks just like her but is older and cranky and doesn’t like other cats on our property.

    In or out? Yep. Last night, Annie made her way on to the front porch when I was going to bed at 11. She clawed 3 times to come in, but neither time would she come in when I got up and opened the door. Not even when I crinkled the treat bag.

    The fourth time (I really did need to get to sleep, by this time it was midnight or later) I just walked out and grabbed her. She tried to sleep away but it surprised her too much.

    I love how they just sit there, several feet away and stare at you while you try to persuade them to come in.

    Now she’d knocking more things off a kitchen counter. It’s time to be fed.

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  14. *slip away – ah, auto-correct

    I have a long day ahead today, starts with the cargo ‘virtual’ news conference at 10 but before that the staff call, though I think I’ll ask to skip that today, it’ll be cutting it too close.

    I guess the car issue has been resolved, chas, to my liking or not. I’m beginning to lightly and very loosely embrace the new Jeep, though I’m not driving it much yet. It sat all day yesterday, unused in front of the house. I should at least pull it back into the driveway. But I also will need to make a grocery run at some point today or this evening after work. I should probably get some gas in it, it’s almost down to half a tank. Car hunter said to use the medium grade, but I always used just the regular in my old Jeep.

    I’ll probably need to just sit inside while it’s in the driveway sometime this weekend and fiddle with all the dash options. I was having trouble getting the A/C turned up one day, I think. But I love the touch screen rather than all the ‘buttons.’ I has some of the same steering wheel controls for radio, etc., as my old Jeep had. But I still need to get the owners’ manual out of the glove box …

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  15. I paid several of my larger November bills ‘early’ this morning, feels good to clear some of those off the table up front. Love the instant online bill-pay and banking options we have now. Paying bills in 2 minutes or less rather than 30 minutes in the old days, when it was encumbered by envelopes, checks, stamps.

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  16. I still pay bills the old way and take time to carry them to the Post Office. Yes, it is very inefficient but seems a tad bit more secure. But that is probably only a false illusion.


  17. Thanx Mumsee.

    I don’t respond because nothing is going on here. Nothing at all.
    I asked Elvera if she wanted to go out to the mail box with me.
    While she was thinking about that, I decided to just go out alone. Though she does need the exercise. But I would have to get a robe and put shoes on her. So? I decided to go out to the mailbox alone.
    That was an event here.

    Otherwise, she is watching them examine a pretty woman for the Supreme Court and I am here listening to Rush. t

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  18. Hi all. We’ve taken the day off from school, since 5th Arrow is off with his dad and uncle, on an 8-hour round trip road trip related to something with BIL’s work, I think. Good for a 16-year-old young man to be off with the men.

    4th Arrow doesn’t work until 4:30 today, so she and 6th Arrow are enjoying some sister time together. That means I had a chance to catch up on the blog today, plus make some arrangements for getting started with three, maybe four new piano students.

    The “maybe” student is the three-year-old I’d mentioned on the prayer thread the other day. (I was Anon when I posted, but I’m sure you knew it was I when I wrote “piano lessons” in the comment.) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janice, thanks for your comment about three-year-olds and music on that thread, and about parental expectations and putting my expectations in writing. All good thoughts. I have a written policy that I have parents of my home students sign as part of enrolling, but since I don’t technically enroll the students I receive through the music studio where I work two days a week — the studio handles that end of the business — I didn’t draw up a formal written policy for the studio families I have there. It might be good to do something like that for the benefit of those families, though, especially with regards to expectations for parents of very young children like that three-year-old. Parental involvement is crucial at that age.

    I did decide I’d be willing to meet with the three-year-old and his parent(s) to assess the feasibility of ongoing lessons beginning at this point. (Though the nature of the lessons would be very different at that age than beginning lessons would be for a school-age child.) The family has not yet responded to the studio, though, whether they can come for the initial consultation / trial lesson at the day and time offered. So that is still pending.

    It’s interesting to contemplate that, while 3 seems awfully young (especially if he’s a “young” three, i.e. not yet 3 1/2 or almost 4), some 4-year-olds are more mature than a few 8- or 9-year-old students I’ve taught!

    They’re all so individual.

    In the meanwhile, just in the last three days, I’ve acquired three new students: ages 5, 7, and almost 9. They will fill in the gaps that were in the middle of my schedule on Mondays and Thursdays (except for my 15-30-minute supper break). So the only openings I have left are early or late (2:00-3:00pm or 3:30, and 8:00-9:00pm). There won’t be any 3-year-old coming for a lesson at 8:00 or 8:30 at night!

    The new 7-year-old has already had three years of lessons, so that will be interesting to see where he’s at. The 5- and almost-9-year-olds are siblings. Tomorrow we’ll have a little meet-and-greet, but their official lesson day will be Mondays.

    It’s been such a whirlwind of a week, but in a good way, and the week is only half done!

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  19. I read and watch better also — I find when I have something on to listen, my mind wanders as I start doing something else.

    I’ve been paying bills online for several years now and love the convenience. You also don’t have to second-guess or calculate mail-travel times with the due dates.

    I’m trying to keep exercising my leg and knee even when I’m sitting, the pain seemed to be worse again during the dog walk last night. And now that I’m un-tethered from physical therapy, I worry it will all go south again with no one to talk to about it (though therapist did provide his email).

    Meanwhile, I’m sitting here with a rolling pin close at hand, that was one thing he recommended I do frequently, use a rolling pin right above the knee to help diminish any swelling.

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  20. Some normalcy coming, but location filming in our local communities is down by 54% according to a release from FilmLA, not good news. But hopefully it’s temporary …

    Meanwhile: NCIS season 18 will now premiere on Tuesday, November 17 at 8 p.m. ET.

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  21. I pay some bills the old fashioned envelope and stamp way. I just paid a violation fee to the state of Kansas online though. When we drove through Lawrence KS a couple weeks ago we became quite confused over which lane we were supposed to be in. They had changed things a bit since we had last driven through there. We missed the correct lane and could not recover. Instead of the 3.60 toll fee we have now paid 23.00 for not getting in the correct lane and paying it at the correct time. And that is why we have a sticker on our cars for E-470 to get to DIA. Why do toll roads have to be all so different?

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  22. Kizzie, I am not familiar with that version. I know all too well, “Curiosity almost killed the cat.”

    That is one thing I have not missed this year is getting on a toll road in TX somewhere between downtown Dallas and Waco. Driving in 5 p.m. traffic in Dallas when a convention has just ended is such a challenge. I lost one of the bills they mailed and ended up paying about 50.00 for that mistake. Live and learn.

    I have seen zilch filming around here for quite sometime, DJ.

    The mail truck seems to have been by twice today. Are they doing that because of absentee voting?


  23. Cheryl I use the Calm app on my phone. This morning was on sitting in silence. Especially when we think of all the noise that barrages is on a daily basis. You cannot
    Imagine how long 10 minutes can be. I am also reading a book by Anthony De Mello on Awareness.
    I listen to podcasts when I walk. I could not just sit here and listen to it. I listen to books in the car. Sometimes I have the physical book and have it on Audible. If I speed up Audible to 1 1/2 times and read along with it I get a lot more out of it. Especially is it is a more technical or instructional book.

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  24. Yes, I see you’re watching. Most runs ever in a post-season inning. Fourteen to bat, three players with two hits each. I think this game is over.

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  25. I’m with Kim. I listen to podcasts while driving, walking alone, or cooking. I also listen to the Enduring Word audio on specific books of the Bible.

    I’m behind on all of them because I haven’t been walking and driving. Cooking, well, yes, that’s often Enduring Word.

    Silence, sometimes, however, can be very helpful

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  26. Ok, game is on in the other room while I continue to try work in the office, I have queries out to several folks for this cargo/holiday/economy story I’m working on for the weekend …

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  27. I tried to get the game but somehow the remote was stuck on PBS interviewing Cuomo from NY about Covid. Maybe that was as painful as seeing the game. I gave up and turned it off. Then I found the real news here! It will add more interest if the Dodgers win tonight.

    That shows how much I watch television. At least I knew what button to push to turn it on.

    I do enjoy listening to something while doing chores, like Michelle said, except not when doing yard work.

    Now I am starting into Holly Gerth’s book about introverts on Christian audio format (like Audible but not Audible). I also got the book which is good for nonfiction for the extras that fiction does not usually have. I preordered the book and got thr audio book as part of that. Nice bit of swag. It’s read by the author which is a nice touch, too.


  28. It’s not Saturday yet, but here are two early Raves — breaking news! — from this afternoon and evening:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Phone call #1: I’ve got a new student starting Tuesday at home! First new student here since January!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Phone call #2: From 1st Arrow: “I bought a house today!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  29. I remember posting a photo when my house was mid-way through painting and had plastic hanging from it, ugly primer on the south wall — it looked horrible, and I was exhausted.

    My caption: “Don’t ever buy a house. That’s all.”

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  30. Just coming by to catch up on the threads. After catching up on the political thread, I am glad that I was gone all day. We kayaked around seven miles. I was getting very tired at the end and am certainly ready to sleep now. Tahoe was beautiful and the lake was calm. I went kayaking without even getting my toes wet. How do you do that??

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