10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-10-20

  1. 😦 Dropping an iron on my foot. Thinking about this, I realized that iron had to have been slowed down some by some things in between my foot and the shelf it had been on. No broken bones was a blessing. Sore right shoulder; sore left hand middle finger (from cut); and I can still get a whole lot of stuff done. Raking leaves has been a pleasure in spite of all that.

    πŸ™‚ Beautiful fall days.

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  2. When you made that comment during the week about “don’t drop an iron on your foot,” I over-thought it — thinking “symbolically” there must be some kind of deeper message, I just couldn’t figure out the buried meaning I was sure was there. lol

    Instead, you really did drop an iron on your foot. Ouch.

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  3. Kathaleena – Several years ago, I dropped a cup on one of my big toes (I forget which one now). The cup must have hit the nail edge-first with all the force hitting one spot in the middle of the toenail. I ended up with a dot of blood under the nail, and it was surprisingly painful.

    After a day or so with this painful toe, we ended up going to the ER to get it checked out, because of the pain and pressure. They had to drill a little hole into my nail to release the pressure from the blood. It seemed like such a silly injury.

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  4. And I am not one to run to the doctor or the ER unless something is bad enough, sometimes too bad. (Remember the pneumonia I had last year that I tried ignoring for a few weeks?)


  5. Enjoying the remnants of my back injury. I can just sit here with the heating pad next to the fire, and watch the world go round. Still hoping it is over with by the time the three little ones arrive.

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  6. I prayed about talking to the littles about sin and what we need to do about it. Turning to
    Christ and finding Him. I also prayed about the timing. So their house was being worked on inside so I brought them down here to play. On the way we got to talking. I couldn’t see his face, but he was carefully listening. Praises. for a good, quiet time to talk on the drive.

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