55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-22-20

  1. I’m so glad AJ tells us what day of the week it is. I have been confused lately. 😂. Really.

    We were able to get a company to come yesterday and “blue roof” Nana’s house. A crew Sunday removed all the trees. $2800. When the roofing guy saw the damage and talked to her, he told her “Ma’am I’m not going to charge you for covering your roof. I can’t”. Yao’s is the same company who told me they could male more money putting on a new roof but they thought mine could just be repaired. While I do believe most people are good, after a storm like this there are play by night price gougers who show up to take advantage of desperate people.
    In other news guess who hasn’t shown up to see his mother. I am so disappointed in him.

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  2. I Chas. My daughter’s father hasn’t shown up to see his mother.
    My little princess came Saturday and Sunday to see her Nana and to see me. Especially when she found out I had hot water for her to take a shower.

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  3. Morning! That is a beautiful header photo! Shimmering waters upon which the geese and ducks play. The colors are just amazing!! 😊
    Kim in the aftermath many unscrupulous vultures appear and I am thankful you have seen “a few good men” still remain amongst us. I know G may regret his poor decisions one day. Very sad for him. You are a good “daughter”… ❤️

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  4. Blackberries; so yummy. Haven’t picked them for years, since the site we knew of has grown over.

    We will be going to a fellow jammer’s home to jam with husband’s group or as many as can come. It will be hot for me. They play on the deck, while we sit on the side. The deck has wires so we can see clearly. It is big enough to socially distance. The guy built it last summer. My daughter mentioned to me the other day that she knows so many people who built or added to decks last summer. She said it seems God put in mind to do that, because it would be so needed this summer. She may have something there.

    I will bring salted nut bars that I made. I will package them with gloves so no worry about germs for anyone.

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  5. Home from PT and tired. A little bit of swelling in the knee, he said. Lots of quad work today.

    For those who read my last couple posts last night, heard from my friend today who says, oh, she just remembered, the man who died (90, I was asking my friend if she knew if he was a believer or not) did belong to the masonic order “and I think God is part of their secret stuff.”

    Good open door for some witnessing, it would seem.

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  6. THE ROOFER CAME BACK this moring and fixed the roof. Again, he didn’t charge. She told him he was a blessing and he saidn No ma’am you are. He did ask that she not tell anyone what he had done. I know his name and I pray he is blessed in return.

    Masonry. Mason believe in The Great Architect.

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  7. Jo, hope the visit w/chiro is a good one and you get an idea what’s going on with that knee.

    I heard back from one of the tree companies I contacted, they’d charge $150 to come out and do the assessment that comes with a written report.

    While it seems to me I see a couple small signs (based on Internet info) that point to a beetle infestation, I don’t really know, of course. So $150 is probably worth the price just to figure out what’s going on so then I can make an informed decision.


  8. Kim – Your frustration with George reminds me of the time my mom had just gotten out of the hospital after a serious surgery, and then there was a big snowstorm. I had stayed overnight with Mom to be available if she needed help. Hubby was exhausted from working his usual 60 or 70 (sometimes more) hours that week, and also having had to snow-blow us out earlier that week, but he had to come over to Mom’s house and do it again because my brother (who was also Mom’s landlord) was on his way with friends to a football game.

    X’s mom and paternal grandmother are still close even though X-Mom and X-Dad divorced close to 30 years ago. Nana B was a big help to X-Mom when X and his sister were young, and they have remained in a loving relationship. About once a month or so, X-Mom takes Boy to visit Nana B for a while.

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  9. So great I said it twice! 🙂

    Back in from a walk around the lake. As I was describing the Holy Sprit, I shouted, “Holy Spirit!” causing a flock of geese to explode off the lake–as if they were joining me in the hallelujah!


    Donna, can you get that quote to include a discount if you decide to take down the tree from the tree guy?

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  10. No, the only thing that looked like something described online was a pin-prick of what looked like a ‘tube’ of sap sticking out in one spot, plus some white spots (which could be where beetles have tried to bore in but failed?). I don’t see any bore holes in the trunk.

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  11. Hmm that seems strange that it would be pine beetle. We have seen pine beetle kill and there are multiple pitch tubes with lots of sap and even wood dust where they bore through initially. We have had to down a couple beetle trees on the property and remove the wood from the area before the beetles emerged in the summer. I hope they have an answer for you soon….I hate it when a tree dies 😔

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  12. Yes, pitch tube, that’s what I was trying to remember, I saw a little spot that could be that? But I don’t know. Are the beetles usually seen?

    My neighbors said they’d lost 3 of their fruit trees to other tree beetles and they had to come down.

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  13. Recently I wrote about reading through my saved emails, deleting most of them. Yesterday I came across this, from an email I had written to a friend after Thanksgiving in 2013. . .

    “Speaking of [Boy], he had a great morning because his Papa was home when he woke up in the morning. (Usually [Hubby] has to go out for a few early-morning hours on his days off.) He made sure that he & Papa dressed alike, even down to the blue “unnywear” 🙂 , & brushed their teeth together. Then, after breakfast, [Boy] insisted that Papa go outside with him so that he could show him what he’d been doing the day before, & to play with him for a while. That boy adores his Papa. The feeling is mutual. 🙂 “

    Makes me smile and cry at the same time. ❤

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  14. Chiropractor said that my knee was really messed up. He worked with it and said it felt like a new knee. He did a lot of adjustments. We will see. At least he could find things that were causing the pain. I with Dj, sometimes I just wanted to cry.

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  15. How was it messed up, could he tell what was injured or out of whack? Usually they can figure out what’s amiss, a ligament, tendon, meniscus, etc. (at least the physical therapist could and ortho MD concurred). Did you get an Xray?

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  16. The email they sent it to is not mine, evidently. I told them my email but they said they sent it some place that starts with an f and ends with a y. I suspect somebody else has control of it.

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  17. Who says FB is useless?

    Saw this just now — go ahead, try it

    ~ While sitting in a chair, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

    Now, while doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand.

    Your foot will change directions. ~

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  18. Ah, well that is cheating.

    So big news here is I was in a car accident this evening, no one seems hurt other than the cars. 😦 Long story, but the Jeep is in the driveway, I’ve reported it to the insurance co but need to get back to them with all the details about the other drivers, etc.

    Very rattling, I’ve been rear ended and in a fender bender here and there, but never in something this scary. I’ll have a lot of calling to do tomorrow, need to call the insurance first and then figure out where to get it towed, get a loaner. I hope they can fix it but I’m doubtful, especially considering the car is 13 years old. Sniff.

    I did bang my “good” knee on the side it’s super tender in one spot, but I think it’s just bruised. I can walk OK.

    I’ll be sore tomorrow though.


  19. Oh dear Dj!! Thankful you are ok but sad for your Jeep and all the hassle that goes along with the aftermath of an accident. 😞 (perhaps you should get checked out to make certain all is ok with you?)

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  20. I called and got the report filed with the insurance company, I was trying to do that at the scene but it was too chaotic and providing all the info they needed was tricky as I’d taken photos of the info on my phone, so I was trying to go back and forth from the pics to the phone call. Didn’t work too well and then the tow truck showed up so I just told her I’d have to call later and finish the report.

    I am feeling some soreness nowl in my ribcage also — more like muscle soreness which I know comes with these jolts, I’ve been in fender-benders where that’s happened, it usually sets in the next day. I’ll see how I feel in the a.m., my neighbor said she can take me in if I need to go anywhere, but I really think I’m fine, just achy which is typical. I’ll call the PT place tomorrow to see if I should just plan to cancel my Thursday morning appt, or maybe he can look at my new bruises for an assessment 🙂

    The insurance contact said she thought the car may be fixable which would be very good news. They’ve already texted and emailed me a list of their repair shops so I’ll deal with that first thing in the morning, she said to just select one and let them know, they’d arrange for the tow from my house. I’m covered for a loaner up to $25 a day so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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  21. Neighbor (husband) also came to pick me up at the scene, which was not far from where we live; they won’t let you ride home with the tow truck now with all the social distancing rules.

    I did notice my radio was still working. I have my priorities. The Jeep actually looked a lot better than it felt like it would before I got out and could see it.

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  22. Tow driver though my right axel was broken which sounds like a big deal to me but he said the motor was OK so damage was just to the right front corner of the car. Air bangs didn’t deploy, but the other guy’s bags did and sadly his car was really crunched.

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