13 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-8-20

  1. “Desperately Derailing Donald
    The effort to stop President Trump is growing comical.

    By Victor Davis Hanson”


    “One always expects the media surprise leak of a purported hidden scandal as a presidential campaign winds down. Remember the last-minute “discovery” of George W. Bush’s undisclosed 24-year-old DUI arrest in 2000? Or the October 7, 2016 effort of the Washington Post to publish the hoarded 11-year-old “Access Hollywood” tape, just two days before Donald Trump’s second debate with Hillary Clinton?

    We should expect lots of these “bombshells” and “walls are closing in” pseudo derailments. Except Trump has been the most widely investigated, probed, attacked, and smeared president in history. And so the scandal-field has pretty well been picked over, as those fired like Omarosa Manigault Newman, Anthony Scaramucci, John Bolton, and others have long ago more or less lectured us that Trump is nuts, crazy, dangerous, stupid, ignorant, and so forth.

    In terms of bombshells, what does the Left do after the 2016 suit to decertify voting machines, the FISA court abuse, the effort to sabotage electors’ votes, the first impeachment drive, the Logan Act gambits, the Emoluments Clause joke, the 25th Amendment ruse, the Russian collusion hoax, the 22-month-asleep-at-the-wheel Mueller and his “all-stars,” Ukraine! Ukraine!, the second impeachment drive, and the 2020 trifecta of Trump as Typhoid Mary, Bull Connor, and Herbert Hoover?

    The point is, in Jussie Smollett fashion, the demand for scandals is outrunning the supply and time grows short.

    It’s no wonder that one of Joe Biden’s largest campaign contributors, billionaire Laurene Jobs of the Apple fortune, who owns most of The Atlantic, had the former Obama Administration megaphone Jeffrey Goldberg exhume a two-year-old and long-ago-refuted charge that President Trump did not wish to visit a U.S. military cemetery in France because he variously was afraid of the rain, that he would get his hair wet, and that he did not wish to celebrate “losers” and “suckers.” All this was from a left-wing media that not long ago damned a “militaristic” Trump for being infatuated with generals, and putting far too many in his White House, while needlessly spending billions on manpower and equipment to repair a military hollowed out by the Obama Administration.

    The resuscitated scandal hit-piece was primed for all the left-wing cable news shows and supposedly would dominate the otherwise quiet Labor Day weekend news.

    The problem was that the charge was calcified—and for a reason. Security memos long ago had shown that the weather, not Trump, had deterred low-flying presidential helicopters. Goldberg’s “sources” remain anonymous. Supposedly they were afraid of Twitter reprisals (when has fear of a left-wing Twitter ever scared off a left-wing scandal-monger?), and thus could not be found or checked to determine whether they stood by their hearsay charges.

    The presidential entourage of that day all denied Goldberg’s accusations, including Trumphobe and former White House insider and National Security Advisor John Bolton, coming off a tell-all book attacking the president as a nincompoop and a dangerous nut.

    Goldberg’s work, then, is symptomatic not just of the growing desperation of the Left to blow up Trump’s current polling trajectory, but the poverty of the muck material still left to work with. Expect more October “smoking gun” surprises surrounding Trump’s stale tax returns, a casino bankruptcy or two, a Mooch tidbit, a Michael Avenatti crumb, a retired general’s sudden memory recovery, or perhaps even an old undiscovered Stormy tweet.”


  2. You can tell because their lips are moving.


    “The Media Are Lying About The Election Again

    Trump has cut Biden’s lead by half or more in key battlegrounds, and is on track to win again.”

    “Election 2020 is shaping up to be déjà vu all over again for the news media. In an effort to help push Joe Biden over the finish line, the Washington establishment is going all-in on the easily refuted idea that there has been no change in the presidential race over the last three weeks.

    “With Two Months To Go, a Steady Presidential Race,” writes Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report.

    “The Latest Polls, the Great Non-Tightening: This Week in the 2020 Race,” write Astead W. Herndon and Annie Karni of The New York Times.

    “In a time of disruption and unrest, the presidential race has changed little,” writes Dan Balz of the Washington Post.

    After having botched the entire news coverage of the 2016 election, where all the “experts” repeatedly told the American public that Donald Trump had little to no chance of being the Republican nominee and even less a chance of being elected president, corporate media are back at it again, insisting all is well with the Biden campaign and the Democrats are safely on cruise control to take the White House and the Senate. Here’s the truth they are not telling you.

    Biden has little enthusiasm for his candidacy. He is taking on an incumbent president with significant first-term accomplishments who has extremely energized supporters, to put it mildly. He had two major opportunities in August to generate some real excitement for his ticket and collect voters in must-win states for Democrats who had abandoned the ticket for Trump in 2016. Think Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

    Biden whiffed on both counts, picking a far-left California senator who has the farthest-left voting record of her colleagues, then hosting a convention and giving an acceptance speech where he did nothing to take on the ascending left that potential voters he needs to win have serious concerns and doubts about.

    By contrast, Trump and Republicans aggressively went after traditionally Democratic Party voters among minorities, particularly African-Americans. Night after night of their convention, the Republicans made repeated heartfelt pleas from black politicians, celebrities, and everyday beneficiaries of Republican Party policies.

    Republicans threw everything they had, from sound policy arguments (about recent successes Republicans have had with criminal justice reform and policies that improve job and wage growth) to emotionally compelling stories about how unchecked riots in Democratic cities harm African Americans and how Democrat control of the black vote has not been reciprocated with policy achievements that benefit their loyalty. The convention did likewise with other key voting groups that Republicans would like to draw more support from.

    Since the race truly began a few weeks ago, around the time Kamala Harris was selected as Democrat nominee for vice president, it’s worth looking at some of the movement shown in markets.

    On August 1, Biden had a 25-point edge in the betting odds. By September 1, Trump had completely made up that deficit and the race was even among the betting public.

    In Florida, a state the Trump campaign must win, Biden’s lead of 8.4 points in the RealClearPolitics average at the end of July sits now at 1.8, with the latest poll showing President Trump with a three-point lead. Quinnipiac, a pollster that is not perceived as Trump-friendly, shows Biden’s lead plummeting 10 points, from 13 to just three.

    In Pennsylvania, an absolute must-win state for the Biden campaign, Biden’s lead of 8.5 in the RealClearPolitics average near the end of July has been cut in half to 4.2. Monmouth University, again another pollster not viewed as friendly to Trump, shows Biden’s lead falling eight points, from 11 to three points.

    In Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, Biden’s lead from the end of July to the end of August has been cut significantly, according to the Real Clear Politics average. Arizona is the only state where Biden’s lead has grown in the RealClearPolitics average. It should be noted that Arizona’s RCP average was significantly affected by a single outlying FOX News poll that claims Trump is down nine points in the state, which he won in 2016. CNBC, by contrast, has Biden up by only two points.

    Incredibly, both NBC News and the Cook Political Report continue to rate Florida as “Lean Democrat” according to their “experts.” No offense, but do they think people are stupid?”


    Yes, yes they do.




    “Since presidential candidate Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, some Catholics have rightly raised concerns about Harris’s hostility toward Catholicism and her animus for Catholics whose moral lives are informed by Church teaching. Coupled with Biden’s own antagonism toward Catholic moral theology, Harris’s nomination clouds rather than clarifies how a conscientious Catholic should (or can) vote in the upcoming presidential election.

    But even more troubling is Harris’s perverse definition of religious exercise and the limits of religious liberty. And Biden, despite being a “devout Catholic,” seems to share Harris’s extremely limited understanding of the role of religious faith and practice in public life. For Biden, one can profess one’s faith publicly, but should not allow that faith to inform one’s policy positions. For Harris, to do so disqualifies one from public life. This is demonstrated by her tendentious misrepresentation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    In February 2019, Harris introduced the Do No Harm Act in the U.S. Senate, the purpose of which was to dilute—if not neutralize—the federal 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and similar legislation in about twenty states. The purpose of RFRA was to give legislative protection to religious practices that might incidentally be forbidden by otherwise generally applicable laws prohibiting (or compelling) certain behaviors. RFRA was a legislative response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed a state law to prohibit the use of sacramental peyote in a minority religious ritual. RFRA laws carve out exemptions from generally applicable laws for some religious practices that are fundamental to religious belief.

    For example, a RFRA law might protect a church from another law that prohibits consideration of sexual orientation for employment, promotion, or retention. Or it might protect a physician who participates in public health reimbursement programs from a law requiring such physicians to perform a broad scope of so-called healthcare services, such as abortion.

    Harris sponsored the Do No Harm Act for the express purpose of emasculating RFRA laws. As she explained on the website introducing the act, it would prevent RFRA laws from “being used to deny” such things as “Healthcare access, . . . coverage or services to which persons are otherwise legally entitled,” or “Services that the government has contracted to be beneficiaries through a government . . . grant.” In other words, the Do No Harm Act would compel a Catholic physician to prescribe contraceptives or perform abortions if she participates in federal or state reimbursement programs. And it would require a parochial school that receives state grants, for example, to employ persons in open same-sex relationships as teachers or even ministers.

    The full implications of Harris’s philosophical understanding of the scope and limit of religious freedom, however, are found in her apologetic for the Do No Harm Act. In a statement on her website explaining the purpose of the act, Harris uses a very narrow definition of religious freedom. “The freedom to worship is one of our nation’s most fundamental rights,” she writes. “That First Amendment guarantee should never be used to undermine other Americans’ civil rights.” The problem, of course, is that “the freedom to worship” is not a “First Amendment guarantee.” The First Amendment guarantees the “free exercise” of religion, which has a much more expansive scope than mere “worship.”

    The free exercise clause of the First Amendment provides that “Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free exercise of” religion. Harris misquotes the clause, changing “free exercise” to “freedom to worship,” betraying a definition of religious practice that would remove it from any meaningful legislative or political protection. In doing so, she turns the free exercise clause on its head, driving religious faith to the margins of public life and religious exercise out of public life altogether.

    In Harris’s tendentious reading, “free exercise” of religion means “freedom to worship,” and nothing more. If the doors of the church are not locked and guarded, or if you are not prevented from praying in your home, you have the full range of “the First Amendment guarantee,” and you are guaranteed nothing more. If your religious belief requires you to exercise certain moral obligations, or observe certain moral scruples, but you are not prohibited from entering the church, then those obligations can be prohibited, and those scruples compelled—all while protecting “the First Amendment guarantee.” Free exercise of religion equals private prayer or conviction, and nothing else. Thus nothing else is protected. And Congress (through, for example, the Do No Harm Act), is free to make laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion, as conscientious religious believers understand it.

    Though Biden has not articulated it as Harris has, his public life demonstrates that he agrees with this truncated understanding of the exercise of religion. By all accounts, his “devout faith” has nothing to do with his moral convictions and opinions. Informed by secular left politics, Biden’s moral life is separate from, and seemingly innocent of, any trace of Catholic moral formation. And he would force this view on others through law and policy. For example, Biden has promised to force the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of nuns who care for low-income elderly people, to facilitate procurement of contraceptives for their lay employees, reversing a recent victory for the nuns in the U.S. Supreme Court. This privatized faith is consistent with Harris’s deliberate misrepresentation of the First Amendment. Religion is private, and has no role in informing moral conviction, especially as it may bear on public policy. And indeed, religion may be prevented from doing so.”


  4. Blake is accused of rape then returning to the victims house to victimize her again and stealing her keys.

    Yet the media and Dems treat him as a hero.


    They’re gross. They think this man is someone to be proud of? Really disgusting.


  5. Shocking no one…..


  6. Disney’s a China book licker too, like the NBA?

    I’m shocked….. 🙄



  7. Afte r3.5 years of presidency, they are trying to say Trump shouldn’t be president because he insulted John McCain.

    There has to be some reason.


  8. And the best part Chas is you’re supposed to forget how badly the press treated McCain when he ran against their chosen one, Barry O. They said way worse than Trump ever did.

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  9. I’ve said this before. Trump is not an easy man to like. His mouth runs ahead of his brain.
    But he’s a good president and I will vote for him.


  10. Amused by the federalist article, calling Harris a leftist is a quick way to lose your credibility. And the electoral math is all wrong. Biden doesn’t need Penn or Florida to win, he has 259 certain or leaning without them. He just needs Arizona and he’ll probably win it. The interesting thing about the polls is in fact how little they have changed….Biden will win the popular vote by far and electorally he’s been near or over 270 since the year began. In April, Penn was +2 for Biden and now its + 4. Sure for awhile it was + 6 but we’re talking margin of error here. Florida never makes sense and I was surprised by Biden’s lead in June-July. In April Florida was + 2 for Trump and now its + 2 for Biden. Any candidate who depends of Florida is risking defeat — Biden doesn’t need Florida, Trump does. Its a coin toss and luckily for Biden he has multiple ways to 270 Trump doesn’t.

    In terms of electoral math, Trump still has Texas as a toss up — less than 2% ahead. Biden is doing better in Florida and Penn than Trump is in Texas. Four years ago, the polls underestimated Clinton’s strength in Texas by about 2-3%. If this happens again, Texas becomes a coin flip.

    Sure the military remarks are old but they resonate with the public because the phrase; losers and suckers is typical Trump. I expect the Biden to mine the last four years of scandal and corruption each week as we get to November just to refresh the public’s memory.


  11. At least we can agree, Disney is evil.

    Blake’s sexual assault charge is part of the domestic dispute — my guess is the police/ex-girlfriend threw as many charges as possible hoping he plead down or some would stick.


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