81 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-5-20

  1. I knew it was a bug. I didn’t know it killed trees.
    Did anything come from China?
    Middle granddaughter and husband went to China to get their third child. Their fourth was obviously an accident, but she is a beautiful little girl. Mary says they are finished now.

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  2. AJ, I don’t know why, but I knew immediately that was a lanternfly, even though I don’t remember ever seeing a photo of one. In all my IDing my own insects, I must have seen it. It is beautiful. Did you know to kill it when you got its photo or find out later?

    Chas, no child is ever an accident. Bearing children is a big part of the reason for sex, and children (even those conceived under less than ideal circumstances) are gifts from God.

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  3. Oh I knew to kill it. Our area has been inundated with them for several months.

    And they’re even prettier when they fly, you can see they red and blacks stripping under/on the wings.

    I kill about a half dozen a day.

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  4. Indeed, no baby is an accident, even though they may seem like it to the parents. I was an accident, but things turned out pretty well, especially for me! πŸ™‚ (I think my parents would have gotten married anyway, but my impending arrival spurred things along quicker.)

    As I have said in the past, when Nightingale was with X, I had prayed that if they would eventually break up, that God would not let a baby be conceived that would have to grow up in a broken home. But God did let Boy be conceived, and although it pains me that he does not have a godly male, or even a consistent male, in his life, I certainly do not wish that he had never been born. There are times when I think of all that X has put us through, and start to wish that he had never come into Nightingale’s life, but then I stop short when I realize that that would be wishing away my beloved grandson.

    Kathaleena’s daughter, whom we knew on WMB as TL and then Designer Girl, has two little ones that they hadn’t planned on, but whom they adore. Designer Girl said something like “We never knew we needed them.” πŸ™‚

    There are things in my life that I wonder why they had to be (like losing Hubby so “young”), but I trust that God has a plan, and I need to trust and rest in that. (But sometimes it feels like trying to “rest” while on a wild roller coaster ride. “Just hang on and rest!” “Yeah, right!” πŸ˜€ )

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  5. DJ – I was taken aback to read that MacArthur has said that true believers will vote for Trump.

    Not that I am saying that true believers can’t, but it is wrong to say that true believers must.

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  6. Babies aren
    t accidents. I would say “unplanned” is a better word, but God planned all of us before the foundation of the world. So, though we don’t plan to have children, God sometimes has different plans. Our son was planned, and so was D3, but D1 and D2 were not on our radar until Mrs L got pregnant. We’re glad God had other plans for us.

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  7. It feels like fall today! My brother just mowed and is now trimming a tree. I want to be outside, but don’t want the bites that go with it. Nor do I want to risk West Nile. My brother uses repellent, but I don’t like to unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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  8. We are backtracking on our parking lot service because one of the musicians working the sound system for the outdoor service tested positive for Covid. He had attended his grandfather’s funeral. All the ones who volunteer for the parking lot service are now in quarantine. I am glad I stayed home last Sunday.
    And we share our building with the Andy Stanley church which has been closed all this while.

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  9. Happy Labor Day weekend.

    Every so often I have to stop and actually “think” about what month it is.

    It’s another sizzling week ahead for us in the west. I have all the fans going and so far the house is cool, but that’ll change soon enough.

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  10. With Nightingale working on Mondays, these Monday holidays don’t register much with us.

    I am wondering which major holiday she will be working this holiday season. Each member of the staff has to work at least one (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day) even if it falls on one of their usual days off.

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  11. We also have to sign up for one holiday, mine is Labor Day.

    In the past, our company, when it was under saner owners, offered generous holiday pay; one year I think I volunteered for nearly all the holidays as it added something like $100 to my paycheck and was well worth it for me at the time. Now, they don’t offer any extra holiday pay, instead we can take another day off to make up for it.

    I see I’ve already been added to the “crime” internal messaging page for the weekend since I’ll be working Monday. But I don’t want to think about that right now.

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  12. Teeny-tiny lizard got out. He’d managed to get himself latched onto the inside of the sliding back door screen. I left the screen slid partially open, closed the glass door; and after I took a shower and came back, he was gone. Yay.

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  13. And semi-related, I had an actor email me this week saying he’s doing a project on the rogue alligator that was loose in one of our city park lakes some years back, I covered the story, which is why he called me. He wants to talk to me about the stories I did, get some details I guess.

    Maybe someone can play me in the movie. haha

    I told him I’d call him next week, I need a break this weekend from everything and I was too busy last week to get back to him. He seems legit (though unknown, I’d say?), sent his bio and links.

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  14. LOL, DJ. I thought at first that the actor was semi-related to a lizard. I did not have coffee today.

    I need something to laugh about. I feel a bit sad that we are going back to Facebook Live services only. Although for myself Facebook Live is my preference, it felt good that we had options.

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  15. I read your post to Mr. COVID. He shook his head. It’s all about the protocols and since he wasn’t there, he couldn’t comment.

    He advises on the assumption that everyone is a potential carrier. That way, the protocols put into place protect everyone–potential carriers or not.

    He then sighed and said, “wash your hands.” That’s the best thing we can all do to protect ourselves.

    How easily we forget and how “last month” that advice sounds–yet, it’s the best protection.

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  16. A new “fast-moving” wildfire has broken out northeast of LA.

    It’s really hot. I’ve been doing some housework but will need to get into the air-conditioned Jeep here pretty soon, I’m afraid. At least the humidity is down, not good for fires but it does make the heat a bit more bearable.

    We’re expecting large throngs at the beaches over this long weekend.

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  17. Did some painting today, the primer coat for the work we had done. No we’re getting ready to go see the new granddaughter, number 7. I’d call her G7, but that sounds like an international economic organization.

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  18. Call her DG7 (Dear Grandchild 7), Peter. I call my grandchild DG for that reason — she’s a dear. πŸ™‚

    And, BTW, congratulations! I was behind on here recently, and didn’t catch up until after the fact. Your daughter is another lady blessed with 6 arrows. πŸ™‚

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  19. Pet report for the day is that our turtle continues to show musical aptitude. πŸ˜‰ I was practicing some music, picking out what I will offer 6th Arrow for her audition pieces choices, when I came to a tricky spot in the music. I decided to check my playing of it with the metronome.

    So I turned around and faced the table behind me, which houses both the metronome and the turtle tank. Our turtle was basking on her dock, and when I looked at her and picked up the metronome, she nodded at me as if to say, “Yes, you need the metronome for that spot in the music.”


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  20. Sixth has acquired a new word usage today. He was given a toy with lots of buttons and noises by a cousin. He came to my door holding it with a delighted grin and said, “Aunt (roscuro), this is cool!” It is a new use of the word ‘cool’ for him, and I am not sure he realizes it is the same word as the word for a slightly cold temperature, as he pronounced, in the above sentence ‘cool’ as ‘kewel’.

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  21. 7 K = 7 Grand
    I looked up where ‘Grand’ came from in terms of money. It was an underworld usage in the early 1900’s because $1,000 was a grand sum of money. And K is from Greek ‘kilo’ for 1,000.

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  22. I took a drive to the beach today with the a/c running, just to cool off for a little while. Outside temps, according to my car’s readout, varied from 79 to 104 as I drove along the coast. The beaches looked packed.

    It’s still 96 here at 7 p.m. (and 92 inside the house). I took a cool shower which helped, but will probably have to take a cold, wet washcloth or hand towel to bed with me tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

    But my friend in the Valley said it was 114 at her place today; they do have a/c in their house but it’s on the weak side.

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  23. Not particularly. My friend in the Valley was actually out pulling weeds this morning at her place and I told her, also, that’s dangerous in these temperatures, don’t do that! (She’s an obsessive worker.)

    It’s 86 degrees in the house at 11 p.m. but feels much better than it did a few hours ago. I’ve stayed hydrated and have doused myself with cold water every so often.

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  24. And it could have been worse. At least I wasn’t hit with one of the power outages, then I wouldn’t even have my low-tech fans.

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  25. There is a program that comes on every Saturday night. It is on RFD TV, (Or the “Cowboy Channel” out west). The program is 1950;s music by Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff, and Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones (a young man at the time, still called “Grandpa”., etc.)
    Anyhow. I like the program. One thing that puzzles ,me.
    It is in perfect color.
    They did not have color TV when this was made.
    Yet, it is in color. Perfect color. The differences in the women’s dresses is perfectly matched. When in a shadow, it looks like it.
    i.e. The color is as good as it would be in 2020.
    I don’t understand how they do that.

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  26. Morning! There is a beautiful glow in the sky coming from the east. I love the silhouette of the trees in the morning. Our high is to be 91 again. The flowers were wilting due to the heat yesterday even though they were well watered. Come on out for a visit Dj…our high for Tuesday will be 32 and we will have 5 inches of snow at our elevation…or so they say πŸ˜‚ (the flowers will be done for after the drastic temperature plunge…which makes me so sad!)
    Chas I believe color enhancing is used with older films nowadays. I rather enjoy watching old black and whites of old. I have been enjoying old movies this week in the evenings. I have had this place to myself since Monday and I settle in and watch an old movie on Prime. Husband is set to come home from his week long backpacking trip tomorrow and daughter will return on Wednesday after spending a week house sitting for a friend. I’m starting get a bit lonely around here….

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  27. In the metric system, a kilogram is a thousand grams, and a kilometre is a thousand metres.

    Black and white films and pictures, have a unique artistic effect that colour does not. The 2011 silent film tribute, which won Best Picture, ‘L’artiste’ (The Artist), is in black and white and the charming Amazon Studios 2017 film, ‘Wonderstruck’ is partly in black and white, partly in colour, so filmmakers still see value in the technique. Black and white picture and film have, when the quality is clear enough, a three dimensional effect that colour does not. The most beautiful art display I have seen was of the black and white portrait photography of Armenian-Canafian Yousef Karsh, who photographed well known figures of the early to mid-20th century. His photograph portraits were so finely developed, that you felt as if the people were about to step out of the frame, they looked so alive though they were in black and white.

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  28. Black and white photography is very striking, I think.

    Interesting, because newspapers didn’t go “color” until fairly recently, I’ve been in the business to remember the changeover. I believe USA Today was the first and as the rest of us followed, it was exciting to have the ability to publish in color. But it also has created a growing appreciation, I think, for the artistry of black-and-white photography in the years since.

    Nancyjill, snow by Tuesday? That sure sounds nice.

    I know I’ll lose some of my flowers through this heat, I absolutely have to get out this evening and save what I can. I’ve been buying mostly drought-tolerant plants but this kind of heat can be tough even on those.

    I saw the longshoreman across the street heading out for work a little while ago, this will be a hot day on the docks.

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  29. Jo, in my case I knew I’d injured something in there when something in there went ‘POP.’ Mine wasn’t an especially “bad” injury, according to both the physical therapist & ortho MD specialist who examined me, but it took a long time (and the process continues, not completely “there” yet) to walk without a whole lot of pain. The pain and discomfort, indeed, can really wear you down physically and mentally.

    My Xray was clear, so that was good — no degeneration and only “mild” arthritis. But there’s a lot of soft tissue in knees that can get messed up and otherwise tweaked.

    And 112, I can’t imagine. My friend in the San Fernando Valley is dealing with those crazy high temps also. Ours on the normally much cooler coast are bad enough right now.

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  30. So yesterday Mr. P dismantled the GIANT sleigh bed we have. I promise it gave us back 3 feet of space in the bedroom, plus I can get the table I want as my night table in now. Of course that left us without a headboard and he can’t have that. I went shopping today and couldn’t find anything I liked so IU went online to Wayfair and found exactly what both of us like (Lord, deliver me from opinionated men). It will be here on the 15th.
    The added bonus is that I have an upholstered bench that I had always had at the end of the bed until the GIANT showed up. Amos has had to be lifted into the bed as long as we have had it, but now he is afraid to jump down. He was so happy yesterday to be able to get up and down by himself. Yes, I do know what I sound like that I took apart a bedroom to make a dog more comfortable, but it was more than that. I think all of us like it and Mr. P had been worried that somehow Little Miss would get caught down at the foot of it so he had stuffed pillows in that space. Now I have some pillows I can donate to the shelter to help keep animals warm or I can just throw them away.

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  31. Husband just called…he is 4 hours away…he promised to take a shower first thing upon arriving home…a week spent on mountain tops and he is smelling ripe! πŸ˜‚
    The deer are out back drinking from the bird bath and chewing on the hanging plants…so be it…I am done for the summer and so are those flowers….it’s 90 degrees and the wind is blowing …. I am now looking forward to that Canadian cold front coming in tomorrow evening….

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  32. Kim – When my parents’ dog Taffy (who used to be mine, too, when I still lived at home) was getting older, and had trouble jumping up on their bed, they bought a little staircase of two or three steps to help him. I suspect that I may one day need something like that for Heidi.


  33. NancyJill – For a while earlier in our marriage, in addition to his regular job, Hubby had a part-time job working in an Italian restaurant on weekend evenings. He would come home when I was already in bed, and lean over to kiss me. He smelled so strongly of garlic and other Italian food smells that I had to ask him to take a shower before coming to kiss me. πŸ˜€

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  34. On the politics thread, I wrote a little aside about QAnon theories. To give you an idea of how people can be so sucked into these kinds of things. . .My friend Natalie shared on Facebook a post that debunked a certain rumor about sex trafficking. One of her friends replied that it is because they are calling it a rumor that she is choosing to believe it. (Kind of like, if they say it’s a rumor, it must be true!) You can’t get through to people like that.

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  35. Or the dog could just sleep on the floor, or outside…..Jake and Barney are outside being happy healthy dogs.

    But indoors? Remember those two who could not treat small children well so moved here? Yes, Manny and Espn. Manny used to not be able to get up on the couch next to the small people or on their beds but we let him have a ramp. And old piece of plywood Mike had covered and installed in the back of the Ranger that was taken out when people borrowed it and more sophisticated people were offended by its lack of manliness. Anyway, he used to use the ramp for up and down but now that he has been here a while, he seems to have found the resources to get himself on the couch we allow him on and down again. I believe he is pushing thirteen years.

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  36. With the cooler weather approaching, I think I will have someone to do some prayer walking with. I may have to take my little camp stool along in case I can’t do the whole route.

    The weather here is very nice today. I have only been out to Kroger Pharmacy to get meds for Art.

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  37. Our sermon was on the name of God, Elyon, Most High or Superior. It felt like an introduction to my unrelated online Bible study which begins tomorrow in Hebrews. The study is titled Our Superior God.

    We had six people on the line today for our prayer hour after the service. I think we had seven on the call Friday afternoon that I host. This has been a good thing that came out of Covid. And we pray on Wednesday after our Bible study which is what we did before Covid.

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  38. My husband likes onions and I don’t. So if we’re at Subway and he’s ordering onions on his sandwich, or at home preparing to put onions on something, I kiss him, like “better get it now, because later you’ll smell like onions.”

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  39. We just hit 100 degrees here today. Onward and upward! The day is young, only 2:30 p.m.

    I don’t know how people function in this kind of heat. But the forecast on my phone for our area says it’s only going to be 80 tomorrow. That sounds almost cool to me. I hope they’re right and this will be a short-lived spell. It’s been brutal.

    I can’t even think about fall decorations at this point. One hanging flower basket has hit the dust and a second is on the verge. Ah, the death knell of summer (except for us the hot weather can extend into October).

    I yearn for fall and some cool weather. I’d love to go to Colorado for Tuesday’s snow that Nancyjill says is coming. Ooh, 35 degrees. I could go for that about now, really I could!

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  40. My Auntie V dies about 1:30 this afternoon. She was ready and was in charge until the end. Her request was to be cremates and her ashes spread where her big brother’s(my dad) were. She lived also St two years after her diagnosis. God love her. She was something. Without her I would t exist. She introduced my parents.

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  41. Oh, Kim. Such mixed emotions about your loss. We have all been blessed by her since she is the starting point for you given God’s choice in using her in that manner. It’s difficult to bear the loss, but thankful that thoughts of her make you smile. What a blessing.

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  42. Sadness for Kim’s loss, I saw that on FB just now.

    I may have my story for tomorrow’s ‘holiday’ shift, seems like we *may* have set heat records in San Pedro/Long Beach/PV

    As I drove around this afternoon, my Jeep’s readout said it was 106 in my neighborhood (yikes), 110 in the neighboring PV Peninsula (where they also had power outages).

    I also ordered, just for fun — and something I’d been eyeing online for months — a $20 – 1920’s style poster of a border collie in a claw-foot tub (Wash Your Paws!) for my new-old 1920s bathroom.

    I can’t get into fall decor just yet as we’re SWELTERING, but this was (I decided) a nice perk that would make me feel happier.

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  43. I’ll just need to put it into a plain, simple black glassed frame — if it’s too big (it’ll have to set high above the wainscotting) — I think I can use it in the hallway near the bathroom door. Kim?

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  44. love it, Dj.
    So my friends here are going to visit their daughter for a few days. We are in the midst of a heatwave with a power outage likely. So they showed me where all of the battery powered flashlights are, etc. And how ice is stored in the freezer.

    South of us fires are raging, near Fresno and Yosemite. The smoke here is bad but it is slightly lowering the temperature. Since there is a possibility of a fire they also showed me what to take if i evacuate. And they have a lot of antiques. I said, just take everything on the walls???

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  45. I had fun at the park on the lake today. My daughter came down with her family and some friends so four littles. They even brought Archie’s new kayak and tied a rope to it so the kids could enjoy paddling it around and we could pull them back.

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  46. Kim, so sorry for your loss, but thankful for the sweet memories. You do have two Virginias on this blog and we will be happy to be your new aunts should you need us.

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